Body Comparisons, Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush

Body and Style: Sophia Bush Versus Rachel Bilson!

body-and-style-sophia-bush-versus-rachel-bilson - Body and Style: Sophia Bush Versus Rachel Bilson!

Yet another batch of non-blondes in a competition: Sophia Bush and Rachel Bilson. Sophia’s got a little more meat on her figure, but Rachel is rocking the petite look.

Bottom line: they’ve got the looks, they’ve got the hot bods, they’ve got the style. But yeah, we all prefer one of them. Who’s your favorite? Sophia Bush Versus Rachel Bilson!

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  • Pid

    I find Sophia Bush plain and not pretty, and Rachel really ugly. I think she has a pirania face.

  • beckley

    Is there any other choice like Alexi Bledel? Anyways, I’ll just pick Sophia coz she looks normal than that garden gnome!

  • b.SL

    I think Rachel is adorable!

  • Shannon

    Sophia’s flats did it for me it’s simple yet chic IMO ,although Rachel has great style that outfit would have been better with nicer shoes!

  • sophia bush is my fav.

  • Hannah

    i like both but i think i prefer Sophia

  • bm

    rachel for sure.

  • Elena

    Deff Rachel!!

  • B

    Rachel is BEAUTIFUl.. sophia is not.

  • Ariel

    RACHEL definitely

  • Lay

    Rachel..left looks really washed out and a bit on the heavy side.. plus I dont like the lefts legs. remind me of tube legs.. or absence of shape.

  • gem

    rachel .i love the petite look!

  • scott

    sophia. she looks good. that other girl looks like she packed on makeup. the colours hurt my eyes

  • D

    I prefer Rachel’s style but Sophia looks amazing in anything and everything (probably in nothing too) and is absolutely beautiful.

  • claudie

    hello??is this comp serious? even if you picked some not related pics (like here rachel is at some premiere nand sophia like coming from lax) sophia bush has that range of beauty who shouts CLASSICCCC form head to toe,while rachel is just cute-sophia can win any time she wants