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Katy Perry in Elle: ‘I was shaped like a square at one time’

Katy-Perry - Katy Perry in Elle: 'I was shaped like a square at one time'

Katy Perry is featured in Elle magazine this month, photoshopped on the cover and open about her weight:

On her much talked about figure: “I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I’m generally around 130 pounds, which is totally fine for me. But when I was a kid, I was the same height and weighed more like 145. And I had enormous boobs that I didn’t know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which were not cute. Those thick-ass straps! I got made fun of for the over-the-shoulder boulder holder…and all I wanted was to look like Kate Moss. Little did I know…that these things would come in handy someday.”

… says Katy (who is around 5’7” or 5’8” / 59 kg at 170-172 cm).

See another shot next!

Katy-Perry-2 - Katy Perry in Elle: 'I was shaped like a square at one time'

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  • burckybear

    she is lovely and a great average look, not too keen on the sticky out chin – but she seems a lovely girl.

  • Well, this weight is still normal for someone of this height though BMI is different depending on your age.

    If she was 14 when she was a bit fatter (most girl seem to stop growing up between 14 and 17), it was still healthy but a bit on the higher range of healthy, it would have been only a bit overweight for a 13 year old.

    Of course, her body shape may have changed with weight loss (some people become rectangle, other hourglass, etc) and as she became a grown up woman, but her weight still sound healthy.

  • niele

    t thought she would weight less than 59 kg

  • Jemima98

    Nice photoshop -____-
    I HATE that second picture, the lighting is awful on her face.

  • ajt

    Katy looks awesome. And it’s nice to see a celeb give an honest answer about their weight. As someone who is 5’7″ I can say that 130ish is a total believable weight for her. She’s a fit girl and the muscle let’s her look very slim at a higher weight. She’s definitely a healthy body image role model for girls.

    • jolle

      I’m 5’6 and weigh 130 and i look much fatter than her! so I think that she must weigh less than 130…

      • muscle weighs more than fat

      • Lux

        She probably has a lower body fat percentage than you. What people don’t understand when comparing weight between people is body composition plays a factor. Two people can have the same height and weight yet look totally different because one has a higher lean muscle to fat ratio, therefore a lower body fat percentage. Muscle is denser then fat therefore someone with more muscle can weigh more yet be smaller measurement wise.

      • sydney

        i’m 5’6″ 125lbs and i always thought she looked a little thinner than me..i guess it just depends how you carry the weight. i relate to her weight story, i used to weigh around 145 and it was not a good look for me

        • sydney

          oops i mean 5’7″..i’m 5’7″

      • amazon

        your about two inches shorter than her that will make a difference and she said generally- which could mean closer to 125, and she was just rounding off. I say I am about 7 and a half stone, but am usually closer to 7st 4lbs, it just sounds a bit obsessive to say it!

      • Alex

        Well I’m 5’6.5 and I weigh about 140 lbs and I am her size. But camera adds weight, so I am assuming she is skinnier than I am. 130 is actually quite thin for someone with muscle who is this height. I know around the upper 130’s my body just will not let me lose anymore weight. I start feeling like I’m starving all day long.

  • Kate

    I don’t generally find her attractive, mostly her facial features. Although, I’ve always thought her body was amazing. However, these pictures are really nice. I would probably never have the guts to wear a bright suit like in the first picture but I absolutely love it! She looks really good in these shots.

  • Kate

    I thought she would weigh less than 130 too. She looks super thin. Some people have more dense muscular structure. She must be one of them.

  • great pics, yea, #2, bad lighting on her face.

  • she is a perfect example of someone who is a NORMAL weight and looks amazing.. she doesn’t look emaciated or like she needs to workout 24/7 to get that body. very attainable. but this shoot doesn’t do her face justice 🙁

  • lizzy
    • her boobs looked so much better before photoshop!!

    • Randi

      That’s funny but not suprising. I’m not a fan of Katy’s image that much but I like her take on healthy. She seems more genuine than most pop tarts.

    • wow. they really didnt do much with it except the boobs part and smoothing our her tummy but who doesnt have those unless youre reaaalllyyy fit. makes her body even better in my eyes. if that is in fact unphotoshopped.

      she has a very tiny waist. im realizing it more and more. thought she was chubby, i guess the boobs got in the way ha.

  • She looks good here – I have always though she has a great figure. I can believe that she was more ruler-shaped when she was heavier, some people’s body shape changes a lot through puberty and weight loss.

    I’m surprised at the people who think 130lbs is high for her. Since when is 130lbs ‘a higher weight’!? I think that is a perfectly reasonable and even a slightly lower than average weight for someone her height. She looks about that weight to me – she is not very thin, has good muscle tone and some healthy body fat, so I would be surprised if, at 5’7″, she was under 130lbs. That is still a perfectly normal weight for someone who is 4″ shorter!

  • Aarika

    I honestly feel like we all underestimate celebs weight on this page. (overestimate) too. Like when we see a skinny celeb we think they look good but in real life they must look positively skeletal! No one can ever guess my weight. I carry extra weight well and can slim down quite a bit too. I’m 5’6 and about 130ish too with a slight vase shape. But a big jlo ass lol. But I’m def not an hourglass. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s futile to try and guess how much someone weighs, as long as you look great who gives a hoot how much the scale says!

    • Miumiu

      Like when we see a skinny celeb we think they look good but in real life they must look positively skeletal!

      I agree with that! Camera adds weight.

      • flossy


        • I don’t think the difference is that big that they go from looking good to looking skeletal… or do you all look so drastically different in pics? Personally, I look a bit bigger sometimes, but others I actually look skinnier… Also, I’ve seen a few celebrities and they didn’t look skinnier than I had imagined…

    • southerngumdrops

      TOTALLY agree with you! the celebs i’ve seen in person look scary in real life, but “normal” in photos.

  • Eve

    She has amazing body, so curvy I love that. I can relate here as well, I used to be 130 at 5’5 when I was 18 and I slimmed down to 115 in a few years. But I started work out a lot, maybe that was the reason too.

  • Megan

    I don’t think the lighting is that bad, it reminds me of this famous photograph by Kalman Szollazy

    • lizzy

      fine photography > katy perry

  • Ellis

    130 sounds absolutely perfect for 5’7”, especially if you have a vase shape like hers. She does look amazing both in a bikini and in clothes, so I think she’s at the best weight.

    • Aims

      I agree – 130 is a very good weight for 5’7. Very lean – especially since she has huge boobs!!! Like 5lbs of that has to be boobs alone… lol!

  • Ophelie

    It may not just be weight loss that changed her shape. Some girls experience body changes in their late teens. My waist only became defined when i was 16 or 17.

    • jenp

      Ditto, my waist was bigger when I was a preteen. Once I became a teenager my waist got smaller and my hips grew larger.

  • snoops

    average face, average body.

  • Annie

    Oh, Katie Perry has boobs? I hadn’t noticed.

    • ElenaB

      I know, right? They’re always covered up and she rarely talks about them…

      • laurena


  • vi

    i don’t think 145 sounds heavy for 5’8 but maybe she was slighter then so it looked like more on her frame.

    • southerngumdrops

      i’m 5’8 and 140 and wear a size 4 in dresses and skirts, and a 6 in pants.

      it all depends on muscle/fat ratios and how one carries the weight

  • Haha this should prove to people that taller girls can carry weight like no other, you would be surprised at how much we weigh sometimes! In order to be around 120 we have to basically look like a runway model.

    • sara

      i agree! i’m also 5’8” and at 140 people think i’m quite skinny..which i’m definitely not! though it could be my ruler body shape..
      katy’s weight seem right to me, she has some ‘meat’ on her, i really like her body, just perfect imo, not skinny and not fat, just a perfect balance of slim/curvy

      • Zeka

        I’m the same way. My friends call me a skinny minnie all the time. I’m 5’8″, 143 pounds. I wear size 6 dresses, but I’m pear shaped so I wear a bigger size than most people think.

  • Mrs Darcy

    130 is completely believable at 5’7/5’8, although I’m a little surprised her weight is that low since she’s very top heavy and curvy. I don’t mean that she’s fat, because she’s certainly seems to be in good shape and has a killer body, but I’m 5’6 and 123 and I’m not as blessed as she is up-top.

    • Kate1st

      You’d be surprised just how little boobs actually weigh.

  • Sanne

    I love her body. It’s not stickthin, but she has nice curves and has a great small figure.

  • lc

    Average face and average body. And she is stilled shaped like a square. She just knows what Spanx are now, though.

    • She’s definitely not shaped like a square – what gives you that impression? Spanx may hold in the muffin-top and give some shape, but they don’t miraculously make women as curvy as Katy is! And look at some of her bikini pics – no spanx and no square!

      • lc

        Agreed Halle. If you see her without shapewear, she doesn’t have as much of waist. It’s true. And yes-Spanx CAN do magical things to a figure. She’s not an hourglass.

        • Halle

          I know how much Spanx can do, lol. I have an already tiny waist, and when I tried on one of those body shapers for fun at a department store it looked so miniscule. It actually looked terribly bad. Although many people must find them amazing for smoothing and perfecting their curves. Personally, I just can’t deal with extra things underneath my clothing, lol. 🙂

    • Halle

      She claims she is an hourglass, but she is most certainly not. When she wears dresses she must wear a body shaper, because her bikini pictures look completely different. She has a waist, but it’s not very small. It’s average sized. I’m sorry, but she promotes herself as having a body type that she just does not have.

      • Samantha

        Agreed! I hate when people promote a body they do not have. All she talks about it her body. Can she talk about something else for once.

    • Kimberly

      She is a vase. Look at bikini photos, it’s obvious. I have the same shape as her and I am a vase.

      • lc

        Well, I can’t see it. So I guess it’s not that obvious.

        • Kimberly

          If you look at Trinny and Susannah’s list of body types, Katy closely resembles a vase. Versus has also pointed this out.

          • lc

            I don’t see it, to me she always looks more like a pear or something else… but if you say so.

  • Silver

    Her 130 is completely believable, especially for her weight. Her figure enables her to have a higher weight and still look thinner. Its common with hourglass and vase shapes. Im usually around 120 at 5′ 6″, and I get people who think im right above 100, just because Im an hourglass figure and that really distorts the perception sometimes.

    • Kimberly

      Yes, I agree. People think I’m about 10-15 lbs lighter than I am and I’m a vase. The hourglass category tends to weigh more because there is a lot going on.

  • Halle

    Katy Perry annoys me quite a bit. I like her music, but she just strikes me as fake and attention-seeking. She has a nice body, but she promotes herself as if she has the most amazing, curvy body out of everyone in Hollywood. She does not have “enormous boobs,” she just has larger boobs like most other women. I’ve seen women on the street who are much shapelier than her, so I don’t understand why she acts as if it is so rare for her to have curves. Also, she calls herself an hourglass. Well, if you look at any of her bikini or her (untouched) underwear pictures, you can see she is not an hourglass. She has a slight hint of a waist, but nothing defined enough to be called an hourglass. She has an average body to me, as many women have larger boobs and somewhat defined waists. I just don’t get the appeal when it comes to her face and body.

    • Anne

      agreed, her body isint a greek goddess’s or anything, but she makes it such a big deal, like oh i used to be like this and now look at me boys! arent i special?

    • Kimberly

      Sounds to me you just don’t like her, which is fine, but she still has curves. She’s a vase, not an extreme hourglass.

      • Halle

        Yes, I acknowledged she has curves. But so do most women. The thing is, she promotes and speaks about her body as if she has these extreme Sophia Loren/Kelly Brook/Candice Swanepoel curves. That’s not the case. She has slight curves and, like you said, she’s a vase. Not an hourglass like she has clearly stated. But honestly, even if I liked her I would point this out and notice it. I’m not really into bashing women’s bodies just because I don’t like them themselves, I promise.

        • Kimberly

          A vase is in the subcategory of hourglass. True hourglasses are rare these days.

          I really don’t like Katy at all. She’s has very little talent and she’s annoying as can be. But I notice that sometimes people love to bash people they don’t like just for the sake of it. If you’re not that sort of person, that’s great, but there are a lot of people who do that.

          • Mello

            Rare these days? Given that “desirable” traits tend to be passed on (ie. men want to sleep with true hourglasses), I’m pretty sure that hourglasses are not getting rarer.

          • It’s not as rare as people think. The study performed that showed only 8% of women have true hourglass figures was done in the USA. Conduct this study in other parts of the world like East and West Africa, South America or the Mediterranaen and I think the findings will be significantly different.

        • Kimberly

          One more thing. I notice famous women talking about their bodies all the time and I wonder if it’s because that’s all the media focuses on. If women weren’t valued so much only because of their beauty, maybe they wouldn’t talk about silly things like their breasts so much.

          • Halle

            There is a big difference between a vase and an hourglass, at least in my eyes. Hourglasses have extreme curves. Katy Perry went out of her way to state that she had an “hourglass” figure, not just simply “curvy.”
            Anyways, it’s not much of a deal. I understand what you mean when you say the media focuses largely on (mostly female) body image, but I’m not sure if that will ever change. It seems like the media has always been and will always be focused on superficiality. That doesn’t make it right, though. Trust me, I would much rather hear about Katy’s life and personality instead of her “enormous boobs,” but, unfortunately, that’s what she and the media choose to focus on.

    • i agree. although i do not like her music lol.

      • Halle

        Haha, it’s kind of hit and miss for me 🙂

  • Kate1st

    130lb at 5ft7 or 5ft8 IS slim, it’s comparable to around 115lb at 5ft4.

  • Ida

    I don’t agree with you guys who says she weighs less … I don’t know if she works out a lot and got much muscle, but some girls in my class, at the height of her is 130, and they look thinner .. I’d say she weighs around 135-140.

  • Hazal

    Katy Perry talks always about her boobs, Kim Kardashian tells us every single detail about her butt… Wow, so interesting…

    • RAchel

      That’s what you do when you got no talent. What else are they gonna talk about? katy perry about her ‘music’? or kim about her ‘reality show’?

      Theyre both useless and only reason theyre still around is because they either got big boobs or a big ass.

  • tinat

    i think she lookz very healthy.i weigh 130 and im at the sme height, my body lookz almost exactly the same shape. i workout doing only 30minutes daily cardio 5days a week. and i eat practicly whatevr i want.but i am onli 18.so i would think shes at that weight very helthily and naturaly.she lookz good curvy but not too curvy over the top.

  • tinat

    i dont think shes shaped like a square still as someone said.i think her waist lookz relitively small in comparison to her hips . i would say waist 24-26 and her hips 34-36inches in between thyr sumwer

  • seriously, people are actually paid to chose such horrible outfits??

  • Anne

    ew! i hate people who talk like that “these things would come in handy”
    and shes acually like 5’5 to 5’6
    also she is kind of shaped like a square still, she just has huge boobs that make her more feminen

  • Jessie



      • believe**

        • Jessie

          Have you not seen her Rolling stones cover? They photoshopped the crap out of her. She has a lilttle more meat than this cover (not saying she’s fat)

          • I was joking, of course she’s photoshopped, it’s obvious, everybody gets photoshopped.

        • Alex

          they photoshopped about 20lbs off her and she’s not a fat girl to begin with…

  • Jamie

    I think, perhaps people tend to forget, that while she is very likely 130lbs, and usually looks around that weight in candid pictures…THESE pictures, in MAGAZINES, are ALWAYS photoshopped and altered to make celebrities look much thinner, narrower, contoured. We have seen examples of it dozens of times, but it is easy to forget. Good for her, for being a healthy size, being ok and happy about it, ADMITTING it, therefore setting a healthy body image and standard for other girls. YaY
    Also, remember you can’t compare one body to another on looks alone. While I am the same height and weight as Katy, and in general appear around the same size, my BODY, and body SHAPE are totally different than hers. So we do not look, the same. No one does.

  • Cam

    She is quite annoying with her “woe is me I have big boobs” attitude,more reason why I dislike her.anyway,her face with ten pounds of make up is merely cute.without makeup is another story:/
    However her body>her face IMO
    I’d rather keep my smaller waist/boobs and bigger butt than have her mediocre waist and large boobs.

    • Anne

      true, yes id rather have nice legs and waist and stuff, so what if she has nice boobs? if thats the only nice thing on her body then she doesnt have the whole package, and i saw her in this dress promoting her perfume where her boobs were pouring out, trashy much?

  • s

    Her boobs are average sized. and so are her looks.
    she needs to get over herself.

  • s

    She is slim and curvy but soft an untoned and looks like she doesn’t do much exersicse. this cover has also been photoshopped to make her look thinner than she really is.

  • Me too zeka! 🙂 everyone is always like ‘you are not a pant size 8 no way!!’ but alas..I am haha

    • Zeka

      Exactly! I don’t really ever wear junior jeans because they are cut more straight, but when I do I usually have to wear 9s or 11s. My friends are like “there is no way you wear an eleven!” Just tell that to the tag haha

  • Katy

    i had the exact same thing happen- young teen, big boobs, fatter developed early- as I got older, thinned out and became super curvy. I’m 5’6 and around 120 pounds most of the time, and Katy Perry’s figure doesn’t look that different to mine, I think she weighs a little less than she says.

  • Ana

    I don’t think she is very hourglass shape, her waist isn’t very defined. I think she has a nice figure though, I like that she is not so toned.

    I actually thought she would weight more than 58kgs, I think a bit of skinny photoshop is happening on that front cover!

    • Anne

      definately not an hourglass, she has big boobs, no waist or hips, and a flat ass, thats gotta be some other body shape NOT hourglass

  • Everyone sucks up to Katy Perry so much. Headlines about her seem to always revolve around how she has ‘spectacular breasts’. She’s promoted as a set of large breasts rather than a whole person and she seems to be fine with that, actually encouraging it rather than trying to prove she’s more than that.

    • i agree.

    • jo

      I agree, too. It’s nice that she’s comfortable with her body, but she is a person, not just a set of boobs. It irritates me how she plays up to that.

    • lc

      I agree so much Deanna. I like how you always tell it like it is. There is NO point in sugarcoating the facts, in my opinion. People do suck up to Katy Perry, and instead of making herself seem more intelligent, she just plays up her um, supposed good looks.

      • solaxia

        I agree Deanna. Also, dd’s aren’t THAT big. She talks about her back problems etc. I have dd’s (sometimes e’s) and a fairly petite frame (by petite i mean definately not bigger than katy’s) and i have never had back problems from my tits! I do get back problems but that was from a major car crash. and even then…i make sure i do weights and workout and the issues disappear! I never know why these celebs have to say ‘oh im an hourglass’ or ‘oh I’ve always had such long legs’ or ‘oh my boobs are so huge, i hate them.’ I mean ffs we can see! Also, half the time they alll have the same body anyway because we are subjected to photoshopped images. It’s almost like they have a few select photoshopped bodies that they just pop celebrities faces onto randomly. Like a body template!

    • Zeka

      Sometimes I feel like she lets her boobs hang out to distract from her own self.

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  • Thank you a pretty picture

  • g

    I’m kinds confused by everyone saying she looks less than 130 at 5’7 because I’m almost 5’5 (maybe 5’4 im not sure) and weigh around 130 and I look much thinner than her?

    • darkblue

      Well, every body (and possibly perception of one’s size) is different. I’m 5’6 and 112 pounds and don’t think I look THAT much thinner than her. I believe her; 58 sounds about right.

  • JF

    I believe that she is 5’7 and 130 lbs. I am 5’8 and 130 to 140 lbs but look waaaaaaaaay ‘thicker’! I wish I had her proportions and bone structure! I guess I don’t really wear my weight well.

  • christina

    Wow a celebrity who actually gave an honest (sounding) answer about her weight. I have a similar build as her (but slightly more butt and slightly less breasts) and I know that at 130 I would probably look skinnier than her.
    Thank you Katy Perry for not pretending to be 115lbs!

  • P.S. anyone else think she looks a little like Xtina (now) face-wise on the cover? =/

  • MrsEllis

    I’m sorry, but those boobs just plain aren’t that big… It’s not like there’s anything wrong with her body, but she should really stop over-hyping them so much. Kat Dennings has… a great rack… Sorry, there’s no polite way of saying it. Katy Perry? Not so much…

    • Anne

      totally, i feel like shes a popstar and people need something to admire about them, or their trademark, for katy its not oh shes so beautiful, its more of shes got big boobs, so thats what she goes by let her do it,,

    • I thought she was saying that when she was a teenager they were huge for her age and the only curve she really had. For teenager, having breasts early or what’s average once you’re an adult is huge.

      Then she said her curves are quite useful and she is no longer ashamed, but I guessed she was also hinting at the fact that she does have breasts (she is not flat chested) but they are no longer as huge as they used to be.

      Anyway, lots of celebrities are labeled as being the one with huge breasts when they are average size.

      Just like everyone get considered to be an hourglass because they either have a waist or curve somewhere.

  • D

    Numbers ultimately relate to your bone structure, fat % and “muscle” %… thats why you may have the same weight as someone who is your same height but someone may seem thinner/curvier/heavier… This is explained to me why people can’t never believe when I say what I actually weight… So I do believe that she may be 130 (what can be consider as too much for some of you) and still look curvy/healthy/lean because she has muscular legs and boobs…and muscle is heavier than fat!!!

  • ebby

    i am in love with her outfit on the cover. the color palette is amazing and drool worthy

  • Aveena

    “definately not an hourglass, she has big boobs, no waist or hips, and a flat ass, thats gotta be some other body shape NOT hourglass”

    Put this girl beside Kelly Brook or Kim Kardashian and she’d hush with the hourglass talk. LoL

    • tina

      agreed. less than 10% of american women are an actual hourglass. katy perry isnt fooling anyone. she has a nice toned body but is no more of an hourglass than cameron diaz.

  • Jen

    Her breast isn’t that BIG.
    Besides, she’s just average like most of us. I don’t get why people say she’s the most beautiful girl in the WORLD? world huh? Not everyone in the entire world knows her and plus, they are more beautiful women out there are more beautiful than her. She’s obnoxious

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world to me even though I know she is actually average. I guess to some people, Katy Perry is extremely beautiful, and I think she is still above average like most celebrities (thanks to photoshop and money)

      • mia

        You know she’s average? That’s kind of mean…

        • What is mean in stating that someone is average ? She does know that I am average too and I know that fact, I do not feel bad about it and neither does she.
          It is really annoying to hear lies like “you are the most beautiful woman in the world” (without precising that it’s subjective and linked with the fact that one is in love and attracted to both the body and the mind).

          I do not understand why people feel the need to be lied about themselves or to sugarcoat everything. “Fat” means someone who is overweight for example, when I was fat, I wasn’t “chubby” or “curvy”, I was objectively fat. Average means average, it does not mean totally ugly or beautiful, it means average, most of us are average honestly.

  • TBear

    This makes me feel so much better about my own weight. I weigh heavier than I look as well. I’m 5’2 and weigh 121 pounds but am only a size 2. I’ve had a doctors reweigh me on the scale because he didn’t believe I could weigh that much.

    Some people just naturally have a heavier body composition.

  • guru

    her body is overrated, she has saggy boobs and a flat ass. her face looks squashed and she looks like a bug. her boobs were never enormous. she is so overrated and i hate her attitude

  • guru

    @ alex. how can your gf be the most beautiful if you know she is ‘actually average’?

    • What I mean is that I know I am attracted to her and to no one else, I also love her personality and we get along very well, our relationship is the best I’ve ever had.

      I am more attracted to the brain than to the body (not when it comes to her but when it comes to everyone), I love intelligent people (at least to a certain kind of intelligence) and her personality and our relationship makes her be subjectively the most beautiful woman in the world even though physically and objectively it is not true.

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  • Gre

    For 5 7 130 lbs isn’t so strict, it’s the right weight… God she makes it look so hard… I’m 5 7 and I was 135 2 years ago, then I had an operation (a simple tooth extraction) and I lost 5lbs, cause I could eat only (delicious) fruit and veggie smoothies and tea and water for 3-4 days. Then when I healed completely I started eating lots of fruits and veggies cause I was used to it, I cut complex carbs, fat from diary and meat and in 1 year i turned completely vegan. Now I’m 125, stable, I’ve never looked or felt better. I eat healthy and it’s not a sacrifice, it’s a choice, a lifestyle, and it makes you feel a lot better abt yourself. But if she wants to keep this crazy up&down weight rhythm she’s free to do it. I just don’t get why she has to make other people think eating healthy is a bad thing. It simply isn’t. It’s all about loving yourself.

  • Katie

    Well, I guess she went there. . . again.

  • hi katie perry im one of your fans

  • As a person becomes older, the pain appears after years of
    wear and tear on the joints between the bones, which is why it is called the ‘degenerative joint disease’.
    My memories of senior prom revolve around my boobs.
    She would be nearly seventeen before blossoming into the gorgeous, curvy figure that
    she is today.