Lean Beauties on Set – Sara Sampaio and Jasmine Tookes


Lean beauties Sara Sampaio and Jasmine Tookes filmed a commercial for the Victoria’s Secret’s Sport Apparel in Miami – and they did so while revealing their trim middle sections in sportive outfits that featured sport bras and knee peek-a-boo tights.

Here are the two lean beauties, photographed while running and working out during the shoot.

Check out more pictures of Sara and Jasmine after the jump!

P.S.: One of these gorgeous models is not opposed to posing without any clothes – check out this throwback to Sara Sampaio nude in Maxim Magazine!


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21 thoughts on “Lean Beauties on Set – Sara Sampaio and Jasmine Tookes”

  1. jasmine has a nice body, some subtle curves at least. Sara i straight up and down- no hips at all. I like that Lais woman way more than both these tho.

      • yeah especially here with little makeup and her hair up. i think she’s sort of meant to be taking adriana limas place or something

        • No way could Sara replace Lima ha ha, quite laughable the thought even. She is short by VS standards – 5.6? And her face is quite masculine. She actually reminds me Sandra Bullock.
          Both Sara and Jasmine are meh to me.

  2. Am I supposed to think these girls are the bomb dot com? Can’t even remember their faces now that I scrolled to the comment section, let alone names. Forgettable and too thin/straight up and down, they look like teens (are they teens?).

  3. Not a fan…Jasmine has a slightly better body Imo, but I’m still not a fan. I prefer more athletic, strong figures, these girls just look frail to me

    • totally agree. they have pretty faces but trying to sell them as athletic is pretty much a joke to me (same with all of VS’s other ‘athletic’ ads)

  4. Sara is beautiful. The other one is VS’ lame PR effort in their brand via jumping on the black girls rock bandwagon. Meh. I don’t see how people are praising Jasmine’s body whilst saying Sara is straight up & down. Funny how that goes despite the calls for body acceptance. Curves aren’t always better but they’re both similar.

    • That sounded kind of racist. I’m not surprised.

      Funny how some people get all pissed at the slight sight of diversity, or think that if you find someone of color attractive you’re being “PC”. Maybe it is part of a marketing plan, but how is diversity a negative thing?

    • I’m not sure why racial diversity when it comes to beauty ideals makes you so angry, but you seem to have a problem accepting two concepts:

      1) Just because *you* don’t find someone attractive doesn’t mean that no one else does/can;
      2) Just because someone isn’t Caucasian doesn’t mean they’re not attractive, or that they’re solely being promoted in the media based on political correctness. Believe it or not, not everyone sees beauty as being as black and white as you do, in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

      For the record, I don’t find either of these women to be stunning, but I can understand why somebody else would, or why someone would view one as more beautiful than the other, for reasons entirely unrelated to race.

    • Seriously you are the worst commenter around here, never have anything positive to say. You must be a joy to be around and I’m pretty sure you just outed yourself as racist. Bye, Felicia !

    • Guess I touched on a nerve? I didn’t state my race btw. I’m not offended by diversity. Learn to read between the lines and stop taking anything not highly praising of black females as ‘racist’. She appears quite mundane to be included AND she conveniently comes amidst lots of over-dramatic criticism (like the responses to my OP) that black women are most discriminated group in the US, and never get any attention, jobs etc. VS in particular faces constant attacks over this.

      • Lol no, you didn’t ‘touch a nerve’… don’t flatter yourself into thinking that your opinions are that important. ? Perhaps you should ‘learn to read between the lines’ and realise that not every non-white woman who you find unattractive is perceived in the media as beautiful as a ‘PR effort […] to jump[…] on the black [or non-white] girls rock bandwagon’. The fact that you think that’s the case IS racist and I think you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. There are plenty of (arguably) ‘basic’ white women promoted as being beautiful in the media… funnily enough, I don’t see you getting all up in arms about them.

    • well jasmine clearly has more rounded thighs and hips, nothing dramatic but at least she has some whr. But neither are amazingly beautiful. I dont know why you would think VS picked jasmine because of her race either– there are tons of black models who are far more beautiful than her– including the vs model lais riberio. i think jasmine and sara are just meant to be more relatable maybe, like part of the pink brand. they both look like everyday college women

  5. It would make sense that they’re meant to be relatable. Never thought of that and always wondered what was going on with VS choosing girls like this. I don’t mean to or want to make offense, but I totally miss the Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellindston, and Adriana Lima days of VS. To me they reoresented gorgeous angels that make you want to be your own angel too. A couple years ago I heard I had Victoria Secret model looks and that was like the best compliment I ever heard…now it wouldn’t mean as much. There are still a couple I like though, Candice, Doutsen, Behati, Lais, and Josephine Skriver. Besides the last one, none of them are new to the scene.

  6. Sara Sampaio is probably one of the worst models they could have hired for this campaign. She has terrible posture, no muscle mass at all, and a droopy butt. She is a beautiful woman but she is not selling me athletic wear. She looks skinny and that’s about it, there’s nothing sporty about her.

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