Mariah Carey Explains Her Weight Gain

November 4, 2010 in Mariah Carey, Pregnant Celebrities by Versus

After months of tabloid-speculation and endless ‘is she or isn’t she…?’, Mariah Carey recently revealed that yes, she is pregnant. The diva says that her weight gain was mostly caused by progesterone:

“I put my body through like a whole kind of cleansing kind of situation and prepared.”

“I had to be on progesterone. I did end up being on progesterone like every month to go through the cycles – especially after going through the operations and stuff.
“And then, you know, because it sort of helps seal the pregnancy, but it also bloats you, it also puts on weight,” she added. “So then everybody was like, ‘Oh the weight gain, she’s definitely pregnant!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, at some point I was.”

… says Mariah in a recent interview.

All the best to her!

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