Alessandra Ambrosio, Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr, Photoshop Job, Then and Now

Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

2 days ago, VS model Alessandra Ambrosio treated us with a few personal bikini pictures – and today, we get to see her bikini figure post-retouching. Her general figure looks pretty much the same (though it was probably a bit smoothened), but her cleavage gained a little plumpness in some shots.

Yes, yes, I know what you’ll say. That certain positions can reduce or maximize the size of your breasts, that push-up bikini bras actually do work and I DO agree… but not to this extent.

Plus, they are doing the exact same “plastic-surgery via Photoshop” thing to other already super-beautiful models , like Miranda Kerr:

Miranda-Kerr-changing-boobs - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

… and Marisa Miller:

real-vs-photoshopped-marisa - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

More pictures of Alessandra wearing bikinis after the jump!

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis1 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis-2 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis-3 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis-4 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis-5 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Models-Bikinis-6 - Alessandra Ambrosio Models Bikinis

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • First:D
    **Firstly, I like to state all of these VS models have enviable bodies. ***
    Alessandra Ambrosio – the photoshopped pictures of her here make her body fit to be a lingerie model. She needs boobs to advertise the product, we now know in real life she is completely flat. they also reduced her boneyness and add overall girth to her body. Astheticially she looks better and healthier.

    Marissa Miller – was softened overall. giving her more delicate musculature than her some whatahrsh appearance. Because she has low body fat, her breasts and body were plumped.

    Miranda Kerr- her photoshopping is unnessary. she has small delicate curves that be emphiased if they put her in a right product. and in that picture it seems unnatural but htis ccould be because of her pose.

    although I never considered skinny models with little to no breasts, glamour models or VS secret models. The VS catalog is fitting their traditional healthy, fit, and feminine look. However in real life their models are getting into the skinny trend and get cast for more androgous looks to that of a runway model. 2 years ago VS stood for healthy + dangerously fit models, with traffic stopping curves. never before could VS model be synonymous with a runway model like it is now. Which why gisselle butchen lost weight over this time period, to get into high fashion industry. Surprising b/c she is a supermodel, and when she did all VS models followed the same path. Each year the same models in VS get skinner and skinner, if you notice, just look at archieves here.from a socialogical stand point, this shows the last industry to to be influtrated with high fashion ideals and the direct a society is going with the quest for ulimate beauty.

    ** Over all,I agree with the use of photoshop here. IMO all models bodies lookP E R F E C T with photoshop, not too fat and not to skinny. you must also remember its easier and less costly to photoshop fat on a model than to remove it. the photoshoped pictures give a healthier and more relatable
    image to pontential customers. with the lights and effects in real life , the models would look worse than you expect. although, they have above average loks than the average population. these photoshoped images are actually more acheivable in real life, especailly , since most of the models could look more like their photos with an increase in body fat.

    ODD OBSERVATION: My opinion about there bodies in real life are they are not to skinny. However, I think the photoshopped pcitures of course look better than them, one of the elements being them having more body fat. It makes me wonder if my opinions and outlooks on beauty are unconciously conforming to the unrealistic expectations of society:/

    • Note :I realize photoshop is suppost make you look perfect. I’m just admiring it served its purpose nicely. I read an article/interview from the look representive of VS stating that they have to use photoshop no longer for mere touch ups and use it more extentively in the recent years.It goes to show you even models aren’t perfect.

    • apricotmuffins

      BUT, the effect of smoothing their figures out to make them seem healthier means that they have very thin figures that still appear healthy. This is all about the unnatainable ideal women are bombarded with – These girls in reality are extremely thin and sinewy, with not much hip or breast and very little body fat. What they are in the photoshopped images is very nearly physically impossible – the SAME level of slenderness but none of the sinew and bone showing. These ladies, with a bit more weight on and a bit less muscle definition would NOT look like they do in the photoshopped images, they would look overall a bit bulkier, or in the case of less muscle, anorexic.

      Its very insidious. If they want healthier looking models, they should use healthier looking models. I think the idea of perfection when marketing things to people is wrong – these ladies are very much lovely enough without the photoshop, why drive up the pressure for women to look impossible, and for men to expect impossible? It does no one any favours.

      • Apricot: Exactly! Many of us strive for the ideal body like we see in the above pics…the problem is it’s all a mirage. Too bad guys don’t get it.

      • Tia

        I agree that if they want healthy looking models then that’s what they should use. But are there women that look like the photoshopped pictures? I’ve seen thin women with curves but none like that! The world didn’t know many of the VS models until they became VS models. If they changed the standard of what models looked like by introducing some healthy no named models, then they would be the new standard and household names.

        I think their use of photoshop is despicable. And I also agree that these women are beautiful w/out it but would men really go gaga over them…no. Makes me think VS is catering to men not women. I know men purchase their products for their GFs, wives, whatever, but we are their main customers!

  • Leila

    both alessandra and miranda have the perfect figure!
    they don’t need big boobs to look great. the small breasts look much better on them!

    • cj

      great bodies hahaha…..the funniest thing ive heard for today….

      • I agree with you Leila.. large breasts don’t particularly appeal to me when they’re on smaller frames like Alessandra and Miranda

    • Yuki

      I agree. Unfortunately not all people think the same way 🙁

  • H

    Their faces look better in the before, but i’d disagree about the bodies.

    I love how their ribs (which are sticking out) have all been photoshopped to make them look less emancipated. You can’t deny they’ve all lost weight since they first started with VS

    • apricotmuffins

      you’re right. Photoshopping their figures has everything to do with emancipation.

      • leslie


    • Cory

      the term is emaciated… emancipated means to legally declare independence

  • BeFabulous

    Marissa’s body is flawless without photoshop

  • Samzo

    Ok honestly I have no idea why models are put onto this pedestal where everyone wants their body.

    Real life women have a life and a job and boyfriends and husbands who could not care less how skinny you are. In fact very very very few guys like skinny girls! I mean I am sure guys want someone warm and huggable, NOT someone who has no boobs or butt and are like a pile of bones when hugged.

    I am 5’6 (168 cm), 125 pounds and am a plumpy ( according to the modelling world:P ) little 36C-24-38, UK size 8, US size 4. I need energy to work and I need to be happy. I don’t wish to be taller or thinner just because models, whose job is to be that, are!

    Guys are attracted to confidence and health and happiness, if that is what you want to get skinny for.

    Eat, exercise and be useful to the world. Models these days just promote an unhealthy body-image amongst low-esteemed women… and consumersim! 😛

    If you look at Yasmeen Ghauri, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell etc (models from previous decades) they seemed to be thin and curvy and more enviable than today’s models because that seemed to be their natural shape and closer to their natural healthy size. You somehow wished you had their genes. Models these days don’t look like women who eat and just WANT to be thin, even though that might not be their natural shape or size.

    I love Adriana Lima though 😀

    Okie enough for now


    • I am a thin woman and can’t change it.

      Thank you for telling me that I am basically unattractive and very few men would want me. I feel really good about myself now.

      If you’d like to know, I’m a size 2, sometimes 0, have had 5 boyfriends, and all of them liked skinny women/models. I’m sure that’s the case for many other skinny girls as well.

      Men like almost all women, and no individual man has a set “size” that they like, they like a wide range and variety. Some prefer the skinnier range and some the bigger range.

      • apricotmuffins

        I say this kindly: I understand you feel an offense at being told skinny women arent attractive to most men, but consider how women who are a perfectly healthy weight but just not fashionably slim feel. How much they are told they are wrong. How little their body size is in any way represented in the media, and when it is, its to advertise weight loss products, or its a ‘fat’ girl sidekick to the hot glamourous girl who gets all the men’s attention. Thats not to mention all the women who are bigger who are nothing but ridiculed. Saying ‘men don’t like skinny women’ is a direct reaction to all of that.

        I don’t think the reaction is right, but please, understand exactly where the sentiment comes from.

        ALL women are told they are lacking. none of us can win. Too fat, too thin, too tall, too curvy, too flat chested, to pear-shaped, figure flaws here, figure flaws there… Its best we don’t do it to each other, but somehow we can’t seem to stop.

        I totally agree with your last paragraph. Men like all kinds of women, and women come in all kinds of shapes. Which is why its important to have that variation represented in our media as normal. its why its important to have REAL bodies represented in the media, not photoshopped ones.

        • cj

          true, skinny women dont take this the wrong way, but a man like a women with curves, somthing to grab lol.
          Only the fashion industry, who is run by GAY men in particulary, like the skinny girls and some men do prefer it offcourse, but the majority of men like women with meat.
          Its a fact…du cannot change that….sorry if this hurts ur feelings

        • Mnemosyne

          I think it’s just as wrong to say that skinny women are unattractive to men as much as it is to say non-skinny women don’t fit the ideals of high fashion. And why even bother mentioning what men prefer? I’d say it’s more important to be happy with yourself. Anyway, my boyfriend is a sack of bones and I still love cuddling him ^^ I’m not trying to attack what you’ve said, it just seemed relevant to what I wanted to say.

      • padme

        So sad 🙁 I hate it when skinny girls act sooo offended when people call them skinny. Don’t tell me you can’t change it. If you really wish you were fatter, try eating more food! More calories = more fat!

        • Casey

          Why do you hate it? Do you hate when fat people get offended at being called fat?

          And no sometimes you can’t change it. Sometimes the only way to change it is to eat to the point of vomiting, and that doesn’t help nor is it worth it.

          • walnuts

            i dont think “more fat” is the goal for skinny girls who want to gain. usually they’d prefer to add more muscle tone and overall shape, not flab. its hard to gain weight in healthy ways and should not be done quickly, just like you shouldnt lose weight too quickly.
            yea it would be easier to just eat lard and ice cream all day and gain fat, but thats not helping your looks, your arteries, your heart, or your mental health. and then the same people who called you too skinny will call you too fat.

        • joell

          excuse me, but have you ever had a fast metabolism? obviously not. I cannot put weight on, i have had fat girls all my life tell me i’m too skinny, i look unnatractive, blah blah blah. It’s just as hurtful as being told you’re fat. And at least if you are fat you can change that, but i have a nuatural shape and a fast metabolism. My mum is 36 and she is the same size as me and im 17, so no obviously you can’t change it. And frankly, people like you are jealous, you don’t like your own figure so you make hurtful comments about others. My doctor has said i’m a healthy weight, and about your remark about try eating more food, i eat more than any of my friends, some of whom are size 16’s and are still gorgeous! I actually eat so much sugar and fat that my immune system broke down and i got infections, my doctor told me i need to eat less and healthier and that i need to start exercising.

          • Erica

            I agree that no body type should be judged, and hurtful words are hurtful no matter who is bearing the brunt of them.

            But, saying “it’s impossible for me to gain weight” is BS. For the record, saying “it’s impossible for me to lose weight” is also BS. Saying your body is set in stone is BS.

            Your body is not set in stone. The reason human beings have survived so long on this planet is we are a highly adaptable species.

            If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to change your lifestyle. It works both ways. If you want to gain weight and keep it on you have to change your lifestyle. You might have to do things like count calories and adjust your workouts so they involve more strength training and less cardio, but you can gain weight in a healthy way if you’re determined.

            I’m not saying you should gain weight, or even that you want to gain weight. I’m simply saying that if you did want to, you could. It’s possible.

            Insults are insults no matter whom they’re directed towards. Defeatist language (saying, “I can’t,” and “it’s impossible”) is defeatist language no matter who it’s coming from.

          • Casey

            “But, saying “it’s impossible for me to gain weight” is BS. For the record, saying “it’s impossible for me to lose weight” is also BS. Saying your body is set in stone is BS. ”

            That is true. One can always loe and gain weight. Perhaps what the original poster was trying to say was:

            I cannot gain weight in a HEALTHY and REASONABLE manner, because, I had that experience.

            I’ve been thin my whole. My dad’s side of the family are all thin. At one point, I got fed up with insults regarding my weight and decided to gain weight. So I went on a high protein, increased fat, high calorie diet (3000 cals). This was ok’d by my doctor. Well, it wasn’t long until I effed up my stomach so bad that I had to be on PPI’s for 6 months.

            I did gain weight during that period of time…10 pounds. However, my body was not designed to handle a diet that gave me those 10 pounds.

            Nowadays, I’m trying a different approach….high protein, low fat, and 2500 calorie diet combined with weight lifting. It’s been about a year and I’ve only gained 5 pounds…not enough to even take me up a dress size. However, at least my stomach doesn’t feel like crap.

            I think the average person does have more flexibility with their weight…they are able to gain and lose easily. However, I do also believe there are genetic differences with weight flexibility, and some people are not able to change their weight easily, as the body resists. Me and the original poster are examples of people who cannot gain weight. There are people on the opposite end who cannot lose weight.

            So Erica, unless you were in the genetic shoes of those people, I suggest speaking for yourself.

    • kriszta

      i’m sure your body is amazing! 😀 seriously…

    • Alex

      Samzo, your entire post reads like an overzealous self-help book written by an author who has far more body image issues than her readers. I don’t think you realize how insecure you sound by passive aggressively insulting women who are smaller than you.

      Like you said, health and confidence are sexy, and that comes at every size. I’m a size zero, my measurements are 34-23-34, and I personally have never encountered any problems with guys at all. Being rude to naturally leaner people and claiming that nobody can possibly be attracted to them would be like telling someone at your size or larger, sorry, but the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue doesn’t include your kind.

      People like you bother me. No need to spread the poor body image under your feigned confidence. Especially not so obviously.

      • ann

        “would be like telling someone at your size or larger, sorry, but the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue doesn’t include your kind.’

        Well, it doesn’t. You would be telling them the truth. As for Samzo’s comments..They were stupid. If you are not attractive by the standards don’t take it out on those who are.

  • I think it’s important to remember her cleavage did used to be bigger before her baby and right after her baby’s birth. Also on the right, she’s wearing a push up.

    So it’s not just photoshop entirely, but as for the photoshop, I really don’t care. I look at the bra itself anyway, and if I care about the model, I look at their face and entire body.

    • Ella

      I was going to say the same thing: she had larger breasts before she had her baby, even if they were still not as large as some of the photoshopped pictures. So, if these pictures are pre-baby there wouldn’t be as big of a difference between real Alessandra and photoshopped Alessandra.

      • Ella

        I meant to say ‘between real Alessandra and photoshopped Alessandra’s boobs’.

  • Samzo

    Casey if that is your natural body-shape I am sure you look awesome and healthy! 🙂 I apologize if I was hurtful.

    Emaciation and thinness achieved by starvation is what looks not very attractive. As I said before, health and happiness and confidence counts. I shouldn’t have said skinny isn’t attractive… but the thing is very few girls are naturally skinny… My comment abt skinniness being unattractive was directed towards girls who go try unhealthy methods to GET skinny. I apologize if I was hurtful. If you’re skinny and healthy and that’s your natural body shape and weight, that’s awesome.

    Being curvy has it’s disadvantages too sometimes… it’s hard to be taken seriously AT TIMES if you have boobs and booty (and I do dress VERY modestly!). I am an engineer, and my workplace is pretty male-dominated… so yup, I have to make a slight effort to dress boringly and that sucks a bit.

    And i agree with you apricotmuffins 🙂

    • Oh I misunderstood you, I apologize if I came off as “attacking” you, that wasn’t my intention. :/

      In that case I agree. Women who starve themselves to be thin usually do look better at a larger weight.

      And I also agree with you apricotmuffins, I too would like to see more variety in the media so that women who are healthy don’t have to feel that way. I understand where the reaction comes from, but I don’t feel its fair to blame thin women, especially since most of us are pro variety. But you’re right no one can win, everyone is always too-something.

  • florA

    im really annoyed that these lingerie models have to have their boobs made bigger via photoshop. miranda and allesandra are hardly an a cup and they are sposed to look voluptous and cleaveagey for their vs photos.

  • Vlada

    If you look at the 3rd to last photo, you can actually SEE where they photoshopped her waist (to make her more curvy). It’s just a little bit, just a few millimeters off the picture, but it makes a difference.

    The thing I dislike the most is the ugly red-orange skin color that they photoshop onto every model. What’s wrong with their natural tan? I think Miranda’s golden shade looks much better than some fake “bronze”. It makes them look cheap and trashy.

    I’m against the photoshopped breasts too. They use models that are bone-thin, which is fine by me, but I do think that it’s unfair that they then give them full, round breasts via photoshop, which is impossible in reality (breasts are body fat – if you have none, then you have A-cup breasts, for the most part). It’s like having your cake and eating it too and it’s not ethical in my opinion. Telling lies isn’t okay, so why is it okay to show lies?

    • it’s totally possible to be thin and have full round breasts. I have that kind of body myself. I am against the photoshopped breasts too though. If they wanted bigger boobs than they should of just chosen a different model. If they wanted to use Alessandra well that’s fine too, but they should just use her how she really is.

  • nik

    there are women with larger chests and small bodies you know. there’s nothing wrong with that

    • Mnemosyne

      Yup, I’m one of them. But if you look at the candids, they don’t seem to have an ample a chest as one would otherwise believe from viewing their VS photos.

  • Pia

    This case of photoshopping (at least for the mentality of other women) is the worst. The ideal body for most women would be tall and slim with some nice plump cleavage, would it not? (I’m not saying everyone, obviously, just most.)

    It’s taking these girls with already enviable bodies and giving them an unrealistic (though not entirely unprobable – Marissa Miller is very slim with large breasts) proportions. In my own personal opinion, I think that VS should choose between a slightly thicker model with boobs or a more Mirana Kerr type model. (I’m not saying they have to have fat hanging over the sides of their skimpy little undies, just a little thicker.) If you have to digitically enhance the curves of your lingiere models, you probbably should get someone who can rock the product a little better.

    • walnuts

      i agree that it sucks how the photoshopping leads many women to frustration over the fact that its nearly impossible to be both very thin and to have big boobs.
      but you have to remember that VS marketers are not psychologists. they do not care so much about the mental health of women, and making us feel like we have great bodies. they are trying to sell us things, oftentimes things that promise to make our boobs look bigger and to make us appear sexier. our insecurities help them sell and make $$, so of course they want us to stay insecure and feel like we need the help of miracle bras.

  • Amy

    Until I saw this post, I thought they had naturally big boobs, making their bodies that much more enviable. I usually try to check my expectations of my body knowing the use of photoshop, but the whole chest idea for some reason has really awakened me. I have messed up uneven boobs so I am pretty aware of issues especially regarding this area, but the fact that I am planning surgery under these ideals freaks me out. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  • Alessandra Ambrosio right after having her baby. She lost a ton of weight. I’m a little surprised actually.

  • samantha

    I hate photoshop!

  • MissKitty

    Wow these people live in lies. This is a horrid job of photoshop.

  • jjj

    They all look stunning in their non-photoshopped bodies. Alessandra and Miranda look much more appealing with smaller boobs on their smaller frames. I think they look very beautiful in their natural forms. Good for them! I don’t know which magazines photoshopped them, but I wouldn’t get why a modeling magazine would..

  • missmel624

    Sheeft, photo-shopping is ridiculous. And everyone needs to calm down. Yes, men like curvy girls, but not ALL men ya know! They have their own minds and have individual opinions. Although I can definitely say for sure many like us busty girls 😉

  • Ana

    Versus, what are Alessandra and Marissa’s body types?

    • Versus

      Alessandra: out of the 5 basic shapes, a ruler, with shoulders same as hips, evenly proportioned, no major curves.

      Marisa: somewhere between a (very) stretched hourglass, aka a vase and a column. A vase with an atypically long torso though. She seems to distribute weight evenly on the bust / hips / thighs. Just like a vase, a column has shoulders the same size as the hips, slight waist and long legs – Marisa definitely has long legs.
      A typical vase: Kate Winslet and a typical column: Nicole Kidman / Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Amanda

    I can’t understand why they would choose to remove some of marissa’s toned abs when they photoshop her! I think she is one of the more fit VS models, not *quite* as twiggy, with more of a natural chest, and she seems to actually exercise to stay toned (I think I read she surfs a lot?)

  • Amanda

    by the way, Alessandra looks fantastic for having had a baby!!! (or even for not having had a baby)

  • spangle

    i sometimes think that breasts are the only remaining vestige of our femininity that the fashion/beauty media still champions.

    i occasionally get annoyed with the industry, but then i recall how we have been manipulated by beauty standards for centuries. We just have faster means of communication now (tv, magazines, internet).

    women have always tried to alter their appearance for an implied standard of perfection. Still, there is so much natural beauty in the world it blows my mind how destructive we are to ourselves. I long ago came to the conclusion that human beings are just plain weird 😉

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  • Becky

    Really not attractive, their bones are sticking out everywhere. Someone give them a burger please 😛

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