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Salma Hayek: “I Actually Don’t Have a Good Body”

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… but she is a believable actress when it comes to playing a girl with a good body. Here’s what she said:

The definition of ugly.
I don’t think (Ugly) Betty is really ugly, but what do we call ugly now? It’s anybody that is not super-skinny and really tall. Some people think they’re ugly just because they don’t reach that standard. I personally have seen a lot of really skinny tall models that maybe I think are ugly and they need to eat a little to look healthy. So I think we’re having a little fun with the concept of ugly on the show and people get a kick out it.

Sometimes she feels a little ugly herself.
I won a Best Body Award’ from Fitness Magazine and I was too embarrassed to accept it. I actually don’t have a good body, but if everybody thinks so, I guess it means I’m a good actress. I have acted the part of the girl who has a very good body. If you know how to dress, there’s some tricks you can pull.

Even though I think Salma has in fact, a very good body, dressing accordingly to your body type sure is important!

Source: Parade

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  • Nkeon

    Oh shut up Hayek!
    Don’t feel as though you need to say nonsense like this just to make other people feel better about their own bodies; that’s not your burden to carry.
    People need to find self-esteem within their own achievements, not other people’s apparent insecurities.

    • Laurindis

      You’re absolutely right!

    • georgette

      pure truth

  • jammaj

    I don’t think that she is trying to make people feel better or bring attention to her insecurities with this statement, as much as reflecting on the current societal issue that tall and slim is the overriding desirable trait. We are innundated with images of an ideal beauty and Salma Hayek does not fit that standard. This is not to say that she is not gorgeous and others don’t find her to be, but it is understandable as to why she would comment that she doesn’t have a good body when being compared to the so-called ‘ideal’. That being said, I think it goes to show that her winning “Best Body” reflects a positive change in the acceptance of the diversity of body types in the mass media.

    • Ella

      Very well said.

    • Kae

      I like your post. I agree!

    • Nkeon

      The hourglass figure has always been a standard of beauty accepted byt the media and society, even with the super slim trend. The praise lauded on Kelly Brooke, Scarllett Johansson and Halle Berry and Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth in the past goes to show it.
      Hayek fits that to a tee, more so than other hourglass celebs I reckon, so she does fit the ideal.

      Thus, I find this statement very contrived PR. Many celebs make comments like this, like Cameron Diaz saying she wishes she had curves. Now some of these may be true but I think its more likely that celebs like Hayek probably feel okay about their bodies, after all her curves have been praised throughout her career, but say things like to appear more humble and I don’t think they should have to.

      Many women are unhappy with their bodies and celebs of all body types and sizes admitting if they are happy with their bods would be better than claiming otherwise imho

      • i agree. the hourglass shape have always been praised since the 50s so that never went out of style like some people think it is. i do think salma has a beautiful body but what i hate is people talk about how much they LOVE their bodies but trash on women who don’t look like them. truth is i could care less what the media thinks because unfortunately they’re not going to change when it comes to beauty and body image. i’m all for women loving their bodies and whatnot but stop trying to compare women who don’t have curves or big breasts just to make them feel like they’re worthless.

  • Linda

    Seriously… The things celebrities say these days are ridiculous. We’ve got Jessica “I can’t wait for my baby to be brown” Alba and now we’ve got Salma “I have acted the part of the girl who has a very good body” Hayek.

    Now please, please tell me how a girl with a “bad” body act a good body? Not. Possible. Its either good or not. Salma’s is obviously good otherwise she wouldn’t be offered those parts and she wouldn’t win awards for having a good body… Say it with me… Duh!

    Lol. x

  • Eve

    Good actress?! It sounds even more rediculous than her best body award.
    I am sorry but in 90% of her movies and interviewes she is talking about her big “girls” developed so late and blah, blah, blah and exposing them with reason and without. I cannot imagine an actress considering herself as a good actress and not just an attractive body with boobies behaving like she was.
    I do think she had a perfect body in the past, but she is the way tooooo far from good acting and being talented. She always seems such a stupid cow to me (pretty one no doubt)

  • Niki

    When it comes to celebrities that think they are not attractive, I suppose I can understand some celebrities. There are a ton of mixed messages when it comes to the media, so even if she’s considered the most beautiful or sexy by one standard of beauty, it won’t count for much for her if most of the negative messages are coming from high fashion and pretty much, there isn’t any one particular standard of beauty that really claims shorter than average women, that I could think of right now anyway. The petite section in just about every store is either ugly or super limited.

    I have a very similar body shape to hers and I know that I can’t find clothes that fit me ever, unless they’re made from a super stretch material. Tailoring doesn’t solve all clothes problems. A bad silhouette for an hourglass shape is still a bad silhouette, even if it’s fitted completely. I know that sometimes, I see other girls who are tall and skinny and think that if I was taller and my breasts and hips were smaller, than I could wear prettier things. Then again, some of them probably look at me and wish they had my breasts so they could wear the kind of things I wear.

    As for the whole bad body + good acting = good body. I think what she was trying to say was not super attractive but, not ugly body + good acting = good body. A lot of what makes a woman truly attractive is her attitude and her confidence, as long as she’s semi-attractive. So, if you portray an attractive, confident woman well, any minor body flaws you may have would be overlooked. Just look at megan fox. She’s got club thumbs and oral diarrhea and yet guys go completely crazy over her.

  • skirmute

    Celebrties also have some insecurities and Hayek proves that very well. I think she was honest when talked about her body. Who can sincerely say they have a great body? We will always find some flaws, although other people might not see them.
    Selma might be perfect for someone but what she’s trying to say, that she thinks she’s overrated.
    I do think she has a great body which obviously doesn’t fit to ‘skinny and tall’ standard, on the other hand, it’s so refreshing to see a woman who has curves and doesn’t look like a tooth pick.

  • Bella

    Well being a celebrity does not mean that she is no longer a woman.
    She has a lot of young starlets and supermodels around her so yeah people give her a break..she is not so tall,she is not superskinny -which is necessary in hollywood- she is also a mam and a woman who is no longer 20 or 25.
    I am 101 lbs and 5’4” and i feel fat and ugly sometimes even though i know i am not.I do believe and also understand her.-

  • coytle

    I think what she was saying is that she has insecurities like everyone else, but her roles are of women with confidence who dress very well giving the illusion of that perfect body image that she doesnt feel she lives up to. Confidence does a lot for body image and feeling comfortable and it draws people to you more so than a perfect body.