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Taylor Swift’s Oops! Cover Is…

Taylor-Swift-face-photoshopped - Taylor Swift's Oops! Cover Is...

So this would be the cover of Russian Oops! Magazine with Taylor Swift on it (in case we choose to believe them).

Taylor Swift’s Oops! Cover Is… INSERT ADJECTIVE.

“Utterly Photoshopped” is taken. Get creative.

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  • liza

    unrecognizable. i was shocked when i first saw this; if it didnt have her name by it, i wouldnt have known t was her

    • elpoep taf ynniks teg

      I like her body shape. But, her face always looks a bit off, in her eye shape, eyebrows, and mouth.

  • Holly

    jawdropping!! wtf where they thinking?

  • emily

    quack! quack! *waddle waddle*

  • justme

    is actually Fergie with a bad wig…

    (that might be an insult to Fergie though…)

    • Angela

      Lol! Nice point, liked it! I was sooo scared when I saw this…..

  • Ana

    Okay, that doesn’t even look like a human being at all!!

  • b

    unbelievable. she looks hideous. why did they change her face? she’s a pretty girl!

  • marie

    the bride of chuckie…omg she looks scary….i can’t look into her eyes

    • kate

      OMG, that is it exactly! Especially round the mouth ha ha.

      “barbie eat your heart out”

  • Melina

    Oh my good!, she looks a little bit like a lion.
    soo fake!

  • Aims

    I don’t mind it too much. I love Taylor Swift. I think she is really pretty and has a great bod. They did something weird to her eyes tho in this pic. I would have prefered the original.

  • Natasha O

    Oops is right because this cover is an #epicfail and photoshopiping or however you spell it is getting ridiculous she’s only 19 or 20 I think why???? And when your a model if I’m not correct the photoshopping starts at 23 and thats also when your career takes a toll for the worst. Nevertheless wutevs love Taylor Swift but this cover is horrible!

  • alexad

    …reminding me of an avatar character

    • Jemima

      Even though the Na’vi have wider noses and space between the eyes than they would if they were human? It’s kind of opposite XD

  • artemis

    I actually thought the “oops” was a real oops

  • beckers

    shit … Not very creative, but true.

  • Sidney

    Hahaa what an unfortunate cover. I’m speechless. Oh yes the adjective…hilarious, weird, scary, unhuman, catty, captivating…?

  • Jj


    i could tell it was her, but i thought my vision was warped…oh it’s not but theirs definitely is.

    such a pretty girl ruined on this cover.

  • peewee


  • psycho

    OMG She looks like a younger version of Jocelyn Wildenstein!

  • Léa

    She looks like a creepy Barbie Doll !

    she’s pretty at natural why did they do that ?

  • jenni

    …not Taylor swift.

  • Mirabela

    “Taylor Swift’s Oops! Cover Is… ” like a doll in a toy shop: lifeless and plastic. 🙁
    If the girl would have blinked page should be cracked into pieces. LOL

  • mila

    …a hybrid of Keira Knightley and siberian husky

  • xo

    if you wouldnt have said who that was supposed to be, I would have NEVER guessed

  • B.

    Wow. That actually creeps me out .. I’m shocked.

  • remmer

    Terrifying, that’s what this is!

  • camille

    how about “JUST AS BAD AS HER MUSIC.”
    or IRONIC because the magazine is oops and well… oops on the photoshopping.

    i cannot stand this girl.

    • angelwing_0486

      Ditto, lol…maybe she’ll write a break up song about her and “Oops” magazine…

  • Uma


  • Sally

    A vampire cat woman!

  • Jemima

    Taylor Swift’s Oops! cover is an definite oops. Come ON, it doesn’t even look like her anymore! She’s a pretty girl and this is a disaster.

  • Autumn

    @Camille: My thoughts exactly! How ironic that she is on a magazine called “Oops!” when this photoshop job is the real oops. I wonder how Taylor would feel seeing herself like this?

  • Lola

    She looks weird! And ugly!
    That’s all i can say about it.

  • Freaky! She looks SO weird its making me laugh lol

  • Kaite


  • Sara

    barbie- like

  • Eve

    This picture scares me!

  • kim


  • gina


  • shane

    That’s hilarious and creepy at the same time!!

  • meilina

    omg its kinda creepy!

  • Kat


  • Erica

    haha the fact that they tried to pass this as Taylor Swift is really funny lol. Whyyyyyy would they do this? it looks nothing like her! She looks a little possessed if you ask me…just plain creepy.

  • Freaky Feline!

  • Sam

    russified.. she looks like Anna Kournikova or something.


    she’s like a mixture of her and lohan

  • Jo

    no longer Taylor Swift.

    The point of photoshopping is to improve one’s beauty, not to make a perfectly beautiful young woman look like a freaky cat-faced Na’vi.

  • terri

    taylorisn’t pretty and she will never be pretty but this airbrushing and photoshop has gone to far.im sorry but it doesn’t even look like her.

  • enia

    hahaha I think that is the Russian version of Taylor ;))))))

  • maria

    Like a freakin ALIEN!!

  • Ally


  • ame

    creepy….and such a shame b/c she is a cute girl and they should have just left her alone. very creepy.

  • Rachel

    A good example of bad photoshopping.
    Woooowie, Taylor Swift is such a beautiful young woman, why have they made her look like a dog?

  • ola

    holy shit ! that’s scary.

  • Katie

    She looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein! EWWW!

  • Freedom

    Seventeen distorted Taylor’s face on their magazine cover as well with lots of photoshop. It doesn’t look like her at all.
    photoshop is not intended for the person to be barely recgonizable.

  • Chloe


    come on, taylor is way prettier than that! i’ll bet she’s hurt and insulted.

  • Nkeon

    I’m so used to whole photoshopping thing by now this doesn’t really phase me.

    Besides, I think they use extreme photoshop as a shock factor to attract more viewers/readers.

    Not this cookie

  • Rida

    Taylor Swift’s Oops! Cover Is… badly drawn and was not pictured!! that doesn’t look like her or any real person!!!

  • molly


  • Valeria

    she looks photoshopped to the impossible
    or like she underwent more plastic surgery than heidi in one day
    I personally don’t like her but anyway she’s fine so I don’t understand why they felt the need to turn her into that!

  • Elizab

    ….blow up barbie. That looks like a freaking wax figure. Taylor swift is pretty, not the most gorgeous girl if you look closely, and definitely looks much better with make up though. But good lord! this is just disgusting.

  • Celine

    Omg this is horribly hideous!