Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Active and Talks Being Fit

model-rosie-workout-4 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Active and Talks Being Fit

On going to the gym and enjoying the process:

‘Going to the gym is my time, I don’t want to be distracted and don’t want to be goofing around. It’s a time when I feel I need to be focused on myself because it’s like a form of meditation.’

On the fact that she hates being told what to do by her man, fitness-wise:

‘I don’t like to be told what to do by my other half. If he’s like, “Do another squat,” I’m like “No! You get down and do another f**king squat.”‘

… says 29 year-old Rosie.

Pictured here: the model looking super fit while posing for her new fitness range for M&S.

model-rosie-workout-2 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Active and Talks Being Fit

More photos of Rosie modeling workout gear inside!


model-rosie-workout-3 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Active and Talks Being Fit  model-rosie-workout - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Active and Talks Being Fit

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  • Tia

    I like her from the neck down. That face though… I honestly wonder how she ever got to be a mainstream model with such profoundly uneven and lopsided features. HF maybe, but even they like at least a little symmetry.
    What I can say is nice about Rosie is that she actually seems to have a pleasant personality which sets her apart from the majority of current models at least.

    • 2cents

      Funny, i find her face is really really pretty, uneven and lopsided and all. To me she’s perfection!

    • ule

      I like her face, but her neck always looks really big. Both long and wide. Still, the adjective that I think of when I see her, is “royal”.

    • claud

      the secret to women like her who are facially plain but bodily bangin has more to do with fashion and intelligence. she has the face of an actress but not the brains. the body of a model but not the …. well.. that’s all that modeling requires, really. unless you’re high fashion and have some spunk to contribute via look. but this girl is far from that. she is less than vanilla in a sea of heirloom strawberry and mint chocolate chip.

    • AlyssaMoh

      Well, what are you gonna do, get surgery t o move your whole eye socket? there are limits to plastic surgery, i dont think you can even do anything about that. Other than an eye slightly higher than the other, which you can hide with make up (and Photoshop), she looks absolutely stunning. Plus Shannon Doherty already set the precedent with her asymmetry on 90210… she’s a beaut. I mean, when you first look at her, even her candids, she’s extremely pleasing to the eye, and her body matches

      • Tia

        What would I do? Not hire her as a model.
        And it’s not a slight asymmetry, one eye is nearly a centimetre higher than the other. I don’t find her “absolutely stunning” or even attractive. Her body is fine but not for modeling. Or acting.

  • Marsol

    uhmmm interesting “No! You get down and do another f**king squat.”‘ :S :S sound

  • Annie

    Nice to finally see someone with some visible muscle mass do this kind of campaign. Her arms look really nice!

  • sharlane

    hahaha love her

  • Tiina

    I like her (because she was awesome in Fury Road and tends to sound levelheaded in interviews) but I wish they’d use actual sportspeople for modeling spotswear. I know that HM’s target group for this gear is mostly non-sportspeople. But still for me spotswear is the type of clothing in which sportswomen tend to look better than models and because of that sportswear ads are the perfect place to get some body diversity out there. Bonus points for hiring someone from a smaller sport with lots of heart but nearly no money involved. HM is probably beyond appreciating me buying something for support but that kind of a campaign I’d support in a hertbeat by buying those products, if they were functional at all.

    TL;DR: She looks nice and seemslike a nice person, but I’d like to see sportier people selling sportwear.

    • CarrieD

      Agree, sort of. I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve always been athletic, never tiny/skinny. I look my best in workout clothes. I also look better in a bikini than fully clothed, but that’s because my boobs make me look bigger than I am. But Rosie, like someone has already said, actually has some muscle tone. So I’d rather see her modelling workout clothes than Karlie Kloss, and sadly, Gigi Hadid (her latest boxing pics were a joke, and I used to like her body).

    • liss

      She´s modeling her line for Rosie for autograph

  • a

    haha my husband and I literally cannot work out with together because we always end up telling each other what to do and then the other gets mad… now we go to the gym separately. I agree with her, it’s a great time to just stay focused on yourself

  • Leighton

    I don’t like her face that much, but the way she carries herself and the way she speaks…Me likey.

  • A

    im dying imagining her and jason stathem having a fitness argument
    love them as couple lol

  • LM

    Those two pound weights is laughable.

  • liss

    To me she´s perfection