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  • lila

    I honestly don’t get her appeal in “real” photos. Photoshopped, she’s pretty and has a soft and feminine face. On the red carpet she looks dumb, bored or stoned with her blank stare. I don’t know how to put it into words, but there’s just nothing exciting about her in my opinion. Plus, please if anybody can tell me, what is she doing at the moment, dies she work?

    • eva

      Lila, I agree with you, but not completly. I think she is beautiful. I love her curves, and I love her lips and soft skin. But I think she tries too much to look sexy and sofisticated. IMO she shoud be mmore espontanious and have more fun in photoshoots and red carpet. For me, the movie she was the most beautiful in was Vicky Cristina Barcelona, because she actually looked happy and spontanious. Too bad it was just her character. Sorry for the bad english, I’m from Brazil.

      • ebby

        she was breathtaking in vicky christina. penelope cruz as well was stunning in that film.

        • Sophie

          She is about to be seen in the uncoming movie directed by Joseph Gordon levitt, i forget the name (he stars in it too) but it is about porn and how men and women deal with it in relationships. Interesting topic, I for one cannot wait to see it and omg is she hot or what in the trailer!

  • Nella

    Does anyone else think she looks like a combo of J.Lo and Lady Gaga on the magazine cover?

    • silvy

      I always mistake heavily photoshopped clelebrities for other celebrities becuase the photo shop is so generic, makes them all look the same!

    • Soňa

      gosh… not at all 😀

  • Emilia

    what happende,she dieted too much,she looks tired on the cover,i loved her in vicky christian barcelona where she was curvy,soft and fresh……..and now shes the opposite

  • Pixie

    She looked much better with some t&a. Now she’s just another skinny, boring blonde. She needs to get her sexy back :)!!

    • JaneParker

      Absolutely. She’s gotten too thin. Not that she’s scary thin by any means but I think she’s one of those women who actually look a lot better with a little more meat on their bones. Now she just looks boring. I used to admire her but kind of grew tired of her.

    • Emeline

      I agree. I’ve seen her leaked nudes and I was surprised how smallish her boobs were. She is not flat chested but I’ve always thought she had large boobs.
      I think she lost her curves when she had to tone up for her character in Iron man/the Avenger.

  • dutchie

    I have this impression that Ryan Reynolds moved on to Blake Lively as the younger, more docile, easier-to-manage version of Scarj. (Who looks good here, though now I can’t not notice how her mouth never, ever closes.)

  • Justine

    I had a huge crush on Scarlett when she did VickyChristinaBarcelona, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Match Point. Those movies really captured just how seductive, sensual, sexy, and alluring she was. But there’s something different about her from then to now. Her image has changed. She lost weight, ditched the soft white blonde hair, movie roles are different, and her attitude seems to have hardened. Maybe she doesn’t want to come across as the sexy “Marilyn” type anymore, which is fine, but I think it suited her. I still think she is a gorgeous woman with a lovely figure; however, I prefer the previous version of Scarlett…I want her to come back.

    • kia

      I agree with you that blake lively seems to me to be such a “simple” girl. and it’s not a compliment,not at all.

    • Ro

      I agree. I like the curvier version of Scarlet. It suited her. She also has more appeal than alot of other actresses. She’s not a try-hard.

  • She looks so lifeless!

  • wonderwoman21

    Ugh she sucks at modeling, dead eyes and lifeless expression. In her candids she always does the open mouth thing, close your fly trap girl! Totally overrated imo, i just dont get it.

  • kia

    you have to look scarlett in all the photos she made for the “moet” champaine adv!!! go se she is BOOOM

  • 22franzs

    Anyone have any weight guesses?

  • mary

    I think she looks great

  • retrobanana

    I totally agree she is always serious I hardly ever see her smile..thats why I don’t like her or evan Rachel wood they lack a personality all they do is look gloomy and in a bad mood kstew too….I did think scarlett looked hot in the prestige, hes just not into you, and the island…but that’s just movie magic…I totally forgot she was with ryan renolds….

  • Cathia

    I don’t think she’s particularly pretty, not ugly though. What I never understood is her being known as very sexy.

  • serena

    I hate that open-mouthed trying to be sexy thing she does constantly, I’m just waiting for a fly to zoom in there and lay eggs :/ But Scarlett is naturally sexy when she’s not trying too hard. Curvy body and a face that can be beautiful. Love her wide-set eyes.

    • Léa

      Don’t want to defend her or anything, because like someone said, I also used to admire her and now she annoys the heck out of me, but for the open mouth thing, well I do that all the time coz i”m a mouth breather and I have to constantly remind me I look stupid and close it. It’s really annoying, men will look at you on the streets like you want to look sexy when you are actually just breathing !

  • lc

    Now this is a beautiful woman. These pics are gorgeous. Can’t stand her personality though.

    • Candy

      Do you also think she’s very pretentious?

      • lc

        Yes, I do. And just downright annoying, pushing her views into everything she says and does. Like anybody really cares, Scarlett…

  • Desiree

    I have the biggest crush on her. Mouthwatering.

  • Desiree

    I have such a crush on her. Mouthwatering.

  • Kimberly

    Scarjo is gorgeous.

  • snugglepup

    Her face is just… I don’t think it’s attractive at all, she’s bit of a butterface really.

  • Ash

    Hawt Hawt woman. love her! gorgeous woman with killer curves!

  • ramona

    I remember watching her in He’s just not that into you. And I hated her back then! But only out of jealousy 😀
    Especially next to Jennifer Connelly(who I find really really pretty in an exotic way) Scar was even more eyecatching. She had such a subtle sexy aura, which she lost completely imho. Now she seems to try too hard to be a “serious” actress. And again she really looks a lot better with more meat to her. Body and face – wise.

    • tequilla

      i know..she was so gorgeous in that movie!

  • CK

    i think Scarlett is a beautiful woman and this photoshoot had potential but failed in all aspects-Scarlett’s mood, the hair, styling, overphotoshopping.
    In general agree with people here she used to kind of ooze that natural glow&sexiness but she’s lost it, and also don’t get why she’s considered a high-profile actress,always a choice for serious or Oscar-potential movies,cos to me she’s awesome in that one sexy, vivacious, seductive girl role in VickyChristinaBarcelona, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Match Point (and looks cool in soon-to-be-released Don Jon) but when it comes to serious parts she honestly sucks badly, i mean she just has one “dramatic face” with not much mimic (and sometimes open mouth too) that she shows in serious point of movies like Girl with pearl earring or the other boleyn, but no acting, i don’t feel anything on her face, her voice or the tone she’s speaking but i guess she doesn’t want to be stuck in one part for good or thinks she can do more…to me she’s just boring…and don’t even start me on her singing (*fall asleep right away*), but to each their own. I’ve heard she’s stepping behind the camera, but this time she’s directing a whole movie, who knows maybe that’ll be a perfect place for her.

    • Emeline

      “i don’t feel anything on her face, her voice or the tone she’s speaking”
      I agree. I think she is only good when she plays the ~sexy character~ because these roles are not extremely challenging especially when you are naturally sexy. But other than that, she is a really overrated actress. She is so bland and dull imo.

  • D

    Lol..and her always opened mouth. Why do women do this? Megan Fox always opens her mouth slightly too. Guess it is considered sexy? Or they think it is? Scarlett may photoshop decent but in candids she is very average. Dont get the hype or appeal.

    • CK

      i think “the open mouth” thing is so often in pics cos lips are associated with sex or smth sensual, and in movies in sex scenes you see that women always open their mouths and well men probably see another, um, connection btw mouth+sex…anyway its the same old sex sells, i guess

  • Cara

    I didn´t even recognize her on the cover… Her face looks very different/photoshopped

  • roonie

    Something about her nose and mouth area makes her seem so conceited.

  • Sarah

    I am so over these photoshopped pictures. We have google. Stop making celebs look so generic! We are not fooled.We know what ScarJo really looks like. She is a 5’3 120lb busty blond with a somewhat piggy face. Some find her a goddess. Some find her blah. But no one actually cares.

  • T

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s got a (great) body and a really intriguing, sultry face.

    I hate what they did to her with the photoshopping. I seriously didn’t even recognize her in the first pic…actually mistook her for Ashley Benson!

    That said, don’t get how anyone can find her underwhelming…..