Hayden Panettiere, Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Panettiere in Tight Jeans

FP_5126967_Panettiere_Hayden_POD_060210 - Rachel Bilson & Hayden Panettiere in Tight Jeans

Baggy cotton tops, tight jeans, shades and flats… this is what Rachel & Hayden were spotted wearing this week while taking strolls around town.

Which one of these slim beauties looks best in this kind of casual outfit?

2 individual pictures after the jump!

FP_5126321_Bilson_Rachel_CAD_060210 - Rachel Bilson & Hayden Panettiere in Tight Jeans

FP_5126971_Panettiere_Hayden_POD_060210 - Rachel Bilson & Hayden Panettiere in Tight Jeans

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • do

    Hayden looks so happy! And not only in these pics.

  • CK

    in general both girls look good bodywise. like hayden’s outfit
    rachel has saddlebags, me too, hate ’em, they’re my problem spot

  • J-J

    I have exactly the same body like rachel,i am taller but anyways i think with darker jeans her legs are going to look way better…The worst thing when you have figure like this is that you have too be always skinny cause otherwais the saddlebags looks verry ugly

    • yes, saddlebags are very unfortunate because they are hard to “hide”. luckly i dont gain there, but i have my upper arms as problem area instead. i gotta be really skinny just so my arms won’t look fat or pudgy, kinda like hilary duff and kristen stewart.

      • paulette

        Hey girl!! I have the opposite problem…Very tiny top (God bless push ups) and although I am lucky not to gain in some specific area but evenly, I of course have the “booty” which remains no matter what to remind me of my latin heritage ahha

        • haha 🙂 well, im reminded of my nordic heritage everytime i see my tiny ass in jeans and shorts. we’re not that bootylicious, we get the tits instead. haha. but squats helps to keep it perky! 🙂

        • truthies

          What is it called when you don’t have saddle bags but you have fat inner thighs. I hate mine and always have them no matter how skinny I am.

      • jenny

        ahh I have the same problem!
        I call them my ”hilary duff arms” haha

      • Serafiina

        oh,me too,and I hate it!!

    • artemis

      im with you….tho mine aren’t that big even if my legs are heavier than rachels …i gain all over the leg not only on the thighs 😀

      • Purplebunny

        I don’t mind the saddlebags on her though because shes’s so slim overall…but I have very small hips so that’s probably why I’m saying that..I’m always suprised when people over here complain about larger hips and how some awesome legs are ‘fat’ because I always wish mine were fuller..I’m more of a ruler with not too much of WHR, and all the weight in in tummy..ahh well the grass is always greener on the other side

        • paulette

          Agreed, we will ALWAYS complain!! 😀

  • Elmo


  • D

    Versus could you tell me what’ s Rachel’s bodytype?and how much does she approximately weigh?
    thans a lot!
    keep posting!

    • Versus

      Rachel is a thin pear, her hips, shorter legs and saddlebags indicate that. However, she has thin legs for a pear.
      I don’t want to approximate her weight, I could be way off.

      • Nina

        Versus and maybe do you know what is Hayden bodyshape?

        Thank you. 🙂

        • Versus

          This is SO hard – she has quite a unique shape that just can’t be categorized. After looking at lots of pictures, I think she is closest to a ruler – she’s not bottom heavy, not top heavy, definitely not an apple and she has curves, just not the kind that indicate an hourglass shape.

      • D

        do the saddlebags indicate that she’s chubby??cause i think that even after a lot of workout it’s difficult to get rid of them!

        thanks a lot for the info!

        • amazon

          no. everyone has some body fat somewhere unless you are anorexic and she is clearly a very slim girl. i think that as well it is just that her hip bones are wider being a pear and so it creates a slightly exaggerated shape. personally i like her shape, and would definetly not be worried if i were her. i am suposedly lucky, as someone who gains all over and has no one specific problem area, though i don’t know what shape I am classed as. but to be honest i always envied pears becase they are small up top and i hate my boobs!

          • D

            I completely agree with you!!I gain weight around my middle area and booty…this is supposed to be a good thing,but i would certainly prefer a small and well defined waist(sorry about my english, i’m not a native speaker!)

        • Versus

          No, not at all, it’s just her structure. She doesn’t appear chubby to me at all.

  • Mizzy

    Definitely Hayden…she has a much nicer and well proportioned body. Plus I like her outfit better.

    • MNG

      I totally agree
      the only thing I don’t like is Hayden’s haircut, but she looks great!

  • érica

    my body is so similar to Rachel’s!! It’s hard to dress when you have those hips, but I kind of like them now.

  • Jenna118

    Man, I’ve always absolutely LOOOVED Hayden’s cute body…. So youthful, curvaceous and fit with gorgeous tanned skin! She succumbed to a boob job but I’ll pretend it never happened so she’ll be perfect in my eyes lol

    • Nubiah

      I totally agree with you,except for the boob job.
      I have no idea she had one!
      to me they still look the same, she just use push-up bra and some exercise can help you to define more yoour boobs.

      Strangely enough,she’s a bit underrated!

      • amazon

        most guys i know love th cheerleader from heroes!!

  • Gaby080

    I prefer Rachel’s. I think she’s prettier and a pear shape is better than a V shape. It’s more feminine. Also, I find Hayden not pretty at all and her hair is RIDICULOUS;

    • bestguest

      pear shape is better than v-shape?? wow, you don’t hear that often, I definitely do not agree.

      • suzushii

        Really? A pear shape is so feminine. Thin, well defined waist, delicate small shoulders, and arms, and rounded hips? 1001 nights is filled with descriptions like these.

        While a V shape is the very model of a man. Narrow hips, wide shoulders.

        • bestguest

          lol k I don’t know that 1001 night reference, but anyways. Well, I’m assuming we’re not talking about extremes of either body shape. We all know most VS models are bordering on V-Shape. When I think of V-Shape for a woman, obviously it’s not the same type a man would have. I just mean strong shoulders (doesn’t always mean huge, broad, just elegant, k), and a small waist, and a lack of extra meat in the hip and thigh area. Maybe you’re confusing V-Shape for a ruler a little bit. Yeah, rulers have little waist definition, and narrow hips. V’s aren’t the same, Candice is a V, as well as Anna Kournikova (tennis) and they still have amazing waists and quite enough booty. imo

          • Gaby080

            I know what’s a pear and what’s a V and I prefer a pear, for sure.
            It’s much more feminine. Also, I don’t like model’s body.
            And I do not agree with you that is hard to hear someone prefering a pear over a V. I think it’s very common. What I never see is someone prefering a V over a pear;

  • anna

    I’m a 15 year old girl and my legs are similar to Haydens, but thinner. I have a friend who’s also my age, and obviously she’s a bit smaller than Rachel (who knows, though, because she’s so petite), and I’ve always envied her hips. I feel like my body type is almost forcing the muscle on the inner part of my legs, and that isn’t very attractive. The saddlebags on Rachel, though, show healthy weight to her while still giving her curves and rounded hips. Maybe it’s because I’m young and I would want more defined hips and a smaller looking waist, but I do envy Rachel’s body a lot.

    • artemis

      im 15 too 😀 it’s nice to know people envy curvy hips too and not only big breasts or long legs 😀

  • Ella

    I just noticed they both have long torsos and short legs.

  • Cecily

    I don’t know why saddlebags have such a bad name! (literally!) they give a female that nice feminine curviness to her thighs. Otherwise the hip area looks so athletic and boyish. They also make a girl look like she has a more sexy hip waist ratio. I WISH i gained weight there!

    So Rachel!

    • bestguest

      lol, cuz who’d want an athletic figure?? yeah right lady!

      • artemis

        i don’t
        just toned is fine…i don’t want 6 packs

        • bestguest

          lol, yeah not many women want a six pack, either. the o.g. poster was saying that without extra meat on the thighs (and sides) that legs look too athletic. And, I just don’t agree imo.

          • Cecily

            You know, curvy pear shapes can STILL be toned. Rihanna is a perfect example- she has really feminine thighs that aren’t straight up and down, but flare on the outsides and make her look curvy in tight outfits.

            Girls who don’t have curvy thighs/hips (and ‘saddlebags’) tend to have less impressive hip waist ratios, and tend to look less feminine, and more athletic.

            Look at Rachel in a Herve Leger dress:
            Curvy- tick. Toned- tick. Feminie- tick. If her thighs didn’t stick out she would look like a ruler or V, and imo those bodies are not as enviable or feminine as a pear shape.

            Don’t take offence if that’s you! It’s just my opinion

    • Serafiina


  • Sarah

    I don’t have a body type like Rachel’s but I think girls who have something like it look really cute and feminine. I don’t get how her hips are a problem!? She’s a thin girl with curves (because hips=curves) and guys love that. I wish I had such a cute feminine figure. I like her body much better than Hayden’s(which looks more like mine actually =().

  • AlexD

    as an apple i do wish i was a pear sometimes. just went on a cruise with like 8 other girls and they were all pears, small shoulders, small boobs, small waists and big legs/butt. probably all weight more than me but im an apple with size 2 legs and tiny firm butt and from waist up got a little tummy and ginormous boobs, as well as some weight in my upper arms. needless to say the slimmest me looked the fattest in waist up photos of the group. as an apple you pretty much have to be at your thinnest to look great and pears can be pretty big and still look amazing specially in dresses. eh. sorry for ranting lol

    • AlexD

      def prefer rachels body in these photos. and haydens hair still freaks me out. i hate it

  • Princess

    Prefer Hayden.I love pear shapes as well and i wish i got bigger bum and hips but unfortunatly what i have bigger are my love handles which i hate the most from my body

  • pinacolada

    well in terms of health and not just looks because we all know thats what matters haha pear shapes are said to actually be the healthiest shape because apples or v’s who tend to store wight towards the stomach area and top means they are storing the “bad fats” which are dangerous, fat stored in hops/thighs is supposedly the good fats according to dr. oz

    • habibi

      i thought v shapes didn’t necessarily gain weight in a certain place, they just had large shoulders???

  • Bri

    Love Rachel’s body, always have. She’s so petite, but manages to be a little curvy at the same time. There’s something about an incredible waist-to-hip ratio that I really envy and really catches my eye, probably because I have very small hips and personally just don’t think it’s a very flattering look. I love wider hips (not necessarily more cushion, just wider bone structure), it just makes the body look so feminine. Rach has an awesome waist to hip ratio, especially noticeable when she wears dresses.

  • Cecily

    I second you Bri! Wider set hips make a girl look va va voom in tight dresses….the peliv hip bone is the ONLY bone in the human body which is distinctly different in women than in men. Maybe that’s why I consider prominent, wide hips to be the truest manifestation of femininity- more so than large breasts.

    • Chester

      I agree that wider hips are what really set men and women apart. Mostly because dudes can have boobs too 😛

      • Cecily

        I live in Sydney so any Saturday at the beach you are bound to see man boobs that often rival mine in size lol

  • Cecily


  • rachel

  • Jess

    They both have a nice shape, but I think Rachel looks out of proportion here. Those pants do not flatter her!

  • machmalow

    Agreed, those pants do not show Rachel from her best angle. I love both actresses but those tight jeans clearly suits Hayden better.

  • Eloise

    Rachel must really have a lot of confidence to wear those jeans. Good for her. She’s facially stunning, but those thighs are very unfortunate and are best hidden in dresses. I love how she looks in that Herve Leger dress though.

  • Lisa

    I don’t think skinny jeans look good on short people, even if they aren’t fat. You have to be tall to pull them off.

  • Naomi

    Hayden looks better, but I think only because she opted for darker tight jeans which are more flattering.

    If you’re going to wear tight jeans, I think you should have skinny legs from top to bottom IMO.
    Otherwise, they don’t look very flattering (like on Rachel at the top of her thighs).

  • kitten

    Although Rachel has a very nice sense of style when she wants to, I don’t like seeing all of these candids where she always has these loose baggy tops and the tight bottoms. She has a beautiful body, with a tiny waist so I think she should show it off a little more.

  • Evelina

    Rachel! Her Body is Super Feminine!