Photoshop Job, Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Poses for GQ


Scarlett Johansson is GQ’s ‘Babe of the Year’ and she shows us precisely why inside the magazine, where her slimmerized body and photoshopped face (with a touch of Amber Heard?) are posing provocatively for the cameras.

See the cover after the jump!

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  • Sidney

    It’s not her fault but i don’t like the framing of the pics at all. She looks pretty but somewhat weird imo. Not sure if it’s ps or something else.

    • Talking of ps… something really weird is going on with her ankle in that second pic…

      • yaa. her foot looks like barbie’s foot.

      • Starfish

        :)) they photoshopped her ankle out of the photo! I love it when they do that…like ps the knee-caps…how do they look at that picture and say “yeah…looks totally natural!”

      • ladyb0sss

        HAHA . thats hilarious. i didnt even notice that. they photoshopped the bone out. that should defininitely be up in photoshop blunders.

        • THAT’S why it looks so weird! I was trying to figure out why her foot looked so odd, I just couldn’t put my finger on it and now I see it. I can’t believe they photoshopped the bone off her ankle! That’s actually ridiculous.

    • alyssa

      She vaguely looks like herself only on the cover.
      Don’t magazines get that if you can’t recognize the celebrity, what’s the point of having them? People want to buy the mag BECAUSE the celeb is in it, so dont photoshop them until they’re unrecognizable JUST because you THINK they want to see a doll…

  • Claire

    Wow,she looks stunning.
    The blond suits her so much more than the red she had in Iron MAn 2.

    • Leah

      i actually liked the red (as a redhead i’m always a supporter of red hair, lol) but the blonde looks great too

  • allNEw

    i like the (probably photoshopped) tan on her.
    anyway, i don’t like the term “babe of the year”, honestly, what does that even mean?
    for someone who defines their career by taking off clothes this might be okay, but for someone with an actual profession “babe” ? really?

    • Ida


  • t

    Am I the only one who finds her overrated and not pretty at all? I am sure I am, but just don’t get the hype.
    She is quite plain imo. You see better looking regular girls on a daily basis.

    • wonderwoman21

      No you’re not the only one t! I think she’s blah and overrated, I see more beautiful & unique looking girls in my city.

    • Hazal

      Ditto! I don’t find her pretty at all and I get really surprised when guys tell me that Scarlet Johansson is the most attractive celeb for them :-S

      • Daniel

        It’s because men and women don’t have the same vision of beauty and attraction. She is absolutely stunning and sexy, and I say that from a male point of view. One of the most attractive in Hollywood these times, in my opinion.

        • jenny

          I actually agree with you. There´s something with her that make her very stunning. She has the glow in her.. That’s very attractive. And yes.. A straight girl CAN say that about other women.. !

        • snoops

          I disagree, I think what is considered beautiful is down to the individual, not the gender. Case in point – I find scarlett beautiful and sexy, you find scarlett beautiful and sexy, I am a woman, you are a m – oh wait….never mind.

          • hehehe, nice one Snoops. And I agree, I think Scarlett is super sexy.

          • mel


        • I know many males who don’t find her attractive in the least. She has the sort of features that you either love or hate i.e big lips. I personally find her incredibly sexy.

        • Calro

          It’s called the hip to waist ratio. Men are engineered to find a certain waist to hip ratio attractive along with baby smooth skin, pouty lips, ect….

          I personally don’t find her to be beautiful but I think she is very sensual, sexy, and attractive.

        • Dippy

          Dude, I totally agree. I’ve had so many discussions with guy friends about girls they find attractive and it shocks me sometimes. It’s weird. Men and women have very different ideas of what is beautiful. But clearly that doesn’t mean that occasionally we’ll agree once in a while.

          Anyway this is one of those examples – It’s not that I don’t think she’s pretty, but I definitely feel like she is overrated.

    • lizzy

      i am WITH YOU t!!!!!

      how i loathe this one, there are no words. she is overrated for her looks, her talent, everything.

      • I’d have to agree with you on the talent point.

        I think she’s great for teen cult/independent films like Ghost World and Lost In Translation but in her other films I haven’t seen anything exceptional. I’m always very aware that she’s acting when I watch her.

        However, looks wise I think she has a lot of appeal. She has a slamming body and intriguing facial features and a raspy voice (too bad she’s such a trash mouth). I think she’s suffered the fate of many stars in garnering more attention for their looks initially and getting roles based on that sort of publicity.

    • Nina

      No, I’ve NEVER gotten her hype either. It took me years to convince myself that she was pretty.

  • s.

    she looks like naomi watts here

  • jay

    extremely photoshoped.
    her eyes are double their size in the 1st pic!!
    i know my brother will be drooling over this cover!

  • Ida

    im in love with the cover, so beautiful. i want her lips!

  • maddie

    i thought she was amazingly beautiful in the film match point
    also i don’t think they’ve really photoshopped her to be thinner….she looks curvy..maybe they smoothed her skin a bit but she her body doesn’t look different…
    i will never understand these types of poles….i mean really…what is the point

    • I assume ’cause it’s fun for guys to rank women according to how attractive they are. 😛

  • She’s smoking and I love the tan, but I find the cover a bit weird. She definitely looks gorgeous and it’s different I suppose, but I don’t like the angle. It kinda looks like her face is sagging towards that side. I think they could’ve done better.

  • lily

    i didn`t even recognize her face! seriously! they made her different! overphotoshopped!!!

  • maria

    Didn t recognize her AT ALL!wow,they ll never learn to use hotosop the right way.
    I can recognize her in the last pic,the cover-but only in that one and probably only because I know it is supposed to be her.

    doesn t seem like they slimmed her legs that much ,just a lil bit the waist?and her face,waaayyy too much.

  • Cam

    I think she is beautiful because she is so unique looking..and not plastic.
    Anyway I don’t think they photo shopped her body because she was this thin for the iron man film and I think she wanted to keep that same shape.and its not like she’s lacking curves either in this shoot,they’re just not as exaggerated as how they used to be

  • Adrianna

    she looks absolutely stunning, as usual. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find her gorgeous

  • Léa

    I think that is her best cover ever !
    She is soooooooooo pretty !
    I want her eyes, her sexy look ! I want her sexy hair !
    I’m a bit jealous bus hey ^^

    Scarlett is very pretty and sexy and the make up team made a very good job too, coz, that’s not her in real life ^^ (even if she’s stunning in real life too)

  • carlie

    in the second photo you looks like Maria Sharapova.

  • Princess

    I don`t find Scarlett wow but i saw her really beautiful in the movie Match Point but her voice irritates me and in this photos she looks totally diffrent

  • vanessa

    you cant even tell its her in the first picture they have made her legs thinner in that one too.i think they need to stop over ps people seriously you cant even tell its them.

  • annalee

    i like her poses. very sexy and elegant. her body is probably a result of photoshop, but she did work out a lot for iron man, so I don’t think it’s thaaaaaat far from the truth. I also don’t think she really needs that much photoshop at all. She beautiful, has a great body, perfect skin and… wow, great hear. I agree, i love her blond.

    • annalee

      sorry, english is not my first language.

  • Serafiina

    I have said it many times before and I say it again, I love her, she is my favourite female celebrity. Nice golden skin here, even though I like her real light skin as well. I have always thought she and Amber Heard resembles each others.

  • lc

    I think she is absolutely stunning.

  • Katy

    People tell me I look like her, even though I am pale with dark hair. But I must admit, it makes me feel good to know that someone i resemble is considered attractive. I feel very self conscious about my body, to me it seems all hips, thighs and boobs. She looks hot here!

  • Ghandi

    They obviously set aside the majority of the budget for photoshop, it looks like she’s posing on a shitty sofa covered with a sheet! hah

    • Katrina


    • mel

      Haha I agree, it’s really weird.

  • Katrina

    she looks like amber heard in the first two..

    Whats with the same angle in all the pictures? and thats a weird looking smoothed foot in the second picture.

  • Anna

    I have an unreasonable bias towards her because a) people say I look like her and b) she presents an attainable body count. On that basis, what is going on with these pictures?!? Looks so awkward, and she looks totally unlike Scarlett!

  • Lila

    she looks beautiful, but what an unflattering angle! especially the cover…. imagine taking a picture like that.

  • am i the only person who was convinced this was blake lively in the first pic?

    • Zaza

      That’s exactly what I thought!!!

      • et moi

        me too! totally thought it was her

    • mel

      I see it now! Especially with the tan and slimmer legs.

  • blondie

    ew her foot in the 2nd pic looks huge from ps or something.. odd

  • Nay

    This falls in a category that I usually put this kind of post which I don’t like to give my opinion

    To Much Photoshop To Comment.
    … next!

  • Nessa

    am I the only one who thinks the cover shot is awkward. I think If they had just shot her straight forward and simple, then it would have looked more attractive. also they kind of photoshopped her curves out, which is sad because her body is amazing by itself.

    • I agree..I’m wondering what they were trying to achieve with that awkward ‘head back’ shot. It looks a little pornstar i think, as if to say “i’m here on a bed waiting for you” LOL.

  • Cleo

    LOL There is definitly an Amber Heard touch here!

  • Star 77

    I feel like I’m always saying it but I find the girl just so stunning! BEAUTIFUL STUNNING GIRL!

  • mel

    I feel like GQ tends to feature slimmer women, which is why they maybe tried to “modelize” ScarJo. She looks good both ways – slimmer (like in magazines or Iron Man) or curvier (like in real life).

  • neutra

    I think she has an attractive face, and her voice is incredibly sexy! I do get sick of people raving about her hip/waist ratio though…

    i just don’t see it, and that’s an outfit that can at least give an illusion of a ratio! Maybe a few years back when she was fuller she was more ‘curvy’.

    I do love her softness though- she’s very feminine.

  • Melissa

    WTF did you GQ people do to my woman crush…

    she’s hot just natural!

  • aj

    I just watched like 5 eps of australia’s next top model and was feeling pretty shitty about myself, scarlett’s post cheers me up because she is not an amazon and shes sexy as anything! yay her and celebs like her!

  • Inanna

    I’m sorry but I don’t see anything special about her. I think seh looks very average, both her body and her face.

  • padme

    She is so gorgeous, perfect body at her higher & lower weights. I’ll admit when I’m jealous, & I am jealous of her.

  • Burckybear

    great looking woman

  • pixie

    She is so gorgeous. And it is GQ, so i’m sure when men are looking at this they are not looking at her ankles.

  • Why the heck did they remove her ankle?

    What’s wrong with ankles?

  • Josephinee

    She’s absolutely gorgeous, but the first two pictures she looks more like Amber Heard than herself. Great going, GQ.


  • southerngumdrops

    @versus could you do a post on kate middleton? she and prince william just announced her engagement and she will definitely be in the spotlight from here on out.

    plus she has an amazing body and seems to be very consistent with her weight

    • I’ll see if I can find pics!

  • Anna

    She’s a beautiful woman.She doesn’t need all that photoshop..

  • Livi

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks a little like Blake Lively in the first pic?

  • alexandra

    I’m not fan of her at all, but I think that she doesn’t need ps and other stuff to “fix” her, because she has a really good body and pretty face. 🙂

  • Ana

    Im a Scarlett fan, she is beautiful, i bet she is tiny IRL, what a crappy photoshoot though…

  • ellentjie

    Uhh that second photo, her foot is morphing into barbie’s toeless foot

  • Kimberly

    I hate the poses but I think ScarJo is beautiful. I really like her face and body.

  • prefers to be plush

    I wish these women would refuse to allow themselves to be photoshopped, not just making them thinner but removing lines too. It’s really harmful to society. And I wonder if they feel stupid when they are out in public right after the photos are made public, don’t they know that everyone is thinking “She doesn’t look like that!” ?? Do they just not care? Demi Moore comes to mind.

  • Mike

    She looks thinner & better with photoshop

  • Anonymous

    Blonde is her natural hair color, and looks best on her. I think Scarlett is gorgeous. She’s one of the most naturally beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. She has a healthy body and she’s a good role model. She also seems to be an intelligent person.

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