Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Does Cosmopolitan and Brings Today’s Quote

R-Bilson-04012013-3 - Rachel Bilson Does Cosmopolitan and Brings Today's Quote

On her personal style:

“I hate being too pretty. I always add something that gives it a little funk. A leather jacket of a wedding dress – I would totally do it.”

… says 31 year-old Rachel in Cosmopolitan Magazine, while wearing girly outfits.

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R-Bilson-04012013-1 - Rachel Bilson Does Cosmopolitan and Brings Today's Quote R-Bilson-04012013-2 - Rachel Bilson Does Cosmopolitan and Brings Today's Quote  R-Bilson-04012013-4 - Rachel Bilson Does Cosmopolitan and Brings Today's Quote

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  • Anya

    Gorgeous! 🙂

  • Megan

    my eyes went O.O at that first sentence, lol, but I agree with her sentiments for the most part. I like her style a lot usually, but the styling on this shoot is horrible!

  • Lola

    She is famous for like, nothing. Just The O.C?

    • Pixie

      She’s on a show on the CW called Hart of Dixie. It’s been on for 2 seasons.

    • Sidney

      She’s been doing like a movie a year and a couple of guest spots on tv shows in addition to Hart of Dixie after the OC. Nothing A-list really, but she has been working.

    • amber

      She is also a big fashion icon. I think she might even have her own line.

    • Lola

      Hmm.. I guess is because i’m from Brazil, and these shows are not on here.

  • lc

    Gorgeous. I love her comment, I totally agree. I love her sense of style.

  • Rachel

    Beautiful girl, horrible actress. Someone needs to get her some speech lessons pronto. It always sounds like she’s too lazy to separate her teeth or something while she’s talking so she sounds weird. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who speak strangely – like Katie Holmes who talks out of the side of her mouth.

    Kudos to Bilson though for pulling off these clothes. I think they look really chintzy, but she still manages to pull them off.

    • Mia

      Amen. I can’t stand the way Katie Holmes talks. I’ve never actually seen Rachel Bilson in anything, but if she has an annoying “speech habit” like Katie does, then I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to stand it either.

    • lillaliket

      or blake lively’s way of drooling out her words! I sometimes have to put the tv on mute when I watch GG.

  • anushka

    When i read the first line I thought ” Oh god one of those Samantha Brick quotes “. Nice to know she meant it in terms of clothing xD

  • Mara

    She must hate that cover, then.

  • Isabel

    She’s pretty with a fabulous body shape, but her style, at least that of the photoshoot, looks to girly for a grown up woman, it would better suit someone like Chloe Grace Moretz or Ariel Winter.

    • Liv

      So true. I didn’t even think of that until you said it and I realised the clothing are way too young for her! I think she should change her image from the cute Summer Roberts she seems to continue to be!

  • Debbs

    Cute and boring.

  • sarah

    Boring and she ‘s not pretty at all.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I feel like she’s not aging at all. She looks the same for years and years.. Lucky Girl!

  • Jennifer

    It’s funny how some tiny/petite people can never look more than pretty or cute, and then others manage to pull off sexy and beautiful. I wonder why. imo, Rachel is one of the ones who manages to come off as very sexy and beautiful.

  • Winnie

    i agree with her. when i dress up, i never like to look “too” anything. to edgy, too cute, too demure, too sexy. i like to incorporate different things into my going out looks, especially depending on how I feel like doing my make-up that day

    • La la la la

      i think combining different styles is the best. i love wearing a really flirty girly dress with some combat/utilitarian looking boots. or if i’m wearing really simple/practical/plain clothing i like to wear a really girly headpiece or shoes. i love being a girl 😛

  • annemarie

    In that first picture she looks a lot like Victoria Justice. Other than that, the styling here is meh, she doesn’t even look cute.

  • mary

    shes cute, thats about it

  • nylon

    I think that when she said ”I hate being too pretty” she was referring to the way she dressed not to the way she looks,I got a bit confused at first,but then I got it.

  • La la la la


  • vanessa

    she is so cute and adorable. She really hasn’t aged that much either. she has a show. Its not the most popular thing on tv but she is working.

    She was super cute on The OC. I don’t think she is sexy. she is cute. Just like jessica alba is cute not sexy. (I don’t care what people say she is not super sexy)

  • Emilia

    People are saying that she is cute like it’s a bad thing. Like that’s not good enough. Well, my goal in terms of “how I would like other people to see me”: to be cute for the world, and sexy for my boyfriend/ a man i’m interested in.

  • Ellie

    I love her, she is amazing! <3

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