14 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Brings Today’s Quote”

  1. Just like Marilyn Monroe her body is far from being really toned (apart from when she is training for a movie) and I think this makes them so sexy. Because they have curves and a soft looking body.

    • I agree with you. Still, never been a fan. Not that I dislike her, I guess her body just reminds me of my own. I should work out and try to be what I prefer on others, more toned that is.. Problem is I am just too lazy.. Well, just found my New Years resolution I guess :p

  2. Maybe she is trying to be relatable or modest cos apparently liking yourself&mentioning it is somehow wrong in many people’s eyes. Or maybe she really does feel like it, everyone has insecurities.There are many people considered beautiful&sexy by others who don’t feel like that themselves, some even have v. low self-esteem, i think there are more insecure people among celebs than we think.
    She has a beautiful face, this hair is bad, she’s a bad actress except when it comes to her voicing (i don’t mean awful singing), i loved her “voice acting” in Her or “sexy roles” where she feels natural, I personally think she’d become typecast into that if her team or
    whoever didn’t manage to “sell” her as some serious&intelligent
    actor, smth i’ve never seen in her. It seems she lost some sex appeal when she started the whole comic book movie training, that red hair looked great but while her body was brought into shape, smth went away with it, and in swimsuit it looked weird/blah. She looks good at new weight but only in clothes,imo.

  3. I agree with her and you but I somehow doubt she is being honest. I think it is really hard to fake the sultry sexual-ness that she always seems to have if you think you are just “okay”

  4. Well she’s still very sexy. You don’t have to be a vs model to be sexy. Everyone has different body types. Perfect body is not equal to sexy body.

  5. She is one of the people I wanted so hard to like but she just doesn’t have “it” for me. I love her name, she picks interesting projects, and based on looks only, technically she is pretty, green eyes, blond hair, thick lips, but somehow I don’t find her that attractive, maybe her nose or face shape counts but especially with the shorter hair she looks a bit masculine for my liking.

    Her body, while always soft which I like, is really as she says, an OK body. I never saw her as the über busty, hourglass bombshell she is portrayed as, but rather having average proportions. I think in the past everyone always pictured her in her red cleavage-y dress, without much candid and especially swimsuit pics in circulation.Once they were released I was surprised that her b❆❆bs seem much smaller, her hips narrower, and waist thicker than what I remember.

    Either way, congrats to her on her baby, and for picking a nice normal name 🙂

  6. I thought she was very pretty years back, like 2006-2007. I have to say I don’t find her very attractive anymore. Her face and body have changed, and not in a good way. All I see when I look at her is that crooked mouth! And her body is just ok. All in all, I find her pretty overrated.

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