Photoshop Job, Shakira, Then and Now

Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

Shakira-Denies-Nose-Job-+-Then-Now - Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

Colombian pop star Shakira has laughed off reports that she recently went under the knife for a nose job.

The singer sparked surgery rumours after admitting that she visited a surgeon because she was unhappy with the size of her nose.

‘So many things going on in the world and yet some invent stories about me getting a nose job! Why would a she wolf (apparently the title of her new album) want a smaller nose?’ she posted on her homepage.

Source: Yahoo News

This is not the first time Shakira has talked about plastic surgery – here’s what she said a while back:

“A few years ago, I considered (plastic) surgery, breast augmentation, and all kinds of things. Maybe my eyebrows should be higher. Maybe my lips should be bigger. It was really making me bitter. I’d think I’m not going to look good for my fans! But eventually I said, “forget it” and I started accepting myself the way I am and realized that I’m just not perfect.”

OK, I’ll tell you what I think. I don’t know about the nose job, but she changed her hairstyle, make-up, eye-brows and lost some weight and these all changed her face.

However, I think that her nose is quite photoshopped in magazine spreads and on album covers (it’s shorter and narrower) and this might be the reason why the rumors started in the first place. Here’s an example:

Shakira-Denies-Nose-Job-+-Then-Now-2 - Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

… and another photoshopped one:

shakiras-nose - Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

What do you think?

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  • “Her nose is quite photoshopped in magazine” – Yes, i think so…

    • misterious-boy


  • Hi, very honestly I don’t think she has changed any, she looks the same.. But, don’t forget she’s not 20 years old anymore.. 😉

    • Alyssa

      Agreed… she doesn’t look to have physically changed much, only keeping up with trends. Who wants to keep wearing skirts pulled up to your armpits like they did in the eighties?

  • cristina

    yes, her nose is photoshopped, but the important thing is that she never had a plastic surgery. She is naturally beautiful, was beautiful as a brunete and awesome as a blond.

  • jess

    Wow this is the first time I’ve ever noticed her beauty!

  • Pau

    Im latin and I know that she got a nose job,she is so fake.She have another face now,but still looking odd to me.Not fan of her “beauty” or the singing..

    • Alyssa

      Im latin too and she looks the same as she has since she sang “estoy aqui”…
      How is she fake?
      do you know she studies at Foreign universities, and is involved in charities for places all over the world, reads.. what fake are you talking about?
      She colours her hair?
      Get real…

  • alisa

    it disgusts me how most women that are considered some of the most beautiful in show business.. in music… etc.. has had a nose job…. beyonce, scarlett johansson, kim kardashian, angelina.. i can go on and on…….. its so dumb….. and we praise these people for being so gorgeous..

    • yea well we are the dumb ones for praising them. we can stop praising then and get out own nose jobs.

    • Sol

      Oh yes, I don’t fall for all the hype, but it’s so annoying to see Beyonce in a shampoo or hair color commercial when all she wears are wigs! Meanwhile there a so many natural beauties with real hair out there who would sell the brand honestly! It’s pretty disgusting how we’re so stuck in a world full of idol worship of unauthentic and fake everything!

  • Juliette

    I don’t see a difference.

    In any event, even if she did get a nose job, that’s her business. Clearly it’s something she felt insecure about to a point where she under went major surgery to get fixed. If having her nose fixed (still looks the same to me…) lets her look in the mirror and think she’s the sexiest thing ever, then more power to her.
    Usually when somebody resorts to surgery, it’s something they’ve been mentally agonizing over for several years. I doubt she got it on a whim…

    And If she didn’t have the surgery and is able to accept, what she considers flaws, then–again, more power to her. There’s enough self-loathing in the world.

  • Sidney

    I don’t see much change either (apart from photoshopping), but i sometimes don’t see the diff. even if i know someone’s had surgery, it surprises me that ppl go under the knife for such minor changes. But i guess it’s big for them (and obv. not all changes are minor..) Nosejob or not, she looks great and seems to have a healthy attitude towards herself from what i’ve heard of her. She looked so pretty with that dark hair, i’d love to see her sporting that again sometime, but nothing wrong w/ coloring ur hair, lol.

  • KeeperDeAmor

    She was beautiful then, she’s beautiful now.
    Who cares if she got a nose job, if it makes her happy so be it.

  • sara

    honestly she looks exactly the same to me, especially in the first 2 pic where you can compare easily (of course you can see that 20 years passed and that she has a different hair colour but that’s all)

  • klara

    she now looks better than then. i don’t think she’s had any surgery done in her face, at least nothing that enhances or decreases features 😉 as for her shape i guess its not only dieting and sports that made her go from round to petite.

  • Kelli

    I agree 100%. I think it’s the photoshopping that started the rumor. In the first comparision she looks the same. ARG PHOTOSHOPPING!

  • her nose looks diferent only when she is over smilling that’s all and of course because of the photoshop … she is cute/hot I have no idea why people would ever think she went under the knife it’s clear that she is still the same and we all know how much a new haircut+smart makeup+eyebrows would make you extreamly diferent and of course extreamly BEAUTIFUL.

  • jjj

    She looks better with her real nose than the photoshopped album covers.

  • frank

    she had surgery… a complete liposuction and a nose job… i know this for sure, trust me people.

    • pppccc

      how can you know that?Are you her surgeon?

  • pipi

    I don’t think she had a nose job, my face has changed too dramatically over the past 5 years. People don’t recognize me when they see pictures of me when I was 19.

  • Nicky

    Still ugly to me,nose job or not!

  • Shakira


  • nelly

    Shakira might not have had a nose job but she did get her teeth fixed and got lipo. Anyone who is a fan since her first spanish cd knows what she looked like before.

    • Juliette

      So? A lot of people get braces.

  • Chory

    That does make sense ! Photoshop! I never really thought of it, i hate how this industry tries to make celebrities look like barbies. They’re women, humans, like me and you, can’t always be perfect. uurgh !!!

  • xicana

    Shakira is the most beautiful celebrity, in my opinion. I dont want believe she deserves surgerym, she is perfect the way she is. I have small breasts, and she makes me feel good about them. I hope she keeps up her great career.

  • Aly

    No surgery…all actresses look much better in magazines…

  • Yeah yeah

    Oh shakira is awesome! And she is perfection to me!!! You know with the before and after, she is exactly like the spanish version of britney spears. I mean hair and everything, innocent sexy, to mega sexy! they are alot alike. You can tell she has NOT had a nose job and she is beautiful and ppl are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    She stated on her twitter that she did not have a nose job but was THINKING about it. Even if she did have a nose job, she is VERY lucky (not that her nose needs work) because if i had her money, the first thing i’d do is get a nose job. Shes a very beautiful succesfull woman, i envy her not just for her looks, but for how succesful she is.

  • Y

    na, I met her once and her nose looks normal to me but hey what do I know. She did have very beautiful nose actually. However tonight I am watching her and we think she may have had a her boobs done. I mean they were so hard and pointy. But why would you get a boob job and still have rather small boobs. So maybe its just excersise, she looks like she has a man’s chest kind of nasty really. Why Shaki why did you become so fake? Why does your music suck so bad what happened to that brilliant rock girl we grew to love? So sad you’ve become such a sell out. But hey your rich and Im not so I suppose you are doing something right.

  • Y

    exercise, exercise sorry…

  • Kathy

    I grew up listening to her music. And i agree, the type of music she sings now is more “like you know she doesnt write, its more set-up (not her)” but i still like them, they’re catchy and anything with her voice in it, gets my attention. I think shes beautiful, and she is one big reason why i havent got breast implants. With all the money she has, you think she would but still she wont. And so what she got nose surgery, i would do it if i had the money. Shes done so many great things, and i love her dancing. She does her own stuff which makes her original. And shes COLOMBIAN! At least someone is representing us in the world cup.=] Ive played soccer my whole life and listening to “waka waka” inspires me so much and pumps me up.SHAKIRA ROCKS!

  • Sally

    I’m her height so she’s my inspiration. there are very few petite women who make it as celebs or models. But, I am saddened because before she was Latina/Arabic and now she looks like Barbie, completely lacking her ethnic features.

  • bryan

    Her pretty nose drives me bananas.

  • Sol

    She obviously hasn’t had a nose job – her face looks the same, just a little older. But she has admitted to liposculpting of her thighs, hips and buttocks… She looks fabulous!

  • shaki-liar-wolf

    WHY WOULD A “SHE WOLF” NEED LIPO ANYWHERE??? Shakira = fake and a hypocrite

  • Fenka

    Shakira is the prettiest thing my eyes have ever seen
    and I can’t believe she had doubts about her little cute nose ! I love every single thing about her
    and I hope she doesn’t change , and stays that way .
    although I must admitt I miss the ” Donde estan los ladrones? ” shakira … she had more originality
    and her red/black her was AWESOME .