Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

October 6, 2009 in Photoshop Job, Shakira, Then and Now by Versus

Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now

Colombian pop star Shakira has laughed off reports that she recently went under the knife for a nose job.

The singer sparked surgery rumours after admitting that she visited a surgeon because she was unhappy with the size of her nose.

‘So many things going on in the world and yet some invent stories about me getting a nose job! Why would a she wolf (apparently the title of her new album) want a smaller nose?’ she posted on her homepage.

Source: Yahoo News

This is not the first time Shakira has talked about plastic surgery – here’s what she said a while back:

“A few years ago, I considered (plastic) surgery, breast augmentation, and all kinds of things. Maybe my eyebrows should be higher. Maybe my lips should be bigger. It was really making me bitter. I’d think I’m not going to look good for my fans! But eventually I said, “forget it” and I started accepting myself the way I am and realized that I’m just not perfect.”

OK, I’ll tell you what I think. I don’t know about the nose job, but she changed her hairstyle, make-up, eye-brows and lost some weight and these all changed her face.

However, I think that her nose is quite photoshopped in magazine spreads and on album covers (it’s shorter and narrower) and this might be the reason why the rumors started in the first place. Here’s an example:

Shakira Denies Nose Job + Then & Now 2

… and another photoshopped one:

shakira's nose

What do you think?

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