Monica Cruz – White Dress Beauty

FP_5741242_TRG_Cruz_Monica_091610 - Monica Cruz - White Dress Beauty

Penelope is pregnant, and Monica Cruz is glowing in a beautiful white dress as she presents the new collection “Aire” (‘Air’), wedding dresses by designer Rosa Clara in Madrid the other day.

How do you like this cleavagey dress on Monica’s tanned figure?

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Monica Cruz in a Very Short Dress

monica_cruz_in_a_short_dress_1 - Monica Cruz in a Very Short Dress

Here Penelope’s little sister, Monica Cruz  (she’s 32) in a bright and very short dress (that some might consider to wear as a top, not as a dress), paired with a pair of fuchsia shoes.

Nice legs! But how do you like the hair / the tiny dress on Monica?

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Monica and Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards

monica-and-penelope-cruz-at-the-goya-awards1 - Monica and Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards

There are lots of hot sisters in Hollywood town… let’s see, Ashlee and Jessica, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Hayley and Hilary and, obviously, Penelope and Monica, who looked super elegant in their long black dresses at the Goya Awards last night.

Monica and Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards – Pick your favorite look!

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Who Are the Most Desirable Women of 2010?

FP_4219955_Nine_RAM_1215091 - Who Are the Most Desirable Women of 2010?

Yes, another poll, another list. This time it’s coming from, it was voted by 6 million people (wow!) and the girl who takes the crown is… Emmanuelle Chriqui (32). Unexpected?

And I think this is a first: Megan Fox didn’t make it in the top 10. And the Top 10 includes 3 VS models. Here it is:

FP_4319090_Peoples_Choice_Press_RAM_010610 - Who Are the Most Desirable Women of 2010?

2. Marisa Miller 3. Kate Beckinsale 4. Alessandra Ambrosio 5. Jessica Alba 6. Beyoncé 7. Penélope Cruz 8. Cheryl Cole 9. Eva Mendes 10. Miranda Kerr

Popular men’s site has polled its staff and 6 million reader votes to compile the top 99 most desirable women of the New Year. The site explains its simple criteria: “What does the modern man look for in his ideal companion?” The top lady? Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui!

…says Us Weekly.

Other highlights?

Angelina Jolie was at number 88, Blake Lively was on 86, Jessica Simpson on 82, Whitney Port on 81, Leighton on 75, Halle Berry on 66, Aishwarya Rai on 63, Christina Hendricks on 58, Emma Watson on 55, Olivia Wilde on 49, Kim K. on 42, Ashley Greene on 41, Katy Perry on 36, Audrina on 35 and Salma on 34, Mila Kunis on 32, Jessica Biel on 27, Adriana Lima on 24, Scarlett on 23, Kristen Stewart on 21, Monica Bellucci in 19, Natalie Portman on 17, Bar Refaeli on 13, Gisele on 12 and Megan Fox on no. 11.

Want to see the whole list? Warning: There are 99 women in it! Check this page!

Want to see last year’s most desirable women? Click here!

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