Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Back in Lingerie

article-2264382-17028C4A000005DC-425_470x710 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Back in Lingerie

In case you missed her, here is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showing off her enviable figure in her new campaign shots for the Rosie for Autograph Spring collection, looking all pretty and slim in vintage-inspired lingerie.

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Marina

    first? i love her!

  • Natalia

    Welp, technically beautiful b/c she has the height, bone structure, skin, hair, features, slimness – but her lips look augmented and her thighs are just a tad too big for my taste…can’t really say about the rest of her, b/c she’s all in the dark and lying down and covered up and stuff, I’ve never googled this one to see what she really looks like.

    • Sophia

      Her thighs are too big? Wow, now I feel like an elephant.

      • Natalia

        No, I’m sure you’re not. I just said a tad too big FOR MY TASTE, they are not big at all. I love sticks, can’t help it.

      • Powwow

        @Sophia Most people would consider her thighs small. I’d take Natalia’s opinion with a pinch of salt…

        I hate the underwear she’s wearing, I’ve seen her look a lot prettier.

      • Inanna

        I agree with you. It’s not a matter of being fat, it’s a matter of taste. I just find smaller thighs more beautiful. Like some people like blond hair and others prefer brown.

      • Jessie

        Don’t listen to anything Natalia says.

        • Natalia

          Exactly, if you don’t like my comments, don’t reply. God forbid you should talk to someone who has different tastes than you do.

          • Mishael

            Oh, Natalia. I know that every time you comment at least a few people begin to argue with you. It’s annoying but, I believe, it’s because your comments sound soooo ridiculous most of the time and contradict common sense. I look through the comments without paying attention to the names. And almost every time while read ing your comment I think WTF??? Then I look at the commentator’s name, and everything becomes clear. Like: oh, it’s ok, it’s Natalia.
            You know, I like skinny. But you are obsessed with it. And, imo, that’s not good.
            I am sorry if I sound may be a bit harsh. Just pointing out.

          • Natalia

            You know I am not obessed w/ fat, I do notice it more than maybe most women, b/c I am very lean, and I hate to do this ‘I am very lean’ thing all the time, but it’s people like you who make me b/c I have to explain why I notice fat so much – it’s b/c I’m really freaking lean! Maybe to the average woman w/ the average amount of fat %, she won’t notice it like I do. If it’s my opinion that I like skinny tall weedy women, and that most of the women on ths site I see look too big for me to think they are attractive, then that’s my opinion. Why do you care so much what I think anyway? Does it bother you??? If you don’t have weight issues YOU SHOULDN’T CARE WHAT NATALIA THINKS. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.

            And if arguing w/ me is annoying, here’s an idea, DON’T DO IT.


        • Can we stop picking on Natalia, please? I don’t agree with her point of view, but that doesn’t mean it’s invalid and no one should read it. She has every right to her opinion and she has tried to explain it – I don’t see anything wrong with that. Her comments are not mean-spirited and she doesn’t personally attack other comments – so what’s the problem? Have a debate – but the jumping at everything she says with ‘she’s a troll’ or ‘I knew only Natalia would write something like this’ is distasteful.
          This is obviously after reading most of the comments here – not just aimed at you Jessie.

          • MissMarilyn

            I agree. I understood last time around when she was saying “MY OPINION IS THE ONLY VALID OPNION” but this time she is doing a very good job at stating that it is her opinion and understanding that others have different opinions. She’s not being mean to anyone, just expressing her thoughts.

            Everyone criticizing her for that is being just as annoying as she was before. She’s allowed to like thin models. Not a big deal. Stop picking on her.

          • misscheeks

            Agreed Erica and MissMarilyn! She’s obviously trying to express her personal tastes and people are jumping down her throat for it, it’s almost become predictable now. She’s not accusing anyone who doesn’t share her opinions of lying nor is she proclaiming her opinion as the absolute truth nor is she calling names. I don’t see the issue with her comment here at all.

    • aimeejaq

      “TECHNICALLY shes beautiful…” perfect example of publicly-influenced idea of beauty as oposed to using your own judgement.

      • Natalia

        So ignorant, what you did is called ‘faulty assumption’. You assume something that isn’t true. It is my belief that to be beautiful a woman has to be tall, slim, etc. It just so my views are the same as the publicly-influenced of beauty.

        • aimeejaq

          im very sorry you are feeling so defensive right now. i cant say i blame you since people seem to be disagreeing with your comments…mine wasnt intended as an attack on you. i was just pointing out the obvious mind-control that the media has on society these days, and the specific aparent standards we place on women to achieve the ultimate idea of beauty. I just find it interesting just how mindless we have become, in that we look at numbers, sizes, measurements, etc to automatically define when someone is beautiful or not, instead of using our own minds and hearts to see it. its also interesting how much it changes through different decades, trends, etc.
          im sorry to offend you and i wish you well.

          • Natalia

            Hey and you know what, who knows why I love what I love (body types)…nature vs nurture almost guarantees that I may never know for certain, 100%, why I believe that tall super thin bodies are the most beautiful – it is really impossible to live in society and deduct it’s influences on oneself and one’s perspectives. And I agree the images of tall super skinny can leave women baffled, and insecure, and I do believe that these ideals are UN-realistic for most, and that one of the reasons fashion portrays so many tall skinny models is b/c of shock value, and also b/c most of the world is not. BUT, that being said, I still believe that tall and skinny is the ideal body type, and that’s just me…I would really like to reach a point where I could just comment, speak my mind, w/out having to be bombarded my ‘arguments’. I mean, I comment of some people’s stuff, but not nearly to the degree that people comment/attack on mine….I mean, I just don’t care if somebody differs from me in what I like, I would like that to be the case here. B/c you see how long it’s taken me to respond to all of this don’t you? It may never reach that point though, and then I’ll just leave again.

          • aimeejaq

            @natalia…I hear you. I think you are toootally intitled to anything you believe in! and actually, most of the time i AGREE…i prefer a skinny figure too. (i think that people in general overeat and dont understand that they do, even people who eat very “small” amounts reletively, but anyways…)
            honestly though girl, you shouldnt care what anyone else says. like we both said you are entitled to your OPINION, there is no denying that. so why even bother arguing?! 😉
            these types of CONVERSATIONS about topics we are passionate about (i.e. body, figure, health, fitness, etc) are very fun and POSITIVE because it is of an equal significance to us both. 🙂

        • kc123

          I agree with what you say about being lean and it makes you look at other women differently. i used to be chubby and i thought certain women had such beautiful bodies… then i lost 25 lbs and those same bodies were AVERAGE to me. my waist was at 22 inches while my hips were 35… So i started looking at bodies in a different light when i got that lean. bodies are all subjective. some people may think rosie is a goddess but i think shes okay. I like candice’s body better… more exaggerated curves 😉

          • Natalia


          • Natalia

            Wow, just thank you….your waist is 22″ now? That’s way smaller than mine, I’m 33″ – 25″ -34″, true ruler I think? I recently lost five pounds, I gained it from eating out about 4-5 times a week, just tremendous meals, just anything I wanted, you know I’m thin, why not…but then I gained 5-6 lbs and you know what? It did not look right on me, skinny women, ones who are naturally skinny, and have stuffed themselves and ended up at a weight that is actually higher than there natural weight – I was like 110-112 – a lot of times do not look good w/ the extra weight. I didn’t. Curvier women can pull if off a lot of times, it just goes to curves they already have. lol if you’re skinny, it’s just like, no! oh my god, just didn’t look right. So now, I eat like a regular person, and not a farm animal lol.

          • misscheeks

            Heh agreed about the curvier women comment Natalia! They’re so lucky…they can be bigger but still look decent like the fashion blogger girlwithcurves. When I gain weight it goes to all the ‘unsexy’ places…tummy and back no no no! Thank goodness I have some butt and thank goodness for strength training…it’s the only way to sculpt my body! 🙂

          • Natalia

            You know for the past 10 months I lifted heavy, ate at diners, out stuffing stuffing, gained 5-6 lbs and it went mostly in but and cheeks…I looked like thin arms and legs and thighs but fat ass and well bigger cheeks in face, and I was only at 110-112lbs, it hung on my butt muscles, didn’t look good out of proportion to the rest ofmy skinny self, I also go too big muscles, for my tastes…I was lifting and stuffing and cardio only twice a week, I was tired more easily, my knees hurt just a little more when I ran, I felt like I was carrying something around when I ran, it was those extra 5 lbs. Now I do 25 reps for butt and abs and 15 reps for the rest of the body, I do not stuff to gain muscle, or for fun, eat normal, back to lots of cardio, and I feel like my old self again at abuot 105. People may laugh, oh 5 lbs, but try picking up a 5 lb plate, and then run 3 mile with it, YOU WILL FEEL IT, knees, energy……those 10 months were me going against what I naturally am, to try to build some muscle, I have never been more miseralbe in my life – now, I do lots of running walking, lift light, don’t feel like my heart is strained – which is what I would feel sometimes – the main reason I really stopped w/ all the heavy weights.

            But yeah, we all come back to our natural weight, one way or the other, and curvy girls can carry that extra 5 or 10 much more easily than sticklike women – at least in my case. wow that was long, but I wanted to talk to you about the lifting, the heart strain in particular………….

          • kc123

            natalia, i totally get what you mean. I’m only 5’2” but anything over 110 i start to look fat. im satisfied with 108 but that gives me no space to pig out. I like to be at 100 pounds… i get to eat what i want from time to time even if it’ll make me gain a couple of pounds i will still only be 104-106….. and yes my waist is 22 inches only when im at 100 lbs. how tall are you?

          • Natalia

            I’m 5′ 7″. 10 months of heavy weight lifing & stuffing myself, left me w/ a little too much muscle & fat than I would like. I really only wanted to gain a little muscle, but got in the habit of lifting and eating really big, so I kept building w/out really noticing it. I was at 110-112.Did a series of photos, saw what is was that was different – 5-6 lbs. I was tired more easily, some minor pain in knees when I ran, and just basically didn’t look like myself. Couldn’t see what was different about me until I saw it in photos, over 10 months was gradual. My ass had fat on it, which looked out of place w/ thin thighs, calves, arms, stomach, breasts, and my face also showed weight gain. I have never been happier since I stopped all that heavy lifting and stuffing, I feel normal again, light, I can run really fast, look normal again (for me), and don’t feel strained from lifting so much, which I was feeling. I took one month off from weight training to let the muscles in my thighs shrink a bit, then back to 15 reps for body parts and 25 for abs & butt. Back at 104-106, which was what I was before I went on my weight lifting journey. Women who are reedy, and sort of stick like, fat just can look so out of place, it sure did on me. For curvy types, the fat can go already to the curves that they already have, and it can look right. Anyway, at 104, I have to do cardio like 4 times a week, at 106 I can get away w/ 2 times a week, I do weights twice a week, whole body every 4th day. Abs twice a week. Food is normal amounts, I guess around 1200-2500, always different everyday, to keep the metabolism guessing, and depending on my schedule. I too like to stay at 104, little underweight (for me, not by BMI obviously), so that if I do gain a couple of pounds, I’m still skinny. But yeah, difference in height you and I but same weight, but different waist, mine is 25. Is that more common for petite girls to have small waists?

          • Natalia

            think I repeated myself like 3 times in this post, must be tired……sorry

    • Liz

      Is it just me, or do her legs look a lot thinner in candids? Maybe because they’re head to toe so you get a better sense of the proportions. They look a lot thinner when you see how long they are.

      • CK

        i kinda think you’re right, when i saw this pics i was like “wow she’s not that skinny, love her body here” cos when i see the candids of her legs are like toothpics but here they’re nice and strong…i guess a lot depends on clothes,shoes, angels and the fact that in candids she’s shot in motion (i.e. she’s walking) legs may seem thinner..

  • Natalia

    Think her hips might be around 91 cm…….I’m guessing the butt/hip area might be a little wide in the back, but can’t say from these angles..and her stomach, muscle? little fat? can’t tell, but overall, beautiful and above average, plus I like the name Rose

    • Tinkerbell

      Well, honey, you’re either trolling – i hope it’s just so – or you’re seriously sick mentally & you need immediate help. Either way, I feel really sorry for you. If it’s the latter, you should seek help. If you’re trolling – go get a life.

      • Natalia

        You get a life. I am not trolling b/c I like stick like models, and I like my naturally stick like body. This site is about expressing different peoples opinions on body shapes and sizes. If you can’t deal w/ the fact that there are women out there that like very thin models, then you need to toughen up. I’m not attacking you for expressing your preferences, you shouldn’t be attacking me for mine. If it bothers you so much that there are women out there who love skinny bodies, tons of them I might add, then you need to toughen up. Now bug off.

        • linda

          @tinkerbell, Don’t bother, shes always been sour.

          • Natalia


      • Mishael

        Well, Tinkerbell, it’s uncalled for. Besides, do you really have to address others with words ‘oh, honey’. Sounds patronizing.

      • Kimberly

        Natalia is trolling. Remember, it’s a holiday and she/he/it must be bored.

        • Natalia

          Another ignorant comment. Should I assume that you are a troll b/c you comment here and it’s a holiday? Love knocking them down, one by one, but it is starting to be a pain in the ass.

        • La la la la

          ‘it’.. hehe

        • Aafje

          I know Natalia normally says things we don’t all agree with, but I think she is being pretty reasonable this time. All she said it was too big for HER tastes. She didn’t try to speak for anyone else or say anyone who disagreed was wrong.

          • Missmarilyn

            I agree, she’s being much more reasonable this time around. Give her a break guys 🙂

          • Tinkerbell

            Yeah, I actually wanted to reply to your comment just above, Natalia. Sorry if I offended you in any way, I didn’t mean to. I personally happen to prefer leaner bodies, too & I’m also naturally very-very skinny – with my height barely being 5’2 it comes off as tween-ish, so I would love to change it at least a teeny bit. What I meant to express was that I never ever ever thought that someone in this universe would call Rosie’s thighs big….. apparently I was wrong.

          • Natalia

            That woman’s thighs are not big in real life, and only little bigger than in model’s life, think old Gemma, her thighs then look almost exact. like mine, so that’s what I’m used to, and what I prefer, yeah, I’ve got to find some other way to express what I’m thinking….different words

          • jenn

            Regardless if Natalia is being “reasonable”, what’s funny to me is how when she is active on this board, she is ACTIVE x’s a million! She has a comment and a reply for everything! How much free time do you have on your hands Natalia that you can not only leave so many comments, but you’re checking up on these threads to see who is relying to you & then take the time to reply back to everyone!??! wow. stop obsessing over this stuff. it’s not healthy.

          • Natalia

            I have the flu, if you read my comments from yesterday, you would see that. So what? Im home sick w/ nothing to do.
            Are you regular user? Then you spend more total days on this site than I do.
            You will hear from me for two days then months nothing, it depends on my schedule.
            know I am not a regular user, and come in spourts, I only come every few months, when I’m sick, yesterday and today, New Years, Christmas, etc holidays. I comment a million times b/c I receive a million responses, but it only happens a few times a year, holidays, sick, no work, etc. I also love debate and study logic so I cannot resist debate over any subject

            .Also, writingover and over, helps my English, can speak it very well, but was really bad in writing it, until I practice on blogs, writing paper articles for school, etc.

          • Aafje

            So what if she is active a lot it is her freetime and she can do what she wants with it. I post a lot when I’m at one of my jobs cause I am borrrred and I just have to sit there at a help desk and wait for people to need help.

  • wonderwoman21

    She looks great here; her makeup is beautiful & natural. Loving the lingerie too, wish I had some like the pink bra in the first pic!

  • Is it even possible not to like her? I think she’s stunning from head to toe, especially since she’s gained just a little little bit of weight. I love her face, too.

    • Tinkerbell

      agree so much!! she’s perfection *-*

  • Raquel100

    She looks SO much better with some weight ut back on! Another 5 pounds and she would be perfection!

  • Nina

    She is gorgeous and her body is amazing.

  • jamie

    her body is breathtaking and her face is unique and lovely too!

  • Casey

    I love Rosie, I think she’s absolutely stunning, and I think she has a great, modest and reasonable personality.

    I guess I am partial to her because we have similar proportions, with her being in better shape than I am and slightly heavier…so she makes a great “goal” body for me. I like how she is slim and curvy, and toned, but not sinewy. That’s how I want my body to be.

    I also love her style. I know most people fawn over Miranda Kerr’s fashion choices, but I don’t find most of them too flattering. Rosie’s candid style always suits her really well; girl knows how to dress! 🙂

    • Natalia

      I do believe this, that women can like bodies similar to theirs and use them as inspiration!

      • Casey

        Yup, you’re right. I think as far as goal bodies and inspirations, the trick is to choose a body similar to your own, but a slightly better version of it. It’s not only healthier on the mind, but you’re also likely to feel more satisfaction, than for example, being an apple shape and using someone with an extremely low WHR as your goal.

        It’s funny how instead of that, people tend to choose the opposite. Smaller chested women want bigger boobs, those with bigger boobs want smaller ones, pear shaped women want to be apple shaped, apple shaped women would rather be pear shaped, large women want to lose weight, thin women want to gain weight.

        I think it’s silly and senseless. You’re just going to be frustrated from trying to force your body to be what it can’t be.

        • Natalia

          Like me, it’s silly and senseless to choose models that are, while just as skinny as I am, are 3 inches taller than I am. Talk about futile. Can’t help it though…love tall weedy look.

  • Neri

    I find her really boring… Just really boring… I can’t help noticing how asymmetric her eyes are placed…

    • Emeline

      ” I can’t help noticing how asymmetric her eyes are placed…” Agreed, it’s really distracting. She’s beautiful though

    • Polska Blondynka

      Ahhh but that’s why she’s a model, no? It adds uniqueness and it truly isn’t that noticeable until someone points it out.

    • Ana

      I find her incredibly boring as well. I will never get her appeal, her nose looks like it doesn’t belong there and her eyes are weird looking. I use to think she was pretty when she got really thin but it seems as if she has gained weight and I don’t like it.

    • Candy

      I honestly think that whole “symmetry is beauty” crap is all nonsense. There really isn’t a whole variety in the symmetry of peoples faces. Even the people who actually are above average in symmetry are usually very underwhelming . I remember seeing an article about “the most symmetrical woman in the world” and she was very plain.A lot of the so called science you hear is over simplified garbage that is repeated over and over again. Just like the whole hourglass fertility thing. There is no scientific evidence to back that up but its spouted like a fact.

      • Casey

        “A lot of the so called science you hear is over simplified garbage that is repeated over and over again.”

        Yes it is.

        Although symmetry is not one of them. To explain it as concisely as possible, nature has a tendency towards symmetry; asymmetry is caused by mutations. And typically, mutations aren’t single gene, meaning one indication of a mutation might indicate more serious mutations as well. That’s why we have a natural tendency to prefer symmetry.

        However, hearing this from media rather than the actual research papers, you’ll often hear it exaggerated.

        First of, there’s no such thing as perfect symmetry. No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical. As much as people single out her eyes, Rosie’s “asymmetry” falls in a normal range. Someone with more pronounced asymmetry would be Shannon Dorothy, and even her’s is in the normal range. Adriana Lima also has an equally asymmetric face.

        When we say asymmetry, we typically mean things like hemifacial microsomia, which is a deformity. Other than that, these barely noticeable asymmetries are just that…barely noticeable. They don’t detract from beauty.

        Secondly, beauty is more of a sum of parts rather than individual traits. To say someone is not beautiful because they are lacking in X trait (even though it’s in the normal range) when they have ABCDEFG traits, is silly.

        Lastly, the hourglass/fertility thing has been proven to be a farce. There is no correlation with female hormones and WHR. The only biological reason why WHR are preferred is because, like larger breasts, they tend to be common after puberty…when a woman is capable of conceiving.

        • Candy

          Finally a smart person. I agree with everything you said.

        • Agreed Casey – asymmetry of Rosie’s kind is very common – I also have noticeable asymmetry in my face, but it’s not extreme so I don’t think it really matters. My father is the same and so is my cousin. I do agree that it can be distracting on some people – Shannon Doherty is a good example – but most people don’t really find it terribly unappealing unless it’s extreme. I didn’t really notice it with Rosie at first and it doesn’t put me off her.

          I didn’t know about there being no evidence of a link between an hourglass figure/low WHR and fertility? I thought there was some link between androgen/estrogen ratios and WHR? Last thing I read about it said a study had found that hourglass women had higher reproductive hormones – but that was only once and a long while ago! I was guilty of taking one thing to heart because it affirmed my female ideal, I suppose! I guess it doesn’t really make sense – plenty of women with high WHR’s have no fertility issues and plenty of women with low WHR’s do – and ideals of female beauty vary widely throughout the world.
          Do you have a link to a study? I’d like to read more about it. I actually found this old article about WHR and attractiveness/fertility that is very interesting: When you google hourglass fertility you just get the same old articles connecting the two – which is not helpful!

          • lol

            There you go again erica, telling everyone it;s only your type of body shape to be found attractive. Get over it. Plenty of men find Rosie and other models attractive. It’s about time you realized this and stopped trying to make people feel bad about themselves while bringing yourself up. Who cares about your “female ideal”? nobody appointed you the know it all on the female form and what is seen attractive. The fact that you get away with this blatant body shaming of other women along with every tom, d1ick and harry jumping to your defense just proves what a hypocrite you are. And no amount of studies you bring up prove anything, since there is a lot of rubbish info all over the net.

        • jenn

          Shannon Doherty and Adriana Lima are both hot & both beautiful women, symmetrical or not 🙂

        • idontknowyouyoudontknowme

          I respectfully disagree with the no correlation between WHR and hormones comment in a way. Yes, genetically by bone structure it can be that a woman has larger collarbones, wider hips, narrower hips, etc. which makes it impossible to get an hourglass figure. But there is clearly evidence that cortisol, higher testosterone levels, excess estrogen, etc. influence body fat distribution.

  • JaneParker

    I’d kill for her body and her face is beautiful, but there’s something about her that I don’t like. She looks mean, I don’t quite know how to explain that, she just does. Obviously I don’t know her but I just have a feeling she’s not the nicest person. And she should definetely stick to modelling, she’s a great model, but her “acting” is atrocious…

  • Magda

    Love her stomach

    • MissMarilyn

      agree so much! awesome abs

  • MissMarilyn

    She’s gorgeous! I love her face and what an amazing figure she has!!

    • Mishael

      Agreed. She is perfect. Especially her body. One of my favorite bodies out there.

  • Olivia

    such an amazing body! and I think she has a unique face.

  • em

    why do people say “X body part is too big.” or “she’ll be so much better if she has this and that.” i didn’t know that celebrities had to be perfectly proportioned and fit into the latest body image trend set by society. plus these images are photoshopped.

    • Natalia

      This person didn’t say ‘x body part is too big’ – I said ‘…too big for my tastes’. I also said they weren’t really big …reading…fundamental…

      • MissMarilyn

        she might not be talking to you Natalia

        • Natalia

          I think she was…so, no big thing

          • JN1976

            Natalia, if it`s no big thing and if you arent trolling, why rebutt?
            I`m trying to understand your defensive behaviour…not bc i want to make some assumption but to clarify the intent of your attention-seeking behaviour. From what Ive reviewed ,you either are pre-ED or mid-ED with body-dysmorphic disorder or are trolling. In regards to the former, you continue to act defensively upon people questioning your opinion. To be quite honest, people have responded harshly to you bc thinking/having the opinion that these thighs are too big for your taste appears unusual as Rosie`s teetering on too thin here and should she lose 5-10 lbs she`d look emaciated and unhealthy. The questions about whether those shadows on her stomach are abs or fat lines…concerning, honestly. This comes from someone who also prefer`s stick thin models, though I at least can admit that I am probably biased from media exposure and I am petite in stature so skinny looks best on me but I pref skinny-fit. I`m a lover of Kate Moss and Karly Kloss, yet I know that if I looked at the above picture and thought her thighs were too thick…that would be unhealthy, that thinking and thus I wouldnt make that comment bc I wouldnt want to influence someone negatively or make others feel fat. I likely wouldnt say it on a site unless I was making a cry for help. I think you know this – so do you need some help?
            If not, please post a picture of what thinness of thighs you do find attractive – bc it`s ok to have an opinion absolutely, yet sometimes our opinions are examples of faulty thinking and symptoms of disordered thinking or behaving. I know how it feels to be attacked but please know your comments are concerning. Hope you are ok.
            (the only other assessment is that you are saying things just to cause upset and these aren`t your beliefs at all…aka trolling. It`s not an unrealistic possibility given your comments)

          • Natalia

            I have been, am now, and always will be a very, very lean person, it’s genetic. I say time and again that I am lean, I am lean, not to brag, but to explain why I see things like I do. These are my views, from someone who is 5′ 7″ and about 104-106lbs. And as someone who likes really lean, toned bodies, w/ some muslce, and workout. It is BOTH, my preference that makes me comment the way I do, and also, the fact that for years and years I have been looking at MY body. It’s almost like someone going to a foreign country and you can’t help but notice how short a lot of Chinese are, or how muscley and strong some of the Africans are. They’re was someone else who commented ‘yeah, it’s not about fat, it’s about taste’. My first thought was not, she has ED or whatever, my first thought was, she’s probably skinny like I am. I honestly don’t know what else to say to you people. But, it’s not feeling like too much fun for me here again. But maybe that’s the way you want it.

          • Natalia

            I was reading that comment again, to JN 176? down below, I meant to say, Gemma Ward before she gained, is the one model I can think of that everyone will know, that has – well HAD – thighs that I find beautiful, and that most closely resemble mine, tho she is taller by about 3 tho. There! That’s not that ‘crazy’ or ED is it! lol, I’ll say it again – OLD GEMMA WARD’S THIGHS ARE THIGHS THAT I THINK WERE NOT TOO BIG – FOR MY TASTES! MEGAPHONE 🙂 Mayb e this will help some ppl to see where I’m coming from, not that any of this stuff is ground breaking importance,,,really, i mean ugh

          • Amanda

            I agree with Natalia here. JN1976, unfortunately, like many, you think that RHW has a great body whereas I totally disagree. i think for a model body it is entirely average. Her thighs are in fact on the larger side (for a model). I am 5’10 and weigh 127 lbs., am very healthy, work out daily, eat very clean and don’t smoke and hardly ever drink. I say this because, like Natalia, I find tall, think women the prettiest pretty much without exception. Think about it, how often do people call someone under 5’7 stunning, gorgeous, beautiful? Hardly ever. Short people who are attractive are called cute, sexy, etc.

            There is clearly a reason that models are tall and that is because clothes look better on tall, thin people. One can’y really argue that point. Would you rather see someone with fat rolls or a nice taut, lean, tall body?

            For all of you on Natalia’s back, give it a rest, why isn’t she entitled to her opinion? I for one, share it.

          • JN1976

            @ Natalia @ Amanda:
            Please READ and then respond…aka it appears as though neither of you actually read, and absorbed what I wrote. If so you`d see, I stated and feel that you have the right to your opinion, for sure but you gotta know such an opinion is concerning.
            And as well to you both, Gemma Ward left modeling for a period of time to focus on her HEALTH, this was following Heath Ledger`s death. See the exerpt:

            Slightly over a year later, in November 2009, Ward’s agent officially announced her retiring from the industry after her notable absence in the past few runway seasons.[13] Following a series of criticisms about her weight gain a spokesperson from Viviens modelling agency in New York released a statement, saying: “Gemma hasn’t committed to returning to modeling at any time soon”, adding Ward had the agency’s full support.[20][21] Again, Ward quickly dismissed the retirement claims, confirming that she would return to modeling in 2010.[22]

            After avoiding the spotlight for three years, Ward opened up in an exclusive interview for The Sunday Telegraph in 30 January 2011. There she explained that her break from the media spotlight “was something spurred by Heath’s death”.[23] As for her career she went on to say:

            In terms of me shying away from modelling, I’d like to clarify in some way that I was taking a break from many things in my life and obviously what people in the public see is that I’m pulling away from what is more ‘public’. I didn’t know how long it would take, I didn’t know if it would solve anything, but I set out to really focus inside myself.[23]
            — from what I gather, this is her regular healthy weight:
            and that’s not lean/skinny/emaciated enough to be the #1-2 model she was and that the lengths she went to get that skinny made her feel like shit…she was 14 when she started and likely the media and industry’s influence on a younge mind and on healthy habits was starting to destroy her…her soul and that she needs to have OPINIONS and beliefs for herself abt what feels good, looks good, taking care of yourself….food for thought…not that you cant prefer skinny, even unhealthily looking skinny, but there’s a forum for that…they’re called Pro-Ana cites, which means peaple “for” anorexia. As someone who has gone back and forth with love/hate of my own body, including on occasion slipping into ED behaviours, you both need counseling…if not to deal with your obvious pre or mid-ED opinions/behaviours than for Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Not being able to see another’s view of your concerning opinion in a VERY obvious situation…seems quite dysfunctional or symptomatic of a Psychological issue.
            P.S. @ Amanda I’m 5’2 and though I get called cute and sexy, I definately get called beautiful…WTF is up with your compartmentalizing thinking? It only limits

          • jackie

            Now you’re attacking short people too?? I think Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis, Alyssa Milano and Scarlett Johannsson (and many more short women) are increadibly stunning and beautiful. Just google their names + stunning, beautiful, etc. and you will see that it’s not just my opinion.

            That being said I don’t understand how someone can only like one type of body. Your body type represents about 5% of the population. So what are all the others? ugly?
            I honestly don’t understand how people can be so fixated on a type (maybe because they look that certain way?). Personally I think the VS Models are gorgeous but so are shorter woman, woman with higher body fat and so on… Seriously Scarlett Johannson looks complety different than Rosie Huntingto-Whitley but she is just as beautiful imo.

      • Natalia

        To Jane…? I couldn’t find a reply button for you. No, I didn’t see anything in my comment that attacked short people…….it is just my preferred body type, I think it is the most attractive, do I think all short women are fugly? I don’t beleive I’ve ever said that. Do I think tall looks better? Yeah. so shoot me, you know, I’d love anothe, r 3″ on me, it would mean more jobs, more money for me, my family…I never attaked short women. Sorry, just didn’t happen. I want to reply to JN 19976 but yours is really long and I actlly don’t have time to read it now, will later and try to find reply button. ya know this site isabout expressing our views.

        • Amanda

          @ JN- You should take your amateur hour psychological assesments and put them where the sun doesn’t shine 😉

          I can only speak for myself. I said that I PERSONALLY don’t think RHW has the most gorgeous body. I, like Natalia, generally prefer THINNER legs on models (I did not give the example of Gemma Ward, however, she did have nice legs) I would give the example of Gisele, Alesandra etc. etc. all people with very healthy weights and sizes.

          In my opinion (again, read that, in my opinion) I find taller people more attractive (men and women both). Taller (and attractive) women have more of a presence and there have been numerous studies published regarding men and their height as it related to being at a CEO level in business etc.

          The taller one is, the better clothes will look on the body. Clearly this is evidenced by the fact that most models are at least 5’8 (before you start referencing Kate Moss as an exceptions, clearly, there are exceptions to this rule).

          I do not have NPD, nor am I anorexic/bulimic or any other sort of eating disorder. I merely like a certain body type/look. Again, we are critiquing models bodies, a JOB in which they are paid for (like a quarterback in the NFL).

          While I appreciate your concern, I can assure you that I am very healthy, eat well and exercise accordingly. I was blessed with being tall and thin and I would not want any other type of body as it is much easier in life to be tall and attractive. While this point of view may upset you or other people, I would invite you to do some research on height as it pertains to success in life.

          I am sure you are cute and sweet and at 5’2 maybe you are beautiful. Think of the flip side, how often do you think Ale, Gisele, RHW, Charlize Theron etc get called cute? Never, they are gorgeous, stunning, beautiful etc. I would never want to be short, because I personally don’t find many short people to be more than cute (of course there are exceptions).

          To address Jackie, I think Scarlett Johansen is not a gorgeous woman, she is cute. Salma Hayek is beautiful, but Alyssa Minillo is not. Again, if more people found shorter people more attractive than taller people, why aren’t there more very short models (people under 5’5).

          As for your claim of my “compartmentalized thinking” (LOL, rolls eyes). This is not the right application for that definition. I tend to find more often than not taller people more attractive than shorter people. This is not to say that I never find short people attractive, but in my eyes and in many others’ I find taller people to be more alluring and pretty.

          Please answer this question… Why are all the VS models over 5’8 and why are 80% of runway models over 5’9? Obviously because after years of market research and sales, the advertisers (clothing companies) know what sells their clothes and who their clothes look best on. Why do you think some ateliers in Paris only have clothes up to a size 8? BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT larger women representing their brand and making their clothes look like shit. Imagine some pork chop shoving herself into Alaia or Givenchy, that would just not look good.

          • Natalia

            Great, now I can’t get the image of a giant pork chop covered in barbecue sauce sliding down the runway, in a Givenchy suit…ohgod, this is pitiful

          • jackie

            I’m sorry you can argue as much as you want, I will never understand you. I think this is almost body-racism (or discrimation or whatever one can call this). Every body that doesn’t look like your’s is inferior. No acceptance of people who look different.
            I believe you only like bodies which look exactly like yours because you’re either very much in love with yourself or the opposite: very insecure.
            Personally I like bodies like Gemma’s (btw. I hear she is making a comeback) as well as bodies like Kate Upton or Selma Hayek. I don’t understand people who only like skinny or only like “bigger”. It’s like people who have a thing for blonds.. There are ugly blonds too…

        • JN1976

          ~Think about it, how often do people call someone under 5’7 stunning, gorgeous, beautiful? Hardly ever. Short people who are attractive are called cute, sexy, etc. ~ Do you really think that`s not a derogatory comment about shorter women? I mean you think stating essentially short woman arent beautiful isnt insulting….one word = wow!
          ~The taller one is, the better clothes will look on the body. Clearly this is evidenced by the fact that most models are at least 5’8~ ——-Clearly evidenced, really?Yes to show something, having a longer scape works best for viewing, thus taller/longer body`s work best to display clothing. This is not the same as saying more people who are tall are more attractive than short people. The research you are referring to relates to the height of males in business and the attitudes and opinions in favor of tall men relate to ideologies of power. If you are citing a study related to height and facial beauty, not business – please cite this directly. Not challenging you, just interested in your source and in reading said study.

          ~I was blessed with being tall and thin and I would not want any other type of body as it is much easier in life to be tall and attractive~ &
          ~I would never want to be short, because I personally don’t find many short people to be more than cute (of course there are exceptions). ~ Both quotes are examples of compartmentalized thinking and interests in perfectionism. Concerning for you cause your body will change very much over the course of your life. Your lack of thought of others feelings is also concerning.

          ~Imagine some pork chop shoving herself into Alaia or Givenchy, that would just not look good.~ Even as a lover of fashion and skinniness I have some real concerns about the above quote. Agasin related to ED`s, you seem struck on types of food that are ~off-limits~ bc they are too fattening. (silly rabbit – healthy means healthy — you can still eat pork chops and be skinny; I ate 3 tacos the other night for dinner with chips and guac – one was pulled pork, one a fried and battered fish taco, and I forget the other one —– but I eat clean a lot of the time and work out regularly and wasnt busting out my size 24 jeans…be skinny and healthy body mind and soul — eat chips (not every day), pork chops, steak, pasta but ya, not every single day and DO eat WAY more veggies and work out. DO NOT RESTRICT just bc it`s fattening!!! Total bs and you will look OLD fast!

          I wish you well and hope you get the help you need. If you wanna fight abt whether you have an ED or Psychological disorder, i`m not interested. I just think that these thoughts are unhealthy and worry about such a person as they go about life, i.e. puberty, metabolism changing, hips widening, preganancy, aging etc. It sounds like you have worked hard or spent a lot of energy of thinking about your physical beauty and you obviously feel comfortable that you have achieved a perfectionist ideal. If doing so ~healthily~ (eating and exercising) works for you then great. Your display here just makes me think you aren`t feeling that great so I`m concerned about the rigidity or compulsion you may feel to maintain such a routine and thus your look and an am concerned that may be eating away at you internally/mentally (i.e. why many models take a break or stop modeling altogether as well as actors). You appear quick to boast proudly how tall and skinny you are and that others arent…i.e. who are shorter or have thicker thighs. I don`t know how healthy an attitude like that is, really. While I don`t think that`s your fault given we live in a time where media influences us to feel accepted based on physical beauty more than the inner beauty of our good actions, morals and ethics and fun, exuberant, positive personalities.
          Best of luck and hope you get the help you need, to grow internally into the beautiful person you aparently are on the outside.

          • Amanda

            I really started laughing out loud. I eat plenty of what I want to eat however, I try not to eat certain foods that aren’t good for you eg. high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, . I am very much the kind of person who thinks that anything can be eaten in moderation.

            As far as your amateur level psychology re: compartmentalization– I said that I GENERALLY find taller people more attractive. That is not compartmentalizing. I cannot help what I find to be more attractive than others. Just like I find certain types of flowers more attractive than others, doesn’t mean I don’t like other flowers, but I cannot help what I am attracted to.

            Re: your claim about puberty etc. I am 26 years old and have already gone through that, so thanks for the concern there. When I said “pork chop” in reference to someone squeezing into Alaia I was not being literal. My friends and I call short, chubby people, pork chops (I assume you can figure out why without an explanation).

            JN, sweetie, I don’t need your eating advice, I do not restrict myself, if I want a chocolate chip cookie, I have one, not 10. If I want pasta, great, I will have one serving, if I want a burger, great, just might leave off the bun and make sure I eat a lot of veggies. However, I enjoy being a healthy eater and I generally eat more sushi, salad, lean meats, fruit etc. and try to avoid dairy as there have been many studies about dairy not being great for you.

            I think it is very strange that you feel the need to try and tell me that I have an eating disorder when a) you don’t even know me b) you take issue with my preference on appearance.– I am sure you have some preference too, doll. c) Obviously you take offense to my thoughts on short people, because you are short. I personally think most short people who are attractive are cute and most of my guy friends who are tall 6 ft plus would not date a short girl because they like the look of taller, slender women. Do they compartmentalize too? Most men love long, lean legs which, unfortunately, short women cannot physically have. No matter how hard you try your legs will never be as long as mine as I am 8 inches taller than you. I guarantee that I look better in most clothes than you do, just because I can wear more things. I doubt you can pull off a lot of clothes that I can. My SA’s always laugh and say how jealous they are that I am tall and lean because I can wear so many more things than they can.

            IMHO taller people, men and women, have a great presence than those that are short. When my tall friends walk into a room and are impeccably dressed and slender they get much more attention than my short friends. It is all personal preference and I respect that you prefer the short look, good for you.

            Here are some things for you to look at regarding studies that favor tall women:
            “The pursuit of success, however, is affecting family life, too. ‘The more men (57% in 2007 vs. 38% in 1998) are looking for tall and slim wives’, – a co-author of the study psychologist Fride Kraigen says.”

            I am not even going to go into most men liking slender women with nice breasts because if you really want to try and argue that, I have nothing to say. If you put a little chubster next to a lean taller women, I would be willing to bet anything that most men/women would find the latter of the two more attractive.

            Lastly, I don’t think you answered as to why a lot of French fashion houses don’t offer clothes larger than a 44 😉

          • Natalia

            I posted a reply to you, it didn’t show, did it go to another post? idk, let me know tho

          • Natalia

            Yeah, I just read this one…omg, the pork chop comment – just b/c she called someone a pork chop, your brain automatically went to foods that are off limits…that made me BUST out laughing..yeah, you sound likethe one w/ an eating disorder…cracking the f*(& up over that one…..

  • Hazal

    She looks great here!

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    This is how we want to see Rosie, by that I mean not in a movie.

  • lc

    So unbelievably beautiful. Her face is a work of art.

  • Love her body, slight curves with some muscle tone.

    And like Casey said, I really appreciate her style. She seldom fails in that department!

  • Clarence Beeks

    I see nothing pretty about this woman’s face at all. But her body is one I would not mind having.

    • jenna

      agreed – the body is nice, the face, not so much. she looks like a mean persian cat to me.

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    Hot! She looks lean and nt skinny…

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    Although I’m not maternal, I wouldn’t mind ordering one Statham & Huntington-Whiteley baby, please.

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    I never really saw the fuss about her until now. Wow, I think she is so beautiful! I love her body, nice and toned but not too skinny 🙂

    • Sofia

      I agree! Her body is just right!

  • La la la la

    she is so gorgeous and near perfection IMO. she actually looks bigger here than in candids, i guess that sells underwear better!

  • PinkLadi

    she’s kind of funny looking imo, but she’s unique and i can see how people find her attractive nevertheless. glad she put some weight back on, she was looking a bit to sinewy for a while.

    • PinkLadi


  • drag0nf7y

    Her body’s amazing, but is it just me or does she look like she’s lacking in the brains department? It might be the souless big-doe-eyes-pouty-lips expression that every model and their mother does nowadays, but all I see is just a pretty face.

  • Anastasia.

    She looks good, the lingerie looks cheap though.

  • carrie

    5’8 125-130 lbs??looks good

  • Sofia

    This is what I want my body to look like!

  • Tea

    She is so beautiful! Definitely not a cookie cutter blonde, she’s just so unique, her features are so soft and lovely. I actually love her slightly broader nose because I think it matches her lips. When she was an angel, her and Adriana were the 2 that stood out to me as having a palpable sexuality without having to try too much.

  • kudo

    so is she done with VS now? She hasn’t done anything with them in a long time. To me it looks like she is trying to distance herself from the brand.

  • Jacky Daniels

    i like her cause she looks slightly different than other models. you cant miss her.. and she reminds me of lana del rey at times.

    • Jacky Daniels

      well actually she looks more like a rock star than like a model. but you can se she is a fashion darling. i would turn my head for her in the street yes.

  • Kay

    I love her face, I like it especially when she pulls her hair back and you can see her cheekbones.

  • CK

    her face is ok, nice body, the lingerie is kinda yawn…boring, but i love the shoot, it has a sensual vibe, not a commonly seen nowadays tacky and overwhelmed with make up and styling topped with “i’m coming” or agressive “come and F me” kinda facial expressions photoshoots…this one is very nice, the quiet colours, the lighting…

  • Imeverywoman

    Her face, in my opinion is alright but she is no doubt very attractive and has a nice body. I really love the lingerie in picture 2 and 3. I like her WHR, could she be a very slim pear? or is she a ruler?
    Btw Versus, I had a question about my body shape. I hope I’m not posting this in the wrong place. I know this is utterly confusing without a picture but I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible. I’ve never been able to figure out my shape. I’m 5’3, very thin but not bony. My bust (either a 34B or 32C) and hips are in equal porportion. I have a small waist and high hips (short torso and long legs). The difference between my waist and high hips (love handles as well) make it look quite drastically curved as opposed to long and curved(like pears). But because I tend to gain weight mostly (very hard to do for me) on the stomach (then maybe a bit on the bust and hips) my waist doesnt not appear that small unless I clench it in. My legs are my biggest problem, they are skinny, I feel concious wearing tights or anything that hugs my legs, I wish they were fuller and more shapely. What body shape does this sound like or what body shape tendencies? I’m 20 btw, any tips on how to get fuller legs and a butt? I’ve been doing squats and other exercises, hope it works. Thanks a lot!