Beyonce, Rihanna, Who Can Pull It Off?

Who Looks Hotter in White Pants? Rihanna VS Beyonce!

 who-looks-hotter-in-white-pants-rihanna-vs-beyonce - Who Looks Hotter in White Pants? Rihanna VS Beyonce!

2 pear-shaped girls in 2 pairs of hot white pants.

 * Yes, Rihanna lost some weight, it shows in her face – (she was 133 lbs. at 5’8” initially)

 * Beyonce looks slimmer / less curvy on the street than she does on stage, as always.

Who Looks Hotter in White Pants? Rihanna VS Beyonce!

Pick your favorite!

One more side-by-side comparison after the jump!


who-looks-hotter-in-white-pants-rihanna-vs-beyonce-2 - Who Looks Hotter in White Pants? Rihanna VS Beyonce!

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  • kayla

    rhianna looks GORGEOUS and thin. Beyonce is blah and boring

  • andnobody

    hmm…i like beyonce’s whole outfit except the shoes. too stripper pole stuff…and rihanna’s look is nice…simple..the shoes are better.
    they both look pretty. beyonce should stop wearing lady gaga costumes.

  • nikki

    Rihanna…. beyonce has been trying to be her all year and looks too old to be accomplishing.

  • Annie

    Wow Rihanna looks hot in that outfit! she has a great figure!

  • rachael

    Love both styles but I would never wear Rihanna’s top…… it’s squeezing her boobs too much (and I can almost feel the pain!).

  • Michelle

    Beyonce looks amazing here! Perfect and healthy body there!

  • Summer

    Beyonce looks much sexier and classier than copycat-Rihanna!

  • Janna

    Close, but I think Beyonce looks better. Rihanna is gorgeous too but I’m not liking that corset top as part of a daytime outfit.

  • nat

    Rihanna looks amazing and her face is so fresh and neutral. She is just beautiful

  • lawrence

    You are beautiful. Seems saw you before. Did you ever posted your profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called ++My Rich Match . c o m ~~~~~~~~~~~~? I just saw your profile yesterday on that site.

    • kayla

      no one cares…..

  • minu

    how much does rihanna weight right now?she looks thin!

  • sara

    i think they’re both beautiful

  • diane

    Rihanna look like she is trying to hard. I think Beyonce’s outfit look better. Both of them look very slim.

  • Beyonce is such a regular R&B chick in terms of style *yawn*

  • Sammie

    rihanna looks a bit too skinny……..

  • Betsy

    i think they both look fantastic, but i especially love B’s outfit (minus the ugly lucite heels). i think she looks better in pants that aren’t skin tight. love the gray jacket and chanel hoops.
    also, i love rihanna’s whole outfit, except the corset. i hate corsets.

  • CountryGal777


  • sandra

    B def. wins this one. She look more mature a sophisticated.
    I know rihanna is marketed to be edgy and rock but this just looks too tight a trashy, and a lot of her outfits of late have been in the same theme.

  • Imster

    Are you all kidding? Rhianna looks like shes about to burst out of that top- NOT a good look for daytime. B’s gorgeous as usual- I actually really like the shoes!

  • lara

    they actually both look good here
    and im fussy

  • MELA

    Both of them look so great! They are just very well-shaped!

  • Claudia

    im sick of rihanna’s short hair…like it’s time to get weaved-up again lol i think she would look good with some long curls really natural and pretty…we get the fact that she’s trying to be 3008 lol. but she looks like the stress of her relationship has taken a toll…i love the breakup diet!

  • sw

    i don’t understand why celebrities wear such ridiculous shoes

  • Rihanna.. But i prefer the white pants she is wearing compared to beyonces, (:

  • Xarmani


  • beccasaurus

    Rihanna is always beautiful, imo.

    She’s so fresh faced. a real natural beauty.

  • keira

    Rihanna, for sure. Beyonce wears one pair of fugly shoes…

  • britmel

    honestly, beyonce looks like a man here. her face just doesnt compare to rihanna’s. body wise also goes to rihanna. theyre both on the curvy side, but rihanna seems a bit more proportionate and just has more appeal

    • nokukhanya

      you’l are just jealous of Queen B she lukz hot and Rihanna lukz lyk a man. Beyonce will be always Miss BOOTYLICIOUS. she is sexy for sure. Beyonce wins. Ever since Rihanna came to this industry shes been copying Beyonce, he WALK, EGO, DANCE MOVES, tried to steal her man etc im just tired of Rihanna and her hairstyle. BEYONCE ROCKZ 😉

  • britmel

    and its so weird how some may think rihanna looks trashy. i think the other way. beyonce looks like a mess, with her plastic “hooker” shoes and just hideous outfit. whereas rihanna looks neat and tidy. i dont like beyonces outfit at alll

  • nutty

    beyonce is gorgeous, she has such a beautiful face. I like her outfit – simple but well put together (minus the shoes). I dont’ like rihanna’s top or her hair, but she does have a nice body

  • Chika

    I think they are both beautiful, but I love B’s look. I’d actually wear it… I want the chance to raid Beyonce’s closet. LOL

  • bb

    both look sexy…but I Love RIHANNA<3<3

  • Natasha

    yeah, I love Beyonce`s outfit too. rihanna`s dull, I don`t know, I don`t like it, I `wouldn`t wear it.. so I have to go with B!

  • No competition with bibi. Sorry rihanna!

  • leonard

    beyonce is far beautiful than rihanna.

  • Beyonce is way hotter! Rihanna is a slut, and she tries to hard. She cant even sing, and beyonce is one of the best singers ever!!

  • tayboi

    How can Rihanna be a slut when its Beyonce whos always performing in some short tight leatard on stage. B always looks slutty to me. RiRi more classy in an edggy way.

  • mel

    I like both Rihanna and Beyonce but here I think Rihanna’s hair is too boy-cut. I know it suits her outfit and gives her chic but I gotta say “no-way” to her top. It makes her boobs look ready to pop out. Yuck, wonder what would happen then.

    On the other hand, Beyonce looks sophiscated and grown-up but predictable. At least kids can bear to look at this one, the vital parts are all covered. Really interesting shoes though.

  • nokukhanya

    beyonce is way better. Very sexy, humble and luvz kidz. im tottally tired of Rihanna’s hair :Z i wonder why rihanna copy’s B so much 😕

  • both look wounderful and beautiful.but the only way i could tell whose the real angel is i could tell by their music and their voice.rihanna “unfaithful”is one the world sadess song ever and everytime when i listen to it i feel like i’m in a “unfaithful love” it makes me wonna cry and listen to it all the time.and beyonce “halo”is like a song of a angel.when i listen to it everyday i felt like a angel was calling my name ,and i bet that angel was beyonce.their both pretty and had good musics.beyonce is good with the singing,acting,and fireceness but rihanna is the real angel.her songs make me cry,they make me jump for joy.but all i want is both rihanna & beyonce should be friends.a least see them hug and shake hand.and stand in each other face and say “your my best friends,your my hero,i’ll never hate u no matter what,i promised to be the best of friends” that will be the best thing that ever happen.

  • rihanna look hot in white jeans,beyonce look good but not hot as rihanna look.rihanna is the melody of music.her song “music of the sun” it’s like she’s convincing everyone to come to dance to the music of the sun.because the first time when i listen to it on january 1,2010 it make feel the music in the air & brought me to dance to the music of the sun.the song it’s a melody like rihanna.

  • rick

    both look good rhianna outfit shows her figure better than beyonces. and at least rhi isnt wearing the high waisted overy tight pants she normally does

  • Beyonce!

    Beyonce looks better.
    Beyonce has a healthier body & a pretty face.

  • hmmm.

    I prefer Beyonce.

  • I have to say Beyonce! 😉

  • PurpleVintage

    RIhanna. Love the whole look!! ALL OF IT! The shoes are to die for. And omg those jeans.. I want them so bad. The corset is amazing too, but I wish it wasn’t so tight, if it didnt squeeze her boobs so much, i’d have to say this would have been one of the best looks i’ve ever seen! Rihanna’s skin tone and body shape is to die for. Beyonce is beautiful ofc, but I gotta say, her outfit did not impress me, and she didn’t look good. Shocking.

  • kenya

    Both girls look really nice

  • Jan

    I feel Beyonce looks exactly like a man. And no one says anything but are quick to jump on Wendy Williams. Nothing wrong with looking like a handsome man though especially since she has a father but why don’t people give her hell? And, as for Rihanna, her forehead is too far-pointed out for me to consider her other features. All I notice is forehead and alien eyes. Not ugly just weird. Many will disagree but that’s how I see it.