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Scarlett Johansson Talks FOOD

FP_4946486_BARM_WhiteHouse_Correspondents_050110 - Scarlett Johansson Talks FOOD

“I love pizza with anything except pineapple or anchovies on the top. I do like Burger King cheeseburger meals as well because I like the chargrilled taste, and I like the toy that comes with it.”

“I am big on baking, but I bake very healthily these days. I make a protein cookie where I substitute all the fatty ingredients with healthy ones, such as coconut oil and egg whites. I may add carib chips instead of chocolate chips. If I have one of those during the day I don’t feel so guilty!”

… says Scarlett.

Pictured: Scarlett at the 2010 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton.

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  • Léa

    I used to love her a lot when she didn’t try to follow the standards. She was more natural.

    • louise0203

      i agree!! i wish actresses would start talking about something other than themselves

      • Beans

        louise0203, I too live for that day.

      • issi

        Well if you are being interviewed and asked questions about yourself what are you meant to say? Just randomly start talking about the weather?

    • mermaid

      yeah…she had me tricked for a while. i thought she was normal but somehow this great embodiment of old hollywood.

      now…i think she is self absorbed and obnoxious. every time she opens her mouth its to say something arrogant – she talks about everything like she’s the expert. what really grates me is how she seems to like to come across as ‘intellectual’ and very educated….when she has no credentials.

      she used to have a line for reebok, and would say she didn’t exercise. but now, she eats protein cookies? wtf. i hate when they claim to eat crap but also eat healthy….

      • Léa

        Before she was that young fuy girl who seemed to have a lot of self cofidece, but also to be very cool you know ? Like the kind of big sister I’ve always wanted.

        Now she is just standard. She is ,ot very interesting anymore I think. But it’s funny, I still like her ! For what she used to be.

      • Shannon

        Cmon, who DOESN’T eat junk food occasionally? No one eats healthy allll the time and no one with a body like Scarlett’s eats crap all the time. And just because someone says they like cheeseburgers or pizza doesn’t mean they’re actually those foods every day; there’s a huge difference between saying “oh this is my favorite food” and actually consuming that food. My guess is that celebrities will say they like such-and-such junk food (or even let themselves be photographed holding said junk food) in order to seem normal and relatable, but they probably rarely actually consume that food.

        • sara

          Agreed and I do feel for celebrities a little bit because they are put on the spot, prompted by interviewers and photographers, and then writers/etc. quote what they want. It can’t be easy.

  • Nina

    FINALLY someone who tells the truth about what they eat.

    Please…. like you belive there’s ,,no carbs” or baby food diet? Haha

  • she looks good in this pic 🙂 nice to hear someone thats honest, but im getting bored since food is the only topic celebs talk about now a days 😛

    • Fleur

      Lovisa, to be fair, this site gathers information exclusively about stars and their diets, health and weight fluctuations. So it’s hardly as if all these stars were egocentric and food-obsessed, and all they ever spoke about was their diet – but that is what gets quoted here.

      • Shannon

        Agree. The reason that celebrities talk so much about food is that they get asked so many questions about food, because our society is OBSESSED with food, as evidenced by this blog, which is largely devoted to intense discussion of celebrities’ weights, bodies, and diets.

        • yeah, i agree 🙂 it’s not only their fault, its the obsessing from media and the stars that’s getting me tired 🙂 im from sweden and we’re a healthy and active country, so maybe that’s why i don’t get all the hype about people’s eating habits. im not dissing this page nor the quotations:)

  • pppccc

    I don’t think she says she follows the hollywood standards!In my opinion, actresses(and actors) wouldn’t eat hamburgers and pizzas like her!And the fact that she eats cookies which are nutricious doesn’t mean she really cares about her body;it means she wants to be healthy! If she ate chocolate cookies full with butter and calories(not once in a while. but everyday!!!), that wouldn’t be good for her health!!!!

    • pppccc

      BTW she looks great here!!!

  • RAchel

    Totally off topic but goddamn i hate the way she stands 😛 she always has this stand-thingie going on on the carpet, as if she’s an innocent 10 year old girl.

    Get a new stand.

    • Carrie

      hahaahahaha I know exactly what you mean! I hate that too!!!!!

    • Jj

      you mean pose? lol

  • snoops

    I can’t put my finger on it but her face looks different….maybe just the makeup.

  • k

    @ RAchel – hahahha! so true.

    I also think she looks a bit different these days. Very pretty but I’m not a fan of her acting/personality.

  • Star 77

    Great actress and such a beautiful girl. Has that old Hollywood glam look that is rare these days. To me that is beautiful and more natural! Anyone that has such bad things to say about her are jealous and haters!!

    • Léa

      Oh that’s the easiest comment isn’t it ? everytime you want to defend someone you can say “oh, jealous” but sometimes, we can say stuff about someone else, without being jealous. Plus, we didn’t say bad things about her.

  • she looks great, but that dress is a bit odd.

  • nkvd

    I love Scarlett, at least she’s being honest.

    P.S. : There’s a new editorial with Alessandra Ambrosio and she looks unrecognizeable ! Maybe you should post it, Versus 🙂 [ http://models.com/feed/?p=10322 ]

  • Jenn

    Does she know that coconut oil is one of the highest in saturated fats you can eat?
    Celebrities need to stop giving advice about weight loss and talking as though they are nutritionists.
    I really like her though

    • Cory

      actually studies have shown that coconut oil is really healthy for you. despite being high in saturated fat, numerous studies indicate that it actually promotes weight loss and does not affect your LDL cholesterol as much as processed foods with similar fat contents. The type of saturated fat in coconut oil is called MCT and is more stable than the fat in vegetable making it a more efficient source of energy. I don’t mean to lecture but I’m a nutrition major and its cool when something like this comes up and I can actually put my knowledge to use lol

      • pppccc

        Wow,you’re good!lol

      • true!

      • Erica

        It’s true that raw, unprocessed coconut oil does not affect LDL cholesterol. It’s also true that the saturated fats in coconut oil have a completely different chemical composition to saturated animal fat (medium chain vs. short chain fatty acids). It’s certainly healthier than butter or lard.

        However saying it “promotes weight loss” is going a little far. Don’t get carried away with hearsay. There have been no reputable scientific studies proving it increases metabolism. Like any other fat or oil it’s very calorie dense. Certainly fat/oil is a necessary part of our diet and raw coconut oil is one of the better fats to eat, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here — eating it is not going to make you thin.

        Anyway, it doesn’t sound like Scarlett is trying to lose weight. She’s just trying to eat healthier. I agree that coconut oil — in moderation — can be part of a healthy diet.

    • pppccc

      I think coconut oil is supposed to be very good for your health. I read an article a while ago about how natives whose diet included high consumption of coconuts didn’t suffer from diseases of the “western” world!

    • pppccc

      BTW, you can see on the following website that one of its benefits is weight-loss:

      • Marge

        the healthiest oil is oil of olive. FACT.

        • pppccc

          Oh,well then, I’m greek,so I’m very healthy!!!But people who can’t have access to olive oil could use some coconut oil!I didn’t say it’s the healthiest;I said it’s healthy!!!

          • Marge

            Of course you are, and me too cause I’m italian 😀 But the thing is how can a celebrity not have access to olive oil?! And also, she says that that she bakes with egg whites, which is stupid cause using the whole egg won’t kill you, natural fats are actually good for you.

          • pppccc

            Well, she has access to olive oil, but I think you can;t make cookies with olive oilon the place of butter!!I don’t know, maybe you are right!!!
            And about the egg whites,they are the nutritious part of the egg,and they are very low in calories(like ca calorie or ten),while the whole egg has 70 or 80!!!So she eats what is important and isn’t fattening…

          • Marge

            I make cupcakes with it so I guess you can also make cookies with it. The whole egg has like 60 to 70 kcal which is not much, especially if you consider that it’s not like you use one egg for each cookie, it probably is 3 eggs every 12-16 cookies, and that’s very little. Eating healthy is very easy, we don’t really need to think about it that much… We just need to eat a reasonable amount of meat, fish, cheese, eggs, veggies, rice, pasta, bread, salads, fruits… and use oil, vinegar and spices. then have a sweet treat once or twice a week and that’s about it, we’ll all be slim and healthy… I really don’t get this craziness only using egg whites, not eating carbs or whatever other obsession people have about food.

          • pppccc

            Sorry, I’m not very familiar with cooking(I’m only seventeen)!But you are right,if we eat healthily and exercise(not like crazy) we will be slim and healthy(unless we have problems with hormones etc. of course!!!).

  • jenna

    “…and i like the toy that comes with it.” Oh my god scarlett you are just so down to earth i can really relate to you. psh.

    • sola

      ha ha ha! sooo true! funny thing is though, many people will actually think that! I cant stand people like that in real life. Like the girls that say things about cars or bikes or liking horror films, just to sound like they are one of the ‘down to earth’ boys…yet they are more prissy and self obsessed and insecure than the girls that just admit cars bore them to death and horror films give them nightmares! dont get me wrong!!! i know there are girls that love those those things, and more power to them! i dont want to sound like i am stereotyping men and women that much. i mean, i love it when a girl wins open sporting events and when a guy is secure enough to play a womans sport or do sewing or say horror films scare him. what i am talking about is the people that PRETEND to be that way…you can usually tell them from the other people by the fact they have to brag about it…and you wouldnt catch them dead at a car rally if they were on their own…
      i have a friend who was a mechanic and now beautician…but she was genuinly interested in it!
      i also have another friend who is a mechanic…all she talks about is the boys and how much attention they give her and how wonderful she is…

      • sola

        omg i need to get a life! that rant was far too long! i forgot to say…i have no opinion on scarletts personality right now…but i usually dont find her that pretty but here i think her face looks gorgeous!

        • mermaid

          no no, i agree! i know there are girls who are interested in pro sports, but 90% of the time, i believe its a ploy to get men interested. such a joke though, because men like girls who are real and true to themselves. it may attract them in the moment to say you love sports, but when they find out you don’t, which they will, they will be annoyed AND bored. they’d rather a girly-girl neither play up being a diva nor deny her love of shoes, and just be cool with them. and scarlett’s crap about the toy is like this self admiring quirk fake ‘real’ thing.

          • Minnie

            Maybe she really does like the toy.

            I like the toy…

          • solaxi

            well Minnie…you’re clearly one of THOSE girls we were talking about =p
            no, i didnt mean all people that say things like that are like that…i just mean that is peeves me when girls just pretend and play up to an image. like Mermaid was saying too

  • Princess

    She`s so preety and have a healthy look but i really don`t like the style of her clothes,she always looks older in them.Good to be blonde again suits her more

  • Lisa

    I’m sure her arteries love it as well.

  • Aims

    I love her and I think she is honest. She’s cute! She looks very healthy with still some curve. I think anyone saying she’s changed really doesn’t know what they are talking about. She’s a beautiful person.

  • Kae

    She looks like frump girl in this photo but I think she’s quite beautiful.

  • aj

    everytime i look at a photo of her i think of my three guy friends who were like ‘yeah for sure, scarlett is the first celebrity id like to sleep with’ and i think like really? yeah shes hot but… idk. i cant think of too many celebrities who are curvy (as in REAL curvy, not VS ‘curvy’) that guys REALLY fawn over. its kind of nice.. but kind of confusing. i guess each to their own! she has lovely lips.

    • aj

      my point is completely blurred… i don’t know what point i was making. something along the lines of, shes really hot right but in real life guys seem to fawn over more slender/toned girls, but then they all go OMG scarlett. its confusing

      • Thing is… you never said “men”. Boys may do and say what you just stated, but MEN love curves in real life. Trust me, I know!

        Well, I’m talking about normal, balanced men, coz there are plenty superficial out there as well.

    • Jenna118

      I think any guys would “fawn” over curvy buoyant breasts, little wast, curvy hips/butt, slender legs, AND under 125 pounds (i.e. you can have all the above but be like, 160, and you’d be nice and curvy but not “fawn-worthy” lol… unless you’re black or latino etc as these cultures tend to have other non-mainstream standards of beauty).
      Anyway, the above is a hard combination to achieve altogether without genes/surgery (obviously scarlett has the genes). Not many starts fit the description either except for, say Halle Berry or Salma Hayek.

  • tuly

    Good luck with having just one cookie a day.
    Having 2 or 3 normal cookies a day, does not make you obese.
    I really feel sorry for her.

    • Padme

      You feel sorry for her because she eats one cookie instead of three? Who needs 3 cookies every day?

  • Not Flawless

    I saw her on Craig Ferguson’s talk show (the interview is on YouTube too) and she is very far from arrogant, stuck-up Hollywood standard. Watch the interview if you don’t believe.

  • Am I the only one who thinks her tattoo is really ugly?

  • Anonymous

    Leave the girl alone. She can talk about whatever she wants to talk about! If anything, she’s educating people on eating healthy. She said she likes pizza, but also tries to eat healthy. Whats wrong with that? Nothing. The woman knows how to looks after herself & her health.

    If you don’t like it… TOUGH. Go back to your Big Mac Meal.