Rachel Bilson

How Do You Like Rachel’s See-through Dress & Blue Bra?

how-do-you-like-rachels-see-through-dress-blue-bra - How Do You Like Rachel's See-through Dress & Blue Bra?

Rachel Bilson is super pretty, that’s for sure… but what do you think of her outfit?

How Do You Like Rachel’s See-through Dress & Blue Bra Combo? Does it work?

Wow? Eww? Yawn?

Let us know!

how-do-you-like-rachels-see-through-dress-blue-bra-2 - How Do You Like Rachel's See-through Dress & Blue Bra?

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how-do-you-like-rachels-see-through-dress-blue-bra-3 - How Do You Like Rachel's See-through Dress & Blue Bra?

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  • anya

    I have never understood the whole see-through thing. I don’t care what type of body you have, it’s so incredibly unflattering.

  • Cinthee

    She is pretty, and I love the dress. But I think if she choose a white bra it would still be visable, and I like blue and brown together (in this case) but she should’ve worn like a blue tank-top, so I’m gonna hav 2 say no. But she has a great body, and a beautiful face!

  • Maryna

    Like her, but not her outfit

  • peachess

    Umm. The blue bra was a weird choice. A red or nude bra would’ve looked better.

  • Ella

    I really don’t like this outfit.

  • maRRina

    I love her,but I`m not really into her style . Like this outfit … she looks like a granny IMO …

  • emmy

    I like it a lot, it suits her. This kind of style looks really nice on small framed women like Rachel

  • M

    Maybe she’s wearing a bathing suit underneath, and she’s on her way to a pool party… 🙂

    • april

      thought the same thing! as a beach outfit it’s kinda perfect IMO.

  • jess

    It’s the dropped waist that i find nasty- i think it is the most unflattering style of dress.

    • anabel

      I totally agree. I stay away from these kinda tops and dresses myself.

      • april


        • jess

          Because it makes your legs look short and your waist look a whole lot bigger. Unless you are built like a European supermodel, dropped waist dresses WILL make you look frumpy.

          • anabel

            I’m 6 feet and extremely thin and I still think I look hideous in these. They make you look like you have no waist.

          • april

            ok then, what about the empire-waist dresses?? honestly, if I were too much concerned about how small my waist would look in certain cuts, I woudn’t have found any nice dresses to wear! and don’t worry, it will easily be noticed if you are fit in the stomach area or not, even in that kind of outfits! 🙂

            let’s agree, we *sometimes* choose certain dresses just because they are cute, we don’t have to/want to look sexy all the time.
            re. your frumpy comment – are you serious???

          • jess

            Yeah, I am serious about the frumpy thing. It’s just my opinion- no need to take it to heart. If you type in “dropped waist dress” on google image search, there are a lot of examples that I think demonstrate how unflattering the style is.
            And who said anything about looking sexy? There is nothing i despise more than overtly sexy, which is why i hate people like Megan Fox. All I was saying is this style of dress is not flattering. I love a sense of style like Rachels- cute, eclectic & feminine- but it doesn’t mean i have to approve of all her wardrobe choices. Her style, cuteness and lack of hollywood ‘fakeness’ make her similar to my favourite lady, Alexa Chung.

            And I’m with you anabel- I’m 5″11, 134 pounds, and 34-24-39… I could never bring myself to wear a dropped waist.

          • april

            I just did what you said, tried to look at the pictures differently.. well, I must say you kinda convinced me and this is not good!
            now I will have to throw away a few dresses, since I will not be wearing them with confident anymore, so thank you! 🙁

  • abby

    She has a lovely figure but I have to admit I’m not a fan of her personal style…

  • Elena

    i really don’t understand the bra, i meen the color…i don’t like it

  • skigal

    i think if she wore a blue slip underneath the it would look good. but if not then maybe a skin tone bra would have been a better choice for this dress.

  • Sammy-xx

    I like it. If I dropped 10lbs and gained some confidence I would totally wear something like this.

  • DT

    horrible dress and a worse looking body… get some sun and hide those legs…

  • el.V

    I think rachel has a great style.
    In relation to DT’s comment – “get some sun”, i think it’s fantastic to see a celebrity who doesn’t feel the need to use fake tan 24/7

    • april


      • Uma

        me too!! i love pale skin, just b/c i’m sick of orange. lol

    • DT

      Haha who said fake tan? Vitamin D3… from a few minutes of real sun,,,, golly …how we’ve forgotten there is real sun … just look up…. Pale skin can be beautiful Uma, but her legs look like she sprayed them with bland white primer paint… it just accents those cute puffy shapeless knees…

  • jess

    I too adore fair skin over orange. In photos it may seem that some celebrities can pull off a fake tan, but in life they would look ridiculous- trust me.
    Rachael to me is like Alexa Chung- a natural beauty, and not one of those ridiculous looking and overdone hollywood types like Hayden, Lauren C & Megan.

    • el.V

      couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  • Clara

    I love her, and the dress wasn’t actually a bad choice…
    but the blue bra = ew!