Bridget Malcolm on VS Prep: ‘It’s like a boxer getting ready for their title fight’

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On how Victoria’s Secret models are like athletes training before a major competition:

‘We train like athletes. It’s like a boxer getting ready for their title fight. We train, we sleep, we eat very cleanly. I know that I’m the fittest and the strongest I’ve ever been. I feel the best I’ve ever felt.’

On being shamed on Instagram for being a super skinny model:

‘I think body shaming in any form is hurtful and so irrelevant to people. I’m all about body positivity. It’s about being healthy and happy, and ignoring the haters.’

On how last year she used to train twice a day, but this year, she is doing less:

‘This year, I am doing less, and focusing more on resistance and strength training, which has really changed my body,’ she said previously. You don’t want to arrive at the casting burnt out and cranky, you want to be able to live your life and show them that on the day.’

… said Bridget on the Today Show ahead of the Victoria’s Secret runway show later this week.

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One more shot of super skinny model Bridget Malcolm inside!


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Naomi Campbell And Her Impossibly Long Legs in W Magazine

Naomi-Campbell-legs-3 - Naomi Campbell And Her Impossibly Long Legs in W Magazine

Naomi Campbell and her impossibly long legs made an appearance in W Magazine this month, where the stunning supermodel talks about the new “It” girls and modelling in 2016:

On the new wave of Instagram models including Gigi, Bella and Kendall:

‘I think they’re great. I know all of these young girls, Instagram girls, and they’re all really respectful and sweet. If I can ever help them, it’s a pleasure for me to do that. I’ve helped a few of them with their walks.’

On being a model in 2016:

‘I think it is a change in the industry. It seems to be that there are so many more models now and it is so much more competitive. It just seems to be that they come in and out much faster. There is a group of girls, I think, that have staying power. I never thought I’d be doing it this long either.

… says the 46 year-old supermodel.

More of Naomi in W inside!


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Kate Beckinsale: “I eat more in catsuit mode”

Kate-Beckinsale-latex-3 - Kate Beckinsale: "I eat more in catsuit mode"

On how she doesn’t want to look skinny when filming Underworld, where her character wears latex bodysuits:

‘Nobody wants to be terribly skinny with a catsuit hanging off them. So I eat more in catsuit mode or I’d never get through the gym sessions. I step up the workouts but I’m always working out, the point is not to be terribly skinny.’

On the fact that she eats so much, she’s afraid she will overdo it:

‘There’s always the fear I’ll overdo it though. It’s a bit like putting on your wedding dress every five years or so. Does it still fit or am I fat?’

… said 43 year-old Kate last week.

More of Kate and her Underworld character in latex bodysuits inside!


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Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls and Stella Maxwell Go Topless for Replay

topless-models - Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls and Stella Maxwell Go Topless for Replay

Topless models Irina Shayk (30), Joan Smalls (28) and Stella Maxwell (26) paired up to shoot a new batch of ads for Replay’s new jeans campaign Touch – and they did so while wearing the brand’s denim and not much else.

The three beauties use their most smouldering looks to seduce the cameras while showing off the thin and fit figures that made them famous.

Thoughts on this campaign?

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