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Salma Hayek: “I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be”

salma1 - Salma Hayek: "I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be"

On wearing strapless dresses:

“When I turned 40, I started thinking, ‘This is the last year,’ whenever I’d wear a strapless dress. I always thought you can’t wear them after a certain age, but I’m still getting away with it.”

On how she dresses for her husband:

“I’m not really a fashionista. I have an eye. I can pull it together, but a lot of the effort I make is for my husband, because I want him to be attracted to me.”

On how she’s not even trying to be beautiful:

“I know people have always thought I was beautiful, but I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be. I could do a lot more—exercise, or not eat dessert. Or not drink alcohol. I could make bigger efforts. I don’t think my first priority in life has ever been beauty. It’s a little bit of a rebellious spirit in me. There is more to me than looks, of course. I think if you are afraid of getting older, you age faster.”

… says 46 year-old Salma in InStyle.

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FFN_g_51074279 - Salma Hayek: "I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be" FFN_g_51074289 - Salma Hayek: "I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be" FFN_g_51079097 - Salma Hayek: "I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be" FFN_g_51115359 - Salma Hayek: "I have never tried to be as beautiful as I can be"

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  • Sophia

    Ya I can see she wants her husband to be attracted to her – hasn’t he been attrachted to quite a few other women during their relationship?

    Other than that, I absolutely love this 😀 In the future, whenever I get a compliment I’ll be like “This isn’t even my final form! Wait for me to tone up and give up drinking and sweets. We can talk beauty then! “:D

    • i really DISLIKE this.
      “i’ve never tried to fulfill my potential”.
      theres nothing wrong with trying to be the best you can be (without turning to obsession) in all areas.

      • Sophia

        I was trying to be humerous 😉
        Then again there’s nothing wrong with being statisfied with who you are without trying to be the best

        • Aimeej

          …I wasn’t saying anything about your comment 🙂
          I agree, you must be happy with what you have first and foremost. But I think if u truly are super happy w yourself, ya hard NOT to want to polish it up. It’s like an athlete or something perfecting their craft.

      • ebby

        i get what she’s saying and i often think the same about myself. i do put moderate effort into my physical appearance. i work out and try to style my hair nicely, occasionally wear little makeup. but i know if i wore more makeup and put in some hair extensions and worked out even more i would probably look more attractive to most people. but at the end of the day, i’m ok not looking my best and just don’t want to put that much energy into my physical appearance.

        and by the way, people haven’t always thought i’m beautiful so i can’t relate to that part of her quote.

      • Tiina

        Aimeejaq, sorry to nitpick, but she said this: “I don’t think my first priority in life has ever been beauty.” She didn’t say this: “i’ve never tried to fulfill my potential”.

        There’s no possible way to be our best in “all areas”. We have a limited amount of time and resources which we use to develop our abilities in certain areas. Areas that we find more important than others. I think that critizicing people for their lack of commitment to things that they don’t consider important is just silly. I’m not sure if it’s sillier than claiming that we can strive for our best in all areas without prioritizing, but very silly all the same.

        Or do you see not doing as much as you can to be your best as a rugby player/dadaist poet/astrophycisist/speaker of Inuktitut as failing to fulfill your potential? 😉

        • yeah no i guess you’re totally right. you cant be THE best at EVERYTHING because that would be striving for utter perfection which is unattainable and unhealthy.
          i guess i was just pointing that out to readers on here, because sometimes we use what other people say as an ‘excuse’ to minimize our own efforts…
          just trying to inspire a little courage in those of us who might benefit from taking more pride in themselves physically 🙂

      • Alyssa

        it’s more of the effort in maintaining interest from her billionaire husband. 15 billion is a lot of money…

  • Snip

    Ugh, I thought Salma Hayek quit talking like this back in the late ’90s. Yes. Please go back to making constant references to how hot people think you are. As for denying her vanity, she would have stuck with acting in plays instead of pursuing TV & film if that assertion were genuine. Heard it all before.

    You know who I’d actually buy that sentiment from? JODIE FOSTER. But she’s too cool to say it – and since it’s actually true in her case, she doesn’t have to anyway.

    • cloud9

      whether or not you like her statements, how can you even compare jodi foster (beauty not talent) to selma? jodi foster isn’t arrogant about her looks because she isn’t a pretty woman, imo, she is one hell of an actress though.

      • Candy M.

        Neither are beautiful, but Jodi is better than Salma.

        • sayaba

          I think Salma Hayek is GORGEOUS. Jodie is pretty as well. How you can say neither are beautiful is beyond me. They might not be aeathetic to your taste but that’s another story.

          • Emilie


            Thank you for saving me from typing that, lol

          • Winnie

            exactly lol. Candy always states her opinion as though its the final verdict on someone’s appearance, then wonders why her comments get flamed more so than others

          • wb

            @winnie exactly, as if her OPINION is somehow any more valid than anyone else’s. what’s beautiful is an opinion, only idiots believe in “objective” beauty as she says

            let me add also wonders why she has no friends in real life with that bitter attitude of hers

          • Candy M.

            I mean I just can’t do this anymore, anyone with an opinion that goes beyond the surface or tries to be honest is immediately shot down because people don’t want to hear it. Its easy to call somebody an idiot, wb, but actually arguing with somebody takes more than that and apparently most of you can’t do that. You act as if I invented this concept of objective beauty, but this is a well known academic theory. A woman can be sexy and desirable without being beautiful. Ive seen it countless times, anybody with an opinion even when backed up with evidence and logic is dismissed.Just because an opinion or though isn’t the majority doesnt make it wrong, many times the opposite. Not even going to respond to the comment of WBs hypocritical comment, anyone with a brain cell can see how dumb her comment(s) is.

          • Candy M.

            All I have to say is thank God for commentators like serena, casey, l.c, and even Erica. Without them i would be off this site faster than you could say “hypocrite”.

          • Winnie

            i didn’t mean to attack you Candy, i’m just saying i can see why people would take your comment the wrong. you word things in a very obnoxious way sometimes, like they are facts rather than your opinion. kind of like Natalia used to. there is a difference between stating “neither of them are attractive” and saying something like “i don’t find either of them good looking”. just because YOU don’t think they’re attractive doesn’t make it so. just like when other people say Karlie’s not attractive doesn’t make THAT so either.

        • wb

          jesus christ i seriously have no problem with your opinion, nor do i have a problem with anyone’s opinion. the issue is you go around preaching your thoughts like it’s science. there is an academic theory of this objective beauty you speak of? hm went to a top university in the world, and have never once heard of this maybe because i spend my time actually paying attention to stuff that matters. but no there is no OBJECTIVE beauty, that beauty you speak of is created by society and it can be CHANGED any time. the only science in beauty is what men are attracted to men look for more fertile mates. even then i don’t put what men like on a pedestal so i think you’re just ridiculous with your whole made up theories.

    • lauracroft

      NEWSFLASH Salma, its easy to say that you’re not obsessing—ITS BECAUSE YOU’RE GORGEOUS. you’re naturally tiny/petit with perfect curves, glowy skin that doesn’t age even at 46, gorgeous hair, and have men drooling over you in your 40s. the rest of us who have imperfections have to try a little harder, work out, diet, etc etc because we weren’t blessed with being flawless. ugh. its celebs comments like these that really irritate me.

    • B

      You’re right, Salma. You just had a nose job

      And a boob job


      Cutting your face and chest open takes zero effort!

      • JN1976

        And; “I’m not a fashionista, I just have a good eye”…um, I think if a majority of people married a guy who owed Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. etc. ….it wouldn’t be that hard to have a good eye…(and you also have a stylist…so what eye are you talking about…or did you mean “I’m not a fashionista but my husband owns the highest respected classic brands except Chanel and my stylist knows her shyte”…cause that would make a boatload more sense…

        This all kinda gives me the sads…I liked Salma…but I really hate fakery, bullshyte is starting to take over and I’m really not cool with it

        “If it’s bullshit, call it bullshit and walk”, right?

  • Magda

    I don’t really understand the comment about the strapless dresses. Is it because of the state of shoulder skin ?
    Sorry if my comment is a little bit dumb.

    She looks great for 46 but sounds a little bit conceited to me.

    • I’d say it’s more to do with boob-saggage than skin! Though, if someone doesn’t look after their skin the décolletage can look quite rough as we age and that would be highlighted in a strapless dress.

      • Magda

        Yeah silly me. I forgot about that lol 🙂

  • retrobanana

    she isnt popular on here..but i def have a girl crush on her..she is one of the top milfs before eva longoria and sophia vergara…there was salma..she was the original hot latina….everytime she is in a movie i just drool

    • Debbs

      From Dusk Til Dawn – need I say more? I think she is a total hottie as well.

      • solaxia

        Debbs – no. You do not need to say a word more. understood!

        Ha ha! How hot was she in that?! I mean, you get millions of girls trying to be sexy/ vixen/ vampire/ whatevers…and they can be ‘hot’…but Salma…out.of.this.world.crazy.sexy.STUNNING!!! She just can’t be topped. that figure was perfect.

    • I think she’s very sexy – her figure is amazing. Her face has never been as knockout as her body, but she’s still a beautiful woman – and she’s ageing well.

    • Snip

      You mean cougar, right? A MILF is a mother by definition.

      • cloud9

        um, she IS a mother

    • Laura

      I’m with you, I think she’s sexy and I love her body!

  • Nyn

    I never thought she was beautiful and never got the hype on her. Her body is decent for her height, I like big boobs but hers often seem out of proportion, and her face is just very ordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a film so maybe she’s a spectacular actress or something, I just dont get what she’s famous for…

    • Emeline

      “I never thought she was beautiful and never got the hype on her” – I totally agree. It is a mystery to me, because to be completely honest, I find her ugly :/ I absolutely don’t get it. However, her body is nice. It would even look great if she was less short imo

    • jenna

      I agree. Never got the appeal. And when she’s gone through times when she’s a bit heavier, then she REALLY is nothing special. At least when her body is fit, I can sorta understand why people think she has a good shape.

    • lc

      Yeah, I never thought she was beautiful either. Actually, I find her quite unattractive.

    • rubysoho

      shes nothing special…short, average features, with a boxy masculine jaw….i thought she ages well until I saw the candids but she is just an average looking woman and cant hold a torch to a real beauty

      • Jennie

        i love how short always seems to equal “average” or unattractive on this site.
        wtf, as if shorter petite women can’t be knockouts too?

        • Candy M.

          Speaking as someone who views tall height as a beautiful feature, you don’t have to have every feature perfect in order to be a knockout. Sure, ill always prefer being taller as a trait but Devon Aoki will always be beautiful and amazing and a knockout while samanha brick isn’t. Its about the whole picture, there are very few perfect people but you don’t have to have everything perfect to be a 10 if I’m making any sense.

          • serena

            I understand what you mean; height is just one of many traits. Personally I prefer women of medium stature to very tall ones but for modeling obviously you need to be long. I prefer blue or green eyes to brown but that’s not to say dark-eyed women can’t be gorgeous too.

        • Candy M.

          I also view it as hypocritical that women judge mens appearance based on their height, yet your crazy and superficial if you say its an attractive feature on a female.

          • lc

            Agree on all counts, Candy M.

  • ramona

    She is aging with dignity and I like that about her!
    Ha and next time someone gives me a complimet I’m totally going to respond like her! Sounds stupid but somehow cool at the same time

  • I think Salma is very attractive and she seems like a smart, fun woman. She can also act – I really loved Frida.

    Her quote here does seem a bit conceited in a way – but that’s sort of understandable. She’s likely been told she’s hot most of her life and certainly all of her career. I only get annoyed when slim-but-curvy celebs talk like they almost shouldn’t be considered so hot? If that makes sense? There’s a kind of apologetic ‘well, I don’t look after myself as well as I should – I should be thinner, but I’m grateful people still think I’m attractive like this!’ They don’t seem to get that for a lot of people their body type is pretty ideal – curvy, yet slim, is oftentimes considered better than straight and slim. It’s not like they’re fat or something, is what I’m getting at. That was long-winded – probably a much more succinct way to put it, but I suck at succinct! 🙂

    • solaxia

      ha ha! I don’t get ‘succinct’ either. I completely understand and agree though. Like, you can be modest and still confident…I think Salma is just that. She’s not talking crap, she is confident, she has been told she is beautiful, she is stating it in her comment. I also don’t like it when celebs deny their attractiveness…like, they are almost attention seeking.

  • kat

    well i think her last quote about ageing is true, that if you fear it you age faster. i always make a point to not worry about ageing cause its inevitable and the other option is death. im turning 31 this year and people always think im 25 or younger…tbh i dont see it but its probably also because i don’t smoke and keep a healthy bodyweight

  • wb

    i like that she doesn’t put her looks as her number one priority (or claims that) there is so much more to life than our outer appearances. but i don’t agree that worrying about aging ages you. i definitely see a lot of people who look much older than they are because they didn’t care when they were young.

  • D

    Haha, I dont even think she is aware how conceited she came across with her quote.. she seems ignorant to the fact.

    • lydia

      I don’t think she sounds conceited at all. She’s thought of as a beautiful woman by many and she’s often asked what it’s like to be considered so attractive by so many.

      It seems to me that she is doing something of the typical Hollywood schtick of: Oh, I don’t see myself as being so great. With the addition of saying that she often falls down on doing what she would need to do to fit the description of ‘stunning.’

      Nothing wrong with an attractive woman (or man) accepting a compliment and saying that they sometimes choose not to do the things that they need to do in order to preserve or enhance that look.

      I don’t actually believe her, though…ha.

  • dutchie

    I know that some people will read her comments as conceited, but I like it that she likes the way she looks! I feel like it’s so expected of us to be critical of our looks, and that we all are supposed to collectively finger-wag at women who admit to feeling good about their looks. I wish we could just make a pact to support each other in focusing on the positive! It seems like people don’t like that because the implication is that if someone feels good about themselves and their looks, then they think they’re better than others, but I think it’s perfectly possible to consider feel attractive and admit it without putting other people down. Like, enough with the sadface Dove campaigns featuring women being cruel to themselves with the end goal of selling more products already! Did anyone see this parody of that? I think it’s awesome:
    whew, that got unexpectedly ranty! But seriously, what it so wrong with feeling pretty?

    • solaxia

      Totally agreed!!! I dont like cocky women…but they usually stand out and attention seek anyway, so they dont bother me as I dont bother with them. However, women SHOULD be able to feel confident without being shot down by other women (and men).

      • solaxia

        Like…I can say ‘yep, I’m smart.’ …some people would no doubt jump on me and start pointing out bad grammar or spelling, in an attempt to knock me down. However, most just wouldn’t care that I said that. However, if I said ‘yeah, I am sexy.’ people would start calling me cocky! I actually dont feel like I am sexy atm, but I think that if more women were encouraged to embrace their looks and be proud of them no matter what shape, size, height etc. Yet, not concentrate completely on their looks…then we would have far less cattiness, and far more people with healthy body image.

        • dutchie

          You said it! If we could make it ok to start being more positive about ourselves (and admitting it!) then maybe we could spend less time obsessing over appearances and more time on other stuff!

  • Mia

    I don’t know what her intention was with this quote, but it sounds like humblebragging at its worst.

  • truwordz

    hhmm i’m not convinced by her confidence. I’m pretty sure the last time she was up on the site she was banging on about how ‘chubby’ she was.

  • Sidney

    Phah, i think the quote is funny because it shows how looks-oriented her surroundings are. She wears dresses, exercises, does her hair and make-up… All those general things, i don’t think many people i know go over that in pursuing beauty and they still think they “try to look beautiful”. But still, if Hollywood in general is rigid then yes, good for her for being able to actually enjoy life rather than thinking how everything is going to affect her looks. I think she looks quite pretty, though i think her body is a lot more impressive to me than her face,

  • roonie

    Never thought she was attractive anyway.

  • amber

    She is one of those celebrities who should probably just keep her mouth closed. Every time she speaks you know her reps are scrambling to smooth things over. Anyone remember when she takes about how her life was so fabulous now that she had forgotten what it was like to be Mexican? Keeping in mind, of course, that she has always led a very priveleged life by anyone’s standards – her family was very weathly, if I recall correctly. Or when she complained about how hard breaking into Hollywood was as a Latin woman and how poor she was… with her closet full of designer clothing because she was really into Chanel.

    Bitch, please. She’s the mexican Gwinneth Paltrow. Or, maybe she is the french Gwinneth Paltrow, what with it being so hard to remember what being mexican was like.

  • lc

    Never thought she was hot, don’t see the appeal.

  • Marie

    at first sight she looks a lot like michael jackson in the second photo o.O

  • rubysoho

    Newsflash Ms Hayek….you aint that sexy.
    I always found her to be so over rated….that man jaw doesn’t help

  • Alex

    It’s not that she sounded conceited-because she is definitely attractive- it’s the fact that she went out of her way to say how “natural” her beauty is. This made her sound vain, especially looking at objectively all the things she DOES do to stay looking good. Hair and makeup people, a trainer or at least some sort of fitness regime because I’ve seen her much bigger then this, maybe a loose diet, nice clothes, etc. It would be one thing if she looked like Natalie Portman super low maintenance off the red carpet- but come on she looks like she puts in work. It’s just so obnoxious- like the one kid in your class who got an A- screaming about how he didn’t study. But if said kid was at Harvard it would be much harder to believe he didn’t work-just like the scrutiny Selma is under in Hollywood.

    • lc

      Alex I agree.

  • Snip

    Well said, Alex.

  • Candy M.

    That InStyle cover is terrible. First of all, she’s on it which isn’t helping. The colors, the font are cheap and tacky and its too cluttered with words. American magazines, even Vogue now, are just so predictable and disposable. Compare it to a Vogue Italia cover, its awful. Sadly that seems to be the case with so many things now, cheap, disposable, half done. I know its not a high quality magazine, but they could at least put some effort in. As for her quote, boring conceited, self praising- so it could have been said by and celebrity. I don’t know who thinks she’s beautiful, i sure don’t.

    • Nyn

      The magazine cover’s really cheap and tacky and breaking all kinds of graphic design 101s. Can’t say much about italian vogue, I find high fashion silly and don’t pay it any attention, lol! But I think in general all print magazines are really suffering with readership going online so probably they have to cut costs wherever and hire inexperienced designers and go as “mass appeal” look as they can. the rainbow “summer!” font’s particularly atrocious

  • Isabel

    She looks very young, so unless she’s got a great make up team, it is impresive how healthy her skin is, but as far as her features go, I’m with those who think she’s not o special. Her face is pretty, but it’s sort of generic. I don’t dind her body great either, just Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson, she’s been a representation of hourglasses without being one. Not that other bodytypes are not beautiful, but I find it weird how we obsess over celebrities who don’t live up the hype we created around them.

  • Winnie

    Salma wasn’t my favourite smouldering 90s brunette (that was Catherine Zeta-Jones in her mask of Zorro days), but i’ve always thought she had an enviable figure and a passable face. she’s always been more impressive to me appearance-wise than her bestie/comparison rival Penelope Cruz

    • lc

      Interesting lol, I never found Penelope particularly attractive but I think she blows Salma out of the water! I just can’t get on board with her lol.

      • Winnie

        i think both Salma and Penelope are overrated, but Penelope’s face has always reminded me of a dodo bird, especially as she ages. and i always found her figure very boring and typical. Salma at least had an amazing body, so i could kind of understand the fuss. i never got why they were always being compared, but if i had to choose i would def pick Salma. both are terrible actresses imo though -_-

        • lc

          Yeah, they’re both extremely overrated but idk, Salma is almost downright ugly to me…something off about her, I just don’t know what. Haha Penelope does look kind of like a dodo bird! Yeah and they’re both *terrible* actresses. How they made it is beyond me.

          • Winnie

            it’s the jaw i think. and the fact that the way her hair frames her face in a way that makes it look very harsh, kind of mannish actually

    • serena

      I don’t really care for Salma or Penelope (though I prefer the latter) but CZJ was really hot in the 90’s! As she aged her face became rounder, but back then she was slimmer with a more angular face that displayed her beautiful features. Love the shape of her lips.

      • Snip

        That is so funny, since a rounder, fuller face is usually associated more with youth – and angular, bony face with the opposite.

  • Candy M.

    Yet again, I tree to find something “beautiful” but i can’t lie. I just don’t see it in ANY of these celebrities, its mind boggling when I see people exclaiming how beautiful they are. If I saw selma at walmart I wouldn’t even notice her, in fact I’m sure many women there would be more attractive than her. Ive seen some really beautiful women before in real life and they’re captivating. I remember one time I was being a creepster and just staring at this beautiful, tall girl with perfect proportions. She looked completely different and better than everyone else, and I’ve seen celebrities in real life and they blend in.

  • Kimberley

    If being beautiful means not eating dessert then I must be the ugliest b*tch out there.

  • mary

    idk…i get why men like her but i think shes over rated (and sounds incredibly arrogant)

  • humannmanga

    She’s way more attractive than her husband

  • RachelGat53

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  • Godabove09

    I’d still slide it up Salma’s derek.