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Robyn Lawley Brings Today’s Quote

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On being a plus-size model:

‘I am the perfect shape for plus-size modelling. I don’t feel any pressure to lose weight as I’ve been this size for years now and I don’t want to change or diet. I enjoy exercising and being able to eat foods I like.”It must annoy some of the other models when they see the plus-size models eating after they have starved themselves all night.’

… says Robyn, here pictured in lingerie polaroids she posted on Facebook.


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  • lila

    I like her as a model and she’s pretty,but does she seriously have to bash skinny/regular models EACH single time she makes a statement? Why not take advice from Bree on here last time, who made a perfectly nice comment, pointing out the need for variety without downgrading or ridiculing other models.

    • AlyssaMoh

      I agree.
      I think it’s nothing to do with insecurity, i think maybe its frustration directed at the industry in general (though blaming the girls for taking part in an industry that gives you little control in how you look is not fair either).
      At the end of the day, its best to embrace a wide variety of healthy body shapes and sizes. Emphasis on healthy. This means extremes are not good. In general extreme anything is bad – ideology, religion and body image.
      I’ve been feeling bad for almost 15 years now. I want to be happy and I want to look at a woman with a thin/curvy/athletic/insert descripor here and think “hunh. she looks great” without needing to bash a)myself b)her c)people who dont look like her.

    • kia

      there is a variety, but there is also a lot of starvation and trying hard to go as underweight as possible in the fashion word. skinny girls can become models,and even if some of those mantain the same weight all their life, other die for anorexia or retire because is asked to loose “a bunch of kilos” to girls who are already skinny. you are skinny since ever, you were Always the skinniest girl in school, you are healthy and in shape, you are small and tall, you eat in moderation and if you want to model it will be asked you to loose 10 pounds to make your measures not more than 80-60-90, that are the measures of the small wooden mannequin that was originally referred to slim girls of 156-163 cm. not 180cm tall girls. Robyn is not plus size,she’s slim. if you look at the shape of her legs and harms you see she has a very finely shaped muscular structure, that is present though. she has a wider stomach that usual models and There is not an inch of extra fat in this pic. she is a skinny tall girl, and still is not a relaxed target for tall girls..her body is born very nice and she takes care of it, I don’t think she indulges.

  • Tigerlily

    Wow, she really has an amazing toned body. I usually find her beautiful, but I never saw her in spontaneous/polaroid pics.
    I agree with lila, but I guess that somehow I can also understand Robyn. I mean, I think it takes some time to accept your size in an industry where you are never perfect even if you are Gisele Bundchen. That’s not an excuse to compare a body to another, obviously.

    • AlyssaMoh

      100% in agreement.
      Besides, think of it as “precarious employment”. Its not like there’s no penalty if you opt out of something. You’ll be sent home. Fired. You can’t sue for lost wages, can you?
      Its a sucky situation, and coupled with the fact that a lot of the girls in NY are trying to get permanent status in a better country than (insert eastern european country) be it USA, Canada or England, they’re not going to threaten their livelihood and risk loosing their income (as volatile as it may be).
      Uck.. can you tell I’m writing a paper on social determinants of health? Bleh.

      • Ioana Lungu

        Such ignorance to assume that the US is better than East European countries and people would be dying to get the right to live there. I’m from Romania and I’d never want to live in the US. Why give up on free university education, free healthcare, free access to contraception and abortion, comprehensive sex education in schools, and many others, to live in the US and have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for basic things like medical check-ups or education, and constantly fear that my reproductive rights will be restricted by a bunch of conservative old guys ?

        Stereotypes are so dumb. Hard for you though it may be to believe, the US is neither the best place in the world, nor is it everyone’s dream to live there.

        • Gergana

          Interesting attempt to present Eastern Europe lifestyle as bearable but things are so much more complex than free healthcare and education.
          Kind regards from Bulgaria.

          • iana

            Sorry if this is off topic, but how is Bulgaria? My family and I have heard nice things and we’ve been talking about flying their from Prague next summer and maybe renting a car and driving around for a few weeks. Any tips/advice?

          • Ioana Lungu

            I’m speaking for Romania, not Bulgaria. And anyway, I’m not trying to say that life in Eastern European countries is amazing. But if I had to immigrate somewhere, the last place I’d go would be the US. I’d move to a European welfare state, Also, it’s easy to take education and healthcare for granted, but imagine having to struggle with tens of thousands of dollars in debts, just to get access to basic human rights like medical check-ups and education. In Eastern Europe, you can at least get a degree for free then use it to find a good job in another country.

        • iana

          I’m half Czech and I can attest that our health care isn’t “Free”. You may not get a bill at the end of a doctors visit, but you’ve been paying that bill and everyone else’s every single time you get a paycheck. Taxes in the US are much lower compared to Europe, there’s the difference. Education and health aren’t “free” here, just the costs are hidden

          • Ioana Lungu

            Again, I’m speaking for Romania. I’ve never had to pay a single cent on my university education so far (on the contrary – my university is giving ME money for my good grades). Also, taxes are a normal component of a state. In the US, you pay taxes AND all your medical/education expenses. At least here, you know paying taxes has you covered. And it’s not like we have ridiculously high taxes like in Sweden.

        • AlyssaMoh

          I appologize. My comments were insensitive. In my defence, I am from Canada that, although has free health care and access to contraception and abortion, and subsidized education, we still have short comings. I am also basing my comments on documentaries from european countries that show girls from Latvia, the Slovak republic and Russia (not Romania i note) who are trying to gain permanent residency in other countries – social countries like Can and UK; I did say “THEY” and not “ALL” eastern europeans, so note that their views on sustainable lifestyle may conflict with yours.

          I could have chosen a better descriptor, and I appologize. I wanted to draw attention to the idea that women in that situation have PRECARIOUS work, and that they are not afforded the freedom to “pick and choose” who they work for nor demand employment rights as the industry is very slanted towards the employer.

          However, I will draw note that Canada admits refugees – not only emigrants but refugees – from Romania.
          In fact, since the Romaninan revolution in 1989, there have been over 45,000 Romanians entering Canada under both refugee and emigrant status.
          As you may also know, in post-war romania, more than 1.5 million left the country, most of them going to the Canada and the USA.
          That was a different time, however, but emigration does still happen and the reasons are not just related to work, but also to political assylum.

          • Tigerlily

            I got what you were trying to say. I’m not from Eastern Europe, but I’m from Italy and I had to run away from the awful work conditions in my own country.
            I’m wouldn’t have felt even slightly offended if you were talking about Italy.
            You’re also right about the precarious conditions. If you are Kate Moss you can change your appearance and be sure that somebody will always hire you, if you’re just an unknown model you’re just replaceable. Must be frustrating, at least.

          • AlyssaMoh

            Thanks Tiger.
            I didn’t mean to offend people, I wanted to make the point about how women (actually many are girls, 15/16 year olds) are very vulnerable in this career, especially when they come from poorer backgrounds (the documentaries I saw often feautred the “cattle casting” where girls from rural areas were chosen and given “reps” who often took 80% of their earnings, leaving them with less than a few hundered dollars to send home every month).
            While its good to “fight the power” you won’t do it when your livelihood is on the line, and when people are depending on your success. I.e, precarious work – and not a significant amount of bartering power.

          • Ioana Lungu

            Political asylum nowadays ? Asylum from what, the European Union and democracy ? :))
            I know there are immigrants and of course they exist, Canada is by all means a more developed country and there is a strong incentive to immigrate there. I’m referring to the US here.

            It’s okay anyway, I was just trying to combat the stereotype that Eastern Europe is this dreary, post-apocalyptic place everyone is fleeing from.

          • guest

            I guess your ‘free’ education didn’t teach you basic economics? No such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes. Europeans pay for their ‘free’ healthcare and education with significantly higher taxes. Here in the U.S we pay for education after high school, but public universities are affordable and offer scholarships to the best students. If you’re smart you can attend for free or very low cost. Plus our universities are some of the best in the world. I go to a top university in America and we have a ton of Eastern European grad students, because your ‘free’ universities are kind of mediocre in comparison and don’t attract the best and brightest from around the world. I don’t know many Americans itching to study in Romania despite the low cost education.

            Unfortunately healthcare in the U.S is very expensive, that I cannot disagree with.

      • Eleonore

        “in a better country” is a very unfortunate choice of words indeed.

        • AlyssaMoh

          Perhaps it came off judgemental.
          However, I will point out that though its social welfare state status is threatened by neoliberal policies at the moment, Canada was rated 3rd best place to live in the world behind Australia and Sweden in OCED countries. However, how long we stay ranked high, based on political actions right now, may change.
          However, instead of self-promotion, or worse, what I did which was diminishing a country, better use of effort would be to promote the right of the people to demand improvements on their own terms, without foreign interference, as the Ukraine is now doing.

          There is ample wealth in most OCED countries, enough to fund everything lila said in her earlier post.

  • k

    Hot damn, she’s gorgeous and I love her bod.

    I know it’s a bit harsh what she says abt other models, but if you know anyone in the industry, they’ve tell you that models starving themselves is very common.

    • Mila

      I agree. Carre Otis has given a very interesting interview on this subject. It went something like… I told the people that I did Jazzdance 3 times a week, but I was working out 3 h / d. And she basically starved herself. Worth reading it!

      • Erin

        The scary thing is that Carre Otis at her thinnest was still bigger compared to half of todays runway models :/

      • Kathleenicorn

        and abused laxatives

  • guest

    If a woman is starving herself, I think the last thing on her mind is Robyn’s diet. She acts as if starving yourself is just a pain, or an annoyance, and that only vain, stick-thin models subject themselves to it. Anorexia is a mental illness, and Robyn should stop trashing those who suffer this disease. She’s beautiful but those catty comments completely destroy any meaning that her body has in the media–she could be promoting diversity in fashion, and instead she just furthers the idea of only one type of beauty.

    • guest

      Although I’ll add that in a previous post I did see her say that curves didn’t epitomise a woman. That’s why this comment is a bit shocking to me.

      • girl21

        Her comment makes her seem so arrogant. Yes she is gorgeous and probably doesn’t have to be as strict as the other models but she doesn’t have to rub it in like her life is so much better and they are just jealous and starving. Gah.

    • kia

      sometimes anorexia is not an illness. it is asked.

      • lc

        It is always an illness. Nobody “asks” for anorexia.

        • Dead_Sarah

          Not always, Ic. I’m going to nerd out on this one. Here we go…
          Anorexia nervosa, indeed, is in the list of mental disorders in American Psychiatric Association, but so was homosexualismus. Nothing is absolute truth here. The symptoms of anorexia were considered symptoms for like another 10 disorders for past decade. Anorexia is relatively new trend in psychiatry, that’s what I am trying to say.

          • kia

            so right. anorexia,as well as bulimia and other ating disorders are not illness. stop calling them that. they are mind cages, very harsh to live with and very hard to fight because they mess with your identity. they are made of a complicated net of thoughts,maybe wrong maybe ossessive, emotions and beliefs. “illness” is the comfy name given in order to sell pills to them, to put people in the hands of doctors who dont want to enpower them. I know what I’m saying,at least in my experience. good professionist,not so common sadly, are the key to overcome these deathly circles,they are nedeed. ilness is something without a coscience that goes in your body and do stuff you don’t know anything about etc etc. mind cages are not less Dangerous and give a hell of pain but is a different thing,more similar to drug addiction,but without having tried drugs. environment (family,society,adverts,bad boyfriends..)can stimulate the rise of anorexia even if at the end the victim can not blame anyone. but still is not something that fall from the sky..usually there are causes combined toghether.

  • brebre

    Well that was pretty catty!

  • Tonyee


    How- ON EARTH- is this woman a PLUS..SIZED model?! lol Somebody PLEASE explain this to me lool

    • bonnie

      She’s super tall with a large bone structure, even though she’s slim. So she wears size 12 or so… Technically

  • Sia

    yes Robyn, we get it.

  • anonymous

    She is plus size in the modelling world, in the real world she is just normal because she is so tall she looks fine, but if say a woman who was 5ft 4 inches tall, with the same measurements as Robyn, would definitely be classed as overweight and would be much larger than Robyn, which is why I don’t think she really can be relatable to the majority of plus size women. How many women are as tall as her? Not many. So while she is larger than the standard size model, she is really even further apart from the average 5ft 4 inch woman who wears the same dress size as she does.

  • Not the nicest thing to say, but it’s probably true in many cases – it’s well known that a lot of models barely eat! Anyway, it was unnecessary of her to say that though – makes her sound superior and catty.

    She looks amazing here and I think anyone who thinks she’s overweight or ‘almost obese’ as they did in the last post about her is seriously having trouble with body image! She’s really quite slim for her height and not plus size for 6’2″ at all. She’s not really any more relatable to the average woman than most models though, given she’s so tall – it’s still nice to see a model who is not so thin though.

  • Veronique

    Wow, I think she’s gorgeous and all but that’s a really annoying quote…

  • s

    She is 6’2″people. …based on her height she might as well be super thin compared to a woman of average height

  • Uma

    That wasn’t respectful at all, to say that. She acts just like Jennifer Lawrence, oh poor me, I am so fat in a world full of skinnies but aren’t I the lucky one because look at me how much I eat. Sounds stupid to be frank. Just do your own thing, mind your own job and let others be. Plus sized models will never be respected if they keep acting in such manner towards regular sized models. Why can’t they just let everyone be? Oh, here’s a thought: publicity. Yeah, so much for being genuine and down to earth…

    • lc

      Exactly, Uma. I agree completely.

  • Ajla R

    Can somebody please tell me where exactly she mentions anorexia? Or anything bad about skinny models? Don’t be overly sensitive! Everybody knows that Karlie Kloss probably eats less than Robyn Lawley, why is it a big deal if she says it in public? It’s nobody’s business how much anybody eats, but I feel that you can’t say anything about skinny models/celebrities anymore.

    • Faith

      I know right I don’t think shes having a dig and other models more the industry that makes them do it but I can see how people take it the other way. I am developing such a girl crush on Robyn Lawley.

    • Thank you! I keep going back to read her quote and I still don’t see where she bashes skinny models, she’s just being honest, most average (skinny) models have to be very carefull with what they eat, specially before any event or photoshoot, thay have to be as slim as posible and she doesn’t so if I was an average model and I felt like I had to starve the day before a show and saw her eating whatever delicious food she’d be eating being a model as well, I’d be a little envious, maybe just at that specific moment when I’m thinking I’d like to eat whatever I wanted but I can’t and she does.

    • lc

      LOL, more like you can’t say anything about PLUS size/heavy women anymore. If Karlie Kloss were to say, “Well, they just eat more than I do. They’re bigger. They might get more work if they were to just watch what they eat like me”, all HELL would break loose and you know it. Stop acting like it’s only thin women who complain about getting bashed, if a heavier celeb were to get talked about like that, people would be getting stoned and burned at the stake. Let’s not kid ourselves.

      • RonPaul2012

        Of course, to be fair, some women go into plus-size precisely because it isn’t as competitive, and they can make more money that way than competing with the larger pool of thin girls

  • clea

    Her comment was going so well till that last sentence. It reads as insecure and petty.

    I think she looks ok in this pic, nothing spectacular. Kind of dead in the eyes.

    • really? my first thought at seeing the photo (before i read the name) was “who is this girl? the most beautiful woman ever? ” her face is just to die for.

  • anonymous

    I don’t care if she comes off as disrespectful; she’s being honest. I think she’s more speaking fr frustration. I have two friends one male and one female, one signed with Elite model and the other Wilhelmina right after high school.Both moved to NY to model and came back looking like death and miserable. Both eventually quit the industry after two years. They both told me horrors stories of the extreme models go through to look the part and book a job (even the ones who are on top of their game). I don’t know why anyone want to b a model or look up to model, they pay an extreme price.

    • Simona

      I’m not saying that such extreme cases don’t exist, but I can tell you with certainty that a lot of models have really good metabolisms and do not starve themselves, they are naturally thin.

  • mariella

    i don’t want to comment her quote but I have to admit that I really love her look – and it feels bizarre to call her plus size.

  • solaxia

    Sigh! This woman is so gorgeous!

  • Aundrea

    I can see that people find her pretty but to me she looks extremely matronly because of her very tall height and large bone structure. Moreover her head looks tiny compared to her large body. Not sexy or beautiful at all…But good that she’s happy with her appearance and is making money with it.

  • anka

    How is she plus-size? It’s such a twisted message. While supposedly empowering to women of all shapes and sizes, really the only message I receive loud and clear is that you’re not still quite not good enough even if you’re gorgeous and normal weight; you’re still only “plus-size” compared to the ideal. Sadly it’s completely understandable why she’d embrace the plus-size attachment – without it the industry would have eaten her alive. Everything else I read from this is just hot air.

  • Gabriella

    “It must annoy some of the other models when they see the plus-size models eating after they have starved themselves all night.”
    I don’t think so. I mean, what is so difficult about eating and being ‘plus-size’? You’re just like every woman in the world, don’t see why models would be annoyed. Honestly, it’s all about choices, the models who starves could have chosen to eat and ‘dedicate their lives to food’ and be bigger just like Lawley, instead she opted not to and to be thin. I don’t glorify either of them for their choices, but I don’t think one is jealous of the other either. That’s such a conceited thing to assume.

  • Misses Andersen

    It seems a little contradictory that she is posing in a way that creates a large space between her thighs, when she practically looked down upon the ‘thigh-gap trend’ in a previous post.

    • Dead_Sarah

      I don’t think she’s “posing” per say. Looks like a random snap photo.

  • liss

    These models needs to shut up…

  • lc

    ”It must annoy some of the other models when they see the plus-size models eating after they have starved themselves all night.’

    Oh what a classy comment there, Robyn.

  • Dead_Sarah

    Plus-size term is so confusing to me. Do you mean overweight? Or simply large woman, like tall and anatomically proportional (i.e. Robyn)?
    Curvy is confusing too. Do you mean overweight again? Or actually curvy, with nice hips/waist ratio?
    Can they all just be called models? They all seem catty anyways 🙂

  • marshmallow

    There were supermodels in the 80s and 90s with that body – Kim Alexis and Rachel Williams to name just two.

    Rachel Williams is actually pretty big, but she was amazing. And a HF model.

    • anonymous

      Kim Alexis was stick thin! what planet do you live on?
      No models from the 80s or 90’s were plus size. Plus size is a new thing. While I don’t think Robyn is plus size as a normal woman she is as a model. People need to stop saying that models in the past were the same size, they were NOT. They were like a size 4, and at the very most a size 6, which is way way off from a size 12. I like her though, she looks healthy unlike Tara Lynn who is just got too much extra weight. I think some of the comments on here are way worse than the comment she made. although she still shouldn’t have worded it like that.

      • marshmallow

        I suggest you do a google search for “Rachel Williams.’ She was huge. Famke Janssen was also pretty big. Ashley Richardson was positively huge. A size 10 at least, back then. Rachel Williams once said that she would have to get a rib removed in order to do runway.

        And no, they were not ‘plus size’ like size 14-20, but they were somewhat close in size to Robyn. As for Kim Alexis, she is super skinny in some pix, bigger in others.

  • maud

    That picture proves my point: plus-size model are not fat, they are just big boned!

  • jackie

    That was a very mean comment. It’s as if a regular model would say: “It must annoy some of the plus-size models when they see our fit bods when they have eaten an entire cake the other night.”
    She is a very pretty girl though. I just wonder how she looks in real life.. I just have the feeling that since she is not rail thin she would look pretty huge (not fat but tall and large). Sorry 🙁

    • Zoe

      Agreed- I actually quite liked her before I saw this quote, and I think her comment was totally unnecessary. To the people saying they don’t see anything wrong with what she’s said, I wonder if you’d feel the same way if the tables were turned, and a ‘straight-size’ model made similar comments against her? Her statements reek of insecurity, arrogance and immaturity to be honest; in my opinion, putting others down in order to glorify yourself is extremely childish, and I find it rather disappointing, coming from her. :/

      • lc

        Amen, Zoe. I agree %200.

    • tequilla

      it might be some regular models were mean to her.. who knows..

      • Zoe

        Agreed, but that’s no reason for her to over-generalise and be uncharitable towards straight-size models, as it would be specific individuals who offended her, not every skinny model with supposed issues with eating.

  • liam

    she’s a plus size model? that must be a joke. sick world.

  • kia

    she has the anjelina jolie’s body type

  • anna

    if she’s plus size then i’m plus sized, i’m 1M80 for 65kilos (sorry for the conversion i’m french) . She’s average body type, i’m not saying she’s not a beauty because she’s really nice and looks hot, but for this isn’t plus size modelling. Concerning the last sentence it’s stupid, at night you sleep you don’t eat, so well skinny models don’t starve at night, they sleep (not saying that they are eating properly anyways…).

  • ManBearPig

    She’s gorgeous but she looks kind of ‘skinny-fat’ to me.

    • Dead_Sarah

      Agree, some gym would not hurt.

  • KT

    She is only “plus” size because of the number on the tag of her clothing. She is at least 6′ and perfectly proportionate to her height. Not overweight in the least. It’s great she has such a healthy perspective, but I’m not sure I agree with the fact that the industry considers her plus size.

  • Kathleenicorn

    she’s a babe. she looks very fit too im sure that’s plus size smh. look at her collarbones

  • MissMarilyn

    Love Robyn but not a fan of this quote 🙁 do your own thang girl but why bring down other women??

  • Hafer Brei

    I think, most of the thin girls will feel superior to the plus size models, because in their minds they have more willpower to stay strong not to eat.

    Do plus size models still earn less money than regular models?

  • Mia

    Great body and a pretty face 🙂

  • Elisbeth

    Quick question… since when THIS is plus size????

  • HB

    She looks hot!

    She looks smaller here than in ads… is it possible that they try to make her look bigger?

  • Katja

    I am just going to ignore her comments about starving because the discussions are getting to heated and I think everyone is beautiful no matter what shape or size but can I just state that I think her body and her face is absolutley beautiful and I would love to see her on a runway. I have my own problems with my body and I would really love to look like her. I know that that is a very superficial thing to say regarding the comments discussing what she said, but this is still a blog about body types so I feel like that had to be said aswell.

  • Juju

    Her body looks great, well proportioned and toned. In fact the only thing that gives away that she’s not a regular skinny model is that her head looks small compared to her body. Ha that face, she’s really gorgeous.