Photoshop Job, Take a Guess!

Jennifer’s Real Booty Is…

How-Bootylicious-Is-Jennifer-Aniston-Guess-the-Unphotoshopped-Picture2 - Jennifer's Real Booty Is...

Jennifer’s Real Booty Is…

The right one!

Who’s surprised? Who got it right?

jennifer-aniston-tight-dress-2 - Jennifer's Real Booty Is...

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jennifer-aniston-tight-dress - Jennifer's Real Booty Is...

jennifer-aniston-tight-dress-0 - Jennifer's Real Booty Is...

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  • Rachel

    Woah! she is so damn stunning 🙂

    I would have guessed it right! she isn’t the big butt kind of a woman, she’s always been ‘normal’ in the bum & bust area and damn happy to be like that 😀 good for her! I absolutely adoreee her <3 if i can look half as great at the age of 40 something like she does i'll be happy 🙂

    Brad pitt was an idiot for leaving her for a average girl like angelina jolie. Never liked her plus i think she is literally a wh*** cus the only way she got to be an actress is by making lots of sleazy films and sleeping around.

    • janeir0

      oh ok. i’m sure brad pitt is awfully sorry he has spent the last five years having children and dedicating his time to humanitarian causes. if i were him, i’d be awfully regretful for dumping a mediocre television actress for an oscar-winning hollywood sex-symbol.
      or not.

      • Jay-Lisa

        Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem as funny and nice as Jennifer Aniston, I don’t know why…
        Anyway Jennifer has an amazing body

    • Amarige

      Interesting planet you must inhabit — one where women like Angelina are considered ‘average.’

      ‘Literally a wh*re’? As opposed to what — ‘figuratively a wh*re?’
      The use of the word ‘literal’ implies that it also carries a ‘figurative’ counterpart.
      So what you wrote ‘literally’ doesn’t make sense.

      • Alyssa

        Angelina had plastic surgery; Anniston kept her nose.
        Angelina is insecure and has to wrap herself in men, children and causes because she obviously doesn’t feel that her person is valuable in its own right.

        Jennifer Anniston is the girl next door type and I find she is aging far better than Angie, though she is at least 10 years older. She also seems to be enjoying her life

        • Isabelle

          I love how delusional most Jen fans seem to be. Jennifer herself has admitted to the fact that she had a nose job, though she says it’s a result of a “deviated septum”. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

    • sola

      i like jen, but she was never ‘average’ in the bum and bust area. she has lost a lot of weight over the years…if you look back to her early friends days she was very hourglass and she defo had a booty! much like the photoshopped one

  • ivanka

    skinny but cute…… love her

  • Crabs

    So gorgeous and thin!

  • Eve

    versus.. where are u from? i mean.. i wanna know where is this site from:D..

    • Versus

      I’m from everywhere 🙂 I lived in various places, right now I’m in the US – I try to post about celebs that are popular in various countries, not just US (though I can’t find pics easily).

  • mimi

    wow i didnt know she was so tiny, nevertheless she has a HOT body

  • Stace

    She is, and always will be, perfection!

    • Beetle

      yeah right, a perfection ( i’m a little sarcastic )

      she is soooo fake, and apparently she has a flat butt 🙂

      • gabby

        flat?? i’ve been way flatter.

      • Milly

        A “flat bum”, what is wrong with that? Not everyone likes the falseness of plastic surgery.

  • Katie

    boring, skinny butter face.

  • Kae

    I think she looks great. Her body is very fit.

  • Edan

    Aw, y’all are a little jealous, obviously. She looks gorgeous and fantastic – though I am a little sad she doesn’t have the hotter booty Versus gave her. : )

    • Uma

      Obviously; so good you cleared that up.

      • Edan

        No problem! ; )

  • artemis

    WTF? that’s horrible
    I thought she has a great ass…:( lol my mistake
    she’s look perfect w/ it tho

    • artemis


  • kate

    Just realised cute ages to much better than sexy or beautiful. That’s why angelina is not looking so hot these days where as jen looks amazing!

  • Nkeon

    I’m actually surprised because I remember back in her Friends days she had some booty. In fact there’s a pic here comparing her with Salma Hayek and you can see she’s rounded.

    Where the heck did her booty go?!

    • gabby

      she was heavier in her friends days too. im not saying she was big by any means, just bigger than this.

  • Salma

    I was so sure it was the left one, she used to have an amazing booty, she’s still hot and has an amazing body but where is her booty?

  • karl

    Why would they give her a big butt? I like her small and firm butt..She is in great need to give her a giant butt…not for me!

    • sola

      lol her small butt doesnt look firm. the bigger butt is not a giant butt…and i can guarantee it would be a lot firmer than the flat one! fat doesnt stand up. muscle does.

  • I figured I was wrong about choosing the left picture, but it’s hard when I see her in a bikini all the time and it looks a little filled out. Oh well…

  • Courtney

    Versus, could you help me out and tell me what body type Jennifer Aniston is? I’ve been trying to put my finger on it but not sure…

    also do you think body types change if you put on weight – like can it alter what your body type is forever. eg, can an apple lose wight but still be visibly defined as an apple?

  • nivii

    hm, i really thought it was the left one.
    the left one isn’t “giant” or huge” i have that size booty and i think it’s small. lol.
    she looks good either way, love her style too.

    • sola

      yea i agree it is a small one still! it would still be like a size 2-4. just more firm and rounded and imo sexy!

  • kaya

    she cant smile.

  • Eve

    Don’t know why I went for the right pic, though I do reckon she used to have a little more booty… Ô_o Weird. But she still looks very nice and fresh!

  • Aims

    Wow! She is soooooooo stunning! She is simply and naturally beautiful. She looks like she’s a very healthy weight and she looks like she works out all the time. 🙂 I look up to her a lot – she is an amazing woman who is basically “bulletproof!” So much has happened to her and she still keeps her chin up.

    • sola

      yea she’s cool hey? I have loved her since friends! I do love angie too tho, so its not like i was up for picking a team. BUT i did find the marriage breakdown sad and i wondered what went on and how truthful brad and ange were being about it, or if he really did just leave because of angies looks. anyway! ill stop my rant! Jen always looked GORGEOUS in Friends imo

  • Jules

    Do basically she doesn’t have one.

    • sola

      lol yeah it surprised me cuz she used to a have a cute bubbly one