Rihanna Gets Leggy

Rihanna-Gets-Leggy - Rihanna Gets Leggy

Rihanna is currently shooting a video for her song “Te amo” in Paris… and she’s doing so while showing off her shapely legs to the camera.

Thoughts on her figure and styling?

Take a look at Rihanna’s dark make-up and bi-colored hairstyle after the jump!

Rihanna-Gets-Leggy-2 - Rihanna Gets Leggy

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  • MariB

    I was always wondering whose legs are more huge,
    Queen B or Princess Riri, anyway i love her body

  • Melina

    her body is very strong but not fat, so it’s okay.

    • musaafiruun

      I agree. I love Rihanna’s body. She is so strong and powerfully built and her legs are beautiful: strong, powerful and beautifully sculpted. So many celebrities and “beauties” look so fragile and puny it is great to see a beautiful woman who is not afraid to display her physical strength.

  • Casey

    Her legs are fit and musclar, yes, but I still don’t like the way they look in the first outfit.

    • Casey

      Oh and also, I hate, hate, hate dark lipstick. It doesn’t make anyone hot or fashionable, it makes them look dead.

  • rayy

    she has a hot body you can tell she is disciplined and obviously works hard for it.

  • Natasha

    She looks gorg and she looks like she’s gotten thicker I’m very interested in seeing how these outfits and the location in Paris are going to play into the video she ‘s shooting for Te Amo (aka the bi-curious song)

  • helena

    i think it’s funny to shoot a song named “te amo” which is spanish in France… but I don’t really know the song so i can’t really talk

    i think she looks fine and her hair looks artistic and suits her and her job.

  • i luv her body!!!

  • Rachel

    why does she always look like she’s on a set of a porn movie.. ffs girl get a grip on yourself, focus on your MUSIC instead of being ‘sexy’ aka a slut

    • Ally

      Thats probably cause her music is lame,like gaga.They need to focus in their looks,like lady g.

    • Kristin

      ‘instead of being ’sexy’ aka a slut’

      Looks like someone’s insecurities are running high today.

      • Natasha

        have u ever seen a porn in your life because the last time i checked they don’t wear clothes and if they do their costumes lol beyonce gaga christina and britney wear stuff like this all the time in videos are they sluts too hmmmmmm

        • Kristin

          lololol what? Are you 7? Do you know what pornography and/or punctuation is?

          Very jealous of the “porn stars” that can afford to wear Giuseppe Zanottis during their scenes.

          • Natasha

            ^^^^^^ For….The……Win *wheel of fortune voice*

  • Padme

    I personally would not wear that first outfit if I had thighs like that.

    • audrey


  • artemis

    OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! since last summer lol…
    can’t wait for the video
    she’s pretty but i don’t like the first outfit bleh

  • jenna

    needs to find some pants asap

  • blake

    she has a beautiful body, but she cannot rock it.. is it only my opinion or she could actually really look like a godess if she had a different ( i mean normal) hairstyle and more flattering outfits??
    her legs are muscular- and that is ok, but i dont like her in general.. i just do not…

  • Sharen

    well I don’t like her legs… and I’m getting kind of tired of her look… I mean if she was really a punk, and that was her kind of music and all, well I’d be like “cool, that’s who she is”, but with her it seems like she’s trying too hard to look different…

    • Casey

      I agree with you Sharen. Her whole dominatrix look just seems so contrived and forced. I saw her do a performance of her song “Rude Boy,” she looked so awkward on stage trying to be raunchy, it was painful to watch.

  • Meko

    she has a nice body. love her legs!

  • gabby

    i don’t get everyone saying her legs look strong. i dont really see any muscle definition. they’re not fat either, but definitely thick and any more weight on them, they would be fat. but, they aren’t what i call strong. they’re sturdy tree trunks 🙂

    • kate

      Muscle definition only really shows at a low body at percentage. H

      er legs are definitely muscular but also have a fair bit of fat which is to be expected esp. being pear shaped.

  • Steven

    Mmmmmmmm… those legs!!!! ‘Nuff said!

  • Minnie

    Here’s one thing that I’m curious about….

    Why is Mischa Barton fat and Rihanna isn’t?
    Rihanna looks bigger than Mischa.
    And, in my opinion, Mischa looks better than she does…

    • Minnie

      My statement was sort of confusing. I meant why is Mischa called/considered fat and Rihanna isn’t.

    • Layla

      I know it’s so unfair. I don’t like Mischa at all but I feel bad for her. She was skinny during her O.C. days and everyone wanted her to GAIN weight. Now that she has and doesn’t care about being so thin, everyone wants her to lose weight.
      By the way I miss Rihanna’s long hair. She’s still a beauty though!

    • Padme

      Ok I’ll say it. Because mischa isn’t black. There seems to be a lot more pressure on white women to be stick thin. Black women get the nice label of thick. Curves seem to be more celebrated in their culture.*

      *no offense was intended by the author of this post.

      • chinadoll08

        No, there is a difference in fat and muscle…Black women seem to have more muscle naturally but that is not fat(not referring to overweight people)….just like most athletes that have muscle…the composition is not the same…go look at a science book….muscle is healthy…. fat is not…….mischa size is great if she was muscle but she is around average body fat….look at oxygen magazine or muscle and fitness hers….Also being muscular is not just a “black thing”. Prior to the mass processing of food in the 20th century being bigger in size was a symbol of wealth…and that was for most cultures….google the history of beauty….also African Americans like larger buttocks, hips and breasts…most women who live in Western countries like slimmer thighs but for most that is hard to achieve….so they prefer to keep there curves which in many cases come with larger thighs…

        • chinadoll08

          also their not there….

        • Padme

          So I guess I have a problem with the idea that black women are somehow naturally larger. There are thin black women like Zoe saldana and thandie newton, just like there are thin white women like Paris Hilton and Nicole kidman. Conversly there are larger white women like mischa barton and Jessica Simpson just the same as larger black women like rhianna and beyonce. It seems to me like the larger black bodies are glorified while the larger white ones are degraded. It just seems like nothing more than a double standard to me. Why that double standard exists is probably due to cultural differences.

          I don’t believe rhianna is in any better shape than mischa. Let’s not forget cellulite is more visible on pale skin which may be why people think her legs look better.

          And just to be clear, I’m not upset about any of this. It’s just something that i’ve noticed and it’s fun to discuss this type of stuff.

          • Tia

            Mischa’s body looks sloppy. She doesn’t dress to flatter her body type, she just wears whatever she wants. Did you see her “Easter Outfit?” Her style is tragic. Her clothes wouldn’t even look good on a skinny person!

          • alana

            Can I just say — Mischa Barton is NOT a large white woman. She’s pear shaped so that she carries more weight in her lower half and not particularly toned but she’s certainly not large or fat overall. I’m pretty sure she still weighs less than the average American woman.

      • physicsfem

        I think that “pressure” comes from the white community who tells its members that they all need to be thin. In communities of color we prefer our women to be voluptuous with an emphasis on big thighs and a big butt. The pressure to be thin comes from white and Asian communities. The pressure to be fine (i.e. butt pads & implants) comes from our community. Pick your poison.

    • gen

      Misha looks untoned and out of shape. Rihanna’s legs are kind of big in my opinion (I officially am now skinnier than Rihanna, I used to drool over her body, so she has definitely gained a bunch), but she does not look washed out, drugged up, and generally out of it. Mischa barton has a ton of cellulite too.

      • Natasha

        ^^^^^^ thank you “well because mischa is white”…… *rolls eyes* MISCHA has a smaller frame thus she is fat not toned drugged out and looks like sh#t She puts no effort into her appearance and doesn’t help herself out so she gets no sympathy…… even though Rihanna is no Chanel Iman or Kelly Brook she obviously works out has a toned stomach thighs arms and basically doesn’t look a mess and she has a bigger frame can we please bringing race into arguments not only does it sound ignorant it sounds incredibly stupid @Padme in no way shape or form do I think your racist I’ve seen some of your comments from time to time but that was a pretty interesting statement that couldn’t be further from the truth

    • Casey

      I don’t think it’s a race thing.

      As people have said, Mischa is straight up out of shape. Although Rihanna is not in the best shape (compared to someone with thick thighs like Serena Williams), she is definetly in reasonable shape. There is muscle on her legs, very little visible cellulite, and she doesn’t appear to be very flabby, like Mischa does.

      I also think Rihanna is more proportional than Mischa, who is a very extreme pear. As I’ve said before, people are very forgiving of hourglass figures (they can be thin without being called thin, or thick without being called thick).

      • kate

        Quite simply, Mischa appears to have a higher body fat percentage than Rihanna. It’s not about how big you are, but the ratio of fat to muscle.

        • Minnie

          I doubt that her body fat percentage is that much higher…Rihanna just has darker skin which makes her look more “toned”. Her legs still look like they would jiggle if I poked them.

          • Natasha

            ^^^^^^how does darker legs make someone look more toned inquiring minds want to know since Gabby Sidibe is darker than Rihanna she must look hella toned ……

      • lc

        But Rihanna is also an extreme pear?

        • Minnie

          Darker skin does make legs look more toned, but if you weigh 400 pounds it’s not going to do you any good. Google it. It really does.

          • liza

            Most ignorant comment Ive seen to date on SVC

          • Natasha

            ughhhha ignorance is bliss I hope to never meet or cross paths with some of you people in real life not even in cars lmao whatever floats your boat some of the rude or racially charged comments leaves alot to be desired -_____________-

        • Casey

          Rihanna is a pear but not an extreme pear, like Mischa is. She’s a little more proportional, closer to an hourglass, and people are more forgiving of hourglasses.

          Also, regarding the fact that darker skin tones hide cellulite, I don’t think so! It may give more definition or the apperance of muscle tone, but it does not hide cellulite. I’ve seen the smallest traces of cellulite on black women, just as much as white women. Not to mention that in the kind of lighting where you would see cellulite in photos, nobody is safe.

          Rihanna does have cellulite, but a lot less than Mischa. Like I said, Rihanna is not in perfect shape, but she is in reasonable shape.

          • lc

            I think she is pretty extreme. It’s just maybe that Mischa is supposedly less toned or shorter or something, so she looks less proportional. Every time I see Rihanna, I think, PEAR! The first picture of her looks pretty extremely pear to me. I don’t think I personally would ever mistake her for an hourglass, any day!

  • madeleine

    hate her legs…imo they are definitely fat.

  • i used to love her body but im not loving those legs. too big in my opinion. IN MY OPINION

  • Sidney

    Lovely shapely legs, still wouldn’t be my first choice if they were handing them out in line. Love the make-up, esp. the lips, they’re not for everybody but she looks good in that shade imo.

  • Aims

    Whoa! Rihanna what happened? She needs to log in some tredmill time! Those legs need toning bad!!!

  • Polly

    Ugh, I hate her current “look”. The hair, makeup, looks horrid. Body is healthy and powerful looking as always though.

  • lc

    There’s no way I’d wear that outfit if my legs were that big. And honestly, they really don’t seem that toned to me.

  • ky

    her legs r so sexy & juicy

  • Paris

    Her legs look so fat

  • Jenna118

    YAY I love RiRi and B and their thick bodies!!!

    But yes I do agree with Minnie pointing out why Mischa is called fat but not Rihanna. As others said, it’s because of 1) Cultural expectations. (the blunt reality is that white mainstream culture glorifies the white svelte look. I mean when this site ran a vs.battle between Sienna and Kim’s body type, almost everyone chose Sienna!!! Put that battle on a mostly black or latin site (i know she’s armenian) and everyone would choose Kim’s body); 2) Personality (maybe even success) – RiRi and B come out with strong powerful personalities and either distracts or convinces us their bodies are the same. Mischa is always so….. not strong…

    Also, like someone pointed out, cellulite looks worse on pale skin unfortunately!!

    And white chicks should stop being so hard on themselves for being a little overweight! Like, stop slamming Kelly Clarkson lol!

  • Lucy

    Honestly, sometimes some of the comments on here REALLY annoy me!
    Rihanna’s legs are far from ‘fat’, they’re strong, healthy and toned. Surely you can clearly see that? If they really were ‘fat’you’d see jiggly bits&cellulite all over the place. Can you see that on these pics? Hmm.. don’t think so. Seriously, people’s perception of beauty and what is healthy nowadays is so skewed it truly is mindblowing.

  • Christina

    She’s not fat but I really think her thighs look too big! They’re so out of proportion to the rest of her!

  • toned??

    toned?? I’m sorry but if you poke her I’m 90% sure her thighs will jiggle. I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, but i highly doubt there is more muscle then fat there. she can pull it off, and luckily for darker skinned women, cellulite is noticeable on lighter skin. but rihanna does not have toned legs, no point of fooling yourselves to think it, same as Kim, but they both look fine anyway

  • Ally

    Her legs look quite thick, but I still wouldn’t call them fat. Though she’s definitely gained some… How much do you think she weighs?
    By the way, I don’t really like her style. She seemed so pretty at the beginning of her career and now she’s just trashy.

  • Eve

    WTF, some comments are nasty. Her legs are toned! It is so obvious. How could anyone say they would jiggle????!!! so if she has no small bones like Ale for example so dead…she is fat?! she is a big girl, she has big bones and hell of muscles so she does look extremely good for her body type!

  • Carrie

    I think it´s much more attractive to have a small waist and bigger legs than the other way round.

    • kate

      And more healthy too.

  • CK

    she is in good shape, though i don’t really like this body type. Love the lipstick colour

  • Kae

    I have always thought of her body as average. Not too big, not too little. She’s a pear so her legs are a little thicker than the rest of her but she’s not fat. I don’t understand what the big deal is.


    Is it halloween already? She looks almost as awful as her music sounds.

  • alexa

    dude her legs are quite fat :-s

  • her legs are huge.

  • Well Rihanna’s legs look a bit bigger but they aren’t super fat, like the super jiggley ones. I think it’s just the outfit that ruins her, cmon it’s absolutely horrid. Buts she not fat-at leats the rest of her body isn’t :/

  • Iv

    I thinks her legs are too fat. But she has a beautiful face!

  • Beans