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  • Liv

    That outfit is stupid… she’s pretty though, cute… not overtly sexy… sometimes I really am wowed by her and other times I’m just “eh”… but she does have a great body!

  • Hazal

    She looks gorgeous. Very cute and adorable woman!

  • rubiii

    dress is awful
    shoes are cute and too much make up on!
    But she is such a cutieeee! I love her legs they are toned and sexy!

  • Snip

    I think she is really lovely. Love how her skin is olive & fair at the same time – maybe an NC25 or so? Nice figure and she seems like a decent person, which only enhances beauty.

    • Raquel100

      Yes – she does look like a nice person – I always thought that. Very pretty girl! Don’t like the dress or makeup but she’s so likable and pretty it supersedes her outfit & makeup!

  • serena

    Rachel is cute and looks youthful, but I hate her dress because of that cape in the back. Aubrey Plaza looks pretty too.

  • swissmiss

    She is pretty, but I don’t like the dress (the colour is great tho). That lipstick has to go…it gives her yellow-ish teeth.

  • Pixie

    Awful dress. But she’s a cutie. 🙂

  • Fay

    I love her petite frame and her pretty face.
    As a teenager I used to hate that I have small bones, not very curvy, very difficult to gain muscles and I wanted to be like Vergara, Kelly Brook or whoever was curvy at that time. But now I love it because I think it looks good as you get older. Or maybe I just realised that I can do nothing about it 🙂

    • Lea

      She is petite but I also think she’s quite curvy. He have a very similar shape (pear) so I can relate to her. I think that even though her dress is a weird it works for her body. She looks so cute here.

    • Molly

      Fay – you can be petite and curvy at the same time. Also – she’s like 5’5…I don’t think she’s really petite

      • serena

        No, she’s more like 5’1, petite, but definitely has curves, a low WHR and round hips, but not big boobs (Pear shape).

  • Winnie

    she is cute as a button! although i do wish she would do something a little different in terms of her make-up, but oh well. she knows what works for her.

  • SA girl

    I agree with most of you ladies, she is a petite stunning lady. Lovely complexion, with very beautiful doe-eyes. I love ‘Hart of Dixie’, the fashion is on par with ‘Gossip Girl’.

  • neutra

    Love Miss Plaza!

  • N

    I love the dress and shoes, not a fan of the hair and make up though.

  • CK

    love Rachel but don’t like the dress and make up

  • Sidney

    I really like the dress, so cute, adorable shape that really suits her imo. The color and the fabric, i’m not sure.. Mainly the fabric, i’m not a huge fan of, but all in all, yeah i like it.

  • Zoe

    She looks so cute! 🙂 I’m not sure I’d personally have picked that dress, but she manages to make it look adorable. 🙂

  • Goldi

    Electric blue? I can’t think so. She looks good here, I like how you can see her leg muscles in the 3rd and last photos. However, I dislike the dress and the cat eye seems to be drawn wrong? Agree?

    Never got a JNL post Versus!

    • Versus

      Can you please tell me the full name of the celebrity you are referring to?

      • Fay

        I think she means Jennifer Nicole Lee

  • mary

    shes super cute besides the yellow teeth…very youthful and natural beauty

  • Pi

    When she put make up on, she looks like a 5-year-old girl playing… I don’t know if I’m expressing right. It doesn’t look natural, doesn’t look sexy… It’s not a bad thing, don’t take me wrong! It’s different.. I guess is because she has a face of a younger girl, she looks really really young for her age. Like Selena Gomez, I guess. You put that much make up on her face an looks odd.

    • justme

      I think it really depends on her makeup. She looks awful here, but girl can ROCK a nice smokey eye! This makeup is poorly applied, and doesn’t suit her eyeshape.

  • lc

    She is so cute! Beautiful face and skin.

    • Nina


  • Nina

    She never ages.

  • Emilia

    i love that dress,not many people can wear that,only rachel bilsons i geuss,its so cute! and the colour suits her and she doesnt age!

  • solaxia

    She is very pretty, and has gotten prettier as she has matured imo. I do think that the dress doesn’t flatter her cute figure though! The colour is nice, but I don’t like the wings at the back! The eye makeup isn’t the most flattering either.

  • Tsec

    She looks beautiful!

  • sofie kittie

    Terrible dress, shoes are boring, eye makeup looks bad and her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed. She’s cute and skinny… she can do better

  • thynfit

    This girl has the most unfortunate lower body shape in beachthe shots, not a fan of her face.

  • lough

    she’s a HOMELY MIDGET!

    • Zoe

      Um… are you feeling ok?

  • Carla

    Love Rachel hate the dress.

  • jjj2

    I like it. She is very cute there!

  • Kate

    If I remember correctly she has a dumpy shape, total pear, can’t tell from through the dress though. Def not a fan.

  • Cat

    Hate her shape too. She carries it all below the waist.

    • serena

      hmm funny how you keep calling me insecure for making a negative comment about 1 model, but all your comments are insulting, even to beautiful women like Christy Turlington or cute girls like Rachel…pot meet kettle 😉

      • Cat

        Hypocritical to say most models are weird tall skinny, then sit around and complain about yourselves. And then say id rather look like a model. And its not just you two but so mny here but yeah, extremely hypocritical and just weird anyway.

  • astaroth

    does not look 31 years old at all.. more like 21