Olivia Wilde Is Skinnier in GQ Than in Candids


The above would be Olivia Wilde in the latest issue of GQ Magazine.

The below would be Olivia Wilde  a few weeks ago, walking her dogs.


I know that:

1. She is a pear shape and the spread mostly features upper body shots.

2. The angles, lighting, make-up, tan & co have an incredible ability to transform anybody.

I don’t know:

1. When these GQ pictures were taken.


It’s clear that she looks mighty different, both upper and lower body.

For more candids of Olivia, click here!

So what is it? Styling, angles, Photoshop, weight loss (gain)?

Of course there’s more after the jump!

Source: GQ Magazine
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22 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde Is Skinnier in GQ Than in Candids”

  1. It looks like 2 different people! It's either some crazy photoshop (although the GQ pictures do look real, just not the same person) or the pictures were taken a while ago when she was still thin, and just being used now.

  2. I think she's a beautiful woman. I can't tell if these pics are heavily photoshopped or just old, she used to be pretty thin and has gained recently so that might be the case. Either way, she looks great.

  3. i think they might be from when she was thinner. in some of the pics she's showing so much bone it would be weird if they photoshopped a healthy woman in to a near sceleton (although she's stretching her torso in many i doubt at her current weight it would look like that). Even models are usually softened so that they look skinny but w/o super prominent bones.

  4. wow, she's incredibly sexy on the pics! i gotta admit she's one of the very few celebs though who defo rock the skinny look. being thicker (->walking her dog) she still looks good, but skinny, oh my..or as loudmouth fox would say "to strangle an ox to have sex with olivia" 😉

  5. she was skinnier. thos pics must be old…and yes photoshoped…but she was skinnier… but she looks great with some weigth on looks curvier…what an awsome body i would give anythin 2 look like that..1

  6. I don't think she looks like a pearshape, if you compare her to Mischa Barton? I think she looks kinda "normal".

    And, these pictures were recently taken, this is the October 2009 issue for GQ.

    Like Lucy said: The magic of photoshop!

  7. I have interned for many Magazines in NYC after school (I went to Parsons, fashion merchandizing major) and most if not all photoshoots are done MONTHS before that issue is released. Just because it is the "October 2009) issue doesn't mean it was shot recently. It was probably shot in The spring sometime in March or April.

    So, since she is a young woman like most of us. Her weight probably fluctuates like everyone else. Plus, EVERYBODY IS PHOTOSHOPPED. That's just the way it is and it will probably never change. Therefore, I don't know why it's so surprising or interesting…

    • It's not surprising, but it sure is interesting! 🙂

      Well, maybe it's different in the US. Here, when celebs are being photographed for magazines you often get to read about it in their blogs 🙂 (If they have any) Sooo, that's why i assumed they were recent, not 5-6 months old pictures.

  8. Yuck, I have no idea when the GQ's were taken, but I do know that if they are photoshopped…

    They don't know what's attractive. I actually felt ill looking at the angles and bones. Seriously.

    Not cool.

  9. I haven't even noticed the picture of her floating in water on her back.. Brrr, she looks like a corpse. She looks much better with some meat on her bones.

  10. I’m coming down of the Photoshop side, take an inch off the thighs here, take a bit off the arms there and viola, perfect. Only the guys doing the touch ups are gay(nothing wrong with that) and what’s coming out the other end looks like a teenage boy with very pretty face. Hmmmmmmm, who could see that coming?

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