Ariel Winter: ‘There’s a confidence you find when you finally feel right in your body’

January 27, 2016 in Beauty & Body Image by Versus24 Comments »


On how her breast reduction surgery changed her life:

Being a 5-ft.-tall girl and having extremely large breasts is really ostracizing and excruciatingly painful. It was an instant weight lifted off my chest – both literally and figuratively. There’s a confidence you find when you finally feel right in your body.

On how she did not have big breasts for a long time until she hit 15:

And then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing and it didn’t seem like they were going to stop.“I was 15 years old with [size] F. It’s like, “How do you navigate that?” It started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain.

… says 18 year-old Ariel.


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Elsa Hosk Does Maxim

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This Dress Looks Better on… Joan Smalls VS Rita Ora!

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