Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty

FFN_g_51143743 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty

Model turned actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showed off her toned arms and long and lean legs as she stepped out for lunch with her boyfriend this weekend in Malibu.

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FFN_g_51143738 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty FFN_g_51143742 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty  FFN_g_51143744 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty FFN_g_51143736 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Toned & Lean Lunch Beauty

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • solaxia

    Her butt looks good in this dress and her hair looks nice and silky, makes a change from all the extensions we always see.

    • solaxia

      and her upper body looks pretty toned, which is nice. Good posture!

  • D

    You always see pictures of her leaving the gym, her arms look good – nice definition… good body shape.

  • truwordz

    ugly dress tho, and what is that guy wearing? looks like he works behind a burger counter.

    • Alexandra

      He’s probably the valet, her boyfriend is Jason Statham =)

    • Casey

      I think that’s a worker; that’s not her boyfriend.

      Anyway, I’ve said it lots of times before: I love Rosie. I think she is gorgeous, I love her style, and her body is my fitness inspiration because she’s a combination of curvy, slim and fit.

      I’m also impressed as to how she gets her hair to be so silky and soft when she bleaches it. If anyone has any tips, I am curious to know.

      • Fa

        I don’t bleach my hair but they are naturally thick and wilde (typical greek hair). The only thing that makes them silk and soft is coconut butter. I melt it, apply on hair, leave it the whole night and wash them in the morning. Hope this helps!

        • Casey

          Thanks! I’ll try that. 🙂

          • Coconut is amazing for ones hair, just be sure to only apply it to your ends.

  • Tamriel

    nope, still don’t find her to be anything special

  • annemarie

    She looks great.

  • Carrie

    Looks good prob 5’8 130 ish .. She’s not too thin at all!

    • charlie

      Not a chance she is 130lbs if she is 5’8. I don’t know how tall she is, but if she is 5’8, she is under 120, even with muscle.

      • Casey

        I believe she is 5’9 and 120. I agree that 130 may be a little too high of an estimate but 110 or something along those lines is way too low for someone of her height.

    • HB

      I’m 5’8″ 140 with a lot of muscle and low-ish body fat, but a little more than her in both areas. I think if I lost ten lbs I’d look about like this, so Carrie I’m guessing you’re about right.

      • HB

        I think she’s perfect, so maybe I’ll work on losing those 10 lbs, lol.

  • roonie

    Usually love her figure but it doesn’t look as good as usual in these photos.. Maybe she’s gained weight but her legs look different. Never thought she was attractive facially but she seems likeable, classy and not attention-seeking.

  • Hazal

    Her body looks great!

  • mary

    such a natural beauty with a lovely figure

  • neutra


    • Sanne

      Exactly haha!

    • Mia

      No kidding. The only reason I clicked on the entry was because I wanted to see pictures of *him*.

    • lc

      Am I the only one that finds him ugly? Lol

      • Winnie

        no you are not. but then again, i like my men with a full head of hair

  • Siobhan

    I want her arms so bad. Anyone know any good upper arm exercises. I recently lost weight and everything has slimmed down EXCEPT my arms which is killing me because I basically look fat in all photos because my arms look so untoned and out of shape, even though my body is slimmer. It’s so annoying. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!

    • Tamriel

      Try eating a lot of protein and doing HEAVY weights, like as heavy as you can stand for 16-20 reps. Heavy weights + high protein = fast muscles
      And for the triceps do dips off the edge of a table or chair (the higher the better) with your whole body weight, I can’t do many of those but they’re super effective!

      • Siobhan

        Thanks so much. I will definitely start doing heavy weights. I’ve been doing low weight high reps but it’s so not working. Thanks again.

        • Casey

          No, no, no. Low weight high reps only helps muscle endurance, not tone.

          I agree with the above poster, do high weights, low reps. Additionally, make sure you are eating a sufficient amount of calories and getting extra protein. You don’t have to eat a bulking amount of calories, but toning and dieting don’t go together. When you diet and lift heavy weights, you can actually atrophy your muscles because they don’t have nutrition to repair. That’s why most people who want to be cut do those things separately, in cycles.

          The rule of thumb is calculate your maintenance calories and add 300-400 on the days you workout. If you had wanted to gain weight (bulking), you’d add another 300-400 on top of that.

    • JaneParker

      I feel you. I have the same problem. I have big arms as well and even at my smallest I never look thin because of them (I’m currently 135 at 5’6 and everyone always guesses I’m 150 or something – it’s infuriating!). I always say I feel like an ape with those big things bouncing around. I recently joined a gym and they have a personal trainer that has me on a plan to try and finally reduce them.

      Those heavy weights the other girl suggested are a good idea IF you don’t build muscle easily. I do and I tried it in the past, it burned some fat, sure, but the arms stayed the same size since it turned to muscle, and I had these big guns that would make a lot of guys envious. But I didn’t want them, I still felt huge. So beware. I’m currently trying the low weight/lots of repetitions thing. My pt says it will work but it takes time. How long have you been doing it for? And I can agree on the high protein diet. Don’t eliminate the carbs completely, you’ll need them especially if you’re working out regularly. But reducing carbs and increasing protein is great to try and turn fat into lean mass.

  • Milla

    Yes, where is Jason Statham?!? 🙂

  • Olivia

    and… where is Jason?

  • Sharon

    Ha I have the same exact sandals… Or replicas $15 at Marshall’s

  • Mara

    The only thing I don’t like here are the sunglasses.
    She looks fantastic!

  • Jo

    Lovely, defined arms and a great butt ! The results from the gym are showing. The glasses are a tad strange to me, but eh, to each their own. She looks good.

  • Winnie

    she is stunning, and i love her glasses. i love how she carries herself too. always looks elegant and graceful. be it in gym clothes, streetwear, or red-carpet attire

  • binks

    she looks good.

  • Carrie

    Maybe she is 5’9 120 lbs. it seems like that’s what all models weigh

  • Emeline

    She looks really pretty

  • snoops

    Looks perfect as usual. Love her hair/face/figure she always looks so elegant.

    • serena

      you’re right, she does look elegant. Even when she’s dressed in yoga pants and flip flops there’s an elegance about her. I love her delicate collarbones and decolletage/shoulder region.

  • serena

    I love Rosie, she is really beautiful with a fantastic body shape that I’m envious of.

  • Angie

    “Model turned actress” LOL how’s that working out for her? Michael Bay didn’t even ask her back for T4.

    She looks amazing though. She definitely has one of the best bodies: thin but toned

  • Pandora

    classy casual *sigh* so jealous of her looks

  • Isabel

    I usually prefer wider hips, but her small perky butt, and nice long legs make up for that. Good skin too.

  • carrie

    stats guesses?5’8 120-130 lbs seems about right

  • lc

    She is stunning. Love her.

  • anon

    Jason Stratham used to go out with Kelly Brook, well he’s upgraded because Rosie is much more attractive, she;s super hot! nice toned body, with long legs. and lovely full lips.

  • Debbs

    She is perfect and I love her sunglasses.

  • Kara

    She totally reminds me of Cameron Diaz here,
    the hair-nose-especially the first picture

  • jana

    THIS is the type of slender body I admire and want. Looks natural on her, and it’s nice to see some muscle tone and a bit of curve.
    Refreshing to see and to remember that when someone is naturally skinny, it does look good. This being said after just being on Kate Bosworth’s post – polar opposite of healthy.

  • SophiaAthene

    She has a boxers nose, duck lips, wonky eyes and an odd-looking, comparatively thick neck, but she’s still stunning and has a great overall figure too…. and shows that you can be far from perfect and still look stunning.

  • retrobanana

    im not complaining she looks fabulous i like her lips and her face she has such a pretty face but i thought she was smaller then this….believe me she loosk good but i pictured her taller and skinnier

  • maree

    Kelly Brooke has an amazing figure. Rosie acquire the necessity to eat. Where are her breasts?