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Mariah Carey Explains Her Weight Gain

Mariah-Carey-in-an-All-Black-Outfit - Mariah Carey Explains Her Weight Gain

After months of tabloid-speculation and endless ‘is she or isn’t she…?’, Mariah Carey recently revealed that yes, she is pregnant. The diva says that her weight gain was mostly caused by progesterone:

“I put my body through like a whole kind of cleansing kind of situation and prepared.”

“I had to be on progesterone. I did end up being on progesterone like every month to go through the cycles – especially after going through the operations and stuff.
“And then, you know, because it sort of helps seal the pregnancy, but it also bloats you, it also puts on weight,” she added. “So then everybody was like, ‘Oh the weight gain, she’s definitely pregnant!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, at some point I was.”

… says Mariah in a recent interview.

All the best to her!

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  • Melania

    I am not the biggest Mariah fan, but I do understand why she gained so much weight. Fertilization treatments are very hard on the body and wreak havoc on the metabolism. This is not just regular old pregnancy weight, I wish people would stop being so hard on her. It has to be so heartbreaking to try to get pregnant and not be able to.

  • Sidney

    I don’t have any information on what progesterone does to a body, so for all i know she could be lying through her teeth, but that does sound very reasonable to me. A lot of prescription drugs and supplements mess with your body one way or the other, and she isn’t the youngest to be having a child so i’d actually expect she’d be getting help of some sorts if only to max the odds.

  • mimi

    progesterone is a female hormone and increased levels of it cause weight gain, in some cases more considerable than others. it increases your appetite and makes your body more readily able to store fat. so its normal that she would gain weight if she was on it. i think its kind of sad that she has to explain her weight gain, clearly having a baby is more important to her than vanity and rightly so.

    im really happy for her that she was able to conceive and wish her the best

    • Tara

      ” I think its kind of sad that she has to explain her weight gain”.

      I completely agree with you on that, it makes me sick!

      • chipoltespice

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Priscila

      I agree 🙂

  • Pie

    What does she mean by “Well, at some point I was”? Is she saying she WAS pregnant and opposed to IS pregnant?

    Sorry if this is stupid, but that comment confused me lol

    • Emmanuelle

      I guess she said “was” because fertility treatment doesn’t necessarily succeed in the first place. It is possible that she might have gone through a couple of early stage miscarriages to finally maintain the healthy pregnancy. One of my cousins did IVF, and she went through the same ordeal as well. Anyway, I’m happy for Mariah! 🙂

    • I’d tend to say that she went on hormone treatment for quite a while until it finally worked, and that there’s been quite some time when she had already put the weight on, but hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, and then, peolple were already asking about the weight gain…And after a while, she did get pregnant…

    • AlexD

      from Perez Hilton website:

      “Additionally, Mariah reveals that about two years ago, she suffered a miscarriage as they were getting ready to tell their friends and family the good news that they were expecting over the holidays when they found out she was no longer pregnant.

      “It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult,” says Mariah when speaking about the miscarriage. “When that happened… I wasn’t able to even talk to anybody about it. That was not easy.” “

    • padme

      Don’t worry, I was going to ask the same ‘stupid’ question! lol. I’m guessing she confirmed her current pregnancy at another point in the interview?

  • I’ve never tried to get pregnant (LOL) so I can’t relate but I understand it would be sad when you’re trying and it doesn’t happen so i’m happy for her.

  • Ana

    Mariah has been putting on weight for a while now so i don’t think its all fertility treatment, she has been putting on weight for a few years now. I think she really needs to cover up a bit and she would look so much better, less is more! And this was even before she had gained.

    Wonderful news about the pregnancy 🙂

    • Daniel

      Yeah but fertitility treatment can take years to succeed… My sister was on that for five years, and it never succeed… She finally abandonned. She was a size 4 before the treatment. The progesterone brought her to a size 14 in not even a year. This is normal and not possible to control.

      • Alex

        That must be so sad for her. To lose her body and still not be able to conceive.

  • AlexD

    she came out and said that she had a miscariage about 2 years ago. which is probably why she kept this pregnancy under wraps for so long until she was sure everything was good

  • she looks a little fat ,i think . let us have a look at her child and youth :

    • Daniel

      Hello, she was on progesterone! That’s why she’s so bloated.

      • Don’t mind this comment. It is someone spamming, i’ve seen juicy post this link so many times, with a comment that’s sort of off-topic, it’s quite annoying…

  • Jessie

    “I put my body through like a whole kind of cleansing kind of situation and prepared.” <— Like a whole kind of cleansing kind of….WHAT?? Please. Taking hormones is not considered "cleansing" so what is she talking about? If she's trying to say she ate better and stopped drinking then that's not a cleanse, that's what every woman does when she wants to conceive a healthy, happy child.

  • alana

    i am happy for her, but, if that was me, i would have just called it what it is and adopted. there’s so many children out there who may never have a home that it seems selfish to spend thousands on fertility treatments.