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2013 Grammy Awards Beauties: Beyonce & Rihanna

Untitled-11 - 2013 Grammy Awards Beauties: Beyonce & Rihanna

Left: 31 year-old Beyonce and her classy black & white look at last night’s Grammy Awards.

Right: 24 year-old Rihanna with her long brown locks and red-hot gown at the same event.

Many more pictures of these ladies next!


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  • Jillian

    Rihanna looks beautiful. That dress is gorgeous. I love the color.

    Beyonce looks too dressed down. Also, it looks like her hip is padded (I know it’s probably not – that’s just how she is) …it just sticks out dramatically.

    • bretzel

      There’s definitely something weird going on with beyonce’s silhouette, like some kind of padding to make her waist look smaller compared to her hips, and make her butt rounder.
      Rihanna looks drop dead gorgeous.

      • girl21

        Rhianna looks stunning! I LOVE THAT DRESS!
        Beyonce’s outfit is a bit meh.

      • heathers

        That’s how her body is built. If you look back to when she used to wear those skimpy Destinys Child outfits she always had a teeeeny waist and defined hips. Lucky! It’s like the perfect transition.

        • Pixie

          You’re right Heathers, Beyonce has always had this shape. Perfect curves, imo.

          • Winnie

            Beyoncé definitely wearing some sort of hip-padding, don’t be fooled. she and Kim K both do it. she is curvy, not not THAT curvy. the way her hips are protruding is not natural and not how they normally look. it reminds me of Lil Kim a bit *shivers*

      • mariaaa

        I think she is just wearing spandex. When I put ones on (I usually don’t) all the ‘fat’ goes into my hips and it makes my waist look more defined, but also gives me the padded kind of look. Beyonce has a great body, imo she looks great.

    • artemis

      Rihanna looked perfect here 😀

      • artemis

        someone noticed u can see her nipples. that’s right, too bad, not perfect anymore, just a thicker layer on her chest would’ve been better(but we all know she likes to show her nipples) lol

        • Winnie

          her one nipple is pronounced because she has it pierced.

    • kc123

      but she does wear padding… remember the orange dress she wore a week ago? PADDED!!!

    • Adele

      True, I bet every single woman at the Grammies and other big events wear shaping underwear and/or padding. Beyoncé is no different.

    • Daniela

      I agree! Rihanna has absolutely nailed it here! I think this has to be one of my all time favourite outfits for her here. The dress is elegant, fits beautifully and she seems to be oozing with confidence. Much better than the typical ‘I’m angry and bad look’ we normally get.

  • Tinkerbell

    Rihanna looked awesome – classy, natural, polished for once yet veeery sexy as well.. she should keep this hair color for a while & also try to sneak a little class into her casual outfits 🙂
    Beyoncé… I can’t pick a single detail I like about her look – plain hair, unflattering, weird outfit.. well, she does have a beautiful face, that’s a fact.

  • sarah

    Both the outfit are gourgeous and both of them are so beautiful.
    But rihanna lost so much weight,and I prefer her a little bit heavier.
    Beyonce’s a really bombshell body!wow

  • Marte

    RIHANNAAAA!! Why are you losing so much weight??? 🙁

  • lilkitten

    Beyonce has the most stunning face, I swear.
    And rihanna is impeccable. I love her at this weight. I have almost the exact same body she did before she lost so I’m hoping I can look like she does now if I lose weight!

  • Tia

    Two totally different looks but they are equally gorgeous. Rihanna looks lke her former self and it is ironic that she has improved her style since coming back w/ Chris Brown. I love flowy the dress is and the color is amazing. I like Riri w/ the skinnier bod.

    As for Beyonce, It is a simple and classic look that is just as glam. I love that she is not trying too hard and her curves look delicious here lol.
    The only negative thing I have to say about both ladies is that I hate the obviously fake and ugly hair they are sporting.middle parts doesn’t help matters.

  • Kik

    Rihanna is a goddess. Young, fresh, thin and beautiful. Beyonce … I just have noticed – she has so many moles on her thick neck. Disgusting.

    • Robin

      That was unneccesary rude. It’s not like you are not allowed to have moles. Most are more like freckles, I only see one slightly bigger one.

    • Disgusting? Really? You don’t think that’s a bit harsh!? It’s not like they’re warts or pimples – then maybe disgusting would apply a little better. Moles are really only disgusting when they’re cancerous! Anyway, I only see one mole – the rest look like freckles. I have a mole on the back of my neck and lots of freckles – nice to know they might actually be disgusting to someone! 🙂

      • swissmiss

        Oh I’ve got some moles on my back, too. Inherited them from my dad :-/ While I never particularly liked them, I didn’t pay attention to them either. Great, now I have a new body part I can obsess about, when wearing a bikini…. 😉 as if there weren’t enough already…hahaha.

        • Nicole

          Maybe I’m alone but I always loved freckles. I wish I had more. Some people comment on Candice Swanepoel’s mole on her stomach but I think it’s cute.

    • TonyFae

      @ Kik

      Sweety….You sound foolish. Trolls tend to always sound like fools.

      So congratulations… You’re our Troll of the day.

  • Pixie

    Beyonce looks amazing in that pantsuit. Classy and well put together, just gorgeous. Rihanna looks ok, but i don’t have much to say about a woman who takes back a little boy who beat her face in.

  • deppfan

    Rihanna’s forehead looks huge without bangs and the dress is meh. Beyonce made a wise choice by shoulder pads. They balance her wide hip area.

    • ‘the dress is meh’ ?? Omg, this must be one of the most gorgeous, classy and well fitting dresses I have EVER seen!!

  • Winnie

    Ri looked fabulous. yes her forehead is huge, but whatever. she looks very well put together.

    i don’t know who dressed Beyoncé, but someone obviously forgot to inform her that her hip padding was off centre.

    • kc123

      that is why she is pushing her padding down with her HAND HAHAHA

  • Alex

    They are both exceptionally beautiful women. But Ri obviously looks a lot better.(outfit, hair,etc)

  • jenna

    In that first picture of Rihanna, I thought it was Tyra Banks! Never thought they looked alike, but I really thought she was Tyra here.

    Beyonce looks great btw.

  • 98 lb

    I find it hard to get, why is it ALWAYS about Chris Brown when they make a post about Rihanna?
    Its absurd, we are here to criticize bodies or appreciate thm or even beauty for that matter, i think its better to just keep people’s personal life out of it
    btw, RiRi looks fabulous, i love this new look which reminds me of when she just entered the industry

    • Pixie

      Why do u care?!! It’s how i feel whenever i see her now. Get over it!!

  • seijidan

    Beyonce facially, doesnt compare to Rihanna. I also dont particularly love her outfit, but she looks mature and classy

  • Rihanna’s dress is great – she looks good, if a little thinner than I think looks best on her. Beyonce has a good figure but this outfit doesn’t work for me. I also think she looks better without her hair pulled back like that.

  • clara

    Jesus, rihanna looks stunning!

  • heathers

    I love love LOVE both outfits and thought they were two of the best dressed for the night. Beyonce looks AMAZING I love the pantsuit and like that she did something different. Rihanna always looks flawless.

  • Rihanna looks amazing here, Beyonce looks so boring here

  • Cadix

    I just can’t get over how beautiful Rihanna looks here. Wow.

    • annabanana

      I know, right? This is the best I think i have EVER seen her look! WOw! Can’t even really look at Beyonce with Rihanna’s picture next to it!

    • Sheza

      Me either! She’s so gorgeous!!

  • Marta

    Beyonce and her pose.

  • jay-lisa

    I can’t believe I’m gonna say that but damn, Rihanna looks amazing!!!!!! I’m usually not a big fan of her looks but this dress and her hair… Love it!!!

  • misscheeks

    I really really like Beyonce’s outfit- very modern and chic, she pulls it off well. Rihanna looks wonderfully elegant, I love everything about the dress.
    OT: I saw the red carpet interview that Rih Rih did with Ryan Seacrest on E! and she looked so very awkward, nervous and uncomfortable- she kept fidgeting and clasping her hands. 🙁

    • CK

      she had to get on stage with Sting, B.Mars and Marleys all of them seem to be able to sing properly maybe she was very nervous, i think she has the chops for singing and interesting voice but is too lazy to work on her “instrument” so she rarely manages to sing a full song in an even and “clean” voice (even in such rare cases its a slow/sad song) no to mention her rarely dancing and lack of presence on stage (she doesn’t deserve the money she gets if you ask me), or it pains me to say but she’s open bout drinking a lot and smoking weed constantly so maybe she’s starting to see the consequences, but i really hope it’s not that…

  • Sienna

    Wow, Rihanna looks so much better with normal hair and styling. Funny though she used to say “I’m never going back to long, wavy light brown hair. It’s so generic”
    Beyonce’s ass looks weird and padded.

    • Aafje

      I think this hair is an extreme makeunder for her. She looks better with short dark hair.

  • EmmMD

    Although I agree with some the pantsuit is a little dressed down, I think it flatters Beys curves and I’ve always been a fan of her body, strong and proportioned. Would of preferred a different hairstyle though, maybe some soft waves..
    I love the hair and the color and silhouette of the dress on Rihanna but I wouldn’t describe a dress that’s so sheer you can see her nipple piercings as classy….

  • Alana

    I can’t stand either of them or their music but Rihanna looked absolutely gorgeous. Love her hair.

  • Lauren Carter

    Ri Ri for the win! Je detest Beyonce lol. Rihanna looks so amazing, I just hope she doesn’t lose anymore weight. Toning Ri Ri, focus on toning.

    • cinnamon

      She is really toned! Look at her bikini pictures.. she doesnt look very muscular but definitly toned

      I love her body at this size. But in some candids her face looks too thin, or her head too big for the body. I’d say she should gain just a couple of pounds and she would look perfect

  • retrobanana

    Rihanna looks absolutely beautiful gorgeous amazing everything…so hot…..
    but i dont know how anyone can see anything wrong or negative about bey…she looks great too ..its just ri has knocked it out of the park…i see to beautiful women…

  • retrobanana


  • swissmiss

    This is the best I’ve seen of Rihanna in a long while. She looks great and I love her at that weight!!! But did anyone notice that you can totally see her nipples?!?!?!?! Not that I’m bothered but wasn’t there like a dress code or something?

  • Anastasia.

    Rihanna can’t pull off long hair, and that style just emphasizes her huge forehead. A fringe is your friend Rihanna. And are Beyonces hips padded? she look ridiculous, she has big hips already, there really is no need. Her silhouette just looks weird

  • Ana

    Omg! Rihanna looks gorgeous here, like absolutely beautiful. Her figure, her dress, her makeup, everything! So beautiful!

  • happygolucky

    I don’t know if it’s the hairstyle or too much weight loss, but Rhianna’s head looks enormous. I had never noticed how big her forehead is. I would also give her darker brows, but all in all, she looks beautiful here.

    Beyonce wears that jumpsuit well, but I can’t stand her hair. It looks greasy. She should stick to a darker colour with more subtle highlights.

  • lc

    Both are ALWAYS “meh” to me.

  • Jacky Daniels

    rihanna is such a beauty..

  • Jacky Daniels

    bey really has booty 🙂 nice whr.

  • Nicole

    Wow Rihanna looks beautiful and classy. Surprised. Beyonce looks good but I’ve never been a fan of her face. Her makeup looks odd as well.

  • Rose

    Holly crap Rihanna looks AMAZING.

  • Debbs

    I don’t understand why everyone is going crazy over Rihanna. The dress is great but I don’t see this great beauty when I look at her. Beyonce looks ok. I’ve seen her look much better.

  • jamie

    I Like rihanna’s dress and her body is looking good but is it just me or is her head way too big for her body now – in the 7th picture it’s very obvious. As for her face, well – definitely not a classic beauty by any stretch of the imagination

  • Nobsnob

    I like both outfits 😀

  • lex

    Beyonce looks way older than her age. She looks like she’s about 40. I never found either Beyonce or Rihanna to be pretty at all. That being said, they both were well styled.

    • Louise

      Oh my thats exactly what i think. She doesnt look thirty at all she probably lied about her age she looks roughly 38. And she looks like a man. There is something not elegant about her. She’s just to fake and ghetto for me

  • Jenna

    Is that Rihanna’s real hair? I can’t even remember what her real hair looks like. She doesn’t have natural beauty, it’s all make up and styling but her body and dress look good.

    • Jessi

      Definitely not her real hair lol

    • loloste

      Hmm Jenna ,how exactly doesn’t she seem to have a natural beauty ? If you mean the hair ,I can understand ,but as this article is a comparision between Beyoncé and Rihanna ,then you should at least say the same for Beyoncé since they both wear wigs .
      As for the rest ,I don’t see how she doesn’t have a natural beauty .The make-up except for the bright red on the lips (probs to match the dress) seems rather light .The dress is beautiful ,very bright yes ,but looks ” playful ” .The wig favors her skintone hence makes her looks more ” real ” unlike the close-to-platinium-blonde Beyoncé has .
      I think they both look very beautiful .Maybe not natural ,since Rihanna isn’t wearing her natural brown curls or Beyoncé an natural afro kinky (but when has she ever worn it since the mid 00’s ?) .But they look nice ,polished ,elegant .And although at first ,I wasn’t a fan of the jumpsuit , I think Beyoncé worked it just fine (except maybe for the hips part ,but I don’t think it’s padded .It’s just the way she poses that emphasizes her already-quite-noticeable-hips ) .
      So IMO ,they were very beautiful 🙂

    • Winnie

      i think Rihanna’s a natural beauty. i actually prefer her with minimal make-up and her short hair, rather than all dolled up and weaved out. Beyoncé is the one i find to be a super plain Jane when she’s not all glammed up

  • vanessa

    Beyonce is too dressed down, but she has such a naturally beautiful face.

    Rihanna, finally she doesn’t look like a hooker, or trying too hard. Her street style is so bad, and she always dresses like she is going to get paid late at night. but here she looks stunning. and cute.

  • Junior

    Rihanna looked STUNNING, and actually sang great on her performance. I thought the pic of her & Chris canoodling was super cute. Bey just seemed like she didn’t want to try.

  • Hathi

    Work it Rihanna! That dress looks like it’s so much fun to wear:)

  • Sofia

    Rihanna looks amazing. Beyonce’s outfit looks to casual for the Grammy’s

  • lux

    I love Rihanna’s dress, she looks stunning. I really dont want to like it though as I cant not stand her.

  • MissMarilyn

    for once in my life I actually love what Rihanna is wearing. She looks AMAZING and that dress is literally perfection. i want to steal it.

    if anyone sees any similar dresses for a reasonable price….. post the link please….

    • MissMarilyn

      i want to add that these are both women who I find to be facially gorgeous. Like any time I see a picture of either of them I stare at it wayyyy too long hahaha.

  • Teiku

    Rihanna looks gorgeous.

    Beyonce is also beautiful, but a bit too dressed down for the event.

  • Mia-Ciara

    Woooah Rihanna looks absolutely stunning!!

  • cece

    rihanna looks so cute/gorgeous, I love her dress!

  • Hazal

    Apart from her nails, Rihanna looks perfect!

    Beyoncé also looks good. But I’ve been thinking that she must be way older than she claims to be since her early Destiny’s Child days.

  • Dani

    Rhianna is a beautiful girl, I am always one to admit that but she could look a little classier. The dress and color is gorgeous on her. Without the nipples and sheer panels it would have made her look like a classier version of herself.

    I think Beyonce is beautiful and she looks a little casual but she looks healthy and happy. Classier out of the two looks IMO

  • snugglepup

    Beyoncé’s look is just too simple – she’s absolutely gorgeus but gets shadowed especially when riri in the next picture is sporting a gown. Rihanna looks so tiny! Is it because she’s pear shaped & her lower body is covered? Or has she lost this much weight? Anyway nice change to see her this natural looking.

  • Jessica

    Beyoncé’s body is IMO “THE body” she always looks so classy and lady-like, I also love her eye-color even though some of you may say Rihanna has prettier eyes just cause their green… Beyonce’s hazelish eyes are beeeeeeautiful to me. Rihanna’s forehead is huge and she looks too skinny no boobs no hips just bleh…

  • ellentjie

    Rihanna looks great! I am in LOVE with that dress! The cut, the colour, the fabric!

  • Sheri

    Rihanna looks AMAZING! Smokin’ hot!

  • solaxia

    Awww Rhianna looks beautiful! But…I’m so not into the Chris Brown thing. I just think she will regret it one day. They don’t change. They really don’t. Though we like to believe they do =o(

    • Junior

      Awww :/ I really believe in people’s ability to change. Not in a naive way though. I mean, most of the time, people don’t change, but I really like to put faith in people’s ability to do so.

      • solaxia

        Yea, I think a few people do…but most don’t. Guess I’ve just seen too many cases of things only changing for a few months/ years then getting worse. There is some pretty deeply engrained stuff going on regarding domestic violence. Takes a long time for someone to sort out. Good on Chris if he has changed…but I don’t personally believe it.

  • solaxia

    Oh I forgot to say Beyonce looks sexy as! Love the shape

  • Aims

    Holy crap she has a huge forehead. Pretty face none the less ….

  • kbaby

    I miss the thicker Rihanna. She has a sexy body to me when she’s heavier than now yet I understand why she is this slim.

    Beyonce’s body looks hot! I am a fan of curvy ladies and even if she is wearing pads, this chick knows how to work it.

  • Trubaddazx

    First I just wanna say “Beyonce has one of the best bodies of all time!” Lol riri does look beautiful but I do remember her being more healthy looking & she she looked good then! But ima need for yall to gett up off Beyonce because she just had a baby! Most females cant gett back right after pregnancy & when you have a baby sometimes it can drastically change your curves thats probably why her hips are so pronounced, when your about in your 7-8 mont your hips spread really wide! & other changes to your body, your body is expanding to make room for a baby, so stop saying she look funny! She looks good!

  • Trubaddazx

    First I just wanna say “Beyonce has one of the best bodies of all time!” Lol riri does look beautiful but I do remember her being more healthy looking & she she looked good then! But ima need for yall to gett up off Beyonce because she just had a baby! Most females cant gett back right after pregnancy & when you have a baby sometimes it can drastically change your curves dats probably why her hips are so pronounced, when your about in your 7-8 mo. ur hips spread really wide! & other changes to ur body, your body is expanding to make room for a baby, so stop saying she look funny! She looks good!

  • Trubaddazx

    First I just wanna say “Beyonce has one of the best bodies of all time!” Lol riri does look beautiful but I do remember her being more healthy looking & she she looked good then! But ima need for yall to gett up off Bey cause she just had a baby! Most females cant get back right after pregnancy & when you have a baby sometimes it can drastically change your curves dats probably why her hips are so pronounced, when your about in your 7-8 mo. ur hips spread really wide! & other changes to ur body, your body is expanding to make room for a baby, so stop saying she look funny! She looks good!