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Rihanna – With & Without Clothes

Rihanna-With-Without-Clothes - Rihanna - With & Without Clothes

Here’s a merged post:

Left: Rihanna in a funky outfit (like it?), drinking coconut water at the airport.

Right: Rihanna showing off her curvy bikini body in Mexico, where she is currently vacationing with her new boyfriend Matt Kemp.

See him (and more of her) on the next page!

Rihanna-With-Without-Clothes-2 - Rihanna - With & Without Clothes

Rihanna-With-Without-Clothes-3 - Rihanna - With & Without Clothes

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Melanie

    I like her figure I’m built similarly.
    Great to see her having fun with a guy again I hope 2010 will be good for her 😀

  • Agatha

    Her outfit is Ew. Doesn’t do anything good for her. I do not like her haircolor either… Makes her look washed out.

  • vkat

    I think the bikini is too tiny. (where can I buy coconut water??? Can’t find it in the grocery store)

    • Mariah

      You can buy it at Whole Foods. That is where I get it, probably Henry’s also and maybe Trader Joes.

    • If you have a Target nearby, they usually stock some.

  • Lizzy1293

    omg! she should kill her stylist, she’s a pear, how can she wear those jeans?

  • Mizzy

    she has a terrible fashion sense, i think we can all agree on that. Her body is cute, looks totally attainable. She clearly doesn’t starve herself, which is good, but yet she is slim and shapely.

  • Sidney

    I hate her outfit and the bikini, and i agree the color of her hair washes her out, but i lurve her curls, they’re cute, though the haircut isn’t that flattering.

  • Lila

    Don’t like her hair.
    Don’t like her outfit.
    Like her body.

  • Cathy

    Good God ,why do people keep wearing those jeans – they are ugly in real life on pretty much everyone , the only ones who can pull them off are runway models ON the catwalk. Don’d like her outfits at all , fullstop.

    Bodywise she’s OK , but a little muscle tone would probably do her good even though I like a soft look on a woman. Soft but not unfit.

  • ash

    I do not like her body. Correction: her legs. She is a curvy girl and she wears things that really don’t flatter her legs/thighs..

    The upper part of her body looks good to me.

  • lowa

    personally, I think her pants + heels are cute…not loving the hair color but I like her curves and skin color

  • jennifer

    This should be removed….what an awful thing to write

    • Mariah

      Agree completely Jennifer. That comment should be removed. There are a lot of hateful comments on this site but that crosses the line. I love the site Versus but the rude and hurtful people who comment are ruining it for me. I really need to stop reading all these comments it is all too negative.

      • Versus

        You were right about the comment – it was inappropriate. I’m sorry about the rude posters, some people just want to pick a fight and cause controversy. I intend to moderate comments more from now on.

    • Versus

      Thank you for pointing it, I removed it.

  • If she wasn’t famous I think most people would just wonder “WTF is that girl wearing!?!” instead of “fashion risk-taker”.

    She looks like an 80’s groupie…trashy.

    • maria

      totally agree! When did bad taste in clothes became fashionable and stylish anyway???? I always wonder! Some things (like good taste) are pretty much objective..

  • artemis

    cool outfit
    nice body 😀
    who tf is that???? lol

  • babybrighstar

    don’t like her body,,, but she is beautiful , i actually don’t like pear shapes

    • ooo good forbid someone is a pear shape, I am sorry this shape is not to your liking, some people can’t help the shape they are.

    • K

      what a ridiculous comment…shame on you. I like every womans shape, being a woman myself I appreciate every womans body for what it is…you can not lump body shapes into one category and say you don’t like them that’s just ignorant on your part.

  • I don’t like her outfit but she has a nice body.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but she seems to be having fun and doing a lot better nowadays. She doesn’t feel the need to walk around half naked, and there are photos of her smiling. I hope she is indeed recovering and moving on from the tragic incident that she went through.

  • solostar

    i think that the writer of this site, really needs to investigate what the hell the meaning of curvy is. if you think that Rihanna’s body is curvy, then what kind of message are you sending young girls. and the way you always write “curvy”, as if there is something wrong with it. You are always more appreciative of the celebrity with a thin body, than one that actually looks like a real human being. TO surmise, i think you are f***** up. I have been at this site for a couple of days, trying to understand what the hell the idea is about. But it seems to me, that aside, from passing judgement about the female form, you have nothing else to offer. You are the reason why many girls have self esteem issues. As if we dont have enough problems in the regular world, there is now a website, that we to compare skinny vs curvy. all this without even understanding what curvy is. perhaps you can elighten me as to the parameters in which you use to measure” curvy” and “skinny”

    • All this post is about me, “Versus” or is it about some of the comments? Because it seems unbelievable to be completely directed at me, the writer – if so, your comment truly made me sad… and I really don’t think I deserve the things you’ve said. I will explain:

      1. Curvy is GOOD. So is SKINNY, as long as they are both natural. What I am trying to say is that I think all women should embrace their natural, healthy body shape and size, make the most of it and not strive to be anything else. I like all kind of body shapes as long as the carrier is confident, proud, healthy and dresses her shape appropriately. Now how could you possibly understand that I mean something bad through “curvy”? “You are always more appreciative of the celebrity with a thin body” – I am truly curious how you could possibly deduct that from my site.
      2. Curvy (referring to the female body) – with curves and some softness as well, with an hourglassy waist-hip ratio, shapely (this is basically what the dictionary says). Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks are truly curvy women (there are thinner curvy women as well). So yes, Rihanna is a curvy pear shape and she looks fabulous – where is the wrong message I am sending here?
      Skinny – thin, very lean. Celebrities like Teri Hatcher, Kelly Ripa, Alessandra Ambrosio, many models, many many celebs – but most women are not just one or the other, there are many other categories.
      3. I am not passing judgments here – I am ADMIRING the female forms, getting inspired, observing what flatters different shapes, sometimes learning from their mistakes, fighting against Photoshop and against the-too-obvious Hollywoodization, militating for NATURAL and most importantly, militating for body shape and size VARIETY.
      4. I am certainly not the reason many girls have self esteem issue (even though your words do hurt me). If anything, I get many mails from girls all around the world who say that the fact that I am promoting healthy body image, since I am featuring and admiring celebrities of various body shapes and sizes and I do set a positive tone in my comments – unless there’s something fake which I do not like.
      5. You should know that on 99% of the blogs/sites out there, a comment like “i think you are f***** up” would not be posted and probably get you banned – however, I approved it and also chose to reply because I believe in my site that strongly. You can not come to a site and insult the owner like that – I don’t come to your work and insult whatever you are doing (and unfairly so).

      • ann

        “size VARIETY.”

        I’m sure you are trying but posting the same 3 or 4 VS models and cheesy celebs isn’t really cutting the mustard as far as variety goes.

        • Versus

          Yes, size variety. I post about plus-size models, not just VS models. I do the best I can with the resources I have – the fact that certain celebs are not photographed enough is not my fault and I wish I could change that.
          It’s not just about the people I post – it’s also about the fact that I like and say positive things about VARIOUS sizes, shapes, about VARIOUS beauties and I am against the so-overly-popular in Hollywood pro-standardization idea “Let’s all look the same”.

          • ann

            “Yes, size variety. I post about plus-size models, not just VS models. ”

            I’m not talking about plus-size models. I don’t really care about the whole fat chicks vs. skinny chicks debate. I’m just saying there isn’t a lot of variety of personalities shown on the site. I get tired of the same models and Kim K. There has got to be more out there.

    • Alexandra

      You really don`t know what you`re talking about…. I`ve been on this site for about 2 years now and since then my self esteem and self appreciation have gotten much higher, much due to the honest and inspiring words of Versus and also the community that posts comments on a regular basis. Here we support each other and embrace the human body and different types of beauty.
      If you don`t like the site just click on the little red ‘X’ in the corner, don`t ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Sophie

      I understand where you are coming from. Women getting together to discuss diet and weight is probably not the best idea as a lot of hurtful things can come out of it and it enocurages a fixation on the issue.

      But as far as body/diet gossip sites go this is definitely the healthiest one – it’s not just about discussing weight & body types, it’s also about body image & self esteem issues.

      Being labelled ‘curvy’ is for most women, a compliment and the writer doesn’t use it in a negative sense. Perhaps you are letting your own negative connotations of the word sway your judgement.

      • Alias

        I agree, I know I have commented on pictures Versus has posted before and given her somewhat of a hard time but I truly do enjoy coming to this website. I think it is a great message that she sends and I appreciate her time and effort dedicated to Skinny VS Curvy. It must be very difficult trying to please everyone and honestly I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to stay poised. Rock on Versus!

        • Versus

          🙂 Thank you, Alias! I admit, it is hard to please everyone, sometimes visitors want opposite things from me.

    • Fluffykins

      Solostar, what would YOU call Rihanna’s body? And why is calling her “curvy” sending a bad message to young girls?

  • lyndal

    dont like her outfit much body she has a hot bod benath it which girls crave for. her dress seems fashion faux pas.

  • Alexandra

    Sorry, my comment was a reply to solostar

  • Sophie

    That bikini suits her much more than the pink, frilly thing she was wearing the other day.

  • rara

    shes beautiful and such a free spirit which i adore so much. who cares if shes a pear shape, if she wants to wear whatever she should be able to! she has a super hot feminine body. i love!

  • the last picture is funny LOL

  • spanktacular

    shes got a cute shape.

  • I don’t like the hair at all, but she’s got a great body and it’s great to see that she’s found a new guy! I hope 2010 is a much better year for her!

  • Ayla

    dont like her body, her hair, her outfit,….
    just like her eyes