Cannes Beauties: Petra Nemcova & Erin Heatherton


Models Petra Nemcova (33) and Erin Heatherton (24) turned heads at Cannes Film Festival this week, where they stepped on the red carpet in glamorous dresses with low-cut V-cleavages.

Who looked best on this occasion?


See these blonde beauties close next!


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37 thoughts on “Cannes Beauties: Petra Nemcova & Erin Heatherton”

  1. Well I just threw up from beauty disgust…

    I usually don’t find blondes as attractive as brunettes… but damn girls, get it!

    • They are trying to find rich actors to date ofc. Leo Dicaprio is there and always has a pile of VS models partying with him lol

  2. Petra looks weird in some pics. Did she do something to her face? Her hair looks AWFUL. Erin looks nice and sweet.

  3. I love Petra’s dress. It’s one of the best I’ve seen. Her face looks a little dehydrated (too much mineral makeup) but other than that, she looks good.

    Erin looks really good here, although a bit shapeless in that dress. She has a beautiful smile, though.

    • Agreed on all counts – Petra’s dress is beautiful and Erin’s smile (and face) is nice, but her dress could be more flattering.
      I would only add that Petra’s hair looks like mine when I was a child and my cousin took a crimping iron to it – it doesn’t look professional at all!

  4. cool dress on Petra, but did she take an iron to her head? strange, but her face is very pretty and with those dark eyes she would look stunning as a brunette. I don’t find Erin attractive one bit.

  5. I’ve always found Erin rather plain…. She’s just so boring looking to me. And her dress is really unflattering, it looks like she has no waist.

  6. I don’t think I’ll ever get Erin’s appeal…she just reminds me of cookie cutter looking girls I used to play netball with growing up, certianly nothing about her screams “supermodel” to me.

    Petra- banging body, beautiful face, her confidence is obvious and attractive.. but 2004 wants its hair back!

    • I agree with everything you just said. Erin always looks like a joke to me when she’s standing to Adriana or Candice for instance.

  7. Just. No. Petra is a gorgeous woman but her hair looks dirty and weighed-down. The dress looks like something Jane Fonda would wear.

    As for Erin, that dress does nothing for her and makes her look boxy. It is pretty in the back, though.

  8. I didn’t recognize Erin at first. Her face looks beautiful here, much more so than on VS photoshoots. The dress is meh.

  9. Petra as a result of that hair colour, tan, dress, hair-style, and thinness looks so old. I would never guess early thirties.
    Erin isn’t very memorable but looks attractive and not as overly ‘done’.

      • I wouldn’t say they ALL look bad, but I agree most of them do. So many of these women would benefit from a mere 10 pound gain! Petra has this weird thing going on, scary ribcage, small b❆❆bs and yet they look really saggy? I’ve seen it so many times yet it still confuses me. If you have small b❆❆bs to begin with and you’re underweight, how come they sag so much? Isn’t the good thing about small b❆❆bs that they stay perky longer? I would get it if she were older but she’s only 33. But then again, I’ve seen it happen a lot. Maybe I’m just not well informed, is it due to weight fluctuations?

        • they’re saggy because they used to be much bigger, then she lost a ton of weight and they shrank, but the skin didn’t. hence the sag. Its so dumb because petra used to be GORGEOUS, and bigger than most models nowadays. now she’s trying to fit in with the skinny look and she looks terrible

  10. It’s been said already but petras hair looks awful, the streaky hihglights are dated, the curls – I really hope that was not don e by a professional, if so then they Need to be fired asap. Erin is pretty but here b❆❆bs look weird, I’m feeling fussy today, dont see what’s so great about either of them , Petra was stunning , but not digging the look. Petra is sexier to me though (at 33) than Erin (at 24 or whatever) so props to her she makes Erin look even more BO-RANG

  11. I prefer Erin but her dress isn’t great, it hides her waist and makes her look boxy, whereas Petra’s gown emphasizes her small waist.

  12. Both are beautiful women – though Petras hair is awful and Erins dress is not flattering… especially for her boobs.

  13. I don’t know the first actress, but she is gorgeous and her dress is amazing! Shame there’s no full length photos of the back of Erin’s dress!

  14. There seems to be more models than actresses at Cannes, actually. A little bit too frivolous film festival, IMO…

  15. wow Petra Nemcova is aging really bad. Perhaps bc she has lost A LOT of weight. She is extremely thin, like a skeleton.
    She has had weight issues in the past, being a size 0 and using laxatives.

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