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Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy-3 - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

Here’s Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller in Playboy Spain – but surprise, surprise, Marisa is wearing way more clothes here than she does in the VS Catalog.

You can barely recognize her on the cover, especially if we compare this highly edited Marisa with the fresh, makeup-less one.

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy-4 - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

Check out more pictures after the jump and share your thoughts!

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy-6 - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy-5 - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

marisa-miller-wears-too-many-clothes-in-playboy-2 - Marisa Miller Wears Too Many Clothes in Playboy

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  • mak

    hot hot hot!!
    shes looking super fit!
    & i think she was wearing quite a lot of clothes for a playboy mag cos it was part of the campaign for the new harley davidson (?)
    but still… shes looking AWESOME!

  • Anya

    Well we know she doesn’t look like that. They did really heavy photoshopping on her, and its such a shame because she is much more gorgeous, younger and more fresh faced when we se her freckles.

  • Holly

    She’s truly gorgeous but she should fire her hairstylist…….
    IMO she should give up the fake peroxided hair OR cover her dark roots better because they give her a neglected look.

  • pOtAtO

    yeah photoshoped…. but WOW!

  • Cheryl

    Wow that’s a lot of photoshop. Why do they do this to women who are already amazing-looking? I think she looks much better unphotoshopped; this makes her look almost plastic.

  • Ella

    She looks great, but I really don’t think they needed to airbrush her freckles away. Why does everyone think freckles are so hideous?

  • CountryGal777

    WOW! with or without photoshop, she always looks amazing. I just can’t pick a favorite pic! Her toned body is an inspiration!

  • Elena

    This is far sexier than any naked chicks playboy has there! She’s smokin’ hot!

  • Cindy

    That photo shoot was not done for Playboy. It was done for the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle motorcycle campaign.

  • fickle

    I don’t like it so much.

  • Charlotte

    i love marisa, but this looks kind of tacky to me. not like that classic beauty that vs normally reinforces. But i suppose it is for a motorcycle company so… i just read cindy’s comment…before i was going to say “playboy? no marisa no!”

  • Freedom

    Marisa looks amazing as usual b ut sadly I have to admit the amount of makeup makes her looks like a raccoon! She defiantely wore too much clothes for palyboy! playboy is a more classier magazine then ppl think you know. and if she did do a scandolus phtoshoot, I would not have been very surprized. She did make her modeling start in those type of magazines…

  • It’s true she did start as a nude model. she actually auditioned for playboy when she was 19 but they turned her down. In a way i guess she’s lucky though because victoria’s secret would probably have nothing to do with her if she did do playboy. this photoshoot was actually for harley davidson.

    Cindy Crawford did playboy before and it didn’t hurt her career.

  • hhh

    yeah what a pair of boobs.truely globular boobs. everyone can suck those lucky boobs that much amount of juice it contains.looooooooooooooooove.droooooooooooooooooool.

  • Super clothes…..and photos…

  • i compassion marisa, but this looks form of tacky to me. not similar that artist beauty that vs commonly reinforces. But i presume it is for a motorcycle fellowship so… i rightful see cindy’s comment…before i was exploit to say “hedonist? no marisa no!”

  • omg you people!how can you not like a body of a supermodel??you know,they dont have common bodies,thats why they pick them to be supermodels of VS!i would kill to have a body like that…not fan of her face though…too american,not exotic at all…