Miranda Kerr, Photoshop Job

Miranda Kerr’s Boobs, With and Without Photoshop

Miranda-Kerrs-Boobs-With-and-Without-Photoshop - Miranda Kerr's Boobs, With and Without Photoshop

Left: Miranda’s “plastic surgery” in Photoshop, where her bust magically goes from A cup (or small B) to a plump C.

Right: Miranda’s actual bust.

Question: WHY? Why do you guys do this? Let your clients see how your bras look on  smaller busts too (or your bras are not for them?!), you’ve got enough busty models working your bikinis and lingerie anyway.

See more of Miranda’s digital breast implants for Victoria’s Secret after the jump!

P.S.: They do the same with Marisa Miller’s bust – see the comparison here!


Miranda-Kerrs-Boobs-With-and-Without-Photoshop1 - Miranda Kerr's Boobs, With and Without Photoshop

Miranda-Kerrs-Boobs-With-and-Without-Photoshop4 - Miranda Kerr's Boobs, With and Without Photoshop

Miranda-Kerrs-Boobs-With-and-Without-Photoshop5 - Miranda Kerr's Boobs, With and Without Photoshop

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  • alex

    shes not flat chested though!
    I would say small b
    I prefer her unphotoshopped chest!

  • H

    Who cares? She’s still beautiful!
    Looking a little too skinny now though..

  • anabel

    I agree, I really don’t get why they do that. There’s nothing wrong with small boobs. I think Miranda’s natural chest suits her way better anyway.

  • yoosahasah

    I don’t understand why they need to photoshop. And they wonder why women have so many body issues. Why do they need to tweak an already nice body!?!?! crazy!

  • anon

    I totally agree with you! It’s ridiculous and unfair. Boo VS, boo!

  • Me

    As mentioned before, I, as well, think this is completely unfair. I have an A cup myself and I don’t find anything wrong with it. I personally find that smaller breats is more attractive because having large breasts takes away from your overall appearance since people (mainly guys) tend to stare only at your chest.

    • anabel

      Large boobs can be an attractive asset just like small boobs. You could say the same about any other great feature a woman has, that it may distract men from everything else.
      Not trying to brag here, but I am tall & thin with large round breasts (not like I think I’m the hottest person on earth but you know, it’s a stereotype) and men still look at my face most of the time and complement me on my face and hair the most. This is because I think most men find the face of a woman most important. My girlfriends also get most of their complements for their faces, I think. And my guyfriends once all said that the face is what they look at first. So this is just a wrong assumption, sorry. A lot of women say they don’t want big boobs because men would only stare at them but it is just not true and also kind of offending because it means that the rest of you isn’t striking enough. I often feel insulted as well when women say smaller boobs are way better because they don’t sag like bigger ones do. It depends on different factors, actually, and small saggy boobs don’t exactly look better imo.
      Not trying to claim you said anything about that, though. 😉
      I personally like different breast sizes, depending on how they suit a person.

      • Sharen

        I agree, and not all big natural boobs are saggy, mine aren’t, and there are a lot of small saggy ones.

        I don’t understand why they had to photoshop Miranda’s breasts, her natural ones are small but look good. If they want bigger boobs they should just use a different model, if they want curvier models why did they choose Miranda to begin with?

        • Jo

          Erm… because she IS curvy?

          And actually, no, there are very very few saggy small boobs. Heck if I can even name one pair!

    • Mnemosyne

      I don’t think this is necessarily true. I have fairly large breasts and it’s not the complete focal point of me, people do pay enough respect to talk to my face as well. Personally, I find large breasts more attractive than small.

    • Juliette

      What’s attractive is loving your body as it is.

    • belle

      This is ridiculous. It’s bad enough men are picking our bodies apart and comparing breasts sizes for sport but why do it to ourselves?

      Not to mention, the logic behind this statement is heavily skewed.If men are staring at a woman’s chest: large or small, then he probably finds it attractive so I’m not sure how the “less attractive” argument comes into play. Regardless, I wouldn’t want to be with a man who was so shallow to begin with.

      • Lillian

        I was reading that a scientific study found that men find all breast sizes attractive, because the breasts are just appealing to look at.

        I’d say, regardless of size, men look, and generally have the decency to look away.

        It’s also a very relative subject; it’s normal for guys to have types, and there’s no reason to judge as most women do too, so maybe some guys like big breasts and some like small. Some just like breasts. And sometimes guys stare.

        In any case, my opinion would be that if you’re wearing something that emphasizes your chest, whether it be large or small, at least one guy has had a good look.

        • stajjny

          True =) Ppl tend to forget that men are inviduals just as us women.

          Some guys are jerks that can’t take their eyes off a womans chest, despite who she is (meaning, old, young, big breats, small breasts, sag or not) and there are men who prefere bigger and vice versa.

          And i think she looks way better without the photoshopenhancement, her smaller chest fits her body and she’s not less attractive because of her smaller breasts and she can fill out a bra perfectly fine.

          They should pick a model that has larger breats, this is just wrong, as i think she is one of the most beautiful models there is, she doesn’t need to change anything. Why is small breasts not accepted?

          • dingling

            its all about business, modelling is a very competitive industry and blah blah blah blah i think u know where im going with this

    • if you weren’t trying to brag; you wouldn’t be on here….because you are bragging.

  • beckers!

    Whilst i do not intend to be directly cruel, I do not find her face particulary beautiful. Her body is not bad but a little thin me thinks.

  • Mnemosyne

    I don’t think they necessarily may have made their boobs bigger as opposed to contour the heck out of them to make them appear that way. Ido tend to agree that VS really doesn’t have to do this considering they in fact do have bustier models already.

    • belle

      I agree. Though I wonder why they chose her as a model if they didn’t think her body proportions were suitable. I would think it would be easier to find someone who has the shape they want then to go back and photoshop, moreso than they probably already do, every picture.

  • Grey

    I’m amazed at how little photoshopping this girl gets (as opposed to Marisa).

    I guess they enlarge the boobs because most girls are not flat-chested and if they see a bikini on her, they are automatically going to assume that it won’t fit them. I have very large boobs and I would never even bother trying on something that was modeled by Miranda (because I know her true size). However, when Tyra was modeling, I knew that her stuff would be more likely to fit me.

    I do find it deceiving to make them bigger and perkier though. That’s not a good representation of how the suit will fit on a bigger chested girl.

  • melina

    i dont like her with the photoshoped boobs i think shes a bit to skinny for them

  • Casey

    Eh, I am small chested myself (32 B), but I don’t really care that they made Miranda’s chest bigger. It doesn’t really make me feel any worse about my body, or insecure about not having big boobs.

    The truth is men like different things and are flexible. Don’t have big boobs? Sucks, but you still have a face, intelligence, a personality, a butt, or something else that you can use to attract guys. You just have to learn how to utilize your other assets if you lack one. Very, very few people have perfect everything. It’s a downer to sit down and compare yourselves to them, especially when you consider the men that are going to be “judging” you are a far cry from male perfection themselves.

    That being said, I don’t know why they chose to photoshop Miranda instead of using a bustier model. I guess it’s because they can? Because they have a photoshop team that was told to make the model as attractive as possible? I don’t know. It makes sense to me to make a model as perfect-looking as possible. It doesn’t make sense why women compare themselves to these photoshopped images knowing that they are photoshopped. That’s why if I compare myself to others, I only compare myself to candid photos. Makes more sense. (shrug)

    • samba

      i guess you still hav eto be careful with candids though because they can well be photo shopped too! i have seen some photos of pamela anderson on the beach lately with NO cellulite or sag AT ALL. and they dont look airbrushed…but we all know they are! (i do love Pammy tho)

      • Casey

        Ah you are right. I forgot about that. Those are worst because it’s subtle photoshopping so it’s hard to tell if the picture has been edited or not. I guess the only way to know for sure is if you see the celebrity in real life. 😛

        I guess my point was that I wouldn’t look at a magazine and say, “Oh my skin is not that flawless, my cheekbones aren’t that high, my waist isn’t that tiny…etc” because I know it’s not real. Because if I was photoshopped, I can have flawless skin and high cheekbones and a tiny waist too. 😛

        • samba

          yep! exactly! so glad someone has a refreshing outlook on the body image thing…plus whats wrong with small boobs?! sometimes i wich my 10dd (aus) i think thats 34d ish us (not sure) were smaller- means you can wear all these awesome tops and look sophisticated and dont have to worry about a bra! plus some ‘boob men’ like small ones and some’boob men’ like big ones. just cuz they are into a particular body part doesnt mean that they only like one type. and stuff the men anyway! what about what US WOMEN want?! =o) the man thatr is lucky enough to have us should be counting his lucky stars that he was able to land someone with as much awesomeness as his partner is! otherwise…be off witrh him!

    • Monique

      I couldn’t agree more Casey.
      A guyfriend once told me “you know, if you had bigger boobs you would be perfect”. So…., as nobody is perfect, we have to make peace with ourselves. So I made peace with myself, and concentrated on (liking) my legs, my eyes, my hair, my face. I won’t accept implants in this lifetime, just to fit in in some measurements

      • Mnemosyne

        I hope you cracked this guy. What an awful thing to tell any friend.

        • Casey

          Haha, sorry but I have to say that the first part of your comment made me laugh!

          I can just imagine Monique going up to her guy friend and then a BOP! on the head. 🙂

  • Im actually sad they all Victorias Secret cares about is making boobs bigger. All their bras are like “makes your boobs look 2 sizes bigger!”. I am a large DD with small frame and shopping for bras is hell. Most Victorias secret bras for DD are padded for some reason and make me even bigger and super uncomfortable I feel like Im carrying a brick in front of me. The only bras that fit me from there are the ugly plain thin ones. I wish they would make some bras for women who already have that big chest they are trying to create. So that we can look sexy too

    • samba

      yep i agree 100%

      also regarding photoshoppin- not only does it give women false ideas, it also gives men these ‘imaginary perfect women’ that they think ACTUALLY look this way. when in reality they wouldnt look their way once

      • Juliette

        It kind of makes you wonder who Victoria Secret is actually selling to – men or women?

    • Grey

      I totally agree with this. The actually don’t stock my size in store (32DDD), but it would be nice if they did. I used to try to get by on the 34DD and it was just too big around the rib cage and would slide up at the back.

      I guess they’re in the market for making small boobs look big and that’s about it. Meanwhile, I have to wear nasty beige granny bras and I’m not even obese or a granny! It would be nice to have some pretty bras that weren’t “size enhancing.” I don’t need enhancing, damn it! I’ve already got what your bras are trying to achieve.

      /rant over.

      • steph

        My girlfriend has DD’s and she goes to bravissimo and freya, and they look amazing on her. I’m flat chested, but I’m sporty so it’s something I had to accept.

  • rosie

    ugh! i hate this! it’s so deceiving, especially when i’m shopping for bathing suits. because generally i think, oh, she’s probably wearing an XS and her boobs fit in that top. so i order it, and lo and behold, the bottoms fit, but the top is way too small for my 32d chest. but were i to order a S or M, the bottoms would be way too big.

    same thing with the shirts. since it’s all photoshopped, it gives me no basis for how the shirt will actually fit me since the picture is fake! you’d think VS clothes/bras/swimsuits would be perfect for large breasted girls on the basis of their catalogs and photos, but it’s one big deception. i can hardly shop there.

    • Mnemosyne

      This happens to me as well! I have to wear plain, boring block colour bikinis that are sold as seperates because the pretty sets will NEVER fit me 🙁

  • samba

    also call me a prude. but i really dont like the angle of that first bikini shot…its more something you would see in a lads magazine

  • Mirabela

    Thanks for showing us the truth about this kind of stuff. Because whe living with a veil on our eyes.

  • doris

    i don’t understand, why always photoshop them, did people like fake!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jjj

    She looks better unphotoshopped with the smaller boobs. Her small boobs are one of her assets in my opinion.

  • rachael

    The reason it annoys me how photoshopped these models are is that guys don’t realize they are photoshopped to perfection, thus thinking that there are women who look like that regularly and so are getting a confused version of reality. They also dont realize that most models are only 14 or 15 years old!!

    • samba

      EXACTLY!!! ugh its drives me nuts! and also its only the medias ‘perfection’…its not really necessarily everybodies idea of perfection…unless they are very media oriented people

    • Uma

      Trust me, most times they do realise – if they are not complete idiots, but being an idiot has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. It’s just that, they don’t care so much. They will not start going, oh wow i need my g/f to look like that. They look at the picture, say yummy, and then move on. They don’t care so much as we do. They are not obssesed as we are. I have many friends who are guys, and i started to figure it out how they actually think. They like the overall package way more, they don’t pick apart so much as women do. It is even scientifically proven that men tend to synthesize (spelling?) while women tend to analyze more. That’s how just are brains work.

      • Casey

        I agree with you Uma.

        I remember talking to my guy friends once about some female celebrities. And they would say if a celebrity is hot or not, but couldn’t remember if the celebrity they were talking about had brown or black hair, or any other details.

        I may be wrong, but men just seem to like a woman without thinking about why they like the woman. When I would ask my bf’s why they like me, they would say they don’t know, they just do.

        • yeaitsme

          eh…i kind of agree but then i think there are a lot who find this look too skinny…also, my ex was good at analysing me and pointing out my ‘flaws’ (which were my best parts to other ppl – they would actually stop me in the street and tell me). i.e. to him, my bum was far too big and flabby (was always a toned bubble butt) but he thought flat bums were ‘toned’…he also was able to tell me when i had ‘put on weight’ around my arms saying they were ‘flabby’…(when other ppl were well and truly worried because i had lost so much weight)

          • Casey

            Boy, yeaitsme, your ex sounds like a real mental case!

            He must have had some of his own issues that he was projecting onto you. If he was unattracted to you, why would he date you when you supposedly had all of these flaws, according to him? What a jerk. I’m glad you sound like you don’t take his comments seriously. I don’t think that’s typical behavior for a normal guy.

          • yeaitsme

            casey- oh trust me i took those comments to heart big time, and ended up getting really quite sick =S i was only 5’3 and 120lbs at the time as well =S its good to know that (hopefully) other guys arent like that! im just too scared to find iut because i dont want to be picked apart by any others cuz it may just do my head in!

          • Casey

            I am really sorry to hear that, yeaitsme. 🙁

            The only thing that I can tell you is that my general experience with guys, and humans in general, is that they are not like that. The truth is everyone has different preferences and likes different things. But if you think someone has flaws and you continue to date them and point it out, then most likely you yourself have issues or otherwise you would go find someone who suits you.

            Most of the men I have dated have never done what your ex did, and actually found the things about me that I hate attractive. I guess I feel that a person would not date another person unless they thought the person had very few flaws. I hope you will give someone a chance to show you that :), and I really empathize with you in regards to your ex, who I really feel is a jerk with issues judging from what you said.

          • lisa

            Hey yeaitsme, that makes me really sad that your ex boyfriend acted like that. Yes I think he was a total jerk. That is all he could be if he treated you like that, no matter what other nice things he did for you.

            Most guys don’t act like that. Guys tend to feel really lucky to be going out with the person they love/really like. They like to treat that girl really well, and will compliment not criticize. I hope you find a really great guy who treats you really well, which is what every person deserves. 🙂

          • yeaitsme

            casey and Lisa- im sorry, i didnt realise thatyou had both replied to my comments. Thank you for taking the time to reply to this! you have no idea how much it helps because i start to think that all guys are like this, but when i have women who tell me otherwise it restores a bit of faith! also, i agree that if you like/love someone you dont see their ‘flaws’ and you may even love their so called ‘flaws’. people always say ‘oh they should just put up with your flaws and accept them…’ which i think is tru eto a point…but who honestly has the right to tell or decide what someones flaws actually are?! like you said, you can hate a part about yourself (for me, sometimes my legs) and your partner will perhaps love that! different ppl love different things i guess!…i guess after you have a partner like this you can start to believe that every partner that you have would pick on something…

  • Niva

    I could never figure out why VS photoshops their models.
    I think Miranda is a very pretty girl, but for once it would be nice to look in a VS catalog and see a girl with small breasts.
    I myself have a small chest (32b) and I wouldn’t mind seeing how VS bikini would fit a model w/ a small chest.

  • LuluS

    Whilst i’m not ans tall as miranda kerr (i’m 5’4”) I have the same figure with a 30b chest. Adding big boobs to a thin figure and emblazoning it across billboards sends out the wrong message to men, who then believe than skinny girls should have boobs that big. I understand that some do, but most people as skinny as me do not, and it creates unrealistic expectations in men’s minds.

    • Mnemosyne

      I don’t know. I kind of think we give men enough credit for beign able to tell real life and fantasy apart. All guys I know are aware they’re not the same thing, I find it’s usually women that get sucked into it a lot more. Plus lots of petite girls have huge titties 🙂

  • Allison

    These look fake to me–not just that they are photoshopped but that they are photoshopped by some party besides Victoria’s Secret. I always look through Victoria’s Secret catalogs and while, sure, they do enhance her chest somewhat–as someone said above, to “contour,” etc… they don’t quite look like these pictures.

  • Lulu

    I have read from different sources and they say Miranda is ‘curvy’. Bull shit.
    Obviously they have not compared Miranda to say Beyonce, JLO or Kim Kardashian.

  • whatever

    “Plus lots of petite girls have huge titties”

    NO, lots do not. That’s why VS uses gel inserts, smaller tops than the model would normally wear, and post production editing (photoshop) to give already well proportioned thin women bigger boobs. What VS portrays does NOT exist in reality, which is exactly why even their beautiful models get tampered with, even the ones who already have boob jobs (Marisa, Adiana, Giselle & Heidi).

    • Do we have to put every slim woman with any amount of breast tissue on national television with an ultrasound before people will accept the fact that breasts and slimness can exist together?

      I know women who are slim and have big boobies, no plastic surgery. I also know big women who are as flat as a man. I agree VS makes sure the breasts of their models look even bigger, but for you to say it doesn’t exist in reality and that the above models have boob jobs is ridiculous.

  • Susan

    Haha it’s so obvious that models are photoshopped when one sees their candids on the beach without padding and all that shit. Plus so unrealistic, most thin women (not saying all) have medium or small boobs. You mostly can’t have the best of both worlds unless you are genetically lucky.

  • russss

    better if she was totally naked

  • Andrea

    umm.. she didnt get implants those are bikins from the catalog and some are pushup bikins so thats why it looks different sizes…

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  • alizee

    C’mon girls, don’t get too worried about getting her body and boobs. We only have to train to be healthy and fit, and be a little careful with what we eat. We should enjoy life. We can’t all be tall and skinny and who says that’s the nice way to be (i prefer sporty girls even they have a little more weight). And guys these days mostly prefer nice butts, which you can get by training 😉 boobs are always welcome but it’s better being flat and with a nice butt than big boobs and a big butt or shaggy or whatever. So, just train! Kisses xxx

  • Jenn

    Something else you have to consider is when these pictures were taken. Although they are photoshopped, she did breastfeed her son. Breastfeeding can easily increase your bra size from a B to a D (sometimes more, depending on the woman).

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