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Rachel Bilson Brings the Quotes of the Day

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On how she’s not the typical weight-obsessed LA girl:

I don’t do the super-clean-living LA thing. Everyone is obsessed with kale and hiking. And there’s a massive amount of juicing going on. I’m not into the gym. I prefer dancing or tennis. I’m not great – no Wimbledon next year – but I’m trying to get better. The perk is you can always hit someone with the ball. Useful when your boyfriend is trying to teach you and you want to hit him in the head. Or groin. Whichever works.

… says 31 year-old Rachel.


FFN_RIJ_FUN_SIZE_102512_50927139 - Rachel Bilson Brings the Quotes of the Day

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  • Polly

    Can’t believe she’s in her 30s. She really made it out fine in Hollywood. Great for her!

  • Arianna

    Lol I wish that I could “not like the gym” and look that good.

  • Emme

    A naturally skinny girl says this. Geez, the average woman can totally relate.

    • amber

      Why should “the average women” have to relate? An interviewer probably asked her what she did to stay fit, and she answered. And i think a lot of women will find her answer relatable- doesnt sound like she is into health trends or overly concerned about what she eats, and LOADS of women would rather do activities than workout in a gym environment.

    • Casey

      She may be naturally thin but she’s also fairly toned and has a nice body aside from thinness, so I think a lot of women are curious about what she does.

      And I think it’s nice and refreshing to hear someone who isn’t neurotic about food, regardless of your own size.

      • Casey

        And by neurotic I don’t mean she doesn’t watch what she eats. I’m sure she does. Just that she isn’t super nitpicky about her food and doesn’t go with fads. The latter is REALLY refreshing.

    • serena

      Actually this is relateable to most women. Most people are not morbidly obese and sedentary vs. super skinny munching on kale for every meal – there is a healthy in-between and Rachel has clearly found it! Good for her, she looks young and healthy. Juicing everything gets rid of too many nutrients and fiber anyway.

      • artemis

        yep, most fibers are in the hmm pulp/peel(idk) of a fruit

        • Rafaela

          True. But juicing is still health and there many benefits on doing it. You just need to make sure you are also eating fruits and vegetables to get the fiber 😉

    • artemis

      i don’t like how she makes fun of people for eating kale and juicing and hiking and working out. while i eat junk all day and don’t work out and hiking freaks me out, i wouldn’t make fun of those habits, they’re healthy(unless all they drink and eat a day is 2 glasses of juice-underfed).

  • Mia

    Well, she’s lucky. I don’t think it’s fair to expect that would work for everyone though. A lot of people in Hollywood are obsessed with kale and hiking because that’s what they need to do to stay thin and toned. Nothing wrong with that!

  • Stace

    Rachel has always been a really petite girl, so I believe her in quotes like this.

  • ok

    I get annoyed when celebs say the typical “green” thing…but then I also find it annoying when they say aren’t the typical “green” type…They sound cliche either way. I guess I just find celebs annoying then…lose/lose

  • Lucy

    1) She’s lying, at least to some extent.
    2) I would hate living in LA..ugh…
    3) She looks young!

  • Powwow

    She looks soo young! And btw juicing is great!

    • Aafje

      What is great about juicing? I don’t understand that fad…it gets rid of important nutrients and fiber found in the solid parts of the fruit. Blending the fruit keeps those parts while still making it a drink.

      • Candy

        1. Its much easier to juice lbs of greens than eat a GIGANTIC salad.
        2. Its easier for your body to digest and absorb nutrients

        • Aafje

          Ahh. I see.
          I personally prefer solids because it makes me feel more full so I don’t over eat bad things later, but I see the appeal of squishing a mountain of greens down to one drink.

          • solaxia

            I agree with teh getting the greens down thing. Personally though I still prefer to blend them to retain the fibre. However, sometimes I do use cheesecloth to strain it because I would waste so much green goodness if I juiced with my juicer (it is great! but not so much for greens).

        • jenna

          True. It’s hard for the body to break down the rigid cell walls of the healthiest of greens like kale and chard. Yet we need these greens for our health to be at its peak. By juicing these greens or using a high-powered blender like a Vitamix, you get the maximum benefit of the greens!
          Check out the blog, Crazy Sexy Life. Kris Carr has put her cancer into remission with the help of juicing mass quantities of greens. This is just one example of many people who have overcome health problems with the addition of juicing/blending to their diet. And Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a good documentary on this topic as well.

    • Lauren Carter

      +1 Juicing is amazing!!! I’ve had my Vitamix Blender for several years now. I love it! I can make fresh juices or soups. I fell off for awhile, but started back up again after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (the documentary). When you drink The Green drink you feel a rush of nutrients in your bloodstream. You get a jolt of all natural energy and some people’s eyes become very white and clear. Your skin begins to glow. It’s great because it relieves the guilt if I am too busy to prepare fresh fruit and veg meals one day. I wake up, blend up veg and fruits (mostly veg) and then I’m done for the day. And I can juice and drink a whole lot more than I could possibly eat.

  • GAAAAAH She’s so cute and pretty and grounded.
    How on earth doesn’t she age?

  • Robin

    I really thought this was some sort of disney star who was 17 years old. Then I saw the name. My mind is blown.

  • Adriana

    I don’t think she is lying. She’s not saying she doesn’t watch her weight, she’s saying she doesn’t do it by “clean”/”green” eating and the gym. That doesn’t exclude diet and exercise. The clean/green/juice thing is one type of lifestyle or diet, and the gym is one means to get your exercise. You can watch your weight in other ways.

    • annabanana

      exactly. She isn’t saying ” I eat junk food everyday and sit on the couch watching TV”… she’s just saying in comparison to lots of others in Hollywood (who are more diet/exercise obsessed than normal people I’m sure) she is less obsessed… I’m sure she still eats healthy and is active, just not to the same extent as some celebs.

      • annabanana

        also, I CANT BELIEVE HOW YOUNG SHE LOOKS. I”m hoping I look that good when I reach 30 🙂 And I actually like her dress hair and makeup here, it looks really cute on her.

        • Rafaela

          I’m also 31, petite, and I do look young. I actually think I look a lot like Rachel (brunette, brown eyes, thin, etc). I never tried any kind of smoke, started drinking socially, but not always at 27. I think these were habits that really helped me to be young. Maybe she has similar habits to that. I was always thin, but I do my regular exercises and watch what I eat (not too crazy). I believe her and I can relate to her.

          • Lisa

            Clean living. 😀 Some of the world’s oldest people swear by it.

  • vanessa

    I’ve loved her since the OC. She is so mature now since then but I have always liked her beauty and style. She doesn’t look like she is in her thirties either. maybe 26.

  • Cassie

    Well, she’s doing something right, cuz she’s teeny.

  • Ana

    One of the very few celebrities that look younger than their age! I thought she would 25-27 years old. Cute face and body!

    • anonymous

      I agree that she does look very young, she could easily pass for a person aged 20-24 I think. However to be fair she is only in her early 30s and that is still very young so her age isn’t a big deal compared to how she looks 🙂

  • Hazal

    She is gorgeous! Love her.

  • anonymous

    Natural beauty. She has great skin (maybe coz she doesn’t tan and she takes care of herself) and I love her style… She always looks classy and pretty. I lie the fact that most of the time we don’t see her with a fake tan, skimpy outfitss or bad behaviour. She’s just very likeable.

    • anonymous


    • Rafaela

      That makes sense, if you don’t tan like crazy you get healthier skin. I never leave home without sunblock and I really don’t get tan. I love to look tanned, but I got bad sunburns when I was a teenager and I got scary of the sun.

  • mishya

    She seems to have a very natural personality and attitude on health/fitness. Somewhat off topic, but I’ve always loved her eyes… they have such a unique and beautiful shape! Are these what people mean when they refer to someone as having “bedroom eyes”?

  • lander

    She’s extremely an awful actress!

  • Stephw

    Does anybody else watch Hart of Dixie? she is kind of adorable in it. Her fashion sense is awesome, always looks hot in the show.

    • Heather

      Awwww. I love that show and I think she’s adorable 🙂

    • veeeeev

      I LOVE her on Hart of Dixie! She’s NOT a terrible actress (as someone commented earlier) – sure probably not Oscar winning or whatever, but definitely not the worst out there! And yes – she certainly does look super chic in everything she wears on that show! AANNNDD she has the body for the clothes!

    • LOVE HER on hart of dixie!! So darn cute, and her outfits are really great on the show. Kind of like her usual style

    • Lauren Carter

      I do! Me and my mom are Hart of Dixie fans. It’s a cheesy show, but we love it. Her outfits are always cute. (Lemons are too) and it always makes me laugh.

      • Lauren Carter

        *Lemon Breelands outfits are cute too

  • Anastasia.

    Boring face, looks 12, short legs.

  • jay-lisa

    I love her!!! She’s adorable!!!

  • Ellie

    She is so cute & natural. I also love Hart of Dixie!

  • serena

    I don’t really see how hiking is any different than tennis, they’re both fun activities. Idk maybe it’s because I’m from Maine where hiking is common. I think in LA people are less nature-oriented so you have to go out of your way to hike.

  • vanessa

    Everyone seems to be on this juicing and smoothies I don’t get it because I’m hungry an hour later I would rather eat! Rachel looks so young for her age she is blessed with good jeans!

    • annabanana

      blessed with good jeans? hehe

      • Lauren Carter

        I need to buy that brand of jeans lol

      • ary

        Ahahhahahah gold x’)

  • ***

    I know she’s not everyone’s prime example of beauty, but I think she’s just so cute, and still (seemingly) approachable, and this quote makes me appreciate her that much more.

  • retrobanana

    love rachel, cute, nice body, good style, just never see her in anything good

  • lc

    LOVE her! She’s so cute and stylish. I can’t believe she’s in her 30’s, wow she looks 22!

  • Nicole

    I really hope I can look as young as her when I’m in my 30’s…still a beautiful woman with a great body.

  • Dani

    I don’t think she’s lying either.

    I think she’s adorable, and I agree seems very approachable. She seems to have found something that works for her.