Sara Sampaio Does Maxim and Brings Today’s Quote


On her biggest goals:

“I’ve always had very high aims for my life and for my career, for anything that I do. If I do something, I want to be the best. And one of the best things you can be is a Victoria’s Secret Angel; for me, that’s always been a goal.”

… says VS model Sara.


See more from her Maxim spread next!


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41 thoughts on “Sara Sampaio Does Maxim and Brings Today’s Quote”

  1. “one of the best things you can be is a Victoria’s Secret Angel”
    No, just no.
    Other than that, I like the photos and she is one of the most beautiful European models, in my opinion.

  2. She doesn’t stand out to me like other models. Her colouring might be exotic to some but she’s one of the shorter models (actually under 5’7) and I can’t see anything that makes her stand out.

    She’s pretty and slim of course but that’s a given. BIanca Balti is one shorter model that does stand out for me, due to her facial imperfections (eyes) & general appearance of face.

    This spread looks photoshopped to the max.

    • Amen! I work for a clothing line she’s made a few campaings for. About two years ago we were told that she’d pass by to pick up a few items. When she went I just didn’t recognize her, she’s really really tiny and she told me she’s 1,73m, which is less than 5’7. She’s pretty I must say, but I wouldn’t turn if I passed her by on the street.

      • To be accurate, 5’7 is in fact ~170 cm, and 173 cm is ~5’8, as 1 inch is about 2,54 cms. The calculation: 173/2,54=68,1102… (1 foot=12 inches) ≈ 5’8
        But yeah, countries really should stop using these silly non-SI measuring systems that just seem to confuse everyone.

  3. One of the best thing you can be is a VS model? I hardly think so.
    Although I’m sure she is referring to her modeling career.

  4. Obviously a brain surgeon on the side.
    She seems short, she doesn’t seem to have long limbs. Based off the proportions id guess maybe she’s 5’6? 110-115/

  5. That’s right, girls – not a neuroscientist or an astronaut or a teacher or an author or politican or human rights lawyer – a Victoria’s Secret model! That’s what we should all be aiming for! Just be white(ish) but tanned, Blonde-ish and tall and borderline underweight but with a good waist to hip ratio! My God, why is anyone even bothering getting an education?! Thank you, Sara, for showing us the light.

  6. She looks almost exactly like Adriana Lima. VS models always look the same, they are extremely BORING and predictable.

  7. I want to assume that her comment about VS being theone of the best accomplishments you can achieve refers specifically to the world of modeling. It is a pretty big milestone within a modeling career.

    Normally I’m not overly impressed with her looks, but some of the pics in this shoot are quite striking. Her face looks beautiful in the white bikini bottom pic.

  8. I know she’s a model and that she has a nice face, but I honestly didnt see what the fuss was about until I Googled her name. She looks very beautiful in Google images, but (to me) she looks kinda blah in these pictures, all of her expressions are the exact same – the intense frowny pouty look into the camera, or the intense frowny pouty look away. A couple of softer expressions here and there wouldn’t hurt, she looks a lot younger and feminine when she doesn’t furrow her brows like that for every picture. I don’t know how to explain it.

  9. Its all fun and games till your 30 and you cant get work anymore cos all the hot new 19 year olds are coming up

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