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Kourtney Kardashian Talks Pregnancy Cravings

Kourtney-Kardashian-Talks-Pregnancy-Cravings - Kourtney Kardashian Talks Pregnancy Cravings

“My most intense craving was a waffle with butter and syrup. weirdest maybe a relish and mayo sandwich, but only once thank god!”

And another one of Kourtney’s sweet tooth cravings? Cupcakes from LA bakery Famous Cupcakes:

“Honestly it’s worth the LBs. Those famous cupcakes are sooooo addicting. I need rehab! LOL Immm obsessed!”

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  • ckmj787

    my favorite Kardashian! I love Kourtney. she looks so cute preggers…she is due the same time as kendra and looks waaaay better!

  • Gina

    How convenient that her pregnancy craving (famous cupcakes) is from a company she is a spokesperson for….

  • Sarah

    haha how cute! Rehab for cupcakes.

  • She could wear Lacoste to make sport.. She looks like she’s coming from taking care of rubish

  • KeeperDeAmor

    I’ve always had that feeling, at least from watching Kourtney and Klhoe and Keeping Up with the Kardashians that Kourntey can eat whatever she wants and always look great. Not fair :/

  • jess

    We could all do it if we did it in moderation. If you’ve noticed, the people that eat what they want stop when they’re full and don’t eat when they’re not hungry

  • Juliette

    The next 18+ years are going to be hell. She acts like she’s the first woman to get knocked up and won’t shut up about it.

    After the baby is born, she’ll endlessly talk about motherhood until the kid goes to college. Then she’ll endlessly talk about how she can’t spell “college” but she thinks it’s a really fun word to say. Then she’ll endlessly talk about using Google made her lose her pregnancy weight….18 years later.

    Then I’ll fly to California and staple her mouth shut and shoot the magazine editor who keeps agreeing to write about her.

    Why is she famous again?

    • suzushii

      ^ lol

      I agree with your sentiment, but it obviously sells, otherwise she wouldn’t.
      If we want her to go away,we have to stop clicking on links with her, buying magazines featuring her, and just plain imposing a BAN on K-stuff.

      • Bryony

        I don’t buy magazines with her or her sisters, I don’t look at their show and yet they’re still here :(. I think they are just very easy to write about, they splash pics of themselves everything and they often give more info than you really want or need. You basically have to do very little to feature them in your publication…I’m sure they are also cheaper than real celebs.

        Sometimes magazines create buzz and interest in someone, rather than featuring someone who is in high demand. I mean Kate and John (?) are always on trashy magazine covers, but its not because we want to hear all about them (nobody even looks at their show).

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