Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker – Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans

FFN_er_51225131 - Sarah Jessica Parker - Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans

48 year-old Sarah Jessica Parker looked slim and fit as she walked her cute little daughters to school on Friday – and she did so while wearing a pair of tight jeans with a grey top.

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FFN_er_51225124 - Sarah Jessica Parker - Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans  FFN_er_51225132 - Sarah Jessica Parker - Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans FFN_er_51225133 - Sarah Jessica Parker - Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans FFN_er_51225135 - Sarah Jessica Parker - Mommy Duty in Tight Jeans

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Sylvie

    She looks good, proportionate body, I just dislike her shoes, but its a nice change seeing her in something different than sky high heels!

  • Jodie

    She is amazing and I will forever love her for her wit and charm in sex in the city

  • oaz

    She looks fantastic imo

  • carola

    height and weight?

    • carrie

      she looks about 5’3 and prob 100-105 lbs imo. she is tiny! especially for her age to maintain that weight she must really watch what she eats.its hard enough for a 20 year old to be that height and weight and bmi.

  • Namrata

    Her butt looks so weird in the first pic o_0, like so angular and pointy!

    • Rita

      that’s not her butt.. that’s her outer thigh .. if u swing ur hip while walking it will disappear (and with different angle) like pic 2 – 3

      how do i know.. i have the exact same body.. and i am killing myself in the gym to get rd of those ugly stupid outer thigh fat

      • sauce

        They aren’t ugly, I think they are cute! Just makes you looks curvier.

      • lydia

        honey, you do realize that is normal on a woman? “saddle bags”? i personally find it sexy on curvy women, curvy…not fat.

  • Autumn Jones

    Her body looks great ! Her face is unfortunate though.

  • Sara

    Never paid much attention to her, did she always have such a rockin figure?

    • Tonyee

      And watching what you eat.
      Thats the only way you can do it lol.

  • Godiva

    This is curvy!! She is slim AND curvy.

  • lc

    Those jeans are not flattering.

  • tequilla

    it always makes me lol when people sayes she has a nice body. but also, she was great for that satc role.

  • She has a great petite, curvy figure – these jeans are not the most flattering and make her ‘saddlebags’ quite prominent though. Hate the shoes too!

  • Sophia

    She definitely has old looking hands

  • Jackie

    Her body is sooo great!! I like how she’s short yet still has an amazing body which can keep up with super models’ body. I’m just not a big fan of her face especially now that she’s older. I loved her in sex and the city 🙂

  • Sophie

    Luv her!! She has a great figure! I even luv the outfit! 🙂

  • ary

    I like her curviness.

  • popo

    She’s like a really hot munchkin. O_o

  • Mischa

    I’m not loving the sneakers or that style of jeans on her. Generally, the higher waisted with a tucked in top isn’t the most flattering on most body types. That being said, I like her body a lot. Slim and toned yet curvy. Great boobs. Perfect size and shape IMO. I always envied her body on SATC when she’d wear the white wife beater tank sans bra and the boy brief panties.

  • M.Jay

    cute, petite figure. her little girls are cute!

  • Marike

    looks hot for 48 wow! good for her

  • Jenny

    I just have to say that I think she has an amazing body. Petite women nowadays doesn’t look “normal”, just starved. But Sarah Jessica always looks amazing. I know a lot of people doesn’t like her and call her horse face and says that she has ugly hands.. But hey.. Nobody is perfect.. It’s not like she chose to look that way! I really like her and I think she’s charming and cute!

  • maria

    Love her. She looks very good…and please give her some rest about her hands…she is almost 50 and what could she do about that “problem”? I like that she is so natural, without all that botox stuff etc.

  • annabanana

    can’t get past the schnoz and the shoes.

  • Tonyee

    hmmm… breast implants?

    Probably a really great bra lol. Anways i love her body. She’s been a consistent gym-goer for YEARS, so no surprise. Her hard works pays off.

    • Winnie

      i doubt it, she’s always had great t*ts lol

  • serena

    Hehe I was just watching “Hocus Pocus” the other day – love her in that movie! Amok amok amok!

    • sauce

      I know! She was so cute and sexy in that movie! I always wanted to be like her in that movie when I was growing up, and used to day dream about having her hair and a malamute husky to match! ha ha. Cute personality too. Movies were sooo much better in the 90s (and 80s) imo.

    • HB

      Yes! I always pretended I was Sarah Sanderson 🙂

  • Winnie

    I’ve never found her pretty or beautiful, but i must give credit where it’s due, she’s always had a great body. very attractive

  • fitgurl

    she so tiny in person. i would def day under 90 pounds and she has a rough looking face….like she partied hard in her youth and it shows and shes also kinda bitchy in person

  • solaxia

    I LOVE SJP. Her body is sooo perfect imo. She is thin, yet she has great curves – teeny waist, nice size breasts, nice full hips, toned tummy, nice legs (not too long or too short, nice size and shape), plus she also has quite a round but yet hard butt for her frame. Really nice imo. She is far better than any model out there, and she killed it in Sex and the City when she had to wear the sparkly knickers down the catwalk (and tripped). I always thought her face was quite beautiful too really. Sometimes she can look a bit haggard (and I think that is emphasized by her low weight…which I do think is natural)…but she always has such gorgeous sparkly blue eyes, and her hair is so shiny and pretty all the time, and her smile is gorgeous! Perfect teeth. Her personality is just gorgeous too.

    Oh, and her daughters are way too adorable! I love the way she lets them dress themselves too. Super cute!

  • Sandy

    She has one of those figures that most women envy, but most men (that I know) do not find attractive at all. I’ve always loved her figure, but my husband thinks she’s “disgusting” (his words- not mine). IMO, she is the perfect combo of thin and curvy. Although, I’m pretty sure she stole those sunglasses and sneakers from my grandpa!

  • lydia

    I love her body, she seems to have gained to a STILL skinny but at least maybe healthy body. before, ive seen her look frightening

  • HB

    I’ve always thought she had the best body. Killer on SATC.

  • Kathleenicorn

    her bod is fit but she looks more like a grandma than a mom :/