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Sandra Bullock Brings the Quote of the Day

FFN_f_51296934 - Sandra Bullock Brings the Quote of the Day

On what people think of her:

“So, I Googled myself and read the comments section, thinking I could get some tidbits of what people really think of me. No human being should ever read the comments sections or ever Google one’s self at any time. Some things I was very well aware of. Sandra Bullock is over 40′ came up a lot. I know that. ‘Sandra Bullock’s way past 40.’ Yeah, I know that, too … ‘There’s absolutely nothing special about her acting. She’s not particularly attractive, I can’t stand her, she’s mediocre. She’s over 40. Some commenters thought I had good hair and good teeth. And I made some young girls and some over 40 girls laugh with some chick flicks. I sparked with Betty White and I’ve flown into space. I’ve had a pretty good life and a pretty good career.”

… says 49 year-old Sandra.

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  • Joyce

    She is gorgeous with shiny, shiny legs!

  • lc

    Maybe she shouldn’t go looking for things she knows she won’t like. I like Sandra for the most part, she’s a pretty decent actress, and fairly attractive imo.

  • nina

    she is sooooo great. i love you sandra!!!

  • Namrata

    Don’t listen to those idiots. Sandra is a HIGHLY TALENTED actress, and she’s in pretty great shape for “a woman over 40”. Haters gonna hate!

  • solaxia

    Yay! Another one of my Hollywood idols! Sandra and Drew in one day!!! Plus, Nicole was pretty cool too. Sandra is so gorgeous. Fantastic body. God, I am 27 and wish I looked that sexy! Great legs, love that dress on her. Beautiful face, lovely skin, nice personality. She has it all!

  • It sounds like she isn’t too too concerned with what others think…good for her, cuz she shouldn’t be! I think she’s lovely. Also I kinda like that dress.

  • lovelikeu

    she is beautiful! i love her curves in this dress!

  • We’ve all made comments about other people behind their backs – unfortunately when you’re a celeb, those comments are often posted online! And it always hurts when you overhear someone criticise you in any way – of course it does, and it’s no different if you’re famous. I think most celebs google themselves at least once and most likely will never go looking for stuff again – just look at tumblr and all the stans there, if I was a celeb I would be horrified!

    Sandra is very attractive – she’s got a great attitude, great figure, she’s certainly not a ‘bad’ actress and she has great comic timing in my book. I hope she read some nice comments about herself too – but I can imagine the bad ones sting a bit.

    She looks great here – but I don’t like clashing colours, so the dress is a thumbs down for me in that way (but it makes her figure look amazing!)

    • AaliyahAurora

      I wish I could like your comment a thousand times!

  • CarrieD

    If I didn’t know her age, I would say she’s in her late 30’s. Way to go, she looks amazing. Not just her body, her face looks great too,

  • kia

    dress guess: valentino?

    • happygolucky

      The dress is by Alex Perry. It’s not something I would wear, but she rocks it, along with a wise choice of accessories. She looks classy and glowing as usual.

      • kia

        thank you! now can you imagine the same dess on a black skin? ammmazing

  • HB

    She has an amazing figure. Please let me look like that when I’m knocking on the door to 50!

  • jen jenny jennifer


  • MerryHappy

    I’ve always had a fondness for Sandra Bullok–it was probably all that watching ‘While You Were Sleeping’ at home sick in elementary school and middle school. She’s just likable.

    • lc

      Aw what a classic! My mom loves that movie and we watch it every Christmas.

      • MerryHappy

        Mine too! And Sleepless in Seattle!
        They’re my sick movies and my mom’s holiday movies haha

        • lc

          Aw good times! 🙂

  • Jenny

    I don’t like the colors on the dress. And I bet she has spanx underneath (who doesn’t nowadays).. But she looks really good in it.

  • Sophia

    Dear Sandra,

    I hope you google yourself once more, just to read my comment!
    I think you are an outstandingly beautiful and smart woman and your movies not only made me laugh when I was feeling down but also made me think about the relationship whe have with ourselves and others. If I were to pick just one celebrity idol, one famous person to look up to, it would be you. I see you as a strong, independent woman and you radiate an ease of mind and an inner happiness I hope to accomplish one day!

    • Ozge

      My thoughts exactly! I love her, she is strong and independent and even though she had ups and downs in her personal life she never radiated anything but a peaceful soul.
      By the way, seeing her in Gravity with underwear, I don’t agree with the Spanx comment. She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

  • Hazal

    Gorgeous, beautiful woman! And lovely dress <3

  • Veronique

    Ahh I love her! She is such a versatile actress ans she’s stunning, with a body anyone would be jealous of, over 40 or not!

  • megs362

    Sandy, I love you. You’re an intelligent, hard-working mum who has managed to raise her child in some semblance of privacy/normality despite living in what can only be described as a media zoo. You are always classy, always humble, and always positive.

    Also, your hair is indeed amazing. Hearts.

  • MissMarilyn

    Oh I LOVE her. she’s so gorgeous! and talented. every movie with her in it I enjoy

  • retrobanana

    i like her dress……my mom hates her for some reason i don’t i thinkshe isa pretty likable lady

  • anonymous

    “She’s not particularly attractive”

    Has she been reading this forum? since the above quote is one of erica’s favorite put downs.