Anna Faris, Rachel Bilson

Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

175024162_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

Actresses Kat Dennings (27), Anna Faris (36) and Rachel Bilson (31) all showed up at the CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party in Los Angeles this week.

Who looked best?

175029165_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

175027861_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

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175024552_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175024553_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175027814_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel  175027876_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175027878_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175029134_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel  175029166_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175029170_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175032038_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175032039_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel 175032210_10 - Celebs and Dresses at the TCA Party: Kat, Anna & Rachel

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  • karla

    Love Rachel

  • wonderwoman21

    All their dresses are pretty awful. Kat looks best from the three.

  • Calia

    Kat is absurdly beautiful. Her face is total art to me and she is so voluptuous

  • aline

    Kat is so pale that my eyes hurt,she looks so voluptuous tough!

    • MerryHappy

      … does it actually physically cause you pain viewing her skin in contrast to another celebrity, or are you just making a joke at her skins expense?
      If it actually ‘hurts’, then sorry, life must be difficult, since there are way lighter complexions–and just things in general–than Kat’s skin around the world. Have you seen a doctor about it/have eye sensitivities?
      If you’re making a joke, then i politely ask you to revisit your first world, westernized construct of beauty of tan being the only acceptable skin tone, since the advent of the industrial revolution, where the poor got pale and sickly in factories, and the rich got to spend their leisure time on beaches, creating a culture that celebrates tanning (very paraphrased history, sorry). If it’s because it’s ‘healthy’, there’s nothing healthy about getting skin cancer to try to be ‘healthy.’
      Sorry, I’m more pale than Kat and i love my skin, but there’s always someone telling me to ‘get a tan’ or to use chemicals to paint myself darker. I think everyone looks best with their natural skin tone, from zooey deschanel to iman, there isnt one shade, and no one should be snide to anyone about color. I just hate the promotion of one color of skin as beautiful, it disenfranchises us as women and sets a standard so most people can be unhappy about being ‘too dark’ or ‘too light’ because they’re not represented in media as beautiful or having value.
      sorry for the rant.

      • Sophie

        This. I’m also very pale and I love my skin tone, but everybody’s always telling me to go to the beach and get a tan. I don’t want to, I don’t like it and I’ll spend the whole summer in skirts anyway because I don’t care!

        • wonderwoman21

          Stay smart and stay out of the sun! Very light skin wasnt made to tan. I constantly tell my boyfriend to keep his irish hide out of the sun and he just wont listen because he wants to be tan :/

          Very pale skin reminds me of the Renaissance-style Venuses and it is silly to endanger your health for rigid aesthetics.

          • Leah

            agreed. my whole family is crazy pale, and my aunts and grandmother are all paying the price now for having spent too much time in the sun. i’m in spf 45 all year round and proud of it 🙂

      • Miss

        .. wow

      • MerryHappy

        I’m very passionate about colorism (rather than racism since it’s a multi-ethic standard).
        @Sophie-i won’t tan. Nothing will make me. Just like I’d never pressure anyone to bleach their skin, i just think it’s tasteless and disgusting to pressure someone or devalue them based on color.
        I definitely didn’t mean to get so soap boxy on svc lol.

        • Sophie

          I get enough Vitamine D without having the need to go to the beach and tan. I’m portuguese, so I have sun all year round. Everyday after lunch I have my coffee outdoors and I get the sun. I love the sun and you won’t see me getting away from it, I just don’t feel the need to put on my bikini and bake in the sun like my friends do. I don’t tan even if I wanted to, because I’m very, very fair skinned. I have french ancestors, from the north of the country, and I guess I just henerited their skin tone. When I was younger I would use self tanner, but now I really don’t see the need. Society may say I need to be tanned to be beautiful, but it also says I have to be tall but I’m 5’2 and there’s nothing I can do about it.

          • Leanna

            I absoluteliy agree with u. I live far up in the northern part of Norway atm, and the sun disappears for 4 months during winter. Sometimes I go to the tanning salon, laying there fully dressed cause its so freakin cold, only to have 6 minutes of fake sun. I dont do it to get a nice color, but it really helps on my mood. Going around feeling like u constantly have a bag over your head can be pretty depressive 🙁

            Point is, when the sun finally shows up, people undress, and they dont wear sunscreen. I was shocked when I noticed. The argument they make is that they live in darkness for half a year, which is a paradox, cause thats exactly the reason for why they should wear sunscreen.

            I’ve noticed there’s a difference between the nothern and southern parts of Norway, but the difference is that people in the south goes further south (Spain, France, Turkey etc) during sommer, coming home looking like lobsters.

          • Soph

            Sophie – I’m 5’2 and pale as well and I usually go by the username of Sophie, guess I’ll be choosing a different one from now on!

            But just wanted to say – I don’t think society really tells you you need to be tall… maybe the fashion world but really other than that I’ve never felt any pressure to be tall

      • Catherine

        I’m guessing you get your Vitamin D from fortified food or supplements then? While I agree with your point about the cultural reasons for skin tone preference, there really is a connection between getting a tan and being healthy: Vitamin D production! Of course, people must take into account their susceptibility to skin cancer as well. But I’ve heard of some people who never go out in the sun without sunscreen, and it’s not because they have increased skin cancer risk and therefore should be taking care; it’s because they are afraid even some sensible sun exposure will give them skin cancer, due to some media scare mongering probably. Clearly, burning is not good and should be avoided. But some time spent in the sun, producing some tanning, is actually damn healthy. Say no to rickets 😉

        • MerryHappy

          Everyone, unless they’re applying sun screen every 2 hours or never leave their houses, gets at least 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure, which is all it takes for absorption most studies have said. Even with a facial moisturizer with spf and bb cream with high spf, they all wear off quickly, so i know i get enough. I don’t believe for a minute the tanning billboards that claim to fill me with vitamin d. I don’t think we should have to go out of our way to achieve any skin tone, that’s kind of counter to what i was saying. I feel like normal exposure, with protection, is good. I don’t think anyone should live with a parasol and sun bonnet or lay on a tanning bed trying to achieve whatever the media tells us is sexy/beautiful/of value. I think what’s natural for us is best. I’m not naturally tan, I’m not going to try to be tan. I physically don’t get very tan. I don’t think anyone needs to not be tan if that’s their natural coloring, or dark if that’s their natural coloring. I feel like you missed my point. The whole point is breaking away from set color roles, like pale being innocent/classy in Korea, and tan being sexy and healthy in the us. There are healthy people, sexy people, and classy people of all colors.

          • Tea

            Exactly! People don’t need to go and lie out in the midday sun to get their daily vitamin D requirements. Really, unless you live very far north or south, you don’t need to go chasing the sun the majority of the time. It says on the back of most sunscreens that the sunscreen is not 100% protection anyway and the manufacturers don’t advise you to stay out in strong sun for long periods of time. I live in a temperate climate and in summer, literally 5 minutes a day before 9am or after 5pm is enough. In Winter I have to actually make an effort to get some sun, as it’s often overcast and the UV index is only around 2-3 instead of 11-14 in Summer. Where I live it’s advisable to get 2-3 hours of sun a week in Winter, which I would generally get from exercising outdoors or just sitting outside with my forearms and face exposed for 15 min.

            Anyway, Kat is what I would call an unconventional beauty. She’s definitely striking.

          • serena

            Actually a ton of people have Vitamin D deficiencies which can result in problems like osteoporosis. Especially ethnic minorities with dark skin who require more sun and have trouble synthesizing it. That’s why many women take D supplements. I think it’s important to wear sunscreen but we hardly need to shun the sun. I’m not advocating tanning booths, just healthy outdoors time. Lack of sunlight can make people very depressed and mess up sleep cycle. Porcelain-skinned people do need to take more care. I have olive skin that never burns and even with UVA/UVB protection I still tan pretty easily…so idk if sunscreen really works that well though I always use it.

          • Catherine

            Not really, I told you I actually agree with your point about people thinking some skin tones are more beautiful than others, and the things they choose to associate with those skin tones. I was merely addressing the fact that some people look at pale people and think they need sun to be healthy. They are correct, because sensible sun exposure is important (I tried to stress sensible . . . creating a light tan, not burnished mahogany). Unfortunately, while you may think people are getting enough sunlight, low Vitamin D levels and also possibly the increased prevalence of myopia seem to suggest otherwise. Like I said, sensible sun exposure is the way to go. It’s more the culture of fear of the sun that can result from the media’s sensationalizing that I’m addressing. Then I read about infants with low Vitamin D levels, and children who aren’t allowed out in the sun, and I feel a bit 🙁
            While the cultural aspect is important to discuss, I think people tend to emphasize looks>health, and well, I thought I should draw attention to it. You don’t know what your Vitamin D levels are unless you get them tested, and even then, given different polymorphisms, you will need to interpret them. Shrug.

          • MerryHappy

            I find it ridiculous to not let a kid play outside! 🙁 that makes me sad. Everyday going to work i pass a downtown preschool, and their ‘outdoor’ play area is an indoor room with bars and no sun. I feel like playing outside is important, not just for vitamin d, but because of encouraging imaginative play! Being outside won’t ‘kill’ us, we just have to be sensible, as you said, about it. The media definitely is creating a fear of sun exposure among other things, and then pokes fun at people like Giselle when they point out some of the ingredients cause cancer. She didn’t go about it the best way, but there’s a valid point in her argument. I joke rather morbidly with friends I’m going to die of cancer no matter what, anyway.

      • Jello
        • MerryHappy

          There are far more clever responses than trying to explain to me the definition of a word i already comprehend, if that’s your intention.

      • aline

        Woow sorry I didnt bother to read all of your reply because I was busy with being amazed by the fact you guys have all this energy and time to spend on deciding to get offended by which comment and actually start a novel about it.just take a chill pill and relax there is nothing wrong with pale skin.

    • ebby

      i personally don’t see a huge difference between Kat’s complexion and the complexions of the other women pictured. She doesn’t look that pale to me.

      • MerryHappy

        Honestly neither do i. They’re all rather fair skinned. Anna is more tanned. But there is no gigantic difference that should hurt anyone….

    • Winnie

      i think Kat has great skin! smooth, even complexion, no discoloration, etc. her skin tone is completely uniform, even on the areas where people’s skin tends to be darker (knees and elbows). i totally envy that, so she’s winning in my book!

    • Beckers

      Only on SVC could there be such a lengthy debate about a light hearted comment.

  • energydrink

    I love Kat’s pale skin, eyes and general shape.

    I like Rachel and Anna too, they all look good to me in spite of being completely different. 🙂

  • MerryHappy

    I will never not see Anna as Britney spears…. Just the face and frightened camera smiles. She’s pretty but the resemblance is insane. They’re all beautiful but the dresses… Meh.

    • Carla

      Anna played a Britney Spears type character in the movie Just Friends, they do look pretty similar.

  • Duemilatredici

    i love kate, she’s an extraordinairy beauty! the fair skin works for her imo. the other two are meh

  • I love Kat Dennings! She’s gorgeous. 2 Broke Girls got old really quick though 🙁

  • mary

    Kat has such a voluptuous womanly figure…she is very sexy. I usually prefer thinner more athletic bodies but i think she looks great. also like the porcelain skin…far more lovely than leather faced tanning bed girls

  • Jenn

    Lovelovelove Kat! I most definitely have a girl crush on her

  • Marie

    kat’s my girl crush as well. I just love love her! she is so hot and definitely would make out with her lol 😀
    yet I think there are celebrities (not many) more beautiful than her but she just has such a special appeal, I can’t even explain

  • Bubimir

    Mine 3 🙂 Looove her fair skin and her feminine body in general… I like that she is sorta anti Holywood… feels refreshining…

    I am very fair skinned as well, wear 50+ SPF all through the summer and although I am constantly being “reminded” by people how white I am I wouldn’t change it for a world… Jesus, people can really be booooring! 🙂

  • serena

    I think Rachel is prettiest – not a fan of her shoes but she always looks cute. Never found Kat attractive; normally love full lips but her upper lip is swollen with no dip and lipstick is a dull color. Not sure who Anna is but yellow is a good color for her.

    • Winnie

      you just described exactly what i hate about Scarlet Johanssen’s lips. and they both do the lipliner outside the lip line thing even though they absolutely do not need to because they already have full lips. she and Scarlet remind me of one another but i’ve always thought Kat to be exponentially better looking (not to mention underrated) in comparison to Scarlet

      • serena

        I genuinely don’t find Kat attractive – but I think Scarlett is quite pretty, and yes I see the similarity. Something about Kat’s face looks fish-like to me, her nose is bulbous, lips are oddly shaped (no cupid’s bow?), brownish lips are unflattering (red or pink suit porcelain skin). I feel like because Kat isn’t skinny, blonde and tanned like many celebrities, she stands out and so people latch onto her. Like you said she’s always smirking – compare to Rachel who is always smiling and cute as a button, though not as overtly sexy.

        • lc

          I agree with everything you said serena, Kat does look fish-ish or something. Something off about her face I never liked, and thus I never thought her to be attractive either. And I also usually like full lips, but hers are fake though anyway, so I’ve heard. Idk though. I also agree with you that people like her because she doesn’t have a typical “Hollywood” look. I find Scarlett to be much prettier than Kat also.

        • Winnie

          “her nose is bulbous, lips are oddly shaped (no cupid’s bow?)”

          same with Scarlet, i’ve always found her lips to be “fishy” lmao! i can why you’d think that of Kat though, she has big bulgy eyes that can definitely be described as “fishy”. anyway, i do agree with you on one thing, Scarlet is “prettier”, but i still think Kat is better looking. i know it probably doesn’t make sense but something about her makes her more attractive to me. i feel like Kat is what my grandmother would call a “handsome” woman. good-looking, but not in the uber-femme dainty way that most people are considered pretty.

          • lc

            Hm, to me, a handsome woman would be like, Jennifer Connelly or Katie McGrath. Kat has a feminine look compared to those two, but I can see what you’re trying to say. Idk, her face is a little “odd” to me, and I think instead of big eyes, Scarlet actually has smoldering, cat-ish ones. That’s just me though lol.

    • snoops

      I used to think Kat was super pretty till my other half watched some 2 broke girls with me and said she “grossed him out”. When I asked why he pointed out her lips being strange (maybe its the lipliner she wears around her mouth?) and her eyes being “bulgy”. I cant unsee it now. I still think she is okay, but not as pretty as before I looked too closley :/

  • Lydia

    kat should stop wearing the same color lipstick i wore in middleschool, yuck

  • lc

    Rachel looks great!

  • La la la la

    i think anna’s body is the nicest. kat has this serious ‘tude that i just can’t get past. she would be pretty if she didn’t sneer so much.

    • Winnie

      lmao you’re so right about Kat’s sneering expression. all her red-carpet pics are like this. she has this condescending “i’m too good for this” expression on her face. i still think she is a knock-out though

  • Kirsten

    Kat Denning is a total stunner! She is so beautiful.

  • Winnie

    Kat is a goddess. she has such a classically sexy silhouette, and a beautiful face. Anna has always bored me look-wise, but she is funny. i don’t think i’ll ever have anything bad to say about Rachel. love her.

  • Isabel

    I think that rachel has the best body, but somehow she hides it behind long yds of cloth. Kat also looks great, pale women should remain pale and make the best out of their skin. Anna looks meh.

  • Carla

    Love all the looks from the pale Kat she’s beautiful, to Anna cute/fun and she’s hilarious to Rachel she’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute. Yes I stole that last line from a movie 😉

  • TruthHurtsDonut

    They all look like sheet TBTH.

  • Camelia

    Kat reminds me of a lot of sexy, beautiful actresses in the 90s, like Winona and Sherrilyn Fenn and Jennifer Connelly who had this brunette, natural, fair skin thing. Now so many stars just whittle their bodies down, have plastic surgery and darken then skin/lighten their hair.
    Kat looks so sexy and comfortable in her own skin (as she should). She is, as someone said earlier, a goddess.

  • Camelia

    Kat reminds me of a lot of sexy, beautiful actresses in the 90s, like Winona and Sherrilyn Fenn and Jennifer Connelly who had this brunette, natural, fair skin thing. Now so many stars just whittle their bodies down, have plastic surgery and darken then skin/lighten their hair.
    Kat looks so sexy and comfortable in her own skin (as she should). She is, as someone said earlier, a goddess.

    • Winnie

      omg Sherilyn Fenn oozed old Hollywood femme fatale to me. she reminded me of Hedy Lamarr. the thing about her is, a lot of her appeal depended on how she was styled. Ginnifer Goodwin looks a lot like her, actually

  • D

    Just as it isnt right to make comments about darker complexions, making comments about pale complexions is equally as rude/hurtful. God forbid her natural complexion is light and she doesnt do something to alter it such as spray tanning, fake and bake or sitting out in the sun for hours upon hours to fit a society ideal which is a dangerous one at that more often then not.
    I think Kat is really beautiful, her boobs of course… and her complexion is so clear and pretty with minimal concealer/face makeup by the looks of it.
    Anna looks great, cant believe she is 36 – she is hilarious and so damn cute.
    Rachel is very meh and blah to me in every sense of the word blah.

  • Emily

    Kat is stunning. But Anna Faris is 36?!?! The hell I thought she was like 25

    • Camelia

      Anna Faris absolutely looks like she’s in her 30s, like Britney does and like I am myself. Except I worked out the super blonde fringe and dark eye make up that looks great in your early 20s doesn’t really work- age wise or fashion wise- ten years on!

  • binks

    Kat has a hot little figure and she is very pretty, I think people underrate her looks wise but she stands out against majority of the women in her age bracket in Hollywood.

  • Leighton

    I really don’t like any of the dresses, but I would say Kat’s face( she’s soo pretty!!), Rachel’s dress, and the shoes from Anna.
    God I love Kat!

  • kat

    wow i love kat’s hair and pale skin, so pretty

  • KC

    I guess I’m one of the only one’s that doesn’t find Kat attractive at all. I think it’s just because I can’t get past the fact she looks almost exactly like someone I knew in university who was just a gross, gross person. I actually like Kat’s personality but her looks just…I don’t know.

    The other two look cute, like usual. Anna is finally starting to look a bit older in the face though.

  • talia

    My god, there is something just so attractive about kat. I hope she doesn’t sink in the hollywood mind and lose weight to fit in a size 2. She looks the best out of the three, so womanly and soft. I always thought someone super tone and slim would look best but boy was i wrong! I don’t think it’s necessary to spend hours at the gym and eat restrictively, unless you enjoy it! She looks so healthy and gorgeous!

  • solaxia

    Kat looks awesome! A smile wouldn’t go astray though imo =/. Love her skin, it is so smooth and creamy looking! She has a fantastic shape as well, and the breasts aren’t too overdone here. I think the lippy is off though. The colour is ok, but she has quite big lips…and while that can be nice, sometimes they can overpower the face a bit too much (I mentioned this on the Amanda post too). For me, havinng nice lips is mainly about the shape rather than the size, and Kat’s don’t look nicely defined or shaped (but that could just be the lippy that isn’t applied well). She has such a pretty face, I just think the lipstick is off for her.

  • cameron baum

    Kat looks awesome, Rachel looks super cute. Not a fan of Anna’s dress or hair tbh

  • Soph

    What I’d give to have Kat Dennings womanly boobs…. I would probably topple over but WOW they look good

  • Mamba

    That mouth and that prominent nose make Kat ugly.

    Anna’s smile – my eyes sore…and her eye make up was probably done by Kat.

    Rachel is cute. Lips, nose, teeth, smile, skin tone, hair, legs – she turns heads!

  • olivia

    kat is such a beauty. I love her face and usually I’m into a slimmer shape but she pulls it off. She’s a vixen. Also I happen to love pale skin, but vitamin d is important. You don’t need to tan to get it. Just spend 15 minutes in the sun really.