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  • Eve

    She’s like a doll… Beautiful woman, lovely dress but something in her face makes me feel akward …

    • ayu

      Yes, it’s like her personality is in negative digits. I just googled her smiling to see if she ever does and she was very cute when she did that.

  • hjdshjkad

    pretty face and her body is gorgeous! slim and curvy, my ideal 🙂

  • Agatha

    She has an eye higher than the other. Now I feel good about my not perfectly symmetrical face. She’s an interesting beauty.

  • Briana

    Loving the dress and her hair, but the make up is boring and she looks bored. Show some life girly!

  • DaniH

    pretty pretty Rosie! After seeing Miley trashy as usual she’s such a welcome treat! Gorgeous as always

  • lindi

    -glass shattering-

  • I think she looks good but she’s not one of my favourite models, face wise.

  • Zoe.

    She looks very pretty as usual- I love the colour contrast between the navy dress and her hair. 🙂

  • jesse

    Its called botox, and yes Rosies had it.

  • jess

    Nobody’s saying anything about her botox, but shes obviously had some done.

  • skkq

    Rosie is gorgeous. I think she looks best with darker hair, but still very gorgeous.

  • lc

    Gorgeous, classy looking woman. So refreshing, especially after that eyesore Miley post.

  • Uma

    Oh my, that dress is so beautiful and she wears it so well! She has an amazing body.