Emily Blunt: “Don’t Photoshop Me Thinner!”

February 11, 2010 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, Emily Blunt, Photoshop Job by Versus

I heard you once instructed a photographer not to airbrush you-that can’t be right, can it?
I told him not to make me thinner. I hate when your legs are three times the length they actually are. I heard they could raise your nipples if you have a slightly see-through top, lift your bum-they can do everything. I can understand there are things like shadows they need to fix after a shoot, but it’s unfair to represent an image of yourself if it’s not true. They’re gonna see what you look like on film anyway, so why try to cover all your wobbly bits in a photo?

… says Emily in Los Angeles Times Magazine.

And how do you like the pictures from this spread?

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