Photoshop Job, Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt Goes Naked for PETA

Stephanie-Pratt-Goes-Naked-for-PETA - Stephanie Pratt Goes Naked for PETA

The “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt went clothes-free (though not exactly fur-free), stepped inside Photoshop for a touch of “glowing skin” and appeared in a new ad and iPhone app for PETA.

How do you find this ad? Too photoshopped? Cool? Awkward?

See yet another reality TV star baring it all (and getting photoshopped) for animals’ sake!

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  • Coco

    And by the way, her photoshopped body looks good.

    • Coco

      My comment about silly PETA got deleted? LOL, lovely. I was just trying to inform the sheeple, but whatevs.

      • Versus

        Yes, it seemed too political and very harsh. You can say your opinion, but without using such “strong” words (you know what I mean).

    • Lisa

      😀 i totally agree….sometimes i really wonder why people talk about “how does she look on the cover?”…of course she isn’t looking bad….photoshop?!?!?!

  • otilia

    Looks OK, the only fake thing from the picture is the bunny 😀

  • Ayu

    I really dislike these PETA ads, even though I’m against cruelty. It’s sad that sex is the only thing that sells.

    They could be promoting the use of organic cotton and cannabis for clothing instead of this. Many people don’t know how environmentaly unfriendly the production of regular non-animal materials is.

    I googled and read this is supposed to be aimed against testing cosmetics on animals, which I didn’t see in the ad. Such a polished and photoshopped picture of a (plastic?) woman doesn’t make me think of vegan-friendly cosmetics, because all the make-up these celebrities are drenched in various movies and photoshoots, I don’t think they actually choose only vegan-friendly products.

    To me most of these ads look like things to hang in a guy’s garage and nothing more.

    About Stephanie: I never watched the Hills, but if she really had surgery, she’s a very bad decision for this ad. They photoshopped too much.

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, exactly. I agree with everything you said. So they are against animal cruelty (which is a good thing actually) but to advocate against that, they objectify women?

    • Allie

      She would rather go NAKED than wear fur. Not really objectifying women, it was tastefully done. Anyway, this isn’t for cosmetics…it’s for an iPhone app.

      • Padme

        Not objectifying women? Using a naked female to sell your product or message is exactly what it means. It’s disgusting if you ask me. Look at some of their other naked ads where the women are literally turned into objects such as lettuce or cows. Or the stunts they pull, shoving naked women in cages with a stupid sign about going vegetarian.

        PETA makes me sick and I am a vegetarian. I think they have done nothing but harm to the cause of animal rights.

    • Mariah

      I agree with a lot of what you said. I don’t agree with a lot of the things Peta does but I can understand why they do these ads. Sex sells obviously and because I am so against animal cruelty I can support the fact that they are doing this because it is going to raise a lot of money that they will give to places that can actually make a difference in how animals are treated. Although it is unfortunate that it has to be an ad like this at least it is going to raise some money to help animals.

  • Kt

    i have three pet bunnies & i would never hold one naked, they have claws, you’re asking for trouble!
    that said, i highly doubt shes actually holding the bunny

    • CoffeeGirl

      That was my first thought 😀

  • amazon

    really don’t see how this helps fight for animals rights( is that the right way to put it??) but then i really don’t see the point of most ads. naked violent, shocking and controversial for the sake of it seems to be the motto of the century!
    girl looks amazing. if i ever end up flaunting my body on an ad i want this person to do the photoshopping!!

  • Sidney

    Idk, to me this screams fake, and i can’t help but think of Paris Hilton and all the socialites, but maybe that’s the target group 😀 They can feel good about themselves and save those cutie bunnies and still look good and airy. (I’m against animal testing though!)

  • Coco

    Fair enough. 2nd try:

    I highly doubt that these celebrities that do these photoshoots actually know the truth about PETA.

    PETA commits acts of terrorism such as destroying others property, uttering death threats, and even killing animals in their attempts to force their views upon others. It is such hypocrisy and stupidity that their own people killed and mutilated a seal, on film, in an attempt to defame legitimate hunters and shock people into their hypocritical viewpoint.

    Notice that PETA seems to favor the cute, cuddly-wuddly, furry animals. What about the insects and arachnids? What about the fish, mollusks, and crustaceans? What about the bacteria? What about the reptiles? What about humans? Don’t they all have rights too? Would it be animal cruelty if one washes with antibacterial soap?

    The PETA is also actively funding a dog-genocide campaign in which any canine suspected to belong to the Pittbull variety (a loveable, family-friendly, loyal dog that is safe with children IF TRAINED PROPERLY) is immediately taken from the owner and killed. Doesn’t matter if the dog is half-Pittbull, 1/32 Pittbull, or looks like a Pittbull, the poor pooch will be marked for death.

    • Mariah

      Some of the stuff you are saying simply isn’t true, you can’t believe every single thing you have heard and take it as a fact. But you are very correct that PETA isn’t all good, I am a proud vegetarian but I do not support a lot of what PETA does. But things like this ad are not harming anyone and I can support the fact that they raise money for things that really do help animals. For example they raise money in order to increase the amount of inspections at animal farms and slaughter houses which can make a huge difference in how these poor animals are killed. Anyways back to the subject, Stephanie looks fine, photoshopped, but fine.

  • Ana

    I F%^&$ hate PETA, and I left comment on some other post but somehow nobody noticed, except one girl who said in half literal form that my comment was rather stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, like LOVE them, but PETA….Oh, well just wanted to say that it makes me happy to see that so many of you share my opinion 🙂

  • camille

    i could rant for hours about PETA’s exploitation and degradation of women’s bodies for ‘animal rights’ i know bunnies are in great danger ::rolls eyes:: there are so many more endangered species that need attention and care but PETA is having these nobody reality stars strip down for pet shop rabbits — many of the other readers here have done a good job listing PETA’s hypocrisy, faults, and flat out lies, so i’ll leave that to them. good job ladies.

    as for stephanie, her face looks very strange and is she really ‘famous’ enough to be hawking for PETA? or anything really…

  • Jenn

    Why is it if a woman is naked for a campaign everyone immediately screams OBJECTIFIED? Is there really that much wrong with a womans naked body? Or are some people on here just really insecure about their own?

    I understand people being upset with the photoshopping or PETA in general, but really, are we going to go off about womens rights because of an ad like this?

    • Casey

      Jenn, I agree with you, but I think it’s just more amusement that this is coming from a group that allegedly protects animals’ rights and protects animals from pointless exploitation, and yet basically puts out soft porn that is just another form of pointless exploitation (after all, what does naked Stephanie Pratt really bring to their cause?).

      We would all expect it from magazines like Playboy. But it’s just strange and somewhat hypocritic when it comes from activist groups like PETA.

    • Mariah

      Naked Stephanie brings money to their cause which is what they need if they are going to do any good at all. Obviously PETA does a lot of stupid things but we all know by now that sex sells! Putting out ads like this is not objectifying women or animals, it is raising money for a cause. People pay attention to naked women and therefore it will bring attention to their organization.

  • Casey

    I’m sorry, I have lost absolutely all respect for PETA based on how they try to force their view on others using fear, force and terrorism, and how generally stupid and uneducated a lot of them appear to be. It’s amazing how they get away with doing half of what they do. But I’ve found, just like many gangs and cults, PETA is filled with rather “damaged” individuals, and those individuals do not have the compassion or empathy to truely care for the animals they swear to protect.

    That being said, Stephanie’s Face annoys me in this ad. She looks so awkward.

  • CéliAmbre

    terrible add.
    a.) what is about? oh, cosmetics? how are we supposed to know?
    b.) her face looks terrible
    c.) it’s too photoshopped
    d.) her facebook does not look like this in reall life…or at least should not (remember her bulimia stories?)

  • Hey PETA, cut the million hours of Photoshop time and you could afford a more popular celeb!

  • Natasha

    It’s not degradation if a woman objectifies herself to it thus THIS IS NOT HUSTLER OR PENTHOUSE so some people need to get off their feminist high horses. However I understand that some people aren’t feminist and just aren’t necessarily comfortable with people showing alot of skin or moreover going nude. Even though this ad is pretty stooooooppiiiddd in the grand scheme of things I adore Peta and the I’d rather go naked than wear fur especially with the faux fur alternative in this day and age why wear it when it supports the abuse of animals for a fashion statement. If the current godfather and legend of Uncle Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t use fur in his collections than why can’t you follow suit. Thus if this is so offensive then why don’t I hear people singing the same tune about victorias secret or sports illustrated or playboy models. Nudity or wearing little clothes when done in the right way (si,playboy,vicky secrets,id rather go naked) and tastefully especially for a good cause is beautiful and feminine/sexy.

    • Natasha

      btw I can’t say much for their other campaigns especially the one that says save the whale become vegetarian with the obese lady on the billboard. Also I don’t care too much antics like slithering outside of the Macy’s store in red paint spray painting hummers and throwing flour on people. Sometimes they are really over the top *rolls eyes*

  • suzushii

    There’s nothing like PETA ad that makes me MORE likely to go eat a nice juicy steak.

    And I don’t even like steak.

    Sometimes I think they’re actually jaded carnivores who want to get more people against vegetarians and vegans by being so extreme as to elicit an opposite reaction.

  • xo

    this site is NAZI . thats why I stopped commenting..

  • Jj

    her face is ok, but her bod looks great. they didn’t photoshop too much on her cus in her maxim shoot she looks just like this.

    eh let peta advertise that is what the USA is about “freedom of speech” doesn’t mean you have to like it.

    I don’t let them rile me up.

  • O

    peta is full of crap.

  • Dr. Truth

    If anything, they should have photoshopped some muscles on that poor girls arms. Yuck!

  • Lola

    LOL that isn’t even a real Rabbit!!!
    Look at the paws.. I have a white rabbit myself and after looking at his body I’m 99 percent sure this one is a stuffed toy one. Oh well, it’s for Peta and I fully support the photo/campaign. 🙂

  • jenni

    Face…not good. Body…not real. Hair…not cute. Bunny…adorable. Ad…fail.

  • Megan

    Yuck!!! This picture makes me want to friggin gag!!! This PETA airbrushing job makes want to throw up!!!!!

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