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Penelope Cruz: ‘You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Be Pretty’

FP_4640718_Arrivals_FP_030710 - Penelope Cruz: 'You Don't Have to Be Thin to Be Pretty'

Penelope Cruz has a little quote for you (via Wonderwall):

“I would close down all those teenage magazines that encourage young
girls to diet. Who says that to be pretty you have to be thin?

“Some people look better thin and some don’t. There is almost a standard being created where only thin is acceptable. The influence of those magazines on girls as young as 13 is horrific.”

… says Penelope.

Who agrees with her?

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  • Lana

    so why is she so petite?

  • Lisa

    Easy for her to say, she has her face. When you’re pretty, you’re able to say things like this.

    • monkey

      really? I really don’t like her face at all 😛

      • Amy

        Yeah I dont find her pretty.Her face reminds me to a bird.

        • MaryBeth

          Yeah, my mom always said Penelope and Calista Flockhart look like mocking birds.

          • Lisa

            My mom prefers the politically correct “penis nose,” haha.

    • southerngumdrops

      i agree to an extent. when you have a gorgeous face you can get away with letting your body go to a certain extent.

    • Lena120

      she looks like a pelican. I think she’s a talented actress but she’s nothing to write home about in the looks department. She is smaller than the average woman sure, but I’ve seen candid beach photos of her and her shape isn’t that toned or nice. She’s normal just like everyone else.

  • size0??

    Well being thin sure the heck helps!! What a silly comment to make and what is with the celebrities making these comments about diets and body size??

    • ally

      Celebrities don’t make random statements on dieting and body image. Their asked all the time because people are very interested to know their views on health. You being on of those people who are interested because you visit this site to analysis celebrities and their bodies.

    • RAchel

      No it doesn’t.. i know plenty of chubby and even fat women who look prettier with weight than they did skinny. Whether the body is ‘sexy’ is a whole other issue, but their faces just look prettier with more weight. Not to mention prettyness has more to do with face structure and the flawlessness of the skin rather than the size. So no, being thin doesn’t ‘help’ being pretty.

  • Ashley

    Love this.

  • well she is not thin, she’s slim and healthy 🙂
    the word thin and it’s adjective, taken from the site yourdictionary.com = Having little flesh or fat on the body.

    i would say she’s at a great weight, not thin, not chubby. just.. nicely shaped!

    • Laila

      Your comment shows so perfectly just how much the definition of those adjectives has changed, especially for those people who favor body shapes that would all been labelled “sick and underweight”, let’s say 15, 20 years ago.
      You say she’ not thin and the definition of thin is “having little flesh or fat on the body”. If she does NOT have little flesh or fat on her body, what is your definition of “little” ? So this requires another definition,you see, and as you might guess I don’t really agree with you here. I don’t mean to insult you or your opinion in any way, I just want to comment on how incredibly distorted our all perception has become.

      • well, little is little. i don’t think she has little fat on her body, that would be like 10 %. i think she has a normal fat level around 20%.

        • Laila

          I guess the only way for her to be a woman and healthy and have 10 % fat she’d have to be a professional athlete.

  • Cara

    … But for the rest of us, it helps :/

    Well, not being thin thin, but slimm!!

  • Samantha

    I agree with her. I think a lot of times you see people getting too thin and it actually makes them less pretty, less attractive. I think Scarlett Johansson is prettier when she’s heavier than when she’s at her Iron-Man weight. I also think that women like Alessandra Ambrosio or Shanae Grimes take away from their beauty by being so thin. It’s also rampant with older celebs as well. Teri Hatcher looks about ten years older than she is sometimes because of how much weight she’s lost.

  • RAchel

    I also agree with her but at the same time i want to say a hypocrite. Hasn’t she ever been in magazines and been talking about diets and pressuring all that? I’m 99,99% sure she has, If she has then obviously she’s a hypocrite. If not then.. not :p i don’t know, i don’t read those crappy magazines.

    • Jessica

      There’s nothing wrong with being in a magazine if the message she sends is similar to the one above – that you are beautiful whether you’re thin or chubby.
      She wants to get rid of teen magazines that encourages dieting in young people but there’s nothing wrong with magazines that encourages healthy eating and promotes good self-image. It’s just, there aren’t many of the latter.

    • Jess

      Actually, she has come out and said she hates dieting and if anything will sleep more to avoid eating. Even then, she said it in jest.

  • snoops

    Its true, not every skinny chick would look better if they just “ate a cheesburger”, and not everyone looks better if they lose weight, its all to do with your natural shape, frame size etc. Some people are just naturally skinny, often they have narrow frames, slender muscles, and low BMI, but they eat plenty. People with naturally thin bodies look more attactive when they are thin, being bigger can actually make a naturally thin woman LESS curvy and makes their face look bloated.

    Then there are people who are naturally quite full figured, no not plus size, but they just have a generous body, bigger muscles, bigger bones, more padding, and when people like this try to force themselves to be skinny, it looks bad, their bones pop out all over the place, their head looks too big for their body, they look gaunt, they lose their shape.

    Forcing your body to be something it is not meant to be makes most people look less attractive. Being pretty, really, is not about size, its about making the best of what you have.

    • amazon

      presenting an attractive package, having confidence in the way you look etc is one thing, having a pretty face is another. catherine zeta jones has fluctuated in weight, jess simpson fluctuates, as does elisha cuthbert, all are extremely pretty fat or thin, you might find the whole package more appealing when they are a certain weight, but they have never stopped being pretty.

      • Kimberly

        Yes!!! Agreed! A pretty face is a pretty face!

        • snoops

          I just think that some are prettier with more weight (catherine zeta jones for example) some are prettier with less (jessica’s face looks more attractive when she is thinner than right now), so I still think how pretty someone’s face looks often relates to their weight (unless its a very lucky person who’s face never changes no matter what size they are). Its not that those mentioned aren’t pretty at any weight, they are prettiest though, at a certain weight. Also when someone is healthy, and happy and confident, it shines through, making them look even prettier. So taking care of yourself, embracing who you are and working with what you got rather than fighting it, always results in a prettier look, especially if the health and confidence means lots of smiling 🙂

    • Wonderwoman21

      I love this comment! This is so true

    • Well said! =)

    • so true! i have a narrow frame, slender muscles, low bmi (even when im chub chub) and i look HORRIBLE with extra weight on. i do look bloated and less curvy (since im lollipop i only gain on the upper area). i gotta stay slim to look my best AND to keep my curves.

  • Ellen

    Everyone’s being a little harsh here. I vaguely remember there being a post with Nikki Blonsky in it quoted saying something similar, and everyone gave her flack for it too… except that time, it was a little more along the lines of “she’s just saying that because she isn’t thin”. There is truth to what Cruz is, even if she’s drop dead gorgeous!

    • Ellen

      …Contrary to what I said, my comment wasn’t to EVERYONE here, of course 🙂

  • Brittany

    I think she’s spot on with her comments. Yes, she’s fairly thin herself, but I would say she has more weight on her than a lot of of her counterparts, and she’s always seemed like she’s had a healthy attitude towards her body. She likely does eat mainly healthy and exercise in moderation, but she doesn’t seem like one of those celebrities who lives on salads with lemon juice and 4 hours in the gym every day. And while young girls should be encouraged to eat healthy and exercise for their health, most get the message that it’s to look like “fill in the blank lollipop head celebrity”. I’m almost 22 now, and it’s taken me years to get to a point where I’m not trying to force my body to be the smallest size possible. It’s not maintainable for me without severe diet and exercise restrictions. I tend to be more of a cello (Versus, I’ve been meaning to ask, can a person who’s 5′ 4″ like me be a cello? Usually the examples I see are taller women.) shape, and I’ll never look like an Olsen twin. And that’s ok.

    • Versus

      Yes, I believe you can be 5’4” and a cello shape.

      • Micah

        versus can you clarify – I’m a little confused about the difference between a cello and a ruler… using brooke hogan and brittney spears as examples. thanks!!

        • Versus

          But Brooke Hogan is not a cello shape exactly – she is closer to a ruler as well . Britney isn’t the standard of a ruler shape either, but somewhat close.
          Firstly, ‘ruler’ is a name many give to not-so-curvy, straighter shapes and it isn’t a part of the classic 12 body types list (the closest equivalent would be column, but that has more distinctions). So it is hard to compare 2 shapes which come from different classifications. However, the main diff. are: cellos are more curvy, they have wider hips, bigger busts and a bit of tummy usually as well. They’ve got thin calves, but thicker thighs, while rulers have straighter legs. Rulers seem more athletic / strong, their stomach is usually flatter and their waist-hip ratio is higher.

  • amazon

    of course you can be pretty and not thin. its so flipping obvious you wonder why she bothered saying it, then you read comments on here and you go, oh! thats why.

    • Maggie


    • lol, so true! I can’t believe people moan even about universal truths like this one!

  • i agree with her but it seems every time a celeb talks about body image, it’s always the same thing. i don’t think any woman should have to be a certain size to feel beautiful but some women can’t help the way they look. and i agree with snoops it’s all about making the best of what you have and if no one likes it then that’s their problem.

  • madeleine

    welll imo most people look better thin……maybe thats just because i prefer that look on myself though

  • well, as from myself, people only see my ‘beauty’ wheneaver I lose weight, I keep hearing how pretty I am, when I gain any weight no comments at all. It’s weird, my face’s still the same and yet it looks like I’m a diferent person. People are hardly suggested to see beauty in slim bodies, hard to make it otherwise now.

  • Staci

    Well said Penelope. She is referring to young girls who have not fully developed yet. Girls as young as 8 are dieting and worrying about their “figure” which is ridiculous. Healthy habits are one thing but obsessing can have damaging results to mental and physical health

  • L

    I thought any this for a while and I think I really like it. I mean we always hear things like “beauty comes in all shapes & sizes”. And like “beauty comes from within”. In that case, anyone and everyone is beautiful. But pretty means you’re attractive, good-looking, which is something we all wanna be. I’ve dealt with an eating disorder before so my the difference between the highest weight and lowest I’ve been is around 30 pounds. But believe it or not I’ve never been officially overweight or underweight. But when I was X pounds or X+30 pounds people even strangers would tell me I’m gorgeous or pretty. Heck, I was at my heaviest and people told me I should model. (and no im not supertall, almost 5’6″) No matter what size I was people thought I was pretty. So she’s right, not being thin doesn’t mean you’re not pretty. Pretty is compliment. Thin isn’t but it’s not an insult either. It’s just a statement. Saying you’re thin, is just like saying you’re hair is straight, you know? I think that’s what society (and I) need to get out of our heads. Thin isn’t a compliment nor an insult.

    • Laila

      Saying you’re thin, is just like saying you’re hair is straight, you know?

      Great comment, L, I think this is exactly the problem in our society, mistaking objective (more or less) statements for judgements/ compliments/ insults.
      You know what I mean ; )
      It’s such an obvious thing what you said, but people seem to have a strooong tendency to forget that nowadays!! Thanks for reminding (me) ! : )

  • Princess

    I agree with her

  • Kt

    I agree with this
    I feel my face is nicer when I’m heavier as I am at the moment But.. I’m getting married soon and want to look good in my white dress…… so its a dilemma whether to worry about the body or the face hehe

  • layla


  • The easiest thing to blame the insecurity of youth on teen magazines or the cruelty of people on video games and so on…

    How about taking the responsibility for a change?

    How about a parent would sit down with his or her child at the end of the day talking about feelings and thoughts? How about trying to teach to our children how this world works?

    I blame the blaming people for every misery of the world. 🙂 Including mine. LOL!

    • amen. i should’ve said that myself. people need to stop blaming hollywood and the media for what goes on with someone’s child. like it or not the media will always have some kind of standard but if someone should be mad, get mad at the people who believe in it and follow it, not what society says. and i hate how parents expect celebs to be role models for their child when they are not role models to begin with. stop blaming everything on everybody because you don’t want to take some responsibility. people are going to do the same thing and young girls will see thin girls everyday. should we blame them for the way they look and say they are bad influences? no.

    • Yes, but while you can control your child’s video games, can you control the media? Which reaches people everywhere? Maybe if you’d keep your child prisoner for life lol
      Of course you can have more parenting, but we all make mistakes, we’re not perfect therefore we can’t be perfect parents. Some will get this right with their kids, some won’t (the weight issue). Teenage years are the most vulnerable years of a persons life and anything can go wrong then, even with the best parents in the world. Trust me, I’ve been there.

      IMO parents can only give guidelines and build a foundation when kids are young. You can’t put ALL the responsibility on them, it’s just not fair. There are more variables that influence us as human beings. One of them is the society we live in (this includes the media).

      • we can’t control the media but we can block and choose to ignore it. and if parents wouldn’t want their child having some kind of issue with their body then they need to talk to their kids about what the media and let them know that you are beautiful. we can’t always blame the media for everything because the ones who believed in it are the ones that caused all this to happen. no parent is perfect and i’m not saying they are but neither is the media so you can’t expect them to change their views if you are willing to live your life and not have society tell you what’s beautiful or not.

        • Please see my comment a bit lower.
          I’m not saying the media has all the blame, I’m saying it’s unfair to blame just the parents and not blame the media at all. There is more than just one factor that makes us who we are.

          • i did read your comment. i respect your opinion and everyone else but it seems people choose to put the blame on the media because it’s always out there. blaming the media or parents will not change anything because like i said before this has been going on for years. all i’m saying if parents wouldn’t their child suffering then they need to do something about it because the media will still put out the same message. that’s all i’m saying.

          • It would be an ideal society, if you could just sit your child down, talk a few times and remove the bad effects of the media for life.
            Remember, I was replying to the original comment, that puts all the blame on the parents.

          • well it seems people put all the blame on the media, t.v, video games, music, etc. parents need to talk to their kids instead of having t.v and celebrity life raise them. and if they were to turn out like some of them who do drugs or have an eating disorder, do we blame them? no so i’m sorry but i don’t jump on the band wagon and point the finger at them. we all take responsibility at some point in our lives. placing the blame on others won’t do anything. life will move on and if you think the media should take responsibility well so should parents.

          • You are completely twisting my words!

          • ummm i’m not twisting your words. you make it seem i am but i’m just saying my opinions about what you said.

    • amazon

      totally agree!!
      I think it is a GOOD thing that being deemed attractive isn’t just about having a pretty face, and that things like great hair, dressing well, good skin, makeup and (here comes the controversy) a good figure, all can make someone who does not have a naturally pretty face as attractive or even more attractive than the more genetically blessed. I believe all of us can have good figures. and by that i would say i don’t mean a stick thin VS figure, and i specify no particular shape.

  • Cecil

    I feel like she’s saying this just cause she’s not super thin anymore

    • L

      Yet, she is STILL ridiculously gorgeous…

  • I don’t get why people keep acting like the media and the fashion industry have this diabolical plan to make all girls in the world starve themselves. People create their own standards, and celebrities saying things like this doesn’t change them.

    I appreciate that younger girls might be more easily affected by seeing thin women in magazines, etc, but they’re going to see thin women if they walk out the front door anyway. I have never seen a magazine in my life that says “You must be thin! You have to be thin to be pretty!” If anything, celebs get slammed for being too skinny in these magazines.

    I personally want to be thinner, because that’s how my body looks best. I have friends who don’t, because they look best at their natural weight, which is a little higher. To summarise, believe it or not, I am clever enough to make up my own mind – no, I haven’t been indoctrinated by magazines – and I want to be thin, it’s always been that way, it’s no industry’s fault, and it’s not going to change because Penelope Cruz says so.

    • Laila

      Hi Ellie,
      I get what you mean with saying everyone makes up his own standards, and I thought so for a very long time too. I tried to lose weight for a long time and I was on the border of having a serious eating disorder for years and all this time I was convinced of all this being my very own idea(l) and I was telling people “No, I don’t care what the women in magazines look like, it’s just what I personally prefer bla bla…”
      The only problem is that it just doesn’t work that way. Every woman we see on the street, on a billboard, in a magazine DOES influence us, even if we don’t realize it, it works subconsciously. And you cannot tell me, that, if everyone changed overnight to liking really really curvy women, and all the models would suddenly be 15 pounds more and all the actresses would gain weight and everyone would say, oh those skinny women are so ugly – you would still want to be thin because its your own opinion.

      • but does that mean we blame society for what others think is beautiful? they may play a role but we all have to take actions of what we put out there. like i said the media will always have some kind of standard of beauty. it’s been happening for years but is it factual? i think it’s not and no model ever made me feel bad about myself. girls who do feel bad about themselves are constantly picked on for the way she looks. whether skinny or fat, not what the magazines says. that’s their opinion, it’s not a fact.

      • Casey

        Yeah I got to go with Laila. I do agree with you Ellie, there is certainly no diabolical plan and no need for blame like some people act like, but I do think there is an unintentional, indirect pressure to be thinner simply because 95% of the women in magazines are thin.

        I also think the problem lies in the word “model.” Model for a long time used to refer to women who were considered attractive or sexy at the time. Basically, the model/standard of beauty. Then in the late 90’s, designers got tired of paying fat checks to supermodels so they started hiring foreign imports who they believed had little sex appeal…aka super thin models. Unfortunatly, people didn’t quite catch on right away, and the word model with the old meaning was not being assigned to new thin models, so a lot of people believed thin = new beauty standard.

        Now, I don’t think the beauty standard in the fashion industry is the standard anywhere outside of that industry, but I do think it slightly influences other media outlets: commercial models, actresses and singers have all gotten thinner than they used to be (actresses went from being around a size 8 to around a 4 in Hollywood).

        But I do also think that the opposition to thinness and the thin beauty standard is largely exaggerated by a very vocal group. The truth is, the pressure to have a small waist with large breasts and large butts greatly exceeds the pressure to be thin…as seen by the rise in implant surgeries. And the women who get implants are getting younger and younger. Women as young as 13 are begging their parents to let them get implants, or feel their bodies are unattractive because they don’t have C/D+ cups. So I do believe that beauty standard (Maxim, Playboy), is a lot more serious and damaging to young girls’ self-esteems than high fashion.

        • Casey

          now being associated*, not “not”

        • for me, i’m saying is that people shouldn’t make excuses for what hollywood is doing when they have been doing this whole beauty standard for years. the media does play a role as to why girls feel unattractive but how can looking at a magazine will make a woman or a girl feel ugly? but i do agree that having a small waist and big breasts is very common in society, just as much is the pressure to be thin. damn never thought beauty standards would cause so much drama in america.

          • amazon

            i sorta agree with everyone, but what i want to know is what is so wrong with wanting to have a nice figure? and considering nearly a quarter of teens are now obese, putting a few healthy diets in surely aint so bad?
            And yeah there are some people who I think are completely crazy calling girls who are lovely and slim fat,several i have seen on this site, but magazines aren’t doing that. the ones i read call everyone lovely and sexy regardless of size! then the next month the same celeb will be in again having lost half a stone or something and they’ll be going on and on about how transformed they are!! but i just find that amusing 🙂

    • Maybe they act like this because it’s been proven (by scientific research) that what a woman of any age sees in a magazine can damage her self-esteem. And this is also to answer another similar comment above.
      Well, if a woman well in her 30s let’s say, has body issues because of this type of media, it can have a devastating effect on a teenager.

      I’ve said this on other posts: in my home country I’m called fat, in the UK I am normal (size 10). In my home country there is a pressure, not just by the media, but by people all around me, to as thin as possible no matter what.
      I moved away for a couple of years and learned to love my body and understand I can’t be a size 0. Then I moved back home for another year or so. The pressure I felt again was almost unbearable; it was coming from everywhere, bus stations, adverts, magazines, people’s looks and comments. Well, I believe I have a strong psyche so, no, it didn’t break me, didn’t destroy my self-esteem. But it sure as hell bothered and frustrate me!

      I live in UK now and while you can still see discrimination towards any girl size 4 and above (US) in the fashion industry, the media is also full of campaigns about loving your body and being healthy …. to counteract the damaging effect of other media lol. In fact, people don’t even use the term “fat” so much around here, rather the term “big”. And they don’t really comment about the size of the people around them unless they are unhealthy big or unhealthy thin.

      Like I said, this is also a response to a comment above, to show also how the society you live in can influence who you are, implicitly how the media can do it.

  • Minnie

    This is absurd.
    Any magazine that I’ve seen that is encouraging teenage girls to lose weight is encouraging OVERWEIGHT (usually obese) teenage girl to lose weight.

    That’s not just ugly, but it’s unhealthy too.

    • kate1st

      Problem is a LOT of young girls don’t know what overweight or obese really is. They think they need to lose weight when it’s totally unecessary. A young teenage girl should eat a healthy diet and exercise, but not restrict calories unless her doctor specifically says so.

      • I KNOW!!!!! this chick on my street thinks that she’s fat and she isnt at all! and it makes me really mad when she calls herself fat

  • danniJ

    I’m big and attractive, one of the few I think. Hahahaha Penelope’s well funny though, she’s tiny, hardly an avocate for curvy women, except her bangers of course!

    • benice

      she does have great bangers!

      • lizzy

        what are bangers? is this slang i don’t know? 😡

        • kate1st

          Well it’s not that hard to guess lol

          Clue: She gets her ‘bangers’ out in a lot of her movies : P

          Gok Wan (british fashion desginer and tv presenter) coined the term I believe.

          • lizzy

            justttt wanted to be sure.

            the british have some funky slang as do americans so doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • To me the question is less about being a little thinner or being a little heavier. IMO healthy always looks best. And a healthy weight looks different on everyone.

  • skinnyisperfect

    You don’t have to be thin to be pretty, but you certainly are UGLY if you are fat. Penelope isn’t that thin herself anyway, of course she would want to say thin people are bad. And as for the naturally thin thing, real beauties are people who strive for perfection.

    • L

      um honey, body shapes aren’t black and white. you’re not thin or fat. there’s something in between, and that’s where penelope is. she never said thin people we’re bad. she’s just saying that so many people think thin will make them be more appealing. so she’s just saying “not necessarily”. and when she’s says that she’s not saying that fat people are prettier either. penelope isn’t thin, but she is no where near fat. but she is much more than pretty, she is absolutely stunning.

    • kate1st

      Spoken like a true anorexic……..

      • kate1st

        P.S. People that strive for so called ‘perfection’ are usually control freaks and considering ‘perfection’ doesn’t actual exist, you’d be chasing something unobtainable.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being naturally thin, as long as it’s not forced. Penelope is certainly quite slim herself, but she still has the right to be concerned about young girls today becoming increasingly obsessed with dieting and being thinner than their natural body type permits.

  • The one with the A

    Penelope is absolutely right–remember not to take this out of context, she’s referring specifically to young girls. I worked with children in a summer program that grants lower-income children free lunch then games for the day. I remember one day walking by a group of 7-8 year old girls only to notice that they weren’t eating. I asked them if they had already eaten at home and they said no; they said they were too fat and they were trying to lose weight.

    Needless to say, I got after them. I know reprimanding kids is useless when the influence of magazines and the media that tells us we’re not attractive at our current weight is more forceful upon them than my words alone, but I was angry. These girls were average girls, they weren’t even heavy for their height/age.

    They wanted to starve themselves. It’s getting out of hand.

    • amazon

      who told them they were too fat? cause to me that sounds like its coming from the parents not the media.

      • What kind of sick parent would call their child “fat”?! They would use “big” and “overweight”, but only if that’s indeed the case.
        Anyone who does otherwise, is just sick.

        • later edit
          actually, with 7-8 years old child, a normal parent wouldn’t even discuss the weight issue with them; would just change their diet and get them more active, if they feel their kids need to lose weight.

  • The Princess

    Sooo true, I have a couple of chubby friends who have really pretty faces and whenever they’ve dieted and got really slim they don’t look anywhere near as pretty, that being said it is easy to say when your slim yourself lol.


    Y luego se preguntará por que en España la odiamos tanto… Pero si es tonta!

    • LOLA


  • aj

    aw wow. i have always looked up to penelope cruz because i think she’s beautiful and curvy but now i love her even more! everything she says is true.. im sick of having to like appologize for not being skinny.. like with guys you kind of feel you’re being forgiven for something. that comes from magazines and other girls though not (most) guys

  • M

    I think its crazy that anyone would say anything negative about what she said. She’s saying that the standards of our world are a little out of wack and the “Teen Magazines” are perpetuating the stereo types that being extremely thin is the only way to be sexy. Finally a celebrity that isn’t peddling diet pills or talking about how she starves herself (*ahem* Amanda Seyfried). To each their own, hey you wouldn’t think a large nose would be stereotypically sexy but omg Adrien Brody is a smokeshow!!!!

  • Ella

    I don’t understand why a slim celebrity is ‘not allowed’ to say that you don’t need to be slim to be beautiful. Just because someone is slim it doesn’t mean they are hypocrites following the idea they just spoke out against. Are they only allowed to speak out for women with the exact same body as theirs?

    • Mizzy

      I agree with you Ella. It’s pretty clear to my from the quote that she is talking about young girls and not about herself. The bottom line is that magazines do encourage already slim girls to diet when it’s not even healthy for them to be worrying about their weight. Sure, there are plenty of 13 year olds that are medically overweight or obese, but they should lose weight under doctor’s supervision and not by trying homemade diets they found in Glamour magazine.
      I think the problem is that we’ve become so obsessed with talking about eating disorders that we forget about the girls that have disordered eating but do not meet the diagnostic criteria for an actual eating disorder. in fact, the next edition of the DSM will include a new category of eating disorders NOS, which will include those girls that fall somewhere in the middle in terms of their symptoms.

  • danniJ

    Sorry Ella, i’m not the brightest of bulbs, but it does wind me up somewhat when celebs people please! 🙂

  • I think she’s right! look at Dawn french she can carry her weight because shes funny and she has a beautiful face!

  • I agree with what penelope is saying. And she is neither big or slim, i personally think she has a nice healthy body. Slim with curves in the right places…..great hair and a pretty face. Great actress also, loved her in vanilla sky and blow.

  • alya

    she is right if all of us are thin we will be robots nt humans anymore after all those women who are gorgeous for eg catherine zeta jones and many more they are healthy bt nt thin till size zero gosh the media shld start promote back these women who are i shld say lifetime gorgeous women rather than some models or people who are thin