Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-6 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

Penelope is living proof that you do not need to be runway model-thin to be a model in ads – in fact, some curves and some softness are welcomed!

Loving the ’60-like makeup, loving Penelope’s voluminous hair and also loving the Mango clothes.

How do you like the shots?

Enjoy 7 pretty ads on the second page!

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-2 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-4 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-5 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-7 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-8 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

penelope-cruz-in-her-new-mango-ads-9 - Penelope Cruz in Her New Mango Ads

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • maddymonkey

    P. looking fabulous as usual. She has such an original, exotic, face. I love that big shnoz, it’s one of a kind in a world of purt, turned up noses.

  • Fashionista

    She looks beautiful.

  • runner_girl

    She looks lovely, but she is also evidence that if you are not as thin as they would like they will photoshop you to fit the mold. She is not this thin . . .

  • Serafiina

    She looks just amazing. These Mango ads are always so gorgeous, I love the clothes as well. I want hair just like that! She looks pretty perfect here.

  • Holly

    These pictures make her look very much like a dark-haired Brigitte Bardot….. maybe a bit too much, since in real life she’s totally different.
    Nevertheless, she’s beautiful and I like the clothes too.

  • e

    Big nose? I don’t see it. Her eyes are breathtaking…well, all of her is, really. These pics are just gorgeous and highlight her perfect features and slim but curvy body.

  • charlotte

    Words to some up this pictures: slim, stunning, sexy! I love Mango. I went to the store once and saw the ads of penelope and was like wow! I just love it at mango <3

  • missy

    Mango has a new fan because of these ads… simply beautiful.
    Penelope is such a lovely woman- she’s got that “imperfectly perfect” thing going…

  • Suzie

    Give me a break! Proof that you don’t have to be “runway thin”? She’s still *tiny*! The only amount of fat I can see on her is in her breasts. Obviously, she’s still gorgeous and looks great here–there’s no second guessing that. I don’t see why we should be surprised at all, though I definitely don’t see this as a triumph for curvy women.

    • Versus

      I never said that Penelope was curvy – I actually see her slim with moderate curves. I just said that she wasn’t runway-thin.

  • Kellie

    Gotta love that face!

  • damn she looks beautiful here. the makeup is edgy…. but it’s also incredibly badly done.

  • Candera

    she is so beautiful…she is perfect…the most beautiful woman in the world…wow…i’m breathless

  • Jaz

    Speechless. She is the shiz.

  • Boom

    I love them all, especially pic number 5. I love Penelope Cruz, she’s gorgeous, you can hardly tell by looking at her that she is 35. So beautiful.