Front and Back, Rihanna

Rihanna Is Super Leggy – Front and Back

rihanna-is-super-leggy-front-and-back - Rihanna Is Super Leggy - Front and Back

Here’s pear shape Rihanna showing off a pair of healthy and strong-looking legs on stage – from the front and from the back.

This perspective is almost always unflattering, but Rihanna manages to look super hot and cellulite free even from this angle (even more, while wearing ankle boots), so kudos for that.

How do you like Rihanna’s legs / thighs / black minidress look?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • stella

    Love her legs, not so much her shoes and gloves:P

  • ilovesugar

    she works her style and figure reallly well and owns it- she oozes confidence!
    seen better legs tho

  • millet

    chunky legs, like my thigh area:)

  • Jessica

    She has a great figure. Even her legs. @Millet, there is nothing wrong with your legs. Thick legs are pretty too. Even though I’m small, my legs are kinda like Rhiannas.

  • great legs!

  • Luke

    I especially like her legs, even though they’re thicker than most of the anorexic celebs u see today. She is definitely not fat and her legs are more toned than most. They’re also a lot longer and way more appealing to me than the other starved shipwreck survivors you call celebs.

  • mk

    chunky fat legs…don’t like em….lol

  • Ela

    Love Rihanna’s legs, they look amazing.

  • Marty

    Whoever wrote the bit underneath the pic shouldn’t have put ‘pear shape’ (should be hyphenated anyway), especially on a site like this. With respect, it’s not an accurate term for this girl even on this photo which was taken at a low angle. It’s that kind of thing that makes nicely-formed female celebrities think they’re overweight then get skinny and ill. Rihanna in this pic has the most perfect and feminine legs in my view. I don’t like the bony and/or overly muscly type that so many blokes go for- yuk!

    • saribird

      it’s funny you think “pea shaped” has a negative connotation. just look at all the other rihanna pictures, she does have a pea like figure. very slender from her shoulders to her belly and then very curvy thighs and legs – compared to her upper body. nothing negative about that. just a statement.

      • Marty

        I guess you mean pear not ‘pea’?! 🙂 Yes, I should have pointed out that I don’t think of the term as negative, it just seems a bit extreme to call her that shape as it seems to make out too much of a fine line between pear and slim… can you be both?.. maybe there’s another word that could describe Rihanna’s shape… That’s just been answered while typing this- thanks Versus. Slim pear shape! Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t women find ‘pear-shaped’ a relatively unflattering term over ‘slim’ or even ‘curvy’? By the way, I do actually prefer pear-shaped or curvy women over slim and definitely prefer them to skinny.

        • Well, I really hope that women don’t resent the term “pear shape” anymore… since it is a highly admired / attractive type of figure and together with hourglass, it’s part of the “curvy” territory, since it implies having a small waist, nicely rounded hips and shapely thighs.

          All body shapes have have certain enviable qualities and some “not-so-desirable” ones, we just have to love what we have and make the most of it. I don’t think there is an ideal shape – each woman looks best at her natural shape and size… and embracing that makes them ideal.

          Of course you can be pear shaped and slim (Keira Knightley is skinny and pear shaped, for example), it’s all about the proportions of the body, not about the size. Here are other pear shaped beauties:

          • Marty

            Thank you both for the responses, nicely explained, I think I’ve learnt something especially about the term “pear shaped”. Not about size, but proportions, though not as exaggerated as a pear itself! Makes sense now. The girls in the links above are all my type in terms of attractiveness.

        • saribird

          definitely meant pear 😀 – a pea shaped body… wouldn’t be a nice description whether skinny or curvy^^
          i cannot explain it any better than versus just did… i think pear shape is a neutral term, if not a compliment!

    • Versus

      “Pear shape” is a body shape, not a size, so there is no connection between being overweight and pear shaped. There are many skinny and thin pear shaped girls – Rihanna is a slim pear shape at a healthy weight.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with her body type or size, actually, it’s quite desirable and feminine.