Rachel Bilson

Bikini Treat: Rachel Bilson

FFN_g_51069907 - Bikini Treat: Rachel Bilson

Bikini Treat of the Day: slim and curvy Rachel Bilson, who showed off her fit pear-shaped figure in a bikini on the beach in Barbados this week.

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  • melissa

    she has such a great body. so killer. and makes me feel better about mine because i have similar hips.

  • kiki

    love her body!!
    amazing waist to hip ratio

    • Nobsnob

      She’s got a nice w/h ratio but I don’t get the hype about her overall body…
      Btw she has a cute face and looks fresh!

  • Tigerlily

    Always loved her bust!
    We share the same bodytype and I’m beginning to accept my pear shape, but I think that keeping the curves you can get more toned than that (even if she has a nice body anyway!).

    • Tigerlily

      … as in here

      perfect body imho (and lovely bikini and color on her).

    • jenna

      Me too 🙂
      It’s cool seeing her look so good in these beach pics, because I know it’s pretty much what I look like in bikini too.
      She’s so relaxed and having fun. Makes me want to go to the beach now!

      • Tigerlily

        Same thing here 😀 she looks so confident and well, she should be!

        • k

          I feel the same way! I have a very similar body, except I’m a bit taller – she makes me feel excited to go on vacation soon and show off my little curves (:

  • fructify

    She literally looks 10 years younger

  • Pixie

    She looks great!! 🙂

  • hanna

    nice waist!

  • Hazal

    She looks lovely. Very petite but still curvy.

  • lololol

    wow. just wow!

  • Lisa

    Love her upper body, don’t like her lower body that much.

  • Love Rachel <3 looks like she has gained some tiny amount of weight, but she's still super hot and pretty. Love her curvy yet petite body

  • MissMarilyn

    What an awesome body!!! I think she looks great

  • Andrea

    Always fun to see bikini band lines

    • Andrea

      She looks great btw

  • La la la la

    Wowww! Shes gorgeous! What is on that lady’s shoulder that she’s taking a picture of?!

    • MissMarilyn

      it looks like a monkey 🙂

  • Mishael

    Love her body. Very hot.

  • Natalia

    I personally don’t like her body, she a some cellulite, and I can’t stand cellulite (and no, not everyone has it.) She is pear shaped and I don’t find that attractive. She also doesn’t have any visible muscle definition, looks like she doesn’t work out. And she that same thing that Jessica Alba has, the inner thigh bulge and the outer thigh bulge. She is nowhere as lean as I like, BUT, that being said, I do think the line of her lats to her waist is very pretty. Her hair is also a pretty, natural brown, and she has a pretty tan (even though it’s natural and that’s not smart). She has a cute face, even if she’s not drop dead gorgeous. And she looks healthy and like she’s enjoying herself, and that’s important.

    • c0rinna

      you’re crazy. who the f* analyzes someone’s body like that? from your other posts, i understand you’re quite pleased with the way you look, but you have unrealistically high standards, it must be hard to keep every inch of your body looking the way you think it should.

      • lol

        “you’re crazy. who the f* analyzes someone’s body like that?”

        You obviously haven;t read e rica’s posts then. E rica is much worse. calling women for not having the right body shape and not being “womanly” “feminine” or “soft” enough. at least natalia doesn’t pretend to put something nice on the end to make herself look good.

        • jane

          Both of you are ridiculous and out of line. This is a site devoted to analyzing women’s bodies. Both Erica and Natalia have the right to state in detail what they like and don’t like about people’s bodies. That’s the whole point of the site. If you want to focus on her personality or her health, don’t go on this site.

          • serena

            Agreed, it is annoying how the threads are always clogged up with arguing, it went from light-hearted celeb gossip to constant bickering. It is funny how people here will get into heated arguments over how much a stranger weighs or what size they are 😀

          • c0rinna

            i didn’t say she doesn’t have the right to do it. i just said that paying so much attention to small details isn’t healthy. it’s one thing to notice the shape of a body, to comment on either she looks in shape or not, if she gained or not, if you like someone at a certain weight better, but seriously…the inner thigh bulge and the outer thigh bulge? i didn’t say she was rude, i only said that i find it weird how she notice every single detail of a woman’s body and that i think she might be quite hard on herself as well and that can’t be a good thing.

        • Hazal

          @Lol: Wow, stalking much? You are obsessed with Erica, aren’t you? Get a life!

          • artemis

            haha, true.

    • Raquel100

      Natalia, you know what makes Rachel Bilson look even more beautiful in these photos than she already is?? Her HAPPINESS, her JOIE DE VIVRE! Being natural, relaxed, having FUN! Do you really, really want to live this way?? Criticizing other women’s features and picking on their flaws that are only perceptible to you?? Every day on this planet could be your last – look what just happened in Boston!! Get off your high horse bc no matter how attractive you are or think you are, your obsessive, critical, judgemental attitude only makes you less attractive. Look at Rachel – happy & free – you may not approve of the shape of the back of her thighs, but I promise you, her attitude in these photos is what you need to focus on aspiring to have.

      • jane

        This is a site devoted to analyzing women’s bodies. People have the right to focus on the small details of what they like and don’t like about various figures. That’s the whole point of the site. If you want to focus on her joie de vivre, don’t come to a site focused on WEIGHT and body shape.

        It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s assessment of a celebrity body, but it’s another thing to attack people for stating their body-related opinions. That’s the whole point of this site — please get it that through your head.

        • swissmiss

          I completely agree!

        • cara

          If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen ….She’s calling someone else out and your calling her out….funny if you look at it that way.

    • avelyn

      you really shouldn’t criticse someone for their body type, they can’t help it if they’re a pear, apple, ruler, etc. i’m 5″3 and I guess you’d say about me “too short, should be taller’? yeah, i’ll just click my magic heels and gain 5 inches and rachel can wish on a star and be a size 2 hourglass amazon. SMDH

      • swissmiss

        Ok this is a reply to all the commenters above concerning natalias post. Natalia has made some very harsh comments in the past and I didn’t like them at all. But her latest posts didn’t seem condescending to me anymore. She just states her opinion as we all do on this site.

        After all, this side is created to discuss body types. From a moral point of view it is very questionable. We all comment here and therefore aren’t any better than Natalia. I’ve seen much worse post here than hers. Like Kate Uptons “gross breasts” or her “disgusting stomach area”. But nobody called these commenters out. I do not share n.’s opinions about the female body at all, but you should stop insulting her for pointing out her opinion.
        Also, mentioning Boston and a certain high horse… If you think about Boston, what are you doing on this site then? You are absolutely right, maybe we should all think about what is important in life and how we spend our time! But how do you feel like giving advise about meaning in life and what not, given the fact that you like to spend your time on a website made to critizise other women’s bodies?

    • April

      You know, more likely than not, “natalia” is really some super awesome (but secretly fugly) person trying to p*ss you ladies off, right? And she gets a kick outof it.

    • Soho

      There is nothing ‘not smart’ about a natural tan. The sun is where we get vitamin D. And tanning beds have a lot higher risks of skin cancer, wrinkles and increased aging. I’m not saying you can’t over tan you can. But her skin/tan look healthy. I think she is very pretty.

    • Sarah

      There is nothing ‘not smart’ about a natural tan. The sun is where we get vitamin D. And tanning beds have a lot higher risks of skin cancer, wrinkles and increased aging. I’m not saying you can’t over tan you can. But her skin/tan looks healthy.
      Also you don’t need to be lean to be attractive or healthy. And you don’t need muscle definition or muscle tone either. And that bulge in the inner thigh is one of the most feminine parts of a woman.
      I think she is very pretty.

      • KIO

        AMEN. This obsession with looking as lean as possible or looking like a VS model. Who t f can train like those models do in order to look like that? No women, girl who has a job, kids, school can train more than an hour per day…AND men do prefer women with some meat on their bones and some curves. I know so many who don’t understand why girls obsess about looking skinny when in their eyes it looks like a boy. AND Rachel is gorgeous! she is looking young happy and healthy. She is also looking that young for her age because she probably never crash dieted or needed to restrict calories or needed to train like a crazy person. ALSO VITAMIN D IS A HORMONE, which we need for I MEAN EVERYTHING in our body. People unfortunately think the sun is the devil, when its pure energy that our bodies need….

    • Sarah

      There is nothing not smart about a natural tan. The sun is where we get vitamin D. And tanning beds have a lot higher risks of skin cancer, wrinkles and increased aging. I’m not saying you can’t over tan you can. But her skin/tan looks healthy.
      Also you don’t need to be lean to be attractive or healthy. And you don’t need muscle definition or muscle tone either. And that bulge in the inner thigh is one of the most feminine parts of a woman.
      I think she is very pretty.

  • deppfan

    She’s very pretty and adorable and sexy at the same time.

    • Raquel100

      Agreed! I could totally picture her being every guy’s dream girl!

  • Lau

    I wouldn’t want to have her body, but that’s just my taste.

  • Sophia

    Is that a so called hip dip I see?

    • HB

      What’s a hip dip?

      Her body looks fantastic!

      • Aafje

        I thought a hip dip was an exercise?

        • MissMarilyn

          i thought so too 😛

      • serena

        Hip dips are when fat is stored in upper thigh area, causing the hips to dip in a little and be narrower than upper thigh (Erin Heatherton). Rachel has saddlebags, which is when fat is stored on the hips directly. Saddlebags are common in Pears and hip dips in Skittles, that’s one easy way to distinguish those 2 similar shapes (i’m a skittle so self-conscious about my hips lol).

        • HB

          Ohh. It looks like it’s right on her hip– maybe the swim suit cutting in makes it look lower?

  • Stace

    I had no clue she had such an incredible body!

  • Megan

    Erm… well she looks way better than the woman behind her. Those saddlebags though make her legs look stumpy. If I were her I’d build some muscle & lose some fat. lol, or just get lipo directly in the area 😉

    • Tigerlily

      Lipo? Seriously?

      • Megan

        ” lol & ;)” not enough for you to make your own deduction?

        • Tigerlily

          I just don’t get the irony of jokingly suggest a lipo to a normally weighted girl 😐

          • HB

            I believe that *is* the irony 🙂

          • Megan

            That’s because the remark wasn’t using irony…Are you being serious, or trolling?

            People joke about getting lipoing instead of exercising all the time.

  • Tisha

    so jealous of her tiny waist and cute bum. She has an incredible shape imo. Is she a pear?
    lol I thought she and Hayden were no longer together…

  • Puppe

    Oh fun in the sun and water 🙂 she looks very young, cute.

  • Tally

    Any picture of her from the side, (like the fourth) could seriously be a picture of myself. Our profiles r identical! Nice bod but im not really a fan of her legs

  • CK

    beautiful girl with great body, she in good shape and does a good job maintaining the same weight (i think we saw her in a swimsuit on this site a year or 6 months ago, looked the same).

  • Natalia

    Yeah, I think this is her natural body type and that she is not fighting it, and she looks as though she is fine w/ that, embracing what she has.

  • shayek

    Okay her body ROCKS! It’s so natural yet really sexy and feminine, not too much muscle tone but curvy and not fake or too tiny boobs, she rocks!

  • carrie

    very “hippy” probably 5’2 125ish.

    • mary

      carrie, you always overestimate everyone’s weight by atleast 10 lb. there is no way this girl is more than 115 (which isn’t that small at her tiny height)

      • Tigerlily

        I agree. Remember she is 5’1″!

      • kateuk

        Yeah, I agree with 115lb.

      • Sanne

        I even think 115 is on the higher side. I think it’s more around 110.

        • jackie

          I’d say 105… since she’s so short! plus she’s got a very small frame!

        • serena

          If 5’1 then I’d guess 110 lbs based on someone I know who looks so much like this it’s scary. I think 105 is too low because she’s not skinny, she’s got curves even though she’s petite overall, and people need to realize that as you get smaller each individual pound makes more of a difference (it’s more like 3 lbs/inch than 5 lbs/inch).

          • Mila

            I’m also 5’1” and I’m 125lbs, but I look heavier than her.
            She’s probably around 105-110lbs.

  • Winnie

    i love her body, she’s always had such a cute little figure! and she’s so darn adorable! is that a normal thing for a twenty year-old to say about someone in their thirties? lol

  • Fatme

    WOW, there’s no other word to describe her body!

  • mary

    Classic pear shape…she looks good and has a cute face but her body is not my cup of tea

  • siennagold

    She’s a fit pear-shaped woman

  • lc

    She’s so cute. I love her face and her style.

  • She looks really good. She’s a very classic, strong pear shape – she’s at a good weight for it too. I think pear’s can easily look too thin up top when they try to keep their weight very low to keep their legs/hips as slim as possible – they look better like this with a little more weight, imo. Then they don’t look too thin anywhere and the WHR is more dramatic.

    I’ve barely seen her in anything, though – what is she best known for (other than being Hayden Christensen’s long-term GF)?

    • lillaliket

      she played Summer in O.C for years – which I think is what she is most known for – and she has the lead role in a current CW show called Hart of Dixie.

      • Thanks, never watched The O.C. and I haven’t heard of Hart of Dixie. So, it’s no wonder I really only know her from this site!

        • Clarissa

          She was also in New York, I Love You. I think it was her only memorable film.

  • Nikki

    Awkward tan line, but amazing figure!!

  • PMS

    Living proof that nothing makes a woman sexier than a huge smile and a happy, carefree attitude. Love these pics!

    • Julie

      I agree. It is great to see her having fun on the beach and smiling so big, and it makes her natural beauty glow to see her great attitude. Makes her look even hotter!

    • Indigo Lace


  • Veronique

    Gorgeous body! I really prefer her body type to ruler shapes like myself, I’m jealous!

  • retrobanana

    she has a great bod one of my fave little bods..she is adorable:) such a great waist and cute hips her and nicole richie are a pair of cuties id be so jelly of!!!!

  • retrobanana

    omg carrie…u seriously think she weighs 125..she is like 5’2

  • AnnieC

    Va va voom! What a hottie! She must draw men to her like flies to honey.

  • Emeline

    Except her legs, her body is nice

  • JaneParker

    Wow. This kind of makes me want to be a pear. Amazing body!

  • snugglepup

    I dig the deep skinned lady in the back.

  • Debbs

    Looks good from the hips up. I like better proportioned bodies.

  • Emilia

    oh i love her body.its soo sexy and natural.its not perfect and thats why it actually is.It makes me also feel better because i have the same body shape.i also dont like bodys whre like everything seems to be perfectly toned to me it just i dont know then u notice more like mistakes.here u look at her body and just think damn thats beautiful!Ifi would have to choose between her body and a VS-Model body i always wold go with this one!

  • binks

    I think Rachel is adorable with a hot body. She proves you can be tiny and pack a punch.

  • Amatevi

    Wow what a WHR! I totally forgot about candice’s post when I saw this. Even though I love Candice! Pear shapes are so natural and beautiful!

  • Isabel

    I would choose her over Hayden any day, lol.

  • neutra

    In regards to her body, and to quote Crazy Stupid Love, “she’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute.” I’m straight but I just want to squeeze that azz!

    • neutra

      (on another website they posted her from behind and i had major butt envy!)

  • Great bod! She’s gained a little since last time, but still slim and gorgeous! 5’2 and 100-105 ish?

  • Dani

    I LOVE Rachel Bilson. She’s beautiful, fresh looking and always looks like she’s genuinely happy. She has a nice body and she seems like she’d be the type of girl you could be best friends with. I always favored Summer over Marissa 🙂

  • solaxia

    She has such a gorgeous figure! Love everything about it! Cute, sexy, curvy and slim! Those pics someone posted of her mum are gorgeous too. Her mum has wonderful hair!

  • serena

    Rachel is cute, looks youthful (must be nice skin), her figure is a petite pear which is nice because she has curves but not too much which can be overwhelming on a petite frame. also soooo excited for beach weather here 😀

  • Splenda

    I would guess if she’s 5’2″ that she weighs between 105-110. I have a similar build…although after having children my waist is not as small as it used to be even though my weight hasn’t changed.

  • Cindy

    She looks cute. I find this body type looks good when you are young but as you get into your thirties and in some cases earlier it changes and your bottom half gets wider. Seen it happen so many times. I always wished I had bigger hips and a guy said to me big hips look cute when you are in your teens into your 20’s but after that it just not so cute.

    • Tea

      Hmm if anything I think it’s the opposite, that some women get more top heavy as they age. My mum used to be more skittle shaped like me, but as she’s gotten older she’s lost a lot of muscle in her legs, which are thin now, and waists obviously expand a bit with pregnancies. And women start to store a lot more fat around the middle as they get older, butts tend to get flatter etc. But it’s different for everyone I guess.

      • kateuk

        Tea, you are right. As women age, they tend to gain more around the middle. My mother used to be a pear shape like myself when she was in her 20’s. Now in her 50’s, she got slim legs and a thicker top half with big boobs. She used to be a 34B, now she’s a 36D!

        • Sophie

          Yeah my mum too! She’s a small pear (like me) and now she is suddenly like more apple!? It’s weird. She’s had 3 kids and is 60 so, I guess changes occur.

  • lizzy

    love her body! what a tiny waist! she seems to have a longer torso and shorter legs. she is adorable regardless, minor details.

  • serena

    Just realized she’s taking a picture of her friends with a cute little monkey, how adorable ^_^

  • D

    I actually really like her body, I find pear shape to be very attractive though. Plus I like her small, perky bust… its cute.

  • Chloe

    I love everything about Rachel Bilson (goes back to my O.C. TV watching days). Her figure looks phenomenal, love her whr and as many commenters wrote I would never guess she was 31.

  • sashal

    weird how almost everyone on this site drags Beyonce but praises her body. I’m no fan of either honestly, she has stumpy legs and serious saddlebags.

    • Lau

      Agreed. But most people on this site think COMPLETELY different than I do. Hehe.

    • Megan

      I sincerly think some of it is sincerely veiled racism. Like the person that said she talked ghetto, she grew up in the suburbs, a pretty nice one too.

      And then I also think people identify with Bilson’s body and want to praise her to so they feel better.

      But yeah, beyonce has thick, shapely legs. Bilson has huge saddlebags, lots of cellulite & no shape, they just taper.

      • sashal

        yep, you are probably right, since these commenters seem to hate rihanna as well.

      • i_stan_for_no_one

        not sure if i would cry racism just yet. it could be that beyonce and rihanna are way overexposed and are constantly thrusting themselves in front of flashing cameras and try to hard to be edgy/controversial while Rachel Bilson is more low key and seems more oblivious of her beauty which makes her more likeable. whew! what a run-on sentence.

      • serena

        Lol so you’re making fun of tiny Rachel for her saddlebags but praising Beyonce, who also has saddlebags, plus chunky legs and huge hips? Yeah it must be racism…it can’t be that people prefer slim figures which is why Zoe Saldana is praised and Jessica Simpson is mocked. Btw people praise Rihanna’s figure, just not her behavior (for obvious reasons lol).

        • Megan

          Find me some pics of Beyonce with a mound of fat sticking out of the side of her leg. You can’t, she doesn’t have saddlebags, her fat is stored evenly, not in bulges. removed&

          • serena

            hey I’m not denying Rachel has saddlebags (most pear women do). But the rest of her legs are thin. Whereas Beyonce also gains on her hips, and then her legs are chunky to boot. I’d rather have a bit of extra fat on my hips and slim legs than uniformly chunky legs, but I guess it’s personal preference.

          • kateuk

            Rachel looks great, as does Beyonce, and they are both variations of the pear shape, but they do store their fat differently. I think Beyonce has a slightly more even fat distribution than Rachel. Rachel has more fat at the top of her thighs, although Beyonce’s thighs are thicker overall. Beyonce is also short waisted while Rachel is long waisted.

      • Sophie

        Omg Megan you’re a fool. So people appreciate a smaller, curvier shape and suddenly we’re delluding ourselves? Um, God forbid we think she looks nice! Not everyone agrees with your taste, doesn’t mean we are lying.

    • Tea

      Well, I think it’s pretty easy to see why some people would prefer Rachel’s body to Beyonce’s. Apart from falling into the same broad pear shape category, their bodies are not that similar at all. Rachel is quite small boned whereas Beyonce has medium to large bone structure. Rachel’s legs, although they don’t look great here, are actually slim and shapely, with nice knees, whereas Beyonce’s, although they are strong looking and toned, are just thicker altogether. When Rachel’s saddlebags are covered, you wouldn’t know she was a pear shape because her legs often actually appear very slim. Rachel has a super nipped in waist whereas on Beyonce the curve seems more gradual. Rachel also seems to have a higher breast to overall body size ratio, imo. Although, Beyonce’s legs seem relatively longer compared to her body than Rachel’s do, so that’s one thing she’s got over Rachel.

  • Em

    Wow, she looks HOT!

  • Jennifer

    Petite, in-shape pears are hot as evidenced in these pics!

  • cameron baum

    She has a super cute body

  • artemis

    nice body, i liked her even more at other times..

    also, sun damage…gross

  • anonymous

    Thunder thighs and short, stubby legs.