Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Gets Active on Set


rachel-mcadams-gets-active-on-set1 - Rachel McAdams Gets Active on Set

Rachel McAdams gets active on the set of her new movie Morning Glory… and she does so while wearing a very pretty ethereal dress and a Givenchy Hobo handbag.

Looking beautiful, slim, healthy and fit!

Plus points for the gorgeous smile – here’s a close-up:

rachel-mcadams-gets-active-on-set-4 - Rachel McAdams Gets Active on Set

2 more pictures of pretty Rachel on set on the second page!

rachel-mcadams-gets-active-on-set-2 - Rachel McAdams Gets Active on Set

rachel-mcadams-gets-active-on-set-3 - Rachel McAdams Gets Active on Set

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  • Maryna

    I just love her, she is a natural beauty! I do prefer her blonde hair though

  • zoe

    simply beautiful!

  • andnobody

    gorgeous! I loved her in “the notebook”

  • mEEE

    She is just sooo pretty!

  • MC

    she has such a gorgeous smile and i love her dress

  • duygu

    perfection! loved the dress

  • duygu

    perfection! loved the dress..

    • april

      are you from TR??

      • duygu

        yes i am, how did u know? i assume you r not given that your name is april (only if it is not a nickname 🙂

  • ln

    She is gorgeous! Love her!

  • Kae

    This woman is beautiful, fresh and very fit, without being too thin. Love her!

  • jess

    She has a lovely smile, but i have never found her very attractive. I like the dress, but i think it would look even better on someone with a smaller waist.

    • Leanna

      Her waist is small. That’s why the dress works for her…small waist, bigger hips.

      • jess

        That’s your opinion. I personally think it would look nicer if the waist nipped in more compared to the bust. Perhaps the dress cut is just a tad too high? I know for me- being 180cm with a 24″ waist and 40′ hips- that a lot of clothes are not made for my height and the waist line of the dress finishes an inch or two higher than my natural waistline, making it look a couple of inches bigger.

  • Sarah

    I think she’s a really classical beautiful woman. I’ve been a fan for a while and hope we see more of her!

  • Sarah

    Simply radiant and classy looking. Love her.

  • Christina


  • Uma

    I want that dress!! Even though i would probably look dead in that colour, but wtv 😀 It’s really beautiful

  • Elena

    Love her. Awfuly cute 🙂

  • Nouf

    creepy smile

  • Micaela

    i adore her she is one of my favs.

    she’s just simple im a good way , she doesnt over do it and she keeps it classy.

    i love it.