Rachel Bilson, Step Back in Time

Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003

2557536_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003

Back in Time Trip: check out a collection of pictures featuring cutie Rachel Bilson back in 2003, when she was 21 years old!

To see how Rachel looks these days, check out this post!

All of them after the jump!


2344262_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2344267_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2344269_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2344306_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2470808_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2470828_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2521233_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2557442_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003  2557538_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2727203_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2727560_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2737674_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2749250_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2778280_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003 2778305_10 - Step Back in Time: Rachel Bilson in 2003

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  • Robine

    I just realized that she looks like Selena Gomez!

  • Ozge

    I think her features matured and it makes her prettier now. She still has the same freshness in her face though, after 10 years! How nice! Petite girls are lucky when it comes to aging I think!

  • Pixie

    So cute!! 🙂

  • HB

    Oh my god, those clothes.
    She’s so cute and fresh faced! Always been tiny.

  • Pixie

    Aww, the Simple Life!!! I have every season in dvd!! Luv it!! 🙂 🙂

  • Molly

    I’ve never been a fan of Rachel bilson. I don’t really understand how and why is is famous. The OC was a big hit for about 2 seasons but other then that what is she known for. Her & are are built similarly which is pretty nifty.

    • Pixie

      She’s been in a handful of movies, and she on a tv show called Hart of Dixie on the CW. 🙂

  • Emilia

    usually in posts like this the celebrities look so much better today with new styling ect. but rachel she looked so stunning as well as today,love her

  • Soňa

    She´s all the same. just lovely! But too much bronzer back than :/

  • Laura

    Pretty and fresh faced
    But early 2000’s style was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL

  • CK

    i loved her during OC days and love her now, she has the same fresh&young face, i think the no make up or natural-like make up is the best looks for her, i hate the lip gloss in first pics and that brown-gold blush in others. And she has an awesome skin, i’ve even noticed sometimes i see a girl that i think is on an ugly side but if she has great skin she jumps into the category of “pretty-ish” in my head.

  • HB

    Versus, could you please do a post on Aubrey Plaza? She lost so much weight for The To Do List with Rachel Bilson.

  • emily

    She’s cute as a button!! She is one of my favorite!

  • apple

    reminds me of mandy moore in some weird way

  • Carla

    She’s so cute and pretty I love her, massive O.C fan here so I’m biased. Hard to believe she’s exactly the same age as me she’s barely aged.

  • snugglepup

    She was my fav female character in the show! 🙂

  • Carrie

    She looks short. Petite though. How tall is she?

  • Casey

    I genuinely can’t tell which are the old pictures and which are the new.

    She hasn’t changed much, or aged much for that matter.

  • Kimberly

    Rachel is very cute and pretty but to me, she lacks sex appeal, which is totally fine. I like her style and she never seems to go over the top with makeup or tanning. She seems real and down-to-earth.

  • Pi

    What a cutie!! She looks exactly the same, always really good, lucky girl. I love the way she looks with minimal make up and darker hair.
    Btw: this outfits reminds me of how obsessed I was in 2005 with nicole richie style.

  • lc

    Such a pretty girl. Love her fashion sense too.

  • Cecile


  • serena

    Never watched the OC but Rachel and Mischa were such pretty girls back in the day! Rachel has aged amazingly, she looks so young and cute, good skin, looks cheerful all the time.

  • Carrie

    She is adorable! Has not changed at all in 10 years.

  • solaxia

    She was cute back then! Though she is probably more attractive now imo due to her features becoming more refined as she has matured.

  • Aw, she is adorable! I actually don’t think the styling is TOO bad when she’s in the white tank and striped skirt but yeah…the best ain’t so good. She had barely changed though

  • lough

    she’s average, homely & talentless

  • Calia

    stunning girl. Great set of hips and suoer cute, fresh face.

  • Sophie

    Really pretty, one of my favourite actresses. I also like some of the things she has said about body image, she doesn’t seem stupid. Although I don’t think she’s an amazing actress

  • vanessa

    She has such a cute face. The OC days!!

  • E.

    I think her face is too cute. I think it’s possible to be too cute, isn’t it? I prefer a slightly less cute kind of pretty, but I think her eyes are pretty and her hair is usually styled well. I just…can’t with her baby face. I think her face has matured a little in recent years, though. She looks good overall.

  • Nene

    She got better with age.
    Lost the baby fat but still the same,i mean there’s almost no difference now and then cos she still looks the same age.Young and happy always.

  • MerryHappy

    She is the cutest little thing. I adore her. Her skin tint without the bronzer/fake tan is wonderful. Awesome bikini body too.

  • Liz

    She looks the same, which is good. The only difference I can see is that it looks like she might be thinner these days, judging by her arms.

  • Cyn

    what a beauty!!! she looks the same!!! I want her secret 🙂

  • RachyRach

    God, I miss The O.C.!!!!!!! Her face and body haven’t changed so much, but her style has improved…. A lot