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Rachel Bilson: “Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier”

rachelbilsonhealth - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier"

On when she feels her all-time unhealthiest:

My unhealthiest is when I binge on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, because it happens. I binge. I can admit it. I’ve actually gotten better this year. It got to a point where I was eating them so much that, like, you poop red every day! You’re like, ‘OK, I don’t know what’s going through my body, but I probably should stop. There are problems.’

On looking young:

I’ve always looked young because I’m so short, and especially if I’m dressed down. When I have a baby, everybody’s going to be like, ‘Awww, poor teen mom. Poor girl.’ And Teen Mom is my favorite show. That’s what I download and watch on the plane. Like, don’t talk to me, I’m watching Teen Mom. I know, pathetic. But it’s true.

On embracing her body in her 30s:

“You’re so much more comfortable and don’t give a crap about the stupid things that you cared about when you were in your 20s. I would never want to do my 20s again. I hate that our society is so focused on that body-image stuff. Girls growing up now are aware of their bodies instead of what’s important. Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier. I wish my butt wasn’t so fat.

On being sexy:

I’m pretty modest. It’s just what I’m drawn to. It’s OK to be sexy everyone once in a while, but you don’t have to show everything to be sexy…It’s all about subtleties. Keep ‘em guessin.

… says 32 year-old Rachel.

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FFN_f_51252426 - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier" FFN_f_51252429 - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier" FFN_f_51278087 - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier" FFN_f_51278091 - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier" FFN_f_51304567 - Rachel Bilson: "Live your life and be a kid and don’t think, I wish I was skinnier"

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  • cloud9

    OMG! I am in love with this girl!! She is carefree, beautiful and humble. Adore her!

  • Cristina

    I don’t think she looks that young.

    • cloud9

      I don’t think she looks 32.

    • angry bird

      I agree Cristina. I think she looks her age.

    • HB

      I think she looks young for her age, but I am really weirded out by the photoshop on that magazine cover; she looks like a little teenager. It’s bizarre.
      And the Teen Mom thing is weird.

  • angry bird

    Too much information. I was eating when I read about the color of her poop. Yuck.

  • Sarah

    Omg. She is adorable. Every time I see her, I think of those infamous bikini pics from last year. Teeny waist, long limbs, and big booty! I remember showing them to my man and he was like HELLO!

    • AlyssaMoh

      long limbs?
      I dont think she has long limbs, maybe a smidge under average length but she is longer waisted which i think is slimming.
      But she has a gorgeous body *because* of her shape. It goes to show that different body types are just as lovely as any other.

      • Sarah

        She has long slim arms, and slim legs for someone so very petite and pear shaped. Just IMHO.

        • AlyssaMoh

          i see what you mean there!
          yeah, if you have slightly shorter limbs keeping them slim is the best way to make them look balanced

          But bang on about her – she is so beautiful

  • C

    Looks great! Provdbly 5″4 115 lbs toned and tiny!!!!

    • cloud9

      I met her, she is 5’1 on a good day…and super tiny!

    • Ellie

      I am the same height (about 5’2) and body shape (her waist is probably smaller than mine…jealous!) and weigh 104 lbs. I bet she doesn’t weigh more than 100 lbs, remember the camera adds a couple of pounds – she must be super tiny!

  • dsfsdfdsf

    any weight guesses? online it says she is 5’2, I’m guessing 100 lbs or 105?

    • C

      If 5″2 around 100 lbs

    • Erin

      106.432564 lbs

    • Rita

      yup.. i’m 5’2 112 lbs.. and that’s how i looked when i was 100 lbs

      • Sarah

        Agree. She’s teeny. 5’1-5’2, between 100-105 (at thinnest and highest).

  • Hannah Louisa

    I LOVE her. She looks so cute and Rachel does not look like 32, more like early 20s.

  • Hazal

    Shes gorgeous. Period.

    • Guest

      not really

      • louis21

        shut up.

  • Chelsea

    She literally makes me wet!

    • Zoe

      Um… A bit of an overshare? :/

      • Chelsea


      • Chelsea

        You know there are some guys out there who make you wet down there Zoe…;)

    • Rima

      Does she make u wet when she poops pink poop? 😛

      • Chelsea

        Nah, but good gracious her body is literally perfect. Oh yeah, I’m a lesbian so that’s why I can say she makes me wet.

  • chrissy

    LOL. and that’s why flamin hot cheetos are now banned in canada. in total love with this girl.

  • Guest

    i never found her pretty or beautiful. cute is the better word.

  • louis21

    she sounds so likeable and real! such a cutie pie.

  • jackie

    She’s so cute! I think she might actually resemble her on-screen caracter Zoe Hart in real life 🙂 adorable…

  • CarrieD

    I think she’s a pretty bad actress but she’s so likeable that I don’t even mind. Good body, pretty face, I like her. But I hate that denim overall type of thing, I’m no fashionista but I think it’s hideous, and would look terrible on basically anybody. Why, with all that money? I just don’t get celebs fashion choices sometimes. I would rather wear something flattering and pretty than something that’s just “in” right now because someone said so.

  • lc

    She is so gorgeous.

  • She is so down to earth and freaking gorgeous. Plus I love those comments.

    As far as her acting career is going, she will always be my Summer. xoxo

  • Mel

    She has my attainable dream body. I’m short too, though she’s a bit shorter, and has a similar body shape to me. I also just turned 31, so I relate to her, maybe one day with more discipline I’ll look like her!

  • k

    This is the closest I’ve become to being a fan of hers. She’s honest and seems down-to-earth. None of that higher-than-thou bs. Refreshing.

    • k

      Sorry – “the closest I’ve come”

      (long day, can’t type)

  • disqus_e5owUDo2KZ

    At least once in every Rachel Bilson interview I’ve read from the past decade, she’s made a point to assert how young she thinks she looks. She’s probably one of those ladies who takes being ID’d at Walmart & liquor stores seriously, what with all the “WE CARD UNDER 40!” signs posted right there at the register.

    • a

      she is probably mistaken for being 21/22 all the time in real life, so it’s not that weird really.

  • JN1976

    Love the denim jumpsuit + sweater + desert boots combo! Want

  • Uma

    Yeah she looks young for her age and I get her getting a bit “passive aggressive” (in a non-annoying way, imo) about it. When you’re a professional, looking younger than your age can make you feel very self-conscious so you end up defending it and (may) sound obnoxious. For those saying she does not look young, just compare her to Kate Upton who is 10 years her junior but looks 5 years older! That being said, she is very pretty! Great proportions, too, for her tiny height.

    • Katie

      I think Rachel’s boobs are better than Kate’s in my opinion. Her rack may be huge but they’re just so in your face. Rachel’s tits fit her body much better.

  • swissmiss

    Very cute and likeable, but the Teen Mom comment is a bummer. What an unintelligent voyeuristic show :-/

    SInce she and I share the same body type (pear), she is my fitness inspiration. Very slim and toned!

  • Jelena S.

    love her! that teen mom quote lol. anyway, yes she looks good and stuff but she does not look that young… most people can still look fairly young in their 30ies-40ies so i don’t see her as a huge exception

  • Lau

    I don’t see the fuss around her at all.
    She is not a good actress, not that beautiful, she’s small and thin true, but her comments make me cringe. I thought more people would be put off my the poop and teen mom comments, but everyone adores her even more for it… whatever floats your boat I guess. I think less info is more when it comes to celebrities.

    • Jay

      maybe you’d find her relatable too if you would jut remove the stick from your ass.

  • swissmiss

    Is anyone else really pissed of by this magazine’s captions? I mean it is called “health” and features almost exclusively articles about losing weight and getting skinnier or “prettier”. It should be called “You’re a lazy fat ass” or “Hit the gym to be loved” or “Feed your ED monthly” or sth like that but DEFINITIVELY not HEALTH. -_-

    • HB

      Yes! I hate it when magazines do that under the guise of being health-oriented.
      It’s also kind of countering their message that they use SO much photoshop on their models.

      • CK

        I agree with you both, i hate that too, all of the Health, Women’s Health, Shape- the majority of headlines&articles are about get skinnier&sexier, lose more, get even more toned, not to mention that 80% of their articles rehash the same they write from year to year..blah…I think the reason we don’t have a chance as a society to encourage more people to eat healthier&be more physically active cos it benefits your health (no health=no life) is cos we keep putting more attention on appearance, like what weight you Look better at, rather than what weight is perfect for you body to carry&is not damaging for your health in general. Too many of us focus on how smth looks like rather than how something feels.

      • CK

        also agree about the photoshop thing, i remember few years ago a scandal with Kelly Clarkson and some health mag, i think it was Women’s Health, they photoshopped her soo much thinner, what a shame. It’s sad that that scandal fired up as fast as it died down and as usual didn’t change anything.

  • solaxia

    She’s cute and I like what she is saying!

  • Ami

    Horrible body, short and a pear.

  • Jenni

    I find her super cute. About what she said, it must be easy for her to not care. She is and always has been so tiny.

  • Sanne44

    LOVE summer… UHH Rachel 😀

  • retrobanana

    I love her…love that she is the opposite of summer…laid back…and sweet..i like her advice…she has great style and a great body