Bella Hadid in a Little Black Dress

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19 year-old Bella Hadid attended the ‘De Grisogono’ La Boetie cocktail the other day in Paris, while looking thin in a little peek-a-boo black dress.


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Oprah: “Of all my accomplishments, not eating all the chips is major”

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On gaining 17 pounds over the summer:

I was really at my wits end. I had tried everything. Every other time I’ve ever gone on a diet, I’ve gone on a diet and then gone off the diet, because I had gotten to the weight I’d wanted to be. The difference is, I’ve made the shift and this is the way I’m going to live for the rest of my life.

On being a food addict and the community at Weight Watchers:

We’re smart people who have done a lot of good things in our lives, and then there’s this one thing, this one flaw, that we have that everyone can see. If you’re an alcoholic, you can hide that, or if you’re a drug addict, you can hide that. If you’re a gambler, you can hide that. If you’re a shopping addict, you can hide that. If you work too much, you can hide that. But if you overeat, it’s hard to hide that. The fact that you have the courage to come together in a community to give voice to it, and speak to the universe, I think that’s brave and powerful and I think that’s why Weight Watchers works.

On moderation:

At the end of a 17 lb. gain, I just thought, ‘Wow, there has got to be a way that I can eat what I want and not feel obsessed with the idea of what I’m not getting.’ Because the moment you tell me that I’m not going to have carbs, that’s all I can think about, is when I’m going to get a potato. So, it’s taken that obsession out of it for me. I know I’m going to manage it.

On not eating all the chips:

I actually was traveling the other day and opened a 5 oz. bag of crinkle cut, black pepper potato chips and I counted out 10 chips. And I ate the 10 and I savored every one. And I put the bag away. Of all the accomplishments that [I] made in the world, all the red carpets, and the awards and those things that I’ve done. The fact that I could close the bag and not take another chip – it’s major for me.

… says Oprah.


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Kaley Cuoco Looked Fit on “Lip Sync Battle”

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At request, check out Big Bang Theory hottie Kaley Cuoco, looking slim and toned while showing off her flat tummy and toned arms during her performance on “Lip Sync Battle”.

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Ashley Graham Gets Active for Addition Elle

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Size 14/16 model Ashley Graham gets active as she models for Addition Elle new Nola plus-size active wear collection featuring brightly patterned tops, leggings, and sports bras.


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Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

January 29, 2016 in Take a Guess! by Versus18 Comments »


Who’s Wearing This Outfit?

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